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Marjorie Taylor Greene & MAGAverse Make WILD Trump Assassination Claim & Nikki Haley Endorses Donald

May 24, 2024
I am the program, thank you for watching, thank you for joining us here, in the studio and in beautiful Los Angeles, California, where the great guitar Phenom slash accompanies us once again, everyone is here, we are slash. This is the third night of Slash's miniature residency with the Clones it's a good night to be here um they don't want to be out there uh tonight or never the World Health Organization is warning that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as they call them, are increasing in a big way. they went down a lot during covid, but I guess people did dirty things again and four STIs went up again, syphilis, goria, chlamydia and trichomoniasis, something like that, each of them almost impossible to spell, they even represent a million new infections up to date.
marjorie taylor greene magaverse make wild trump assassination claim nikki haley endorses donald
The rate of babies born with STIs has skyrocketed, which is the worst. I mean, is there anything creepier than contracting syphilis from your mother? No and also what happened with monkeypox. Where is that hiding place? I mean, I think it's coming back, which was supposed to happen. be the next thing B that was like disease transition and just, but it's important to spread the word, maybe instead of a press release it's great, but it would be better if they shared this information in places where people are more present. You probably see the risk of SDI like the vision of a bottle of Mountain Dew or something you know.
marjorie taylor greene magaverse make wild trump assassination claim nikki haley endorses donald

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marjorie taylor greene magaverse make wild trump assassination claim nikki haley endorses donald...

Sexually transmitted infections have been around for a long time. In fact, researchers from Brazil just published newly discovered evidence that they analyzed bones from skeletons and discovered that Neanderthals had an ancient form of herpes, either that or the museum's night watchman has some serious explanations to give, but Neanderthals are a extinct group of humans who lived until about 40,000 years ago. This is what they look like. This is taken in the exact spot. At the time they found out they had herpes, but then, the doll on the right, the woman looks familiar, right, I mean, yeah, that's right, that's her, which explains a lot.
marjorie taylor greene magaverse make wild trump assassination claim nikki haley endorses donald
Margarie Taylor Green is part of, you know, this would be really fun if it was. t so stupid and dangerous yesterday the files were opened in the stolen Trump documents case, they revealed that when the FBI searched Lago in 2022, agents were authorized to use lethal force if necessary, which is standard operating procedure every time that the FBI executes a search warrant, but in the magav verse it is a plot to kill Donald Trump The mom of the clan directed the graphic that wrote the Biden justice department and the FBI were planning to assassinate President Trump and gave the green light , does everyone still understand it?
marjorie taylor greene magaverse make wild trump assassination claim nikki haley endorses donald
What are Republicans going to do about it? What a rich imagination this woman has. You almost think she has the brain of a child, you know, which is why the FBI felt the need to release a statement saying that the FBI followed standard protocol in the search, as we do with all search warrants, no one ordered additional steps. and there was no deviation from the norm in this matter, but did that stop the right-wing outrage machine from spinning like Matt, of course not? Fox News Alert a big bomb in the Trump documents case, the FBI authorized the use of deadly force, the Department of Justice effectively put a shoot to kill order in the corrupt maralago raid, so they were essentially prepared to shoot and kill former President Donald Trump are Democrats, the Democrats who were trying to kill our President were actually thinking about using lethal means.
Strength It's quite extraordinary lethal force to shoot to kill over paperwork. What was life-threatening with pieces of paper? Perhaps they wanted the commitment of physical Force. They're showing up like they're drug dealers that are armed and treating you the same way they would if you were doing drugs Den these people are sick F crazy this is crazy it seems so crazy seriously Jim this is crazy this is crazy this is


this is dangerous very dangerous so say a prayer okay yes we will pray that you are one day you will be able to experience an emotion called Shame because this is the evil mastermind Joe Biden sent an elite team of ultra liberal FBI agents to assassinate Donald Trump, but somehow he slipped out the back door somehow they missed the fact that the loudest and most famous man in America and his 15 Secret Service agents were in New Jersey at the time they raided Mara Lago but of course Trump was shouting about this too.
Wow, I just left the Biden Witch Hunt trial in Manhattan, the fridge and they showed me reports that Joe Biden's corrupt justice department in their illegal and unconstitutional Lake fee authorized the FBA the FBI to use deadly lethal force now we know for a fact that joe biden is a serious threat to democracy he is not mentally fit to hold office 25th amendment the 25th is the amendment many of his fellow republicans thought about using it against him this is how he knows and by true, as far as this ice box he keeps


