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Podcast #144 - Don’t Get Me Started

May 11, 2020
the opposite of dogs we are very hungry oh she is a dog that he basically keeps like really very tame rare cats and then we just have a dog in the house that behaves like a proper dog. Would it eat away at my fluency? Second, dealing with this rug. I like to urinate. and he poops on walks Yeah right, like he needs to go out and like you know, do his thing and we'll dig and try to get through a fence like our dogs are literally none of that, you know, concave like that, they don't have any of those gestures.
podcast 144   don t get me started
I guess in that sense I have never had a dog, yes we have never had any dog ​​because even the dogs I had before I met you are like my mother's dog, a puppy like puppies, not a dog, l-fatiha, a marble , like a glorified little daughter, yes, look at it, they probably carry it more than a marble. Yes, puppies, oh my god, puppies, my mom brings dead puppies literally wherever she wants her to go. Your mom's lights and your mom sewed handles on a dog. Thank you, if you can imagine it, yes, yes. Aragog ready, folded in half like a taco, she sold me, she sewed handles on top so I could carry the dog like a briefcase.
podcast 144   don t get me started

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podcast 144 don t get me started...

Oh the puppy would be sleeping like at your mom's house, she would just fold it, grab the handles, the carrier, put it in the car, fold it, the driver would take her out so it was like the puppy wasn't even moving . when he travels to see her, he never yells at people, which is like a puppy. Siri can tell everything about Jodi, she is a sweetheart and has been a pleasure to have. She will be alright. The default deli position is with the mouth open and feet out. Another thing, look, that's another thing, so we'll keep licking and your teeth will come out and you'll be guilty, stop doing it now, guilty and you know, the good thing is that she's she, she used to sleep in a box. but when we look at the dogs, we don't really do what they normally do, we like, I was like mom, I just sleep in the bed and I thought, if she wants to bring the fun to the glass, which is like Brandi loves to sleep, she sleeps.
podcast 144   don t get me started
Julian's legs, yes, so guilty they have been sleeping with me, which is good, I really enjoy it, so yes, she is very cute, she is cute, but she, you are naughty, naughty, she doesn't care that our protective eyes be the naughtiest chin peaches, as we have already linked. our living room with a photo a peach breaking toys you have a peach card there so oh yeah I have the same photo oh this is mine no it's okay morning talk shows what did you write this morning talk shows? Well, presenter, drink wine. oh my god do it, don't even get me


, wait, copy and gas or whatever, what are you doing with your time, no more energy.
podcast 144   don t get me started
I don't understand that I can't address it because it just feels like a I don't know if you've ever met anyone who is an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic, yeah, the message of whatever they're trying to do, like having fun with a show. Casual and fun morning interviews are simply reiterating that you are middle-aged women and the only way you like to relax and have fun is to have a glass of chardonnay at 7:00 a.m. m., this is ridiculous, by the way, this is not a joke, by the way, I like to ask you if you are curious. about if this exists because I was when I'm super psyched I want and I think it's 7:00 in the morning we were in Texas going south and I turned on the TV while I was getting ready and it was 9 a.m. 9 something a.m.
Texas time, which is 7 something a.m. Eliane and them are sitting there with glass lined up, yeah, that's not just for me, it's confusing because that's how it is when I watch morning shows, I want to identify with what I'm watching. right, I want to see them drink their coffee, I want to see them talk about traffic, whatever, when they're sitting there with glasses of wine. I can't, not only can't I relate, but I feel very frustrated by the fact that that's okay and it's like people watching families watching this is just spreading the message that it's okay, relationships have a line. in the morning.
I just don't understand, it would be difficult for me if it was. You don't know that any program must cater to someone in particular. audience would be very difficult for me if I wanted to recover from addiction or alcohol or something like that and you can't even watch a morning show on CCA, you can't even watch it the way you would like to get your information, which is without seeing the people getting drunk is nothing they don't go together I don't know who decided that connection was the thing well it's how I imagine if I were in recovery and went to see Sam's football game I know there will be a lot of beer commercials and I'm aware of that and you're ready for nice people to be drinking and if you're not sitting there, no, no, that's not my point.
