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Joe Rogan Experience #2111 - Katt Williams

Mar 01, 2024
includes mystical philosophical writings. Holy is this talk about weed, Jose, no, this is so legit, so legit, my man. So this guy was probably an alien guy. First of all, there are no probabilities, yeah. that's the benefit once you hear it or read it um is the fact that it's given in the first person and that's not possible the things that are said are impossible it's been a long time. , it's not like that but I'm going to read that literally saying: "hey, there's a spaceship on Earth and this is where it is because if all you care about is information, this is how you start to see when you get to the civilization of everyone, Asian, Indian and African, when you get to the crux of their information. no one disagrees with anyone, right, if you found out who and how they did it, if there was some logical explanation that people could have done it, you would agree, you would say, okay, but there is no one who says that in humans.
joe rogan experience 2111   katt williams
The beings can exist, it is possible if you had enough power and you had enough engineering and mathematics to be able to figure out how to design and build the pyramid, yes, but then there is the logistical problem of obtaining the stones from hundreds of kilometers away, massive, massive, massive, several tons. up to 80 tons Stones Joe, that's crazy, 500 miles away, some of them, even if you could do it, let me ask you, would you build it on sand? I don't think it was originally sand, so that's correct, this was a fertile valley. Yeah, yeah, it was the Nile Valley, the reason they had electricity and WiFi and they had all that, they probably did and that's where the dry youth theory probably comes from.
joe rogan experience 2111   katt williams

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The biggest trick is to make us believe that people back then were dumber and we are smarter, right, and that's all a fallacy, yes, that's definitely not real, but it's worth believing that we are children of the survivors of some great catastrophe and I think that's why all the biblical scholars, right? Everyone, some people, what do you mean some people are the survivors? Well, I mean, most humans were probably wiped out in comet storms and I think we've probably had points in history where you know where humans got to. 7,000 people counting them I think they use genetics and trace back and try to find individuals who were capable of having x number of children.
joe rogan experience 2111   katt williams
I wonder how they do the calculations. It's a good question, the things in Hollywood and in writing that have attracted. Our attention around the world was based on some truth, which is why all Hobbit stories have been successful in all their genres. Because they existed like now we know there were whole groups of pygmies and you know we understand that that's what the Seven Dwarves were yeah, like that man on the island of Flores that they found, they literally call him a hobbit, he was like a three foot tall person. tall who was covered in hair, a head smaller than ours, used tools as a preteen.
joe rogan experience 2111   katt williams
He knew it. Atlantis really only existed because of the way it was talked about informally M mhm, just that it was known in the early writings, yeah, well, it's not just mentioned, but it's mentioned informally, like you would with a place that is just a reference point, just when we land in New York before going to Montreal, yes. We were in Austin, near Dallas, exactly, yeah, have you ever seen the guy who thinks they found the place in Africa? What's that? The ring is called Jimmy Corsetti. It's in this. This guy is an expert at this. and he is an expert on ancient catastrophes and the remains and the evidence that shows that these civilizations existed and something happened and he concentrates on this area in Africa that he believes is Atlantis and he says that it has all the distinctive features and there is all the evidence of massive water erosion surrounding the area at the time it is very likely that this area was hit by a massive flood and it matches all the features of Atlan when you see it, when you see the way the concentric circles of the rings Try explain this as you are going to see it and try to explain this through a natural phenomenon that does not exist anywhere around it, correct concentric circles that are close to what used to be water and there are strong marks of water erosion around it that they indicate massive amounts of rapidly flowing water in a very short period of time, yeah, uh, I forgot what it's called, but I know exactly where it is, it's right here, you can zoom in, that's it, look at that thing, bro, are you joking?
The rephotographed structure is It's the refilmed structure, I mean, are you kidding me? I think if you go in 3D, you can see the now imagine if that was this huge city of concentric circles and walls and a thriving population and then it gets hit by this water, you can see the water erosion. Everywhere everything looks like it's been washed, look, yeah, it looks like it was washed because it was fine, that's salt, I think, but that's what there's salt in there, that's the other thing between this and the Garden places of Eden like these. These are two of the great milestones in human history.
Where is the Garden of Eden? Well, when you read the stories well, what strikes you is that he is so specific that he says things when talking about the Garden of Eden that they expect. Wait a minute, if I can't find what you're talking about, this isn't even real. You see what I'm saying, where the Garden of Eden was. I think there are four rivers that come from it and then he names two. of them like I don't want to be specific because at least he's going to mention it, but it's like the Nile on the Euphrates, so you know two of them and he says you know where the meat is, where it is and um, yeah, all my life was like this, this is really strange because in a period of time we think that no flood happens there, so many things that have lined up from these great religious books to where we can see that nothing happened here. like something had happened and these are stories of people telling stories that they've been told for about a thousand years.
No, why, well, that's why they told them and that's what you, that's the difference between those of us who want to know the Mysteries of the world. and conspiracy theorist like there's nothing for a conspiracy theorist because you're not producing what you're using, but these World Mysteries like um, that's harder to do. A lie is not something that people are going to repeat for generations after generations, it is repeated like That's because people have reasons to believe that it is true and as you go through the story you see that those are the stories that we still talk, but they are still valid, as if there were writings that said the African Doan tribe is mhm. like from the serious star system, like they are saying very specific things and for hundreds of years we are going to say that you are idiots, you don't know what you are talking about, like someone has a fake star story.
Okay, you see okay, and now we're at the point where we can actually see what they were talking about. What if we discover that we are aliens? What we were has just been left here for a long time. The story of Adam and Eve is the the the story of the place where we were created, I'm sure we're the only people in the universe who think like that, you think that, why do you think that um no, nowhere in the story of the humanity differs from that? It's the whole creation story, like if you go, that's why NASA and the space force aren't more forthcoming because the further you go into space, the more obvious it is that once you're up there and you look down, It doesn't seem like there is no God, but rather you look like you.
