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Podcast #274 - Playing 'You Are A Liar'

Jun 04, 2021
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podcast 274   playing you are a liar
Start using the free shipping credits right now on the post mates app and use it to bring food to your mouth Thank you patrons what's that smile that's nice oh that's not right I hate it hate I don't know what you mean it's not okay that's okay it's wrong it's wrong what is that that's the top of the rise of Chile it's still up here I don't know we had a lot of stuff up here and I didn't remember to come here and take it down you have to put things back where they are. I'm so sorry I'm so sorry What kind of weird role reversal is this?
podcast 274   playing you are a liar

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podcast 274 playing you are a liar...

Usually you tell me that, well the difference is I'll actually take it downstairs and put it where it belongs, but you didn't once. I will do it. you don't look so cute today put it you look really cute anywhere i feel like it then it will migrate over the course of months to other places it doesn't belong until one day you say and then i have to rummage through the house to find it Speaking of migrating, can I migrate there because you look really, really good? Today Julian you really sleep you look cute no the weather is great and you know I like the way you dress when it's hot I've had time to follow my lotion shine you know what gives lotion if this is not for those of you who think that I expose myself to the sun I don't do it all day because I have sensitive skin that I exposed to the sun for many years that I'm terrified of the consequences artificial sun yes it is eh it is sun in a bottle inside the bottle there is a brand of self tanner called sun in a bottle i think that there should be but if there isn't don't worry we'll just steal it no look it's sick but yeah you look so pretty yeah I don't know.
podcast 274   playing you are a liar
I used to work at a tanning salon like I was ten but even then I put a fake tan over my ten because it was like yeah we went crazy yeah I mean when you're drinking the suntan lotion sauce you know it hits , it was a requirement for a font Ibiza well yeah you're not going to walk into a tanning salon and see some pale person working the front desk I like yeah I'm not going here why are they pale yeah I don't know, i feel like my 20s was just a weird time i feel like it can be less weird but yeah don't do it son kids do it if you're going to do something do it with sunscreen TM mm-hmm i wear sunscreen every day, especially if you have tattoos, cover those things with sunscreen if you want to keep them. vibrant color but we had like two weeks of rain and then all of a sudden this heat wave hit and it was like look the dogs are so happy honestly it feels like summer and you know we have really hot summers here to the point where when it's like august we're good enough we already have a little window right now to get out side time yeah and right now it's like the pre-summer heat and i like it i'll say i like it feels good to just get out and understand this, you know that the sun hits you completely and well, yes, because once this summer arrives it is as if you know the hours between 10:00 and even since it is four o'clock the dogs can leave like 5:15 no like 15 they will walk around the patio they will like to lie on the stone and then go inside because it is too hot so yes let me take them to the pool we are going we are going to bring them all and then take out the life jackets you are going to the pool friend come to the pool and she's not listening to you she just moved her ear that's literally that means she's listening what we got today so we have a game we picked up it's called you're a


i'll play today i'm on behalf of team liquid i'm also going to play on Team Liquid name, this is a scrim, okay, I'm liquid, Jenna Dewan, we're not on Team Liquid, I've got a sign. s oh, you signed the contract, yes, but what's going on with the contract getting lost in the mail?
podcast 274   playing you are a liar
No, it was not lost there. and once we're done with that, it could take years, it'll be signed, okay, you know you're from better or worse. I don't have any sports athlete. ready for a manager oh okay we all figured that out oh no you had no say if I don't get don't worry you still get 10% why do I feel like that's how the industry works music? oh here's ten I'm your manager I get 90 wait so I play eSports you know that house you just bought give me the keys Oh no yeah we're going to try and find out if we're


s today because basically this game on a personal level can figure out if you're a person who lies, not Julian, that's not a game, he's literally fat, he's li. ke snapple caps some of these are true and some of these are fake and it's up to us to figure out which ones are true or fake you're a liar that's why we have this game because it's called you're a liar with that on the front so actually this is the first opening game ok first off unknown if i say opening but this is team liquids opening game you're a liar team we're both on that team unbelievable it's almost like this isn't even. eSports at all it's eSports because it's on the screen of the e-mini the EE I feel really bad because I should give credit to whoever tweeted but I saw a tweet this morning like right when I woke up that enthused the presence of a real physique girls somewhere that's not funny because i think it's like the term girl implies the presence of a physical girl yeah stupid stupid i'm not going to be able to find it i feel bad if anyone gets credit for that that would be great oh by the way the week Last time we didn't do a podcast that's what it feels like it's been a million years what we were watching I like how when you take a day off to celebrate a holiday you say we're watching it like you're just looking at the day that we celebrated National Aries Day, which was my birthday.
