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Podcast #262 - Playing Incohearent

May 31, 2021
I don't know, one of us hits on top of the other, okay, sin target, Lander, I can't read it, your hands in the way to help. sin target Lander head mink eater oh no this is a single sink and ready to mingle yeah say single and ready to mingle in this game you beat it I'm a Virgo it has nothing to do with being in Virgo but I figured out the trick because I I'm a Virgo pregnant, pregnant, I'll give you another one, you have a party, give me a party where you will fart, lick a fart, lick a fart, fart in public, you won't go, I only spoke to feed whoever wrote that card , appearing.
podcast 262   playing incohearent
I worked that day, farting in public, yeah, they didn't write Yas Queen, the person who wrote, farting in public, that's what I'm saying, that's what I'm saying, that took a little forethought, well, it will be funny when someone finds out they've said it Yas Queen don't fart in public don't fart in public yes yes, let's give you a pervert. I feel like the writing could use some help on this game totally fine, it's like when Cards Against Humanity first came out. There are people who just wrote things like cats and period mm-hmm or like a sunny day, yeah, and then they and then a guy showed up at work and was like a super soaker full of cat urine and you say you deserve a raise , yeah and let's hire more of that guy too mm-hmm okay, I can't read it in your hands the way you know, but this is Hayes, hey, the ends of the toes, you know, but hey, hey, hey, about Pickens, you know what they say about big hands, good job, you're whispering that the technique is perfect, that one is a terrible card, although you know what they say about clues and then on the card it says they can hold more popcorn , big high fives Prince, I'm sorry, come on.
podcast 262   playing incohearent

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podcast 262 playing incohearent...

No sorry donkey style donkeys oh I got a better donkey style, one of us is behind the other and then he pointed in front just kicks them in the chest, yeah buddy, bit like cohorts, bit like cohorts, Blackhearts, bit like cohorts , my cards were hanging like a horse, yeah, I feel like I've figured out how to be a Julian-style donkey, what tomorrow would I hang? Marty, what I am - good morning - good morning would be too powerful Jake hot yum crazy Cavey eh j-jake yum I'm Octavia I don't know make it quick Jake I'm Octavia Jake oh man what a view, eh, no I don't know, okay, Say it and I'll hit you.
podcast 262   playing incohearent
Jake hot, man, look carry, eh, I don't know, I don't need a hit, jkv, eh, no, that doesn't help me, the first word is not Jake, he is shake, shake. yes mom ma ke V huh, what is Hut, shake the mud hut, shake the hot mom, yacht, shake the hut, yeah, MOC MOC AV, huh, shake the heart, yeah, mommy, shake what he gave you Your mom, yeah, my god, the clue is drop it like it's hot, fellow kids, Oh, lord, call the shirt? Oh no you idiot, oh my gosh okay, the clue is to find people with the same opinions so they can sit down and agree with each other.
podcast 262   playing incohearent
Oh, that's like, okay, an online circle, not just a literal one and then a literal one, and it's a helping hand, okay, lose your fortune. can get hot kitten losing your virginity boring it's a boring car tell him to get up give me another come for his writing come for it my groping beam his micropenis so whispered okay, hurry up, hurry up hut, you will Asian premature ejaculation premature ejaculation how ? You know, I think so, I think you're me Minh, what do I mean? Don't know. I think you try harder when you whisper. No, unconsciously, no.
I think well, so here's my theory. I'll try it without my headphones because I think there might be something useful when you hear it whispered that blurs the sound of the words. I didn't do it so you can hear it. I'll put it out of my head. Sex. I want to see if it really works, yes, yes. actually you were going to whisper it Chad drooling hat it's not so easy without your head no and this is also a bad chatroulette card yes, it still helped another a little okay, that's stripper pole it's a strip hit quick doors purple wall ho spiders spit swallow it does it, it still works, it still works wow, I'm so impressed that I have to whisper it telling you that it alternated the heat hurt who did it to me, doctor, yes, yes, I don't know, maybe it's because it's not that strong I think it's a matter of volume. mm-hmm you know, yes, yes, don't move, hug, right?
Something good, right? - don't do it, it's a question - do you want to do you want to take care - down - take care - take care - mmm okay, let's see one more well one more each silly bra and wax Brazilian wax that was bad for wren shook his song forensic vinyl that's not there okay french kiss cows to the high school student who wrote this card okay, hit me mom micropenis these are not good give me a Well, there you go Julian mm-hmm, easy, I was having tea, time is up. I guess we ran out of time mm-hmm, well I guess that was fun, one would be inclined to say GG's, GG's, that was fun. what a good time it was interesting you mixed them all up Oh Mike oh they're all Julie yeah that's how we do it the airy style mate this is a fun game I think this is one of those it'll probably be if they keep making Versions of This is in the early stages, as I remember when we started


cards against humanity.
We started picking out cards that were really good and then over the course of shooting a couple of boxes, we had like an Opie box where all the best ones were. cards, oh yeah, we call it the trump deck, the trump deck, as you know when you play euchre and you have Trump, so I would say all the trump cards because there were also some of those cards that, if it were me reading them, they'd be like my trump cards see if someone played it like they just won it just gets us every time so we take out all the soft shitty bodies yeah that's like every time back and forth forever or pooping back and forth forever, a super soaker full of cat. pee like some of those cars were waiting there was Oprah Winfrey eating Lean Cuisine yeah maybe we counted all the cards except the incredibly good ones and then over the years we had a definitive deck yeah so maybe there were no bad cards in this. could improve it's good but it definitely could improve yeah I think these hires just steal some of the cards from the employees of against humanity yeah well I think the point of the game is not that we're trying to criticize anyone , except me.
I think for this to be really funny, the line the person ends up saying has to be really funny. It has to be. It can't just be like "Ah, shout Yas Queen, yeah, because I'm here, I don't care." The line has to be funny because they have to be like, "Oh my god, I can't believe it. I just said that, like when I said micropenis, it made me flinch, yeah, yeah, though to be fair, I mean we only played for a while." , about an hour". maybe there are a lot of cards in here that are really fun that we don't get to but it should all be fun yeah I'm going full speed ahead with that yeah I like to take the naughty cards so give us a deck that's like full toast , yeah, give us like the after dark platform, give us the after dark, yeah, that's a little thirsty, thirsty teeth or stay on Thirsty Thursday like cool, I said Thirsty Thursday, okay, if I'm


this on a party, I'm going to swallow my Bebe after that because I'm bored anyway, it's a fun game, it's a lot of fun, but I feel like you can whisper and win, yeah, Jenna found a pretty solid cheat, you installed some cheats, some malware, thanks, well, it's not cheating. good game she is adjusting thank you all for listening and hanging out while they read they read things phonetically incorrectly.
I hope you have a wonderful week. We'll be back next week and I also maintain that my Valentine's Day is right around the corner so you know. you know what to do, you know what to do anyway, have a wonderful week guys, thanks for joining us for another


and I'll see you on the next one.

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