You're in the middle of someone's workshop and they showed you all the ways every star can form, all the ways a planet can form, all the ways a black hole can be a galaxy, a universe, and then They showed you the best of the best the place is, I mean, in our solar system, we are the best neighborhood that ever existed, everyone sucks, all the other planets suck, we are scrappy enough to keep requiring environmental help until you get that chip, once you get that chip each. At this point, it would be like telling people that they didn't learn to ride a horse, that they were slow, that they couldn't run fast enough, so they learned to ride a horse, no, it had nothing to do with that, it might as well be . better that's really what's going to be better it's better we're all going to integrate like we would, we would have told you 30 years ago that we wouldn't need a space force unless we went there and found something, I created the space force the idea is that they're worried, it's not an idea that someone else is in space first with weapons flying around, you mean us, yeah well if we can do it, they can do it, that's the thing, who are they, whoever it is, no .
China, there is only humanity, an alien. Oh I agree, the problem is that this is what we really need, we really need this neural link that blocks us all so that everyone can read everyone's mind, that's what's going to happen and then there will be no more leaders . There will be no more governments, you are being very controversial right now, okay look, the best is best, what already exists, so understand that the world government is much smarter than we give them credit for because they make us believe that they are not . I don't do anything, but the truth is that there is no government. um, it's in bed with the Internet.
No, the Internet is a government facility that they allowed the world to use for free so they could have the information voluntarily because you We're on it, that's exactly what it became, but I think yeah, I think the progression of technology often leads even to cell phones. At first it was Michael Douglas walking on the beach on Wall Street looking amazing with that brick carrying that big brick, look at that guy, he has a cordless phone, he's on the beach, this is crazy for everyone who has a phone, yes, but not for everyone, because those in the ham community and the CBS people didn't.
I don't feel like that was sharp, Ed, because it really wasn't like it was sharp yet to walk around with a device, it's a jumping technology. Here's the thing, when you look at all of our inventions, that's when you know these space encounters. they were real because we only have advancements in a couple of industries in the world and everything else looks nothing like the microwave they had 30 years ago, it looks the same as the same microwave now, why because it wasn't? made like a military thing, it was supposed to be a weapon and then they discovered that it heats food and they put a door on it, so it hasn't changed at all because the invention is very difficult and do you do it? subscribing to the idea that we are absolutely re-engineered, that's why those jumps we don't see those jumps in anything else is my point like, yeah, there's so much speculation about the creation of a bunch of different things that came out of the fiber of Roswell. the optics are right, but remember 20 years ago, 15 years ago, this is crazy, crazy, but it's not like I'm at the point at this point like Area 51 had to be doing something, they were definitely doing something well and no one is telling a different story. to which it is true that people have a great imagination throughout history, they could invent something, the only damning information is if you read 3,000 accounts of these entities and you realize, wait a minute, why they all correctly describe the same pair of beings as if they did not exist. right, there are no outliers like everyone, there are like three different things that describe, yes, they describe, they said they are the 8 to 12 documented, we are not talking about English speaking people, we are talking about everyone, that's right, that It's what draws the attention of the indigenous people in Australia, it attracted them, yes, of course, nobody says anything extravagant and that's what you come to when you become religious MH or well, the alien thing is a bit of a religion for many people who don't want to believe anything, it is a necessary component, yes.
Whatever religion you're a part of, at some point they said they contacted you that there was a fight in heaven and you know this happened and that happened, yes, every one of them, all without anyone telling a different story, They all tell the same stories. Yeah, that's how you know that um, vagina and gold are universal things because in everyone's history, none of these entities with otherworldly interests had any interest in anything but women, um and the right to gold or the gold, because and and you understand it now when you start. learn about what is in space because you can see that any item or any product that we sell here is abundant in space like garbage.
You know, they found a meteor that was worth all the money on Earth, yeah, 770 billion trillion, it was another number, kind of crazy. right, sure, yes, wow, yes, you know that there are places in space that have abundant minerals that are very valuable and what about the story of Samaran. The story of Samaran Tech can make everyone a billionaire on this Earth. a billionaire, each person would make seven, several billion dollars, so it sounds funny, but I understand that someone got this contract like they divided it into several contractspeople who think that everything we are seeing is not only from another planet but from another dimension, that they are dimensional.
Travelers who have access to places that we don't have access to because we are too primitive, we cannot understand it as a civilization that we have not achieved the ability to transcend, but they can and are here all the time, well, the way we see it, you know that You are the largest place in the universe, but The Travelers do not lead us to believe that well, there will always be competition, there will always be a civilization greater than the previous one, there will always be more, there will always be more if people are going to innovate to the point of that they are going to make spaceships, which means that these people compete with each other, whatever they are, they must be in some kind of competition, there must be something that motivates them and so true, but at that level competition is healthy and not there are unhealthy components, so hopefully, well, no, hopefully, definitely, once we're all building a personal Spa space, um gadgets for ourselves, we're going to push each other, it's not just um.
We're all going to want the best, yes, and we're going to insist on that being the case, just like we do with cars when I said, hopefully, what I mean is, hopefully, they'll be like a friendly, healthy competition. , that is what motivates them, what is not hopeful is that they could be emotionless robotic things that have transcended biological needs and that simply have a function, that function is to seed intelligent life in the universe and establish PL, just as if If you were a farmer and you went out and left hay for the animals the needs are primitive, yes they are primitive, but if we are always moving in a more and more technologically complex direction, it seems like that will never stop and the only thing that makes sense to me is that we're We're doing something because that's what we're literally designed to do.
We have all these things that motivate people and greed and lust and curiosity, but what we're doing is we're always doing better things, yes, constantly doing. better things that would ultimately lead to the creation of a higher life from some more intelligent and emotionless being and that is the terrifying thought: that all this life out there is life that was created by biological creatures that had these desires and needs that ultimately led to them making a better version of them and then that's like the butterfly that comes out of the cocoon as soon as we put people in space that day we become aliens, right, yeah, a lot of things are perspective, that's true I mean, you could say you're a camper, but you're actually just going to a tent in your garden, you're still camping okay, but that's what we're doing.
Our boy has set a date for the colonization of Mars, although yes, but he has also set a date. the Roadster when that Tesla roadster comes out that motherfucker will never see the light of day when that car comes out no because something about that the other day that car is supposed to be out for years yeah it's supposed to be out two or three ago years, I think that's part of being a billionaire, it's not worth publishing something that's not right, no matter how much you want to, well, he actually explained that he said it was human fabrication, it's incredibly difficult and the way he explained it.