It's not my point when you're in certain environments and your sensitive jobs are something that you can prepare for, you know, for that environment, morning talk shows, you say that's the last thing you'd expect, yeah, this is, this is just. The traffic of this type of news is stupid things that I can prepare for without thinking and there is a good wine list. It doesn't even make you sensitive. That's exactly, that's exactly right, oh, I'm also a 45 year old woman or 50. something or whatever and you know they're having a glass of wine at 7:00 in the morning, so why can't I?
Maybe I should and then that's how you have a problem, yeah, too, honey, when they drink the wine, they start. They start behaving incredibly like I've seen them being very rude. Was looking. I forget his name because no, I don't know who at any other bar, but there was a show that was a morning show. I didn't even listen to a copy, I don't remember, but one of them was in the studio when Amazon was broadcasting live as The Street You Know and in the studio the one who was the host was with Bill Nye and they were telling him questions to ask.
Bill Nye likes scientific questions and he would be Bill Nye, he would be funny and charming and he would answer them and he would be amazing, while answering these questions that were kind of scientific, but also like he was giving them in layman's terms so that everyone could understand them. she was literally rolling her eyes and it was like she was visibly upset and the tea and the producers were laughing and it was like they were making fun of the guest and she couldn't understand it like she wasn't reddit. that's why I watched it because I wasn't watching it and that was the first time I was like wow, I really like this, I just don't like this at all, this whole culture of this is my morning show or I'm going to be. the sassy host who drinks wine and whoever is in my way leaves here with this like real content and intelligence, leaves my set with that, yeah, I mean, I feel like there's a lot of shows where there's drinking or you know that kind of things.
It makes sense to me, but there's something about a news-related morning show that just doesn't say wine to me, yeah, you know, yeah, don't even get us


on that too late, you got us started, it just feels weird to do it girls. It feels like its own, but I also like it, I feel like it comes from a world and, like for most people, when you go to work you don't get drunk, when you go to school you don't get drunk. They're drinking and being professional or two different things, you don't know I'm one to talk.
I've made tons of drunk videos and we've had drinks on the


, but I think there's a difference between doing something inherently. cheerful or like I don't, I'm totally like the norm of going to work and pouring yourself a glass of wine, yeah, it's about that instead, but Haitian in the Egyptian


, the main joint videos are the exception. of the world you don't miss the drunk videos that you have become a resident. I've done podcasts about drugs, but it's like we broadcast it every day and we drink papaya every day, but it's funny, yeah, at the time of the data, so yeah, I think.
I would die, I can't drink every day, well, yes, I mean, I would be sick, yes, I mean biologically, yes, like the effect, really alcohol alone, I know, but I don't speak in terms of that, apart from the actual physical and physiological effects. from drinking so much of that early, aside, I just don't know if that's the content I'd want to post. I want to be a part of that in the world, but people love them, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I love to receive. my news from you give him your glass of wine well I don't think young people like it throwback no no no young people with that I don't think well not that I really know even I'm watching that show business it feels like rubbish yes I'm sorry it's okay , don't get that jar, no, no offense, no, no offense, I'm offending, okay, don't even get me started on the people who abused the chat area, that's on you, oh, don't even get me started, well , I'm playing a lot of Elder Scrolls, obviously what is the area chaplain?
So you put on headphones or whatever and there are voice channels so you can be like on your guild channel. You could be in general area chats with people around you if you're going to group up. you're doing a dungeon that you consider your dungeon Chad talks to the other people in the dungeon so I like to always be in the area chat so anytime I ride them and everyone is sure that people are talking and there are people who just get up like leaving their microphones on and then listening to loud music on the area jet like some of the most disgusting like so explicitly religious and when you know there are thirteen year old kids playing that game listening to the area chatter who also engage in the rudest insults to each other, yes it's crazy, it's been going on for centuries, an online video game, even when I was playing Halo, there is an unknown player in the Bal area chat and everything is full of Racists, although everyone here tolerates it.