I had such a great birthday anyone in quarantine could ask who is the person who said it underscore SCR seven underscore anxious implies the existence of physical girls offline yeah we played some video games drank some booze and ate some pad , yes, we ate a pad. thai for number day yeah it was good and anyway yeah so we're going to determine if we're a liar so basically we want them to be able to play us so say jen it's going to go well it's going to choose a card I'm not going to look and you're not going to know or she's not going to whisper it to you or show it to the camera so that when she reads the fact you too are in the dark as to whether or not it's true and you can guess can you guess so you close your eyes first all platform ht liquid Jenna don't look looking why would I cheat why not you're looking right now Julian look away okay not all the way okay are you ready yeah hippie hit me in the face actually Julian stop the first two letters i read ya so if you put it on if you take the top off get it out of here of course i ripped it off ok i get it turn around stop cheating stop don't take a good look at any of you look it's not good it's either n ready yes don Not looking good ok look straight at the light in china drinking panda poop diluted in boiling water is believed to prolong the life of a healthy human by at least 20 years panda poop 20 years prolong one life in 20 years is such a fake dress that's so much fun you're alive oh my god don't point at me that's rude but yeah I'm a liar I keep that up yeah lie panda poop appreciated and China is not a drink, but a fertilizer for tea plants. as much as thirty-five thousand dollars a pound imagine thirty-five thousand dollars pandas like you ah okay but the look doesn't look i'm not really going to look what does that imply? implies I looked, I didn't look, I did, baby, I didn't look good, okay, you, I didn't pick one, you rush. stop looking cheater ok wait we are ready yes you can look look how do you pronounce the word tea SAR SAR sorry ok Peter the Great the infamous czar of Russia imposed a beard tax on 1698 so a Russian man in power imposed a beard tax doesn't seem entirely ridiculous but I don't think it's true I'd say you're a liar I'm not a lawyer really the Russians refusing to pay the beard tax they were publicly shaved by the police oh my god oh my god God he gives you this little icon after the police publicly shaved you not only publicly shamed him but also posted it. a razor it's just a blade it's just a knife yes they have it in their body camp what you're right if you're wrong I'm right why don't you get a liar card you better be publicly embarrassed I don't know turn around public shave ghost called it public shave flip okay im ready that was fast good job good quickness yeah literally just pick a card ok elvis presley grave its not elvis i know about him grave of Elvis Presley is no longer at his Graceland home in Memphis Tennessee, his final resting place. it was moved for security reasons in 1988 to an undisclosed location that's definitely true why would that be false?