It's you know you don't consider it because you know people just make things that you think are normal, but he was like the manufacturing process, especially like a car and an electric car, incredibly difficult. It took him more to make that cyber truck than it did for him. yeah cyber space stuff Drugs are hard everything is folded Steel it's this huge 7,000+ pound folded steel truck that goes from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and it looks like it's from the future it looks like if you were to see something On Mars, it's crazy. Yes, that's what it is, yes, it looks like the most futuristic car of all time.
Yes, but when we were kids, that's what we drew. I don't know when we're going to Mars and I don't know who's going to do that. a 6 month trip and you just wait what several billionaires were convinced to go into a capsule with limited air to go a long way down, that's a dark way to die, just knowing that you chose to do it, just know if you're even a racist here in this all death is dark so what I mean is that the last moments must be horrible, no more, no more horrible than anyone else's, I know, but there is something in the choice to be, You know, thousands of feet underwater, no, it's being a billionaire. crushing your soul he dies long before he could have done anything this is what I chose that's funny yeah that death that guy could be fishing in Maui right now with a nice cold beer hanging out with his friends listening to some music instead that, listen well, he like the carbon fiber started to crack, damn, it was already done at that time, none of that happened.
They knew those people were dead a long time ago, which is interesting because I didn't know how sophisticated underwater listening devices are, but they have these super sophisticated ones. Underwater listening devices everywhere to make sure Russia doesn't stalk us because Russia will sneak up on a Russia. Russia snuck up on people before. None of that is for Russia. You think it's for aliens. None of that is for Russia. Do you believe? that's for aliens um, that would be the wildest thing ever. They are underwater listing CU devices. They knew there were aliens down there. Well, let's see if this is a talk about marijuana or not, come on, which one do we know more about?
Do we know more about space? or we know more about the oceans, we know more about space, yes, a little more, okay, so yes, and part of that is because the ocean is very difficult to penetrate at some point, this government is hiding from us things. I would hide things. From the people, I would definitely make it illegal for you to own a submarine. You could have a yacht. Do not go crazy. You can't dive. I have to know where you are if I need to collect taxes. Well, if you're floating. around, I was able to stop it, it was a conspiracy theory at one point, you know the government got the bases inside the mountains until they had to expand the boundary behind Area 51 and make Area 51 bigger, they didn't even admit that existed.
It wasn't until the Obama administration that they came out and said Area 51 is a real thing, we need more land. Did you ever see the video of Bob Lazar, the guy who used to work there? Have you ever seen that guy who's a savage? Following old Bob Lazar, yeah, what do you think about that? Do you think he is telling the truth? This is what Joe is just an opinion, but what I find fascinating is the lack of imagination in any of these stories where imagination could be applied like if someone was a lie, you would see evidence of that, right, because that's the question if people do everything right because they think they are smart enough to fool you, no one is smart enough to make up a story, just their whole life, their whole life.
They're in the middle of the square and they tell the truth all the time, but one time they decide to have a big lie and they just make up this thing and structure. Oh, you're watching someone tell you a story that's the only explanation for sure. things that are happening, yes, especially he tells you a story and then you have independent people who also used to work for the government and now they become whistleblowers and say there is a failed recovery program, a failed UFO recovery program, everything goes back to what I'm saying Joe these are this is how you say this without getting canceled look you think they're doing something right they're doing something they didn't tell us everything they're doing we want to believe no one is doing nothing, like no. no, we're doing things like they're doing something, they're just not telling us that's part of this, although you know what the people involved in the recovery call the vehicles, they call them donations, because that's what they think. they think that the limited times these ships have been shown, you, as the driver or occupant, did not intend for that to be your destination and, um, you don't take anything, um, you only give, therefore, that's why it's Se known as a donation because it's like, um, it's what you would say if one of those meteors that we were talking about, if one the size of a refrigerator landed in your backyard, like a billion dollars can land in your backyard easily or destroy an entire planet. city ​​and send everyone back to the Stone Age, that's the wildest one, right, but it's not that wild if you look at the Moon, the Moon shows you the evidence that it's kind of like we can just look, we just It would be full of holes.
There are large craters everywhere that can be seen with the naked eye. Well I'm saying that most people who are in America and drive in urban environments know what potholes are and so you know it's the same thing yeah this is a strange time where people are just starting to pay attention to many of these sub-objects and to many of these, like we are alone, there have been advanced civilizations before, how we became us, it has been a conversation at all times, but more people are having Now, without fear of being labeled as idiot, well it's because information is now a free good, whereas at different times in history it wasn't, right, it was protected, you didn't make enough money to have access to this information. and no matter where you look, information is the driving force of almost all wars and conflicts, um, yeah, it was about the place that you conquered, not only did you conquer them, but you had the opportunity to know what they knew and that.
You found that it was more important than anything else and that's good, think about the people who lived just before the Bible was translated from Latin, how many people couldn't read it well, that was part of the


you were getting in the church. The fact that PE was reading it to you, see what I'm saying? It's not what we have today, where you have the book and they have the book, but you know this person is literally reciting the word of God to you, yes. Yes, and he becomes the possessor of all that information and the only one who are all possessors of all the information.
Yes, it's like a human pattern that people follow, even if they just run an internet company, even if they run a social media company, they follow that same one. pattern well because everything in the universe everything on this planet everything that we could see in nature or in plant life or E every Everything is a formula everything is that way and that is one of the things you know, science and math goes together with um the occult and alchemy and um all of these things are based on things like even the story of the smurfs, right?
The Smurfs are based on something good, religious people say oh you can't watch The Smurfs because it's bad because they have witchcraft and stuff in there, but it's all based on this one, the homunculus, the idea that you can create a human life form. without a mother or a father, so that's really what the smurfs are based on, who, who, what, what two smurfs do. I think they got together, I know a lot about the Smurfs and I had the Smurfs, she was the only woman in the Smurfs, so it's a good question, well, it's not a question in the Smurfs, they tell you that they tell you that Gargamel did to the Smurfs, but you know, in someone's house. history I don't want to say what race of people or group of people it is, but in someone's history you know there was um this homunculus uh thing and like a genetically modified human life form mhm creature right, wait, so you know it's I talked about him in his story very sparingly, but you know, a lot of things in the world have to do with perception, you know, so we don't believe there are clones, we don't believe it because we don't feel like it.