I'm not here, yeah, you hear what then you understand what I mean, do you ever tour no, but I almost don't believe you because I feel like even when you want it, but that's crazy, like that game and it's not. It's not like that, but okay, you were lying like in 2005 or whatever every time a halo appeared, yeah, I don't know exactly here, but when you got to it and the dawn of Xbox Live started and it was like you were playing on line. video games with other people and you can talk to them with your headphones and you never see their face, but I will never see your face, anyone or others, and you only read my tags, no one knows that you are all self-employed gamertags, right?
For me at least, I know it existed before this in PC gaming and a lot of other platforms, but for me that was the first time I was exposed to speaking in an online video game like you want, it's like you know. I know supermodel your mom sucks, as you know anyway, but they were horrible things people said to each other about the usual racist things, including the ones you hear all the time and now fast forward to 2017 where it's like If only online video games had arrived. infinitely more advanced and prevalent, you know, on different platforms, so I was playing in pub G and hearing that is like wow, like people are still shit, people take this very seriously, yeah, no We haven't gotten involved at all in that sense, but I agree. with you it's for me it's like it takes you out of that experience where you think that there are so many positive things that come with playing video games online in a game that you like because you're like I'm competing with other people in this game, to We both love it, there's something really cool about it and then you hear someone say a bunch of shit and talk to me like, oh, I hate everything, like why am I here?
Also, I play with people a lot because You randomly match up a lot in dungeons, yeah, and they'll have a headset on and you'll heal here and it shows you a little icon about when your mic is, yeah, yeah, it tells you when you're in and when your eyes. Yes, but I'm surprised how many people sit there with their headphones on and walk away and you can take your pick and see their money being spent and they don't do anything about it. You don't even get me started, why can't you see at the bottom? In the right corner of the entire screen, your microphone is ringing at the moment, how to decrypt it, use it for 5 seconds.
Know yourself and forget to say anything like what are you doing, just sit there and listen to them, breathe and fight. noise and this like the sound of the button pressing here wait this some sitting in the living room and all you can hear well I'm totally here all you can hear is this through your headphones like louder than the game , but I could stop announcing I'm ready, Oh my God, I hate that, but I'm trying to think of some of the funniest ones, the one from the other day when I was sitting like Julian, come here like I was listening to a song that was so explicit.
He can't repeat any of the lyrics and then he kept singing them out loud too and then he kept saying that he would mention other people's specific usernames. Oh, no one faces such a small duel, yes, thanks, it's probably a good start in Europe. That's it, though that's how the culture is. Like it explodes, it's like you're in a live anonymous game and you do whatever you want, man, it's super fun volleyball.I too, until I started playing Elder Scrolls, didn't realize how many people play super high, yeah that's the thing, but if I did. I played a video game and I liked to get high.
I feel like I wouldn't like to play online with other people. I like to have fun with each of them, but I don't know how I could get high. like you know him dude yeah it's like a weird Miryo type name even though you know what your name is Mina Kaelyn we're playing with this guy who literally I don't know what it meant he wouldn't explain what it meant but I would. like I hold on to your group before it's like wait a second I'm going to get hit you're okay so do whatever and then you go in you gotta hold your ground and I'll just stay he's negative.stay calm, stay, those are like hard drugs and no, no, Jesus Christ, Maria couldn't breathe, you have to keep piling it up well, what does that mean, he's piling it on, you're not absorbing it like he's never done the dungeon before and we .
They're like okay, what do we do here and use it like he has a second? I'm looking at a memory and I'm thinking about what I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, your life I don't even understand I started with people who don't wear comfortable and wonderful underwear, oh my God, and help me get started. I've been telling you about myself for so long and the reason is that sauce is underwear that you once put on your butt, okay? softer than cotton, it is made from sustainably sourced modal fabric and made from micropattern fabric that is three times more than cotton, guys, if we are used to buying packs of stiff, uncomfortable and boring underwear that can only come in gray, black or tan, I and these will change. that for you, okay, this is the design of this month, in fact, okay, it's actually very nice, it's called celebrate, it's the rainbow package, enough to celebrate, guys, we decided that we are announcing a holiday now same, you can continue with me, ah, what a good calm and see everything.
Their different designs this is just one of them, they come out with new original designs every month which is great and let me tell you there is nothing cooler and nicer for your wardrobe than getting a new set of underwear every month that you wear. I don't realize how much you need it until you understand me and it's amazing, try my underwear on today by going to my underwear. Don't worry, go now before the celebration pattern runs out, they'll lead to having to get them while they're there. Hot me and annejulien ecommerce get 20% off your first pair.