Of course it's like the most realistic sounding scenario I've ever heard I lied to you the king's scratch is still in the backyard of his former Memphis home you're a liar I'm a liar but you can't use that's a well-crafted lie right there and the light revolves around the liquid-liquid team Jenna lies well don't look most people think that mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on earth but actually they came second humans kill more people than mosquitoes you are a liar malaria kills more people than people you called him mosquitoes are actually the deadliest animals thank you think about that for a second i haven't thought about it that's why i called you a liar a mosquito is the deadliest animal ever and malaria that's crazy dude a girl is much bigger right no comment no competition that gorilla wins ten without supervision you put a gorilla in a cage with a mosquito first nothing i would watch on pay-per-view the second of all the gorilla wins the slam you imagine as the whatever they play before a fight to hype you up oh yeah and like a gorilla doing like you're dragging like a tire and like hitting things like a mosquito like flying straight into the light we're going to kill lane can we get a replacement ok a different mosquito i think i see we're one on one ok ok kate middleton you know who is it? one to the right la Roya l British ok no that's ok royal royalty royal family Kate that's who she is yes ok Kate Middleton worked briefly as a flight attendant for British Airways to meet and eventually marry Prince William Faust Qantas ok who is qantas she is australian she is lying about her identity the game is she cheated on prince william lie you are going to use the card you are a liar i am a liar my shift just finished injuries from using smartphones with Recreational purposes, such as taking photos,


games, and chatting, make it the most dangerous leisure activity in the United States. liar play games in chat again you're a liar that's a stat whatever i'm a liar i'm a liar because bike riding related injuries cause more trips to the ER than any other er recreational hobby really bike riding bike ride a bike say that 10 times ride a bike ride a bike ride a bike basically basically basically basically basically basically a bike a good job sounds like you're saying you know how imagine if the bike were a planet and the people who lived in it was riding a bike that's what you're saying ok you got a liar card congratulations no i don't have the energy the monster in the famous horror novel frankenstein was a vegetarian dude.
I'm going to say that's a lie, you're a liar. I am telling the truth. Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, is also believed to have been a vegetarian. moles Julianne Mary Shelley went vegan for moles Julianne it's ok I don't havea liar card find the turn i feel like it's kind of interesting to put in your book frankenstein that's vegetarian well even the book explicitly won't be in the lore of like the world you know you don't mean if it's even going to be ok bye dude i want a different card it doesn't look nice the third biggest heist in las vegas history occurred when 14 professional card counters all of whom were blacklisted from casinos. they pretended to be nuns and ripped off I never heard that word the MGM Grand for 4.4 million in one day the plot was uncovered the next day but less than half the money was recovered so I've seen a lot of shows about things like that and I don't think it would be a great tv show we would have heard of and i think its possible 14 people did that but i dont think they were nuns and if there was a case where there were nuns it was on a smaller scale than 14 people ok So I'm going to call you a liar.
I'm a liar. It's just your lie. There is no explanation. a liar sorry sorry no one in america climbs mountains american mountaineer jordan was only 13 when he reached the top of mount everest 13 13 13 13 he couldn't even walk but you're a liar there's no way a 13 year old could ma loveth Poorna a 13 year old Indian climber also summited Mount Everest but she was a month older than Jordan Romero she is the youngest woman to summit what did you do when you were 13 you literally went to the cafeteria and got bits of pizza and I sat there and cried into them.
My friend threw a basketball at me, I know it's like a baseball. I hit her with a bat and the bat bounced off the basketball and knocked me unconscious. That's what I did when I was. 13 a boy climbed Everest when he was 13 we all develop at different speeds it's ok to turn around in life's journey and we never stop we will never stop turning around a kangaroo can't jump backwards you're a liar i've seen kangaroo fights oh it's true according to this very believable card game weight that came but how to define jump because when they're standing on their hind legs and they get into little boxing matches it's like jumping backwards i think it means it's okay so that I travel back, yes, I think the word jump is how it indicates movement, so it's like when you see them jumping forward and running at that speed of jumping, okay, you can't do it backwards, I think it's my guess yeah it doesn't matter cause you lost so go Okay the graphic designer who created the iconic Nike Swoosh was paid like $35 in total just what it says did you hear I didn't let it out?
It was like an internal burp. 35 dollars. i think that's true yes true that's true that guy was shocked when carolyn davidson showed his designed logo to phil knight the boss of nike he didn't like it but he wore it anyway she got extra compensation years later, okay, I'd love to know how much he. it was even more compensated because oh my god i hope it's worth it because it's like being good filming ok you don't look good wait i'm not ready i'm looking at you you're looking at your phone sorry i was . I was texting my friends.