We have the technology, but the truth is that if you go from one part of the body to another, you will go, what if I lose two legs? We give you two legs, well how about two arms? I can give you two arms, well what about the heart? no problem, what about what, here we go, yeah, all you would have to do is create a brain dead clone, figure out how to engineer a brain dead clone that will grow organs for you and then they will do the cloning. legal because then you'll never have to worry, hey Cat, you need a new heart, guess what sir, this is the same thing, this is the same path that everyone is on in all these departments, this is how you like people to go Their life trying to find a cure for cancer, you know what I mean, yeah, and working as hard as they can every day, you know what I mean, with no success, us, those are the kind of people that help to make the world go round, you know, mhm, yeah.
Because it's about information and we're very close most of the time, MH, but that's how you can see when we've been influenced by something else. Well, I think it's very possible that we have it. It's very frustrating when you want to know. You know it's one of those things where life would change forever if you had undeniable contact with something, if it just changed forever. Your perception of light, simply toWe would treat a planet that we had not been to before, not at all, not at all different, I mean, we would locate which is the best place to land, which is the most hospitable of this place and we would put something there and imagine that we landed somewhere. and we found this lush green vibrant planet V and we found those Hobbit people and those are the most advanced people, those homo florasis Flor enesis is what Flores Flor enesis is so this creature, this three foot tall human, imagine if the we would find I guarantee someone would want to introduce them to the tools.
Introduce them to how to make fire. Introduce them to discover the language. Try to transfer their language to ours. Try to show them our things. Try to genetically engineer them and turn them into something different. we have the tools we have now like a vegetable drawer and we found some primitive apes and there was a massive population of Australian pithecus on a planet and we said look, they're on the right track, let's give them a little boost. just give them a little boost and that's what people say, but not too much, not too much, and that's what you see with all the UFO stories: they keep coming up in these times when we as a civilization are preparing for F. everything in real time, in real time, yeah, you know, it's like my comedy club, that's why I named the rooms, I named them fat man and little boy, oh, because the UFO started coming after the big bombs , that's when they really started to increase. increases its presence, like if you look at all the reports, the flying sauce reports, they're all like 1947 1950 1952, if you cross engineer it, it's going to show up on our radar at some point, like this information is especially when we're using that information in a way very reckless and wild even in the biblical story of the Tower on the right, this story is that you know with everyone speaking the same language the fact was escalated, yes, and they could do things that were dangerous if I think they are too close. to be able to translate languages ​​instantly in real time because they can do it right now with Samsung phones, the new one, they have the new Galaxy s24, animals are doing it all over the world, oh, they sure have some kind of language, they have some kind of a communication they they there is something that is happening with animals that is non-verbal and with all of us and with all of us you know Tom Green, you know Tom Green, right, yes, Tom Green was here and he had a mule and he said that you have like a connection with that animal where you know you want to go left and you start looking left and that thing starts going left, it goes, it's really crazy, it's creepy, it goes, you develop it, it carries time, they have to earn your respect, but once you develop this is a loving relationship with this animal, you are attuned to him as an avatar creature, like when you looked at his dragons, he is like a friend, it's like that, I have that with the women and with the ducks and the geese and, uh, the geese and the Canadian goats.
Like I don't have that, but I understand again that it is part of the history of some religion and that one of the gifts was the relationship between humans and the animal world and it is something that all civilizations have been able to use and it remained true, you know, yeah. It's amazing the relationship that humans have with animals, yes, whether it's a horse, no, no, especially, we abuse some of them and well, just horses, they don't interact with people the same way a horse does. Dog, that's all I'm saying. the interaction you have with dogs is almost psychic like they dogs are like your little friends you know they know when you're in a bad mood they know when you hurt your foot you know they they when they're happy to see you every time every time Bar None I have that relationship with everyone that's um yeah, all the animals and they like people with special needs is the innocence and the purity that you get which is not always good, but it's so that we can learn from them that we don't have We learned, yeah, we should know, but we're afraid of people being afraid of other people being shit and we act like Shields and we know we're worried about running, it's been proven to be real historically, you know, yeah, it has Kan. and Abel is a true story that, you know what I mean, people are very violent today and that's true, but people have been violent, like there was a point where humanity learned that they could take away a life and that changed things.
I especially know how to take a life quickly, like when they discovered swords and bows and arrows, and what do you think the story of Sodom and Gomorah is about? Because I was reading that last cleanse, yeah, yeah, that's what took them out like a plague. Okay, because they canceled me 69 times in this conversation, not in the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah, there are two speculations, one of them was that God decided that they were not hospitable enough and the other was that God had decided that they were too . a lot of sin, wait a minute, that's not speculation, that's in the book, right, the first one, right, but the respectability part that they weren't hospitable enough, yeah, that was part of it, that's part of it too of that, so he just, God. just decide this, I'm going to tour this whole city no no no no no right, what's the real story?
Well, then I turned him into pillars of salt, two cities, right, and he said, "Find me 50 good men and I won't do this." so he I think said, "Find me 10 good men, okay, so this story is usually used to say that God doesn't like homosexuals, oh, this is the story that highlights that, okay, so it's not just sin." , it's not just because Sodomy is even technically like oral sex. The meaning of that word comes from Sodom, Sodom and Gomorrah. That's why I said it technically includes a lot of things that people think is deviant sex. .Can we come back to this, so gorah, come back to this, I have to take, okay, let's take Le, we take Sodom and Gomorrah, yeah, so it tells, it tells several stories, but there had to be an explanation for what the St story said it happened in two towns of people, right?
There had to be a reason to tell that story, most likely telling this story would require all those people who were actually killed in those circumstances and the historical evidence. It shows us that something like this happened as if those two cities really existed. Do we know where Sodom and Gomorrah were? Are you kidding? I know a guy who will get that information so fast and put it on the screen. Young Jamie likes: Is there speculation to kick? He is awake. Now you'll see the best part of him when Carl wakes up Carl's awake now it's a 3:30 alarm clock right, um, like we all would be if we were in charge of our schedules, yeah, probably, what do they think?
