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Podcast #274 - Playing 'You Are A Liar'

Jun 04, 2021
in front of us like bellows and rattles towards us because it was like excuse me, I'm crossing and we were like, do you think? and then she crossed and then we passed, yeah, it resonated with us, that was a lot, I think. because those rattlesnakes live near a trail like he hasn't heard of a lot of people getting bites and stuff up there like they're used to foot traffic sure there are a lot of bikes yeah but he could have easily hit turn around and bit bunny Oh, or any of our dogs and I killed any of them, absolutely the scariest part is you, you have to be on the lookout as it's very easy for you to miss the rattlesnake and if it's not there in a good mood, it might bite you and Well, not just dogs but us, but I think what's really scary about a dog is that you have a limited time to get treatment.
podcast 274   playing you are a liar
No, you have a little more time. If you are a human being, you know it is very sad. and I feel really bad for George Clooney. I don't know, mmm-hmm, you spin, come on, lightning never strikes exactly the same place more than once during a single storm, absolutely false, that's such a bad card. I feel like you have a metal pole and it's just sitting there, it's just going to keep going you you you you the location has no relation to the electrical activity of a storm lightning can certainly strike in the same place one of those, yeah, this is the dumbest card you've ever seen on a plane being hit by lightning it's like you you you you you and it's also scary you know sometimes I can't feel my arms right I feel at that level of fear I haven't here that's yours I haven't been on a plane getting hit by lightning I feel like it's a unique thing to go through but I haven't been through any scary moments I hated it, I hated it, it's okay, people don't either The left side of the brain or the Right side of the brain are dominant, the left side is the logical side and the right side is the creative side.
podcast 274   playing you are a liar

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podcast 274 playing you are a liar...