You have to feel for yourself why I, Andes, has been with you, but before I, possibly, Julian, would you make my face, yes, clean and dirty, so I'm going to take it out of the package, thank you. $20 and free shipping. Any evidence about you know what you believe. I'm disgusting. Know? I get so excited that I put my finger in my eye and move my lens and I can't really see. something else, so I made you do that, your thing, okay, I brought it to you too because nature barks guys, you're going to have a smart snack, okay guys, don't touch the shampoo, dad, buy the natural box, this one It's our favorite, it's strawberry.
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You can get the natural box, whether you are vegan, gluten free or looking for a low fat natural box with no added sugars, there are always snacks for you and if you ever try a snack you don't like, they will replace it for free. Look at Li around VP so you can ask for so much. however you want, as many times as you want with no minimum purchase and you can cancel anytime right now, go to Julianne and they'll give you 50% off your first order with that URL guys check it out, don't you will be Sorry, you'll like it Jen, I can't see all the contacts, what just happened, it's not good, it's not like our detergent, that's my go-to plate, no, it doesn't get there, I got the cream from the laundry .
Stephan tells me he's fine. Moving on, oh yeah, I'm so glad I chose this or a lot of things you're doing. I'm terrible with foot onions and then I ask you, enjoy my life buddy here now, don't even get me started. I can't configure it. Upstairs, it's not my fault, why did you contact me? Oh God, it's coming out, my God, it's coming out what the friend doesn't, you always let yourself finish. Should I talk about what comes out? Oh no, okay, the clown, well, I know this might hurt. put it again I can talk about it doesn't fit into my little universe or yoga oh actually it was good the hands are very clean right we'll do a couple more we'd do them all right too okay no You don't even make me start I'm Katy Perry, you blush, oh no, baby, I'll make noise about this.
I know I'm confused, honestly, everything was fine when I first saw that Katy Perry was on YouTube, live and doing yoga. meditation and some random similar videos. At first I was curious. I thought so, what I said. It's Katy Perry youtuber. I don't listen because I didn't know. I thought. Is this something I don't know? she's a youtuber and I just didn't get it so she makes these watches and actually there's one going on today and I'm not sure I'm happy anymore. I've always thought, I'm not sure if it's still happening by the time the podcast arrives. it goes live but you can change right? you want to accuse her lawyers called witnesses so you are like you are a witness of her life to understand it is it is stupid I don't like it I think it's stupid I think I think this this The live broadcast that she has done has given me an idea of ​​who she is like person I don't like and like I didn't feel at all distant from Katy Perry before we talked about it.
I assume you already know musical sketches like I do. I don't really care, I don't like her or dislike her, I don't feel anything for her, but then I saw these big teams and I saw how she acted and how she treated her producers, assistants and guests and she just liked acting in Overall, I thought not I like your attitude, that it seems like you're a bad person and you're just showing that on the internet, for whatever reason, to promote your album or whatever. It all seemed very strange to me, okay, so they're on Katy Perry.
I just want to make a little disclaimer here. I'm not hating on that like you can be a fan of whoever you want. I'm wrong, I imagine so. you are a fan of Katy Perry, her live streams seem very different to them than they seemed to you, 100% accurate and you like to read them in multiple different ways, yes, listen a little back, any stop, take a break from 15 minute meditation and then don't wake up. upstairs and yell at the people below to be quiet, silence, as if they were in a production house, she follows people like, how can someone be quiet?
What I wonder is if she doesn't realize that All this is alive and it is not the best appearance. being like yelling at people and being mean to people, well a lot of the comments are people saying "I love Katy Perry" it just shows how great of a person she is. I mean, that's what some people see in me. I definitely agree. with you that I saw some things that made me go oh my God Lee, they were sitting watching a bunch of her videos because I saw because I saw Elijah like oh she tweeted a link that she's using me there like that's so cool because Y'all like it like Liza, so I went there and looked and I felt like she had talked to Allies for three seconds and she wasn't watching her own video, no, no one, her two friends, like her real friends, came in and she just fell down.