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I also know that I think it's just a matter of whether all of them are found. n in North America because from what I understand they are all very similar and like me I don't lose weight k there are Cougars in North America but there is what is the other Cougar and not like the mountain lion there are definitely Cougars and there are definitely mountain lions I don't think there are Cougars Beverly Hills you're a liar okay sorry you say check Beverly Hills I'm a liar because these are three are actually the same species ok yeah no you're not dumb as hell you even said so they are very similar well yes because i know i have lived in places more where people call it a cougar or they call it a mountain lion but i also didnt know if they were genetically the same but its like the same species yeah so yeah but they are also like in terms of wild cat, that's all we got, yeah, not that big cats no that's that's it and I'm an expert okay okay I'm dumb close your eyes turn away I don't look stop okay okay here we go here we go Charles Dickens had ten children, all of whom also became authors of course, none of whom became as well known as his legendary father. you repeat the question Charles Dickens had ten children damn it Charles Dickens had ten children say it again Charles Dickens had ten children Charles Dickens had potential right he would be putting that ticket ok true that's a lie even though he had ten children none of them were an author what you just said Charles Dickens had children that was the urn no, you stopped it after they cheated on ten children.
I literally read the entire card. I can go again, okay you can go again, you said Charles Dickens had ten children as that part of the sentence only three times. i didn't know about the author part for heck did i read the question you said stick your dick in that was so distracting? I'm in school right now ok you're looking at the inside of your palm yes the inside of my palms Disgu sting ok there are 887 stone child statues on Easter Island and they are all male how I say that word? I think it is pronounced about them in ancient aliens a lot about them actually being alive like they are spirit or like a person there and they're alive because I know there was one somewhere in the UK and they really, really, really wanted it back because they didn't he's like a statue to them he's like a more significant being he's like a being they just want him to come home that's great I'm pretty sure they got him back.
I don't remember I hope they turned around I hope they turned you over come on the hardest substance in the human body is the jaw or I work on mmm it's not your huh femur or whatever this big one on your thigh is no lie you just say it's a lie true but it's not because of what you said it's your teeth his tooth ena mel dammit no that means so dominant means a hammer can go straight into your mouth and nothing would happen no no it's the enamel, not like the whole tooth, is that the toothpastes have an amal or do not have enamel how to strengthen the damn chemicals when I suppose. should have been your father, you have no right, why wouldn't you have a student and that's a lie, I see you like him a lot, go ahead, oh, wait, actually I give you, oh, thank you, okay, the voice of the actor.
Mel Blanc, famous for voicing Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker, also voiced Gideon the cat in the 1940 animated film Pinocchio. That's a very good question. I guess that's true. You're right. It is true during the making of this classic film. changed and went mute except for mel's hiccup sound for gideon which is repeated three times those other voice recordings for the cat character were erased that's cute so what's not to like about this one game is if you catch a true as a truth or a fact and you're like that's true you get nothing if you also say you're a liar no you're not a liar why that's right maybe you get a card and we've been doing it wrong well I didn't Don't read the instructions yeah I didn't either so turn around okay wow the Roma aka Gypsies originally came from North India. it's offensive I blame this Jam mate I thought it was more like Europe like Eastern Europe ok so I'm going to call you a liar that's true ok so the Roma make up various subgroups of tribes that They live all over the world, but there is no reliable record. how many people make up the total roma population worldwide if this is problematic take off without the established media are you a french canadian company go on tv hz6 stop i don't think they are trying to be derogatory in any way that touches you is alright lady turn me lady i'm bor ed stop looking good George Clooney's Bulldog died of a rattlesnake bite that's definitely true yes that's true that's awful oh that's really sad that's that we were walking one time on the trail that we go on with a friend, we're hyper-aware that there are rattlesnakes up there and it slithered right in front of us like bellows and rattle rattle at us because it was like excuse me I'm crossing and we were like you think and then it crossed and then we passed yeah it rattled for us that was a lot i think because those rattlesnakes live near a trail like i haven't heard of too many p people who had bites and things up there like they were used to foot traffic.