No, everything is in every way. The left one is creative. You're a


. I'm a


because no one has a nice dominant hemisphere, while certain functions sometimes dominate. specific brain regions both sides of the brain are generally equal in their activity but you refer to the left brain as artistic no, I thought it was yes, but I guess it doesn't matter. I received the card, thank you, you're welcome, don't look. Look away, okay, glass is a liquid that moves extremely slowly over time, that's true, no, it's false, glass is an amorphous solid that has stronger connectivity, it needs building blocks and liquids , which is more annoying.
podcast 274   playing you are a liar
Amorphous solid that is not a solid, it is very annoying, no, because I grew up. in a house that was a hundred years old and, like the original happy birthday to your house, the original glass panels are thicker at the bottom because it moves over time because it is an amorphous solid, but that is as annoying as if for Of course it wasn't. a liquid is glass you know, but over time that's over that's a really tricky question, it's tricky, that's cool, you have to notice that glass changes shape as you grow, congratulations on that, although yeah, one once threw a softball. through one of the panels and sad, you know, it's like regional glass, we had to replace some of it because I threw one last softball through a nice guy, we had a makeshift batting cage in our backyard and it didn't work, We'd bat You go through it and break glass all the time like you're sure not to look.
podcast 274   playing you are a liar
Oh gosh, oh great, two things found in many American restaurants are fourteen-ounce glass bottles of Heinz ketchup and Coca-Cola, neither of which are part of a healthy diet in In fact, there is more sugar in one 14-ounce ketchup bottle than in a Coca-Cola can. More sugar and a bottle of ketchup than in a can. Let's think about this. I mean a coke can has anywhere. 30 to 38 grams of sugar maybe 32 to 42 grams a bottle of ketchup I feel like it has much more because it is a can of soda it is one serving a bottle of ketchup has 20 servings with which I am going to read the weight the questions that They ask you if the ketchup bottle has more sugar.
I think so, you're right, what does it say how much? No, that's true, great, great, you're a liar, no, you have to write, although it's okay, don't look good in the best way. To avoid coma after Thanksgiving meals is to avoid turkey due to the high amounts of tryptophan, a serotonin-producing chemical, found in its meat, okay, but that's it, listen to me for a second, Turkey contains tryptophan, yes, but saying the best way to avoid needing a nap like that is subjective, they formulate these questions in a way, okay, I'm going to say it's true, but if it says false, the best way to avoid getting tired It's drinking water, I'm going to get angry, okay?
It is true, yes, it is false because it says that Türkiye does not contain more tryptophan than any other meat. I didn't hear that part of the question. I was too angry. It was true. I thought. I thought it was exclusive to turkey meat. angry at the first part of the question hello, I'm fine due to the high amounts of tryptophan, a chemical that produces serotonin, found in their meat. lie. Türkiye contains no more tryptophan than any other meat. It's OK? So you're saying people eat chicken. every day and there is exactly the same amount of tryptophan content in a chicken breast as there is in turkey I guess people make a big deal out of your tired family member thanks anywhere I feel like this is where's the fat?
I mean, no. I don't know if I believe that, okay, I don't care, okay, the largest alligator ever found in New York's suit sewer system was 9 feet long and was nicknamed poop by sanitation workers, fake, it's fake, You are a liar, the only alligators that exist. discovered have been small and are probably released pets there is no evidence that alligators can live for long in the sewers of New York a 9 foot alligator in the sewers no one named it poop poop poop is strangely the most believable part of it called poop, okay, no, poop, I turn to look, anyway, okay, here we go, at the end of a traditional wedding reception in French Polynesia, the bride's family lies face down, side by side , on the ground and the grooms walk on them, pollen, you, Joe.
You know no, I'm not familiar with the customs of a wedding in French Polynesia and I feel like I'm set up to fail right now because if I say you're a liar, you're set up to fail in all of this. the game is a setup for no, no, no, I like this game it's fun, he should know, I know, I know, I mean you're a liar, no, it's true, the ugly tradition takes place on the Marquesas Island from French Polynesia, are upside down. on earth, it's probably funny, you don't want to let your, I would total it if I went to my friend's wedding or like someone at my family's wedding and they said, "lie down, I'm going to run over you," you'd say Hell yeah , congratulations, everyone knows they would be like, "Okay, ready, yeah, turn around." Chocolate syrup was often used to simulate blood in black and white films, huh, that's funny, it's just the right consistency.
I feel like it's maybe a little thick. I'm going through that it's true that's a very good idea that's a good idea why isn't that okay that's funny that's cool yeah if I get stung by a jellyfish oh no I don't want it peeing on the lesion will help break down the toxins and reduce the pain. This is due to the high acidic pH levels of the urine. Look, this is one of those things that raises too many questions, so I think we can all agree that we've heard of peeing on a jellyfish sting, no, no, I've heard of pooping on it.
Does Julian know he's rubbing it in for this Julian? I don't think he cares, but I do think the part of the sentence where he says it can lessen the pain is true, but I also feel like it completely depends. about what kind of jellyfish or thong you will reduce the pain is a strange phrase because it is very subjective, reducing pain is not a medical evaluation of how to treat something, it will reduce pain, you know, and this is a medicine, as if some The benefit Having jellyfish urinate on the injury will help break down toxins and reduce pain.
This is due to the high acidic pH levels of the urine, but also the last sentence. I know, yeah, okay. I'm going to say it's true because I think you pee on it. a jellyfish sting does do something but I don't know if that's it but it definitely doesn't cure it but I also think it has to do with the type of jellyfish that gave you that's okay just tell me I'm a liar so Basically, take back that last sentence : The pH of urine depends on what has been eaten, that is so annoying that even acidic urine is not enough to effectively neutralize the alkaline venom of a jellyfish.
Vinegar and baking soda are more useful, but you are more useful. Do you care if it's more helpful, we're talking about hitting, dude, yeah, going to a doctor's office, it's probably more helpful to not get stung by a jellyfish, yeah, how do you reduce the pain of being stung by a jellyfish? , don't get stung by a jellyfish, yes. Gigi it's your turn liquid Julian ready, yes, Canadian bacon is not actually called Canadian bacon in Canada. I know it's true, they call it. Yes, what Americans love about Canadian bacon is called bacon or peameal bacon in Canada.
She food, yes, you mean people, bacon, bacon. you want some pew pew here we go oh you just got them all excited Oh Jonathan, godfather of John Lennon and Sean Sean Lennon of Yoko Ono, godfather I don't know, why not, that's true, true, Elton John is the godfather to several famous children, including two of David and Victoria Beckham's children, okay, I don't care, okay, yes, unless the tongue is assigned to four areas with different taste buds per region, that region has proteins to detect sweet, although it releases proteins to detect sweet, salty and bitter, so leave me alone.
It understands these four areas directly, which means that if I taste the sugar on the part of my tongue that detects the bitter taste, it won't detect it. Right, sugar, that's false. that's true no, it's not surprising that some bats have better night vision than humans bats use echolocation to detect small objects like mosquitoes in total darkness this game is like a debate of this type it's like if your name is jeanna real or false true no, it's not, it's No, I talked to your mom, just amore, okay, and you're stupid, okay, Carm, are you done yet?
Do you want a hug? Are we done with the game? Who has the most liar cards? They have like an internal timer and they know exactly when the


should air. Ready, yeah, no, oh, are you standing on my hair? I can't, no, no, it's okay, buddy, you're a liar, Kermit, you're a liar, even so, well, I had fun


this game, but it's definitely fun, yeah, I love it. That's why I like cleverness and gambling, because some of the things you're guessing are so random that you're like, How am I supposed to know this? But that's what makes it fun.
Yes, like when we played against you and your mom. bro like even really smart brainiacs can't do it that well sometimes because it's like, you just have to make the best guess, this would actually be, it would be a fun game to play with some kind of gambling element totally like we can introduce like chips or something and then when it's like a little trick question you just get furious yeah flip the table it doesn't matter yeah I just flip the table flip the table well thanks for listening to another episode of good GG games, will we be?
Let's get back to it, let's go to the old players locker room now and go to the showers after this long and intense fight of yours, you are a liar because R in the life of an esports athlete anyway, I hope know how to stay safe. and have a good routine and keep your spirits up as best you can, we appreciate you listening to the


if you're listening. I don't know either, since I know a lot of people listen to podcasts on their commutes and I know a lot of them. commutes are on ice right now and I even listened to some podcasts where I said there are people listening because everyone is home and we don't care and if you're cool and we're happy to be here for you.
If you're not there, don't worry and if you come back and missed a bunch of episodes, that's okay too, we just hope you're doing well and we appreciate you spending the time with us, so thank you all, have a great week. and see you next time on a soft record.

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