ing he keeps saying about the courtroom, he says it was freezing, by all accounts except his, they heat the place up.
Compared to weeks ago, in fact, a journalist brought a thermometer to the courthouse yesterday, it was 79° in the hallway and 76 in the courtroom, and it's not just him, these people, these hysterical, dishonest nutcases that he has competing for space to lips on her big pink butt. It's so dramatic when it comes to the temperature in the courtroom being a frozen ice box, recovering stolen documents is an attempted murder, but this, come on, that's just tourism, I mean, it's just a friendly group of outsiders learning about democracy firsthand. We received some other data from these unsealed documents in Florida.
It turns out that the Special Counsel believes Trump did even more to obstruct the investigation than we previously knew. It appears that Trump removed the boxes of classified documents from Marago and then realized that he had to return them without him being caught on security cameras. This is Trump's right-hand man, Walt Naada, moving some big boxes. To be fair, this might have been Trump's Burger King order that day, but we also learned that Maral Ardo had stolen. documents in his room in his bathroom and scattered on the floor he basically had documents everywhere Shaggy was caught having sex in the song it wasn't me, the judge wrote notably no excuses were provided for how the former president could lose the classified Mark documents found in his own room in Mara Lago I know they were on the floor and the man can't see his feet, of course he missed, but who knows, I mean he may never be tried for this of all the cases against Trump.
The documents case is the most open and shut, but it has been delayed indefinitely by a judge who was appointed by Donald Trump in case he is seeking a conflicted judge. Alen Cannon is playing some kind of preemptive defense while the Supreme Court is still disagreeing. his chin over Trump's ridiculous argument that he has complete immunity from prosecution, that's tough guy. Judge Alo has been thinking about it so much that he accidentally raised his American flag right side up today which meanwhile Trump got a huge endorsement this afternoon from one of his biggest staunch opponents so I'm voting for Trump oh she really he is a bird brain he was right Nikki Haley says she is voting for Donald Trump and after all the good things they said about each other why not Donald Trump is not taking care of the Republican Party he is not taking care of America, he is take care of yourself, does anyone know who the Brin bird is?
If you mock a combat veteran's service, you don't deserve a driver's license let alone be president of the United States, she's not tough enough, she's not smart enough. and she wasn't respected enough, I mean, when he turns off the teleprompter, he is unhinged, he is totally unhinged, she is very rude, do you realize that he is unhinged, he has a more diminished bird brain, Nikki bird BR , it's just toxic and when I looked at her in the costumes that probably weren't that elegant chaos follows Donald Trump bird brain that's Nikki Haley everything she touches is complicated chaos Nicki we can't win if Donald Trump is the nominee I'll say this until my last breath well I guess it must be her last breath so I don't know why she's going to vote for him ah he's fat she's glue I guess and then we have Rudy Giuliani who I mentioned last night has $151 million in total and is doing everything it can to reduce that. debt for selling beans, they are the best beans, uh, that you can get, uh, araba instead of robusto, absolutely no robust or high quality beans, that's right, the best, non-robusto beans of the bunch, yesterday juliani was prosecuted for zoom in Arizona, of which he is accused. electoral crimes there and when they went to him listen carefully because it sounds like he's in the bathroom doing a live broadcast of his own here number 66 on today's calendar uh 66 is uh CR 2024 is that I yes it's you Mr.
Juliani just called al 20246 give that man some flowmax because his prostate is the size of a snowball there is so much craziness out there right now fox news all you can imagine is they must think joe biden is doing a good job because Now they're at the point where I'm just making things up when you post these videos that your social media team posts. There should be a stroke warning about how many jump cuts they have because I imagine it takes 20 to 30 takes to get one sentence. At one point I want to say this is embarrassing, but the left knows this and that's why I firmly believe Joe will not be the nominee in November.
This is all just testing the waters for when they trade him for Gavin Nome. Wait and watch for summons for him. to resign are going to intensify in the coming months maybe Joe should identify himself as Gavin Nome, well JW, um, conspiracy or not, this is an interesting theory that seems to be shared by many in the Republican Party, although it


s almost no sense . sense, it would give Gavin Newsome almost no time to campaign. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent promoting Joe Biden would be wasted and, not least, Gavin Newsome is very focused on running our state.
A message from the 40th Governor of California. What's up, guys? Ling G is here to say something negative about Proposition 83. Proposition 83 is a spending bill designed to


new investments in a damn button of underfunded sectors in our great state, like renewable energy. C leads the nation's solar energy, which is radical, but what about lunar energy? I believe the Moon is capable of much more than simply controlling your Aunt Dianne's ovulation cycle. Oh, take it, take it, take it. Thank you, let's put the Moon to work for us. You know we crush it when it comes to any bra medication laws, but.
Proposition 83 is different and allows Californians to keep up to 7 ounces of hallucinogenic toad venom for personal use plus 2 gallons of synthetic and Rando Guatemalan and lab po purchased with cryptocurrency on the dark web. Bsing 83 is also incentivizing the best and brightest in tech to live and work in Silicon Valley by making vaping in offices, hospitals and Ferrari dealerships mandatory. Can I make it but I only vape Mero Mar who and with proposition 83 everyone has a black friend like my man Nate Nate Nate here Nate and I love being in the on the weekends and I do the things that Nate loves to do .
I like to watch birds. Whatever Proposition 83 is, get binoculars for everyone, especially the blind, and set aside $200 million to build a museum in Zack Efron's birthplace so future generations can learn about the High School Musical franchise and his regime. nutritional. Zach's AB routine also lost another black friend, daddy, oh, a hundred. Hey bro, can I get a squirt of that good stuff? So give me some consolation to ensure a bright future for all Stater gold skaters and vote Yes on Proposition 83, lookin' at me? Birds paid for the middle-aged woman who rummaged through Zack Efron's trash on

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