Is there real speculation about where he was? Where do you think he was? It's not speculation, a lot of these places just have Chang names, like they used to be called that and then called something else, but Iraq used to be Su, like these are literal places you can find in the real world. The map that was part of that biblical rabbit hole that I was telling you about is just seeing my only concern is how these ancient Islamic Judas, how do you say that those three that exist, um, that every religion is based on Judeo?
Christian Islamic M, that whole belief system of how that's a specular works well, so you see that they have question marks here just because they know that there were cities there, so they have rubble there or, for example, everyone if everyone in Gaza speaks . about going there, it exists if everyone in Hebron has relatives who live there, it exists if all of us know about it, so they think it was right near the Dead Sea, well, they didn't think about it any differently than they thought talal ham did. I'm pronouncing that right, like these are places like, yeah, people throughout history, if you show someone about water, those are always hot spots, water is its own commodity and currency at every point. and that was the Dead Sea, but that is everywhere, there was always the Dead Sea. the Dead Sea, I think so because damn there are so many interesting things that came from that part of the world that is where they found the dead, a lot of the things that were supposed to be amazing were based on something real like how long ?
Was it the Dead Sea? Long before they knew what high salt was correct or they could have called it high salt C, but what they were trying to say is things don't grow here, okay, don't look, no. I come here as a fishing place, but it is a good place to collect salt, which at that time was as valuable as anything on Earth. Salt they would go to war over salt. Salt allowed people to preserve their food. Salt was incredibly valuable. Understand the whole servings, uh, because at the end of the day for all people it comes down to quality of life, so the jump that was made between people eating foods that you had to kill yourself catching just to be able to put them on something hot so that You can get it where you can eat it and eat it like you, that


is seasoning your food and you know to order it in the best place because they eat too much spaghetti, so you put on good weight, that is part of the greatness of the human experience. and it's been that the part of being a king um or being royalty throughout all civilizations was being able to experience the best culinary things because if you believe in God that's one of the attributes that makes you believe in him because um every vegetable let's say you would have when it gets to the point where it went bad and it would be useless and you would have to throw it away, it's worth more money because it's compost, no, so what do you mean you have potatoes okay and like that? you have potatoes but now you have too many potatoes um, you could get vodka from that and if you have too much rice you could get sticky and if you have too much wheat and barley you can get and if you do everything you can we have too many, we have too many grapes, you can get wine with that, everything, that's why alcohol is called spirits, because it's literally a gift from God, something that's just for milk, once it goes bad, that's where the cheese comes in, whatever that is. you would have as merchandise, from grapes to raisins, anywhere like that, that's why we believe mathematically because of certain things that are simply made for the enjoyment of um, yes, so you believe that there is a reason why all these things exist, why like rotten fruit it can turn into alcohol alcohol can put you in a different state of mind it's all connected for you to figure out and find out unless you can figure out the benefit a mushroom gets from being hucogenic or the frog , which are the special ones.
What special benefit did that frog get from that right? Why is a frog doing DMT? Are you living a better life as a frog? Are you living under the residual effects of constantly taking DMT? Isn't that the idea that you take them and rub them against the windshield? It is armed from the beginning, yes, of course, they are afraid because they think they are going to die, so their body is producing it well. like ours the inventor of perfume and colo was the one who first saw a skunk in action because you know it was then that someone could see how powerful the smell is even from a distance and that the spray like you know what I mean like we've learned a lot about that world, that's how we know we were able to observe animals and insects and understand that we could do the helicopter after going through Orville and Wilbur in Dayton Ohio, you know what I mean, like we understand.
Because we had seen the hummingbird, you know what I mean, we had seen how things work. Have you ever seen those Egyptian gliders? They found these gliders, these wooden things that they carved that look like airplanes, and they were in some of the graves that they had. found thousands of years ago it looks like an airplane, I mean it directly looks exactly like an air, it's saying these are things that are talked about there, even if you're just following Jesus, okay, so you think he was perfect and that this was how he grew up and got it when it comes to him going to get information, he went to this specific place that we're talking about to get information and be taught and that's not a hidden fact as if it had been like that, so um, you, you.
You can't read all these stories and not see how everything lines up, it lines up in a strange way, you try to figure it out from all the different cultures, they all had their different versions, but in the end There are a lot of similarities if you follow the stories and you like what They say, right, everyone has some kind of creation myth, well, but it's not that strange for it to be a creature if you think about human beings. as a creature that a human being who has never created a being in himself has the idea that an all-knowing, all-loving magical force created no, they did not evolve, they did not come from this and learn, improve, but rather they were created and That seems like a universal story.
The story created is only because the duck outside my house right now thinks it is. The duck is sitting on six eggs in a nest right next to the house, right next to a 250 pound dog, an alibi and believe. that has life that issitting and that will come from that and that there is someone there that takes care of them and makes sure that they are fed and in the Bible story it says um, the sparrow said like Jesus said who who feeds the sparrows like in the whole world there are how many birds like billions and billions and billions of birds like who feeds them every day like real talk yeah because what you're looking for is to find a bug that's how we would know that maybe there's no Creator, but we don't pass through our normal lives seeing things and thinking that no one created them.
It would be as strange as if we were in this room, no one made those curtains, no one made these cameras, no one found themselves like this. We, we never have evidence of that. What do you think? Why do you think people resist accepting the idea of ​​a Creator? What do you think about it? There are some people who consider themselves intellectuals and refuse to accept it. in a concept for which there is no evidence and that is what they will say, they use this very reductionist view of what God is and they will say that there is no evidence and that you know they are atheists and many of them You even talk as religious people that his atheism almost becomes a religion instead of being completely open minded to the possibility that you have no idea what happens when you die.
Many people who are atheists don't like God and God would have done it. exist so they don't like it, so the whole point is that if you believed in the big bang, you would have to believe that it had happened multiple times throughout history just because that's what we've seen in everything we've created . I don't see a single individual thing that exists and is responsible for all things except the Big Bang. That was a Teren McKen always said that he thought too much about certain things like the fact that you can study all the butterflies and not one.