Eliza and let Liza walk around and introduce herself to the other people in the house and then she went out with her two friends, then they sat and watched some of Katy Perry's videos, her own videos and she liked all of them except the middle one, like that's No, you know what the plans are, yeah, but it's good, but again, if you're a super Katy Perry fan, that's cool because you're watching Katy Perry, watching our own videos and talking about the things that They happen, you know, I mean, I can understand why some. people say this is great and other people say wow, this is pretty self-absorbed, but during all of that you have Liza Koshi on the couch and her as a stylist or you meet people she works with and her friends with her. it just turns around like in the middle it's still like pause pause let's go back okay yeah oh my gosh just screenshot that's okay yeah it goes on and then it turns around and says can I get a humidifier?
Please like today your average person It seems very scandalous but to her it's like you know her life and she just asked the person first she downplayed it again. I don't know her story, which is good, that's fine, and I don't know what her life is about. Don't know. she as a person I don't know anything nothing I didn't know I didn't see how a wrong decision went from going from not showing any of this or any of you know who she is or whatever a plan or to live or not to live to just broadcast her live like criticize people, it's not like meeting each other, at least as you know, there are many ways to do the whole telethon model, I think she is trying to do it for promotion or whatever I think it works and one way is to make sure you that your talent acts incredibly attractive and not like the way she has been acting hmm like me, I'm like she made a hot confession.
Many people think that what she is doing is attractive. I don't. I guess I don't know how it's possible. It's about a therapy session and I posted it on YouTube like. What is it? Yeah, don't get me started on what that means. What's that? Get me started on that. She simply. and she speaks, but she is quite lost. I can't, I have it. I mean, I think I have it. I'm not asking you. I'm just saying that the tone of voice sounds completely out of place, uh. -Eh, I feel like I probably offended a lot of Katy Perry fans, but I'm just trying to be honest, like it's a really weird thing to turn on YouTube and see what's live and well, I mean, think about It's This Way Katy Perry just performed at the YouTube Creator Summit, which was cool, but you also don't know what this deal with YouTube Janine is like, so it could be like she signed a deal with YouTube to do this 24-hour livestream. .
A lot of days leading up to her album release like this, that's why we have YouTubers on there, Patrick Starr and Isaac OC and stuff, it feels like a gigantic cross promotion written on paper a long time ago and parts of it definitely feel . like Katy Perry doesn't exactly want to live up to some aspects of the 24 hour live stream like maybe in theory it seems like a cool thing to accept like yeah they're going to put you in this house and it's all like Invite your friends to come and hang out hang out and do it whenever you want, but it's like it's a 24-hour job for her, you know, which I imagine sucks, but that's what happens when you sign a deal to go live 24 hours a day with YouTube.
You're going to have YouTubers on them, Katy Prairie probably doesn't know that either. Yes, you will have a lot of things to do that you don't really know or care about, so I don't understand why it comes. up or a snob if they put this on you it's also like you had Liza Koscheck Eliza cost you here like she could have done with a little more respect, you know and I mean, it felt very like, oh my God, you're so pretty okay Let's watch my music videos now, that's what I thought, how disrespectful it is for Liza to take time out of her schedule.
Everyone in this comments section right now is saying where Liza is. You can't deny that this person and YouTube know that this person is contributing to your your promotion that you know people are coming to see Katy Perry because they're huge and Eliza's co-director is open and it's all very strange so I don't know yes it's from Liz, but don't even understand George, I'm very curious. I know if any of you watched it and South even remotely how I felt or maybe you didn't watch it at all or maybe you decided you really enjoyed it. I'd like to know why or what your thoughts were because it was one of those where I saw it I thought it feels I really don't understand I'm watching it I don't know why it's here I don't know what's going on well it feels on YouTube a little out of place and that they have this beautiful production house with cameras everywhere, clearly a gigantic team of people who make that happen and cut from camera to camera while she walks through every room of the house like you're talking about Big Brother. it's kind of production value, you know, and since I forgot, I was just going to say oh, it seems strange because it's on YouTube and you have all this production and it's live and you know people are usually Big Brother, even the set it looks like this,

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