Sure there are a lot of bikes yes but as he could easily have turned around and bit the bunny Oh or any of our dogs and killed absolutely anyone as the scariest part is you you have to be alert as you could very easily not seeing the rattlesnake and if he's not in a good mood he might ju bite you and shake you good and not just the dogs but us but I think what's really scary about a dog is you have limited time to receive treatment, no, you have a little more time if you're a human being you know it's really sad and horrible, I feel bad for George Clooney, no mmm-hmm, you turn, come on, lightning never strikes in exactly the same place anymore all at once during a single storm absolutely false that's such a bad card i feel like if you have a metal pole and it's just standing there it will keep going you you you you you you you you you , the location has nothing to do with the activity electricity from a storm. i've never been on a plane being struck by lightning it's just like you you you you you and it's scary too i know sometimes i can't feel my arms ok i feel that level of fear i haven't been here that It's yours I haven't been on a planebeing struck by lightning i feel like that's a unique thing to go through but i haven't been through anything scary i hated it i hated it ok folks either left brain or right brain dominant left side is logical and right side is creative no it's all around the left one is creative you're a liar i'm a liar because no one has a pretty dominant hemisphere while certain functions sometimes dominate Specific brain regions Both sides of the brain are generally equal in their activity but you refer to the left brain as artistic.
No, I thought so, but I guess it doesn't matter. I received the card. look away, okay, glass is a liquid that moves extremely slowly over time. That is true, no, it is false. Glass is an amorphous solid that has stronger connectivity. You need building blocks and liquids. your p in a house that was a hundred years old and i like the original happy birthday to your house the original glass panels are thicker at the bottom because it moves over time because it's an amorphous solid but that's just as annoying as that for of course it's not a liquid it's a glass you know but eventually it's over it's a really tricky question it's tricky that's great you have to notice the glass changes shape as you grow congratulations I won, although yes, he once threw a baseball. through one of the panels and sad, you know, it's like a regional glass that we had to replace partly because I threw one last softball through a nice guy, we had a makeshift batting cage in our backyard and it didn't It worked, we'd be banging through and breaking glass all the time like you sure you don't look Oh god oh two great things found in many American restaurants are fourteen ounce glass bottles of Heinz ketchup and coke , neither of which are part of a healthy dice In fact, there is more sugar in a 14-ounce bottle of ketchup than in a can of Coke more sugar and a bottle of ketchup than in a can let's think about this so one can of coke I mean it has between 30 and 38 grams of sugar maybe between 32 and 42 grams a bottle of ketchup I feel like it has a lot more because it's a can of soda it's one serving a bottle of ketchup has 20 servings you can eat I'm going to go weight read the questions asking if the ketchup bottle has more sugar I think so yes you're right what does it say how much no that's true cool cool you're a liar you don't have to write even though it's okay don't look good the best way to avoiding the Thanksgiving post-meal coma is avoiding turkey because of the high amounts of the serotonin-producing chemical tryptophan found in its meat, okay, but that's listening, hear me out for a second.
Turkey contains tryptophan, yes, but saying the best. way to avoid the need for a nap like this its subjective what to phrase these questions in a way is ok im going to say its true but if you say false the best way to avoid getting tired is to drink water im going to get mad ok , so you say it's true, yes it's false because it says Turkey does not contain more tryptophan than any other meat. I didn't hear that part of the question. I was too angry. It was true. I really thought. I thought it was unique to turkey meat.
I'm fine due to high amounts of the serotonin-producing chemical tryptophan found in their meat. Lie. Turkey contains no more tryptophan than any other meat. tryptophan content in a chicken breast as there is in turkey I guess people make a big deal out of your tired family member thanks anywhere I feel like here's the fat I mean no I don't know if I think that's okay I don't mind, ok, biggest alligator ever f New York's suit sewer system was 9 feet long and was nicknamed poo poo by sanitation workers. any length of time in the sewers of new york a 9 foot alligator in the sewers no one has ever called it poo poo poo poo weirdly it's the most believable part of it call it poopy ok no poo poo i turn to look anyway ok here we go to the end of a traditional wedding reception in french polynesia the bride's family lay face down side by side in the dirt and the bride and groom walk through them doe pollen you joe know i'm not not familiar with the customs of a French Polynesian wedding and I feel like I'm set to fail right now because if I say you're a liar you're set to fail this whole game is a set up for no no no like, this game is fun.