Of them has a sense of humor, you know what I mean, but you and I have it and we like it to be for All humans yes universally, if we see someone trip and fall, we all laugh no matter what our back is. , there are certain um, yeah, like I'm trying to think of what the reasons are for not believing, but I can't remember what they are because it doesn't line up with anything like um and we would have had to have gone to space and there would be no other planets just um, that's just it for this story to make sense universally, since we're in a terrible moment in history to say oh, we don't believe in people from outer space when we can go to outer space.
It's almost silly to try to make sense of both and think that our son is not the biggest sun, not even close, but he is the biggest sun we will ever see, so he is the biggest sun, but the truth is It's just that no, it's much bigger, like that, it occurred to me to choose this particular Sun for this planet and the moon and the position, as if you were building a house, as if you were putting details like Kid Rock, like Kid Rock for Make sure that throughout the entire period of History you put a seal and a mark on it.
So if you were an alien, let's say, and you were going to build a building on this planet, it would be the pyramid 100% like most people. I don't even understand that there was a whole outer shell on that thing and a golden lid on top, it was a planetary monument. Yes, you may be right, it makes more sense than the idea of ​​these people putting those things in place and then getting them. hundreds of miles from the mountain with ropes, shut your mouth throughout history, we have not done things that do not benefit us and I will and not in 150 years, right now, throughout all of history, like this to think that this particular civilization oh, you know what we all care about when he's going to die, let's dedicate my life to when he's going to die.
I am GNA, I die while I, yes, no, history does not say that in any way, it is also the pure Mass 3,200,000. stones in the Great Pyramid that have so much mass, all the wonders of the world are really like that, yeah, yeah, yeah, there's a ton of them too, man, the wild stuff they're pulling out of turkey is crazy too, that's the place gockley of Tey where They found 12,000 year old structures at the time when they thought people only used sticks and stones and hunter gatherers, no, no, because all the time they said it was there, yes, but understand that these are the war worthy stuff, just so you know what I mean, yeah that's the only thing a rational person can learn from Hitler's story is being able to see, what if you had unlimited resources and ability to just go down the rabbit holes globals, you discover that most of the things labeled BS are not BS.
BS is very hard to find, well the Hitler thing is really strange because the Nazis are really interested in the occult at some point in the information process. it was required so it was required to be in the occult um that's how in the world of medicine like certain things before they had a label of being toxic you just knew don't touch it like you know what I mean you didn't know why. served, but um, those occultists were the keepers of things that worked, not things that didn't work well, so um um, but throughout history, that whole process of thinking about anything that might fall into the conversation about alchemy was considered as if Ault based it. it meant making something unnatural, so even since the blacksmith was considered part of that world for most of history, really because he had an unnatural relationship with the elements, he was able to take this and turn it into forged steel, yeah, oh, that has sense, yes, always.
I wondered how in Al's heart all the processes that are discussed in these pyramids and all because they are all processes. Yes, I have always wondered if Alchemy is trying to recover lost knowledge, as if at one point they knew how to do it. Medals, they knew how to create items, they didn't know how to change lead into gold or whatever they wanted to do, that's what this whole line was about, but it took money, time, and all the royalty, all the kings, all the great leaders. of the world, this is what you paid for, for people who could make things happen, so being able to understand the climate and then being able to manipulate it in any way possible was valuable throughout human history, before Getting to the cloud seeding part, do you think they had the ability to manipulate the weather back then?
It would be crazy if they did, if that was what caused the desert to emerge because everything that used to be a lush rainforest, imagine if they are humans with cloud seeding. they just screw it up well, that wouldn't explain how that has its own environment that is just as valuable, you know what I mean, it's going to further support what I was telling you about how it seems like someone thought of every scenario in which you could be, so let's say you live in one of those deserts and all you have is Cactus, guess what you could take that Cactus and make tequila too true, like every part of the process, like people discover something, not people would discover something. to discover something you have to solve it very clearly well that's what the indigenous people say about iasa they said that the plants told them how to do it the fungi told them how to do it as a person who loves nature you already know that most of your experience in nature is based in how other things react.
You know what I mean, so you don't know this is poisonous, except for the fact that nothing seems to be eating whatever is in here and everything seems to be avoiding it. It's like these are real things and that requires creation as well as the whole consequence and the fact that this animal is able to live with this thing that is going to hurt you, so let me ask you this because this is the final conclusion of that, if creation is real and if God is real and if God created us, wait a minute, wait, let's be specific, creation of what I just told you about my ducks and their eggs, that creation is real, sure, sure, Yeah.
I'm not and life is going to come out of that, yeah right, what I mean is that God created everything and there really is a reason for all of that, what would be the reason for us if God really did it? all these things timed well and put us here, first of all, I'm grateful, even if you're not, I'm very grateful like, um, I'm very grateful, what an experience, amazing time, right, and um, if you take time and space without things, like the people who sold me Call of Duty, who gave me a great experience that I've been enjoying for years and years and years, and the person I am on that platform is the person I would like to be. an experience has been delivered would be like saying what someone was thinking doing in an amusement park um to entertain people so they could have a complete experience um and be able to enjoy it, you know this because things happen like the humor thing I was talking about. and health, how important good health is over the opposite of that and how it all works without you needing to micromanage it.
Your heart does not require you to count its beats and what the percentage of brains is. that work perfectly versus those that don't, like all the processes needed to run are too well done to dismiss as unimportant because if you learn about it, you'll learn about the entire workings of the universe and its so on in too many different places for you. We can ignore it and the fact that we have the opportunity to have that experience while at the same time I look at a dog and understand that our life is a billion times longer than Phos and we can make sure that Pho has a glorious life and ours is still so magnificent that we have control of certain things and we can't do things well and then do them well and not know things and then know things and then know that it is is a wonderful experience that was created is a wonderful experience and We seem to have by far the most unique on the planet, we seem very different from everything else, very different from everything else, although we are part of it, yes, on purpose, that is. why I always wonder super offici what are we here for what is the purpose is just to enjoy and be grateful which is great like one of the things that terrifies people is a very interesting concept that terrifies people people are terrified of live the same life over and over again if you tell people that your soul's journey is you will live your life over and over again until you get it right in one day you will get it right once in a lifetime you will achieve enlightenment , but you will go through the same life over and over again until you get it right.
