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The Best of Trevor’s Accents - Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

Apr 22, 2024
the park and they would say hello, can I help you? he would say, yeah, there's a man in the park and we like ants, like, yeah, he seems very suspicious, he'd say, okay, go talk to him, ask him what he's doing, ask him his name, what he's doing there. be like I'm afraid to talk to him, but well, go away, then go away, like they're like you're like you're like people here, like the cops come, no, the cops don't come for everything, like, hey, you can call . 911 because your cat is in a tree, that's crazy in Africa, so you'd say, yeah, you'd say, hey, my cat's in the tree, they'd say, oh, okay, yeah, you'd say, I need, what would my cat need? cat?
the best of trevor s accents   between the scenes the daily show
Stuck on the street they would say yes, so what should we do and you help him? They'll be like so how will your cat land? He will let the children suffer. He will never do it again. Thanks for calling. Stay to be able to. Rate this call. Thank you so much. I wanted to share this little story with you. I got into a little trouble with the French governments. I know the French governments. So what happened was we started at the beginning. France won. world cup and so and so on the


I uh uh we celebrated it and I had this joke where I said Africa won the world cup, yeah, and I was surprised how angry a lot of French people got, like really a lot of French people They were angry and said, "Oh, Trevor, how can you say this?
the best of trevor s accents   between the scenes the daily show

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the best of trevor s accents between the scenes the daily show...

Why would you say these things?" interesting, I got a letter from the ambassador, the French ambassador, and I'll read it to you, it was about that joke and he says, I'll try to read it the way I hope he wrote it, which one was it. um, he said sir, I watched with great attention your program on July 17 when he talked about the victory of the French team in the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia that took place last Sunday. I heard his words about an African victory. Nothing could be less true now. first of all I think it could have been less he could have said he was Scandinavian that would have been less true that would have been less true he says as many of the players have already stated their parents may have come from another country but the vast majority of them , except 2 of 23, were born in France.
the best of trevor s accents   between the scenes the daily show
They were educated in France. They learned to play soccer in France. They are French citizens. They are proud of their country. France. The rich and varied origins of these players are a reflection of the diversity of france france is indeed now that line was interesting the rich and varied origins of these players is a reflection of the diversity of france now i'm not trying to be, but i think which is more of a reflection of the colonialism of france because it's not like it's just random game like they all have something in common like all those players, if you trace their lineage you'll wonder how they became french, how how did their family start to speak French?
the best of trevor s accents   between the scenes the daily show
Oh, okay, okay, I'll say it here. um, it says that france is indeed a cosmopolitan country, but every citizen is part of the french identity and together they belong to the nation of france, unlike the united states of america, france does not refer to its citizens based on their race, religion or origin. for us, there is no hyphenated identity, roots are an identity, roots are an individual reality by calling them an African team, it seems like you are denying their Frenchness, this even just legitimizes the ideology that claims whiteness is the only definition of being French, so now here's the thing.
Okay, first things first, I understand what you're saying because I read about this later, I accept the criticism. I will listen to what someone tells me. You know, I really think you should do it and what it turns out is that in France there are a lot of them. like the Nazis in that country use the fact that these players of African descent are French, you know, so they say: you're not French, you're from Africa, go back to where you came from, you're not French, they use that as like you know , as a line of attack now my opinion is that coming from South Africa, I come from Africa and I even saw the world cup in the United States of America, black people all over the world were celebrating the Africanness of the French players, right? in a negative way but rather in a positive way, look at these Africans who can become French, you know what I mean, it's a celebration of that achievement and this is what I find strange about these arguments is that people say They're not African, they're French, so I wonder why they can't both be right.
Why is this duality only allowed to a select group of people? Why can't they be African? So what are they discussing here? To be French you have to erase everything that is African because what do they mean when they say our culture is like that? So you can't be French and African at the same time, something I vehemently disagree with. Wow, if you've seen those players, I love them, Paul Pogba, I've seen them all like I love those players and I love how African they are and how French they are. I don't take away their French character, but I don't either.
I don't think it's necessary to take away their Africanness, you know? And that's what I love about America. America is not a perfect country, but what I love about this place is that people can still celebrate their identity as Americans. You can go to a St. Patrick's Day. day parade in america celebrating that you are irish you can go to a puerto rican day parade in america still celebrating the fact that you are Puerto Rican and American at the same time you can celebrate Juneteenth as a black person and be like me I am African American, who It's the duality of the two worlds, but here you go, no, you're just French, and here's why it bothers me, to be honest, this is what I find interesting, it's like when I read stories from Africa and when I look at what they say politicians, especially in France, about African immigrants when they are unemployed, when they may commit a crime or when they are considered unpleasant, it is African immigrants when their children give France a victory in the world cup, we should only refer to them like france and we even saw it with that african man who went up the building to rescue the baby, do you remember we saw him go up that building, he rescued the child and then they gave him french citizenship, they said now you're french so now I'm Now he is no longer African.
That's what you're saying, when he was on the ground he was African and then he came up and as soon as he rescued the baby, now he's French, so if he dropped the baby, the African dropped him. the baby like I don't think you need it and here is how I say it again with respect I understand what the ambassador is saying I will not join the attack and I know that don't get me wrong I know that there is there is like you know that we live in a world where the nuances they're something that's in short supply and so you'll find that in America, for example, the far right says that's what we've been saying, they're not French and we say it's like, but if Trevor says it, it's not racist. , but if we say this race is like yeah, yeah, I'll say yeah, you know why, because I think context is everything.
There are certain things you can say to someone that they like when I tell my friends what's going on. in me and if a white person came and said the same thing, yes, there is a big difference when I say Africans, I don't mean it as a way to exclude them from their Frenchness, but I use it to include them. in my Africanness I'm saying I see you my French brother of African descent you know what I'm saying that's what I'm trying to say when someone else says it another way you can use the same line in different ways? so it's different yes yes it's different it can be different it's like someone said oh so if you play with your child naked that's a problem but if I do I'm a pedophile yes yes there's a big difference there's a big difference so I'll keep praising them for being Africans because I think they are African, their parents are African and they can be French at the same time and if the French say they can't be both then I think they have a problem and I don't.

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