I know, I know, I mean you're a liar, no, it's true. The grand tradition takes place on the Marquesas Island of French Polynesia. They are face down in the dirt. It's probably fun. That's right lay down I'm gonna run you over you'd be like hell yeah It's funny, it's got the right consistency. I feel like maybe it's a little thick. I'm passing. That's true. What a good idea. It is a good idea. Because it is not right. i want it to urinate on the lesion it will help break down toxins and reduce pain this is due to the high acidic ph levels of the urine this is one of those things that raises too many questions so i think we can all agree on that we've heard peeing on a jellyfish sting no I haven't heard pooping on it does Julian know he's rubbing it on this Julian um I don't think he cares but I do think the part of the sentence where he says that it can decrease pain true but i also feel like that completely depends on what type of jellyfish or thong will reduce pain is an odd phrase because it's like it's very subjective to reduce pain so it's not a medical assessment of how treating something will reduce pain pain you know and this is a medication as if there is any benefit jellyfish urinating on the lesion will help break down toxins and reduce pain this is due to the high acidic pH levels of the urine but also the last sentence. the jellyfish sting does something but i don't know if that's it but it definitely doesn't cure it but i also think it has to do with the kind of jellyfish that made you ok just tell me i'm a liar so basically he takes back that last sentence the ph of urine depends on what has been eaten, that's so annoying that even acidic urine is not enough to effectively neutralize the alkaline venom of a jellyfish.
Vinegar and baking soda are more useful, but you alone are more useful. about hitting my boy, yes going to a doctor's office is probably more helpful in not getting stung by a jellyfish, yes how do you reduce the pain of being stung by a jellyfish? it's not actually called canadian bacon in canada i know it's true they call it yes what americans love canadian bacon is called bacon or peameal bacon in canada she food yes you mean people bacon, bacon, you want some pew, pew, pew, here we go. Oh, you just got them all excited. Oh Jonathan, Godfather to John Lennon and Godfather to Yoko Ono's Sean Sean Lennon.
I do not know. Why not? That's true. two of david and victoria beckham's kids ok they don't care ok yeah unless the tongue is mapped into four areas with different taste buds per region that region proteins to detect sweet but they release proteins to detect sweet, sour, salty in bitter, so leave me alone. understands these four straight areas, which means if I taste sugar on the bitter sensing part of my tongue it won't detect it well from sugar that's false you're a liar ok sticky bats use their echolocation to determine patterns of safe flight due to his near blindness. that's true no not surprisingly some bats have better night vision than humans bats use echolocation to detect tiny objects like mosquitoes in total darkness this game is like a debate this is like your name is jeanna true or false No, I talked to your mom, just love, it's okay and you're stupid, it's okay, Carm, are you done?
Do you want a hug? Are we done with the game? Who has more lying cards? ke an internal timer and they know exactly when the podcast is due, yeah no oh are you standing on my hair? I can't, no, no, it's okay, dude, you're a liar. Playing this game is but it's definitely fun yeah how I love it that's why I like wit and stakes because some of the things you're guessing are so random you think how am I supposed to know this but that's what does it's fun yeah like when we play against your mom and brother even really smart brainiacs can't get it right sometimes because it's like yeah you just have to guess your best this would be actually this would be a fun game to play. with some kind of gamble element totally like we can put in chips or something and then when it's like a little trick question you just rage yeah flip the table never mind yeah I just flip the table flip the table ok thanks for listening to another episode of good g from GG ames will we be going back to that we are going to the old locker room now and to the showers after this long intense mesh of you guys you are a liar because R in the life of an eSports athlete anyway, I hope you guys do you know how to stay safe and have a good routine and keep your spirits up as best as you can?
We appreciate you listening to the podcast. If you're listening, I don't know either. I know a lot of commutes are frozen right now and I've even listened to a few podcasts that I said people listen to because everyone is home and we don't care and if you're great and we're happy. be here for you guys if you don't care and if you come back and you missed a bunch of episodes that's okay too we just hope you're doing well and appreciate you spending any amount of time with us so thanks guys have a great week and see you next time at Gentle Puck.

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