People are terrified of it, but I say right, but it would require a Creator, although you're sure it does, but what I say. What I'm saying is why would you be terrified of that when you're not terrified of existing right now? Why are you terrified of existing right now forever? I don't find it scary if you enjoy now if you enjoy now now it's great as long as dying is forever you know what I mean so I know and I have known in my life that I'm going to live forever I know I'm going to die but I know I'm going to live forever until then and then I'll live beyond that Yeah, sure, it's certainly a better approach to life because it gives you comfort and that's what it doesn't, that's what history shows us.
History has shown us how human beings are still here, not because of our wise decision making like anyone else. History says that we have received help along the way we needed it and implemented it globally. This is why those one world people exist because it is a very powerful concept and too lucrative and beneficial not to try. Yeah, I mean, if I were to run some global power organization, I would try to co-opt all the leaders, I would try to absorb them to offer support, fly them to wherever I have my big meetings, fly everyone on private jets and talk about they. the climate crisis all organizations have to follow the same rules, yes that is a wild recruitment, it is an important factor, it is said about everyone, like we have to make some young global leaders understand well that this is the only reason why The fact that we can talk about these great Illuminati-like entities in this period of time is simply because they grew old and nothing new can be introduced, so they all became decrepit there and cannot really exchange during this period of history. and that's how we ended up with Bob.
Lazares and everything throughout history, you really could, it was a lot easier to get people not to tell anyone as part of your job, you know what I mean, imagine going to a World Economic Forum party, What did those monsters do when all the listening devices have been turned off? They have been scanned outside the room, all their phones have been put in bags and locked in a lead vault. What are those monsters doing? Because you know it's not normal. You know everyone has buttons like that and wants to control the world. There's something involved that's extravagant.
They keep a secret that has always been the case with secret societies. I mean, that's the whole thing about Eyes Wide Shut, where there's a phenomenon behind the scenes for anyone who really wants to control everything, you don't just want to control everything you want. control everything so you canget your way too, right, I say that, but these Epstein-like characters have existed throughout history, whether they're kings or things like that, human beings are human beings universally, so they're all purveyors of Epstein Weinstein like these. guys, they knew what these extremists liked and they provided it and they provided the way for you to like having a billion dollars and not create a Fantasy Island type environment that has not existed throughout history, and always There have been those people who can only write. of interacting with those types of people when you reach a certain level of wealth and GlobalSuccess as if you were some kind of Bill Gates How many guys can Bill Gates hang out with?
Bill Gates Bill Gates can't just go bowling and join the bowling team and become friends with the other bowlers. It's very strange that I have to hang out with them. It's their kind and the more you do that, the less in touch you are with what makes sense to say and that's when you see them saying the most outlandish things because they don't recognize how normal people will react to what you're saying. Saying you know what we are going to own nothing and be happy what did you just say? you just say I'm not going to own anything and I'll be happy then, but there are things, so who owns the things and who enforces who owns the things? and how do you do that?
When you take away everyone's guns, you're the only one who has guns and you get to decide who owns the stuff and no one owns the stuff and everyone's happy, okay, but that's part of what you're trying to do. . What you should do is try to find something that allows you to have the power and at the same time benefit simultaneously. So if this is a modern religion, let's say it in the teaching of Jesus' time, right when they said pay tithes, right, it was you. If you had your entire farm plot, let's say it was 40 acres and you had corn planted there, only you, when it came time to harvest, would harvest everything except the rows that were on the fence on the right and the rows that were on the fence that it was 10% of your field that was going to go to people who didn't have it, so it wasn't just that you gave 10%, but also the fact that human nature is, if you were going to give it to people some of your crops, you are going to choose the best crops for you and your family and then you will put another pile for the draw, you what I say and this took care of that, where everyone was equal and the person who did not have, did not .
They don't have to feel like they're beggars, they could come and pick and see what corn they liked and have them see what I'm saying, well that's a smart move just for Harmony in the community too, so people have a vested interest in this. The farmer is successful with his harvest, part of that harvest is his, but the decision to take it from there to God said, "give me 10% on this plate" will generate a billion dollars a day for a billion people, yes, that's why Tesla has to go why because it's not what Tesla is saying about electricity, it's the fact that he's saying this should be free for everyone everywhere, yeah he wanted to have free overhead electricity for everyone, like the radio waves, and the day you say that's a summary, it's cheaper.
Guardian because we make 200 billion a day and we all universally agree that you should pay for this and we will sell it to you and we will close it if you are around so we can say "I think they." We're going to do that with cars, that's how it works in these processes 100% yes, that's the conspiracy theorists' biggest fear about electric cars, but it's not just electric cars, we found out it's an OnStar, it's on, you know, I have a Cadillac Escalade that has OnStar and if I'm driving the government wants to pull me over, they could just turn off my car, it's crazy and if you were in that business, what would you tell them?
They have to do it in the next five years. Yes, do it all. so improve on that yes, improve on that um I could control where they go control the steering wheel control everything I want you to drive automatically in all cars automatic driving in all cars with third party participation is this, this is not what we would say to Tesla I mean to uh Elon did say I want to make cars right when we say well these are the regulations and you have to make them like this and would you be nice if you could control that car here this is how you sell it to people if someone steals your car we can get it back and you You say, oh that's great, someone steals my car, they can get it back, how are they going to get it back?
Well, they control your car, you can do it, you can do it. you can make it cheap enough that it's not a hard sell, although Joe, yeah, make it cheap, that's what capitalism is all about, yeah, well that's also like when you get free internet or free services through Google, right , it's free, but what you're giving up is your data which is extremely valuable, so they're giving you something that now you can use Google, but now they have all your data and they're just a big network that mines data and that's why they They become one of the most powerful entities that has ever existed. existed on Earth, you know, there was a story that we learned from fishermen how a net works and how important it is to put in as much as possible and that this is where the analyzes live and that is where I say that this is where The DNA industry it's based on the fact of the future, so it's at that same point where you say we're going to have those cars that will, they'll be able to predict crime, oh yeah, and intervene sooner. certain things even need to happen or they will probably instigate you to a certain level of stress that could indicate that you are about to commit a crime and then they will come in and get you, they won't need it, they won't.
It has to be this dire just because it's some of this, some of these things that we already know, it just requires profiles that we're not comfortable with, like all over the world, the most terrible crimes are committed by um oh, this is the 73rd time I'm going to get Most crimes around the world are committed by men with a micropenis and doctors know who they are and therefore at some point they will be able to focus where they need to focus and they will know certain things and that's where you know what this is. Why AI exists, you know if you are your personal AI, you store your information, you make moves based on what you've learned, so it's not a difficult process throughout history, they had these oracles and these heads. and that gave answers and this is where all that talk about occultism intersects, because at the end of the day information is information and the universe is built on a yingyang thing that responds to everyone and little by little we are connecting with that Oracle. getting sucked into that black hole to the point where it will be inescapable, yeah, and those old billionaires would love to be in control of all that staring, what else can you do with that kind of money?
Joseph, buy a bigger yacht, yes that is the problem, this is the next: what is the next game, do you know what is the real game as human beings, what are our expectations, yes, always, yes, what can you do and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much money you accumulate, it's just a matter of how. you can help others and if you do that you will never be satisfied because you will never help enough people and that will be your whole problem: not being able to help enough people and just wishing you could. helping rather or feeling like everyone is a commodity and that's how these things work and figuring out who I'm going to take advantage of and do it and that's a big part of a lot of things, like another big pattern that human beings fall into. over and over again, well, you know that the Jewish people are powerful people on this planet and a lot of that has to do with the process that they have to instill in their young people a certain amount of information and with which every conversation that does not happen with other cultures, let's say, and that exists only in a few places around the world, but they are always important, especially if you look at things from a non-religious point of view again, it is information at all points, I mean. all EX cultures exchange information with each other in the healthiest cultures are the ones that can give the most freedom and allow people to innovate, helping ourselves and others uhhuh and profits and benefits and yes, yes, yes, that It's part of the process, right? but that's no different from what religious history around the world says, like what do you think ghosts are?
Do you think that's real? Um, funnily enough, no, I don't believe in um, well, well, you either believe in the natural and the supernatural or you don't No, and there are facets to everything, so if you don't believe in anything supernatural, then I would assume that means you don't believe in anything supernatural either. in God. It's like I was telling you before. No no no. I don't know how you can be a Christian and not believe in aliens. It's in your book that it says there was a war in heaven and God was fighting Satan and he threw him here.
That's happening, so also when you get to the Old One. The Story of Testament Ezekiel The story of Ezekiel is essentially about an encounter with a UFO. I was really very frustrated as a black person because we weren't included in the Bible anymore so it felt really good when I found out that um some of the books of the Bible that were banned um were banned because they had black people in them really what books of the Bible this is the New Testament this is when they were, you've heard the book, you've heard about the Book of Enoch, right, yeah Well, if you know that book, it says that Noah was an albino.
I always wondered about Noah's age. They talked about him being hundreds of years old. They tell everyone's story. But here is my thought. If human beings became more, at one point they would be more. technologically advanced than we are now, which is possible, we are about to take human lives and expand them well beyond 100 years, we are very close to people who are alive today living to be 150. I am not qualified to be having some of this conversation. I'm barely qualified because I've talked to a lot of qualified people. Disclaimer, but I understand that we know more now, yes, like we know that the Earth no longer rotates the same way as before.
I know we're slightly different, measurably different, right, what I'm saying is that the interesting thing is that in all of those stories that we're talking about, it never says that they did something different that led them to be in that position, it just says. that they were blessed by God, so yes, they were there, this is at a time when people were dying from some things that today we call quite easy, you know, but it was annihilating entire groups of people, but yes, it is interesting which is fascinating because there's no way to go back there and see what was going on, so no matter what you're still not okay, let's be fair, although they're not telling some crazy story like they're saying some guy had, uh, that that guy lived. um 600 years, they're also telling you about the 346 children he had and his 1,500 wives, as he likes, wait, those are numbers to back up, if human beings live to be 500 years old, that's a real possibility.
The only way to show that it is is to talk about all the wives and all the children, and if we take what we know now in terms of what they are capable of doing now with human beings and lengthen the story. There are many different methodologies that they are using that they believe will extend human life. metformin nmn hyperbaric chamber use there are a lot of different things that they are doing and then it is more sharp when they are doing genetic engineering in children now and in China, they did genetic engineering that would make children more likely to be bright and more likely to be super intelligent.
So why do you act surprised by the key components of the reproduction process? If we are talking about fian or uh uh, if we are talking about German shepherds or Dober M piters, this is perfectly fine, it is true that I say that, thanks to these reasons, this dog is the pure example of the confirmation of the breed and that um your attributes are your intelligence and your loyalty and your right, this is all part of you. You could do that in a test tube for your child. Why wouldn't you? That is what they are. I think they are going to do it. to start with normal things, everything starts as normal things because it's abnormal, so the first thing you do is oh, okay, so we're in charge of how could you not, how could you not, it's more, it's more the question. and that's why in that profession they are allowed to do certain things and then they tell you they won't do it anymore, yeah, that's a key component, yeah, we're not going to do that anymore, cat, we changed our mind, yeah, yeah they're telling you there are no clones, the guy telling you it's probably a clone right now, I have no doubt they've made human clones, they've made humans, they mean they've made dog clones, you can get your dog cloned if your dog is going to die you can get your dog's DNA get a puppy and it will be eerily similar to your dog they think it includes some personality traits which is very strange very pet graveyard but if they could do that Why can't they do that to people?
Well, here's the thing. Here's the thing before this goes off the rails. It's too late. Because there is aGod. The bar has been set so incredibly high for your clone that you can't. I really get a lot out of it if there is a God and you have a clone, the clone doesn't have a soul because you don't have a soul to give that clone, meaning a personality or certain things like a subconscious. as if that's not available on the market, the lungs are the heart and the arms are right, but subconscious you still don't know, we still don't understand that or how we can be as brilliant as we are in this world while only using a part of We, we think that there are those of us who know with the pineal gland what the medicine says and um what that would mean and then the job of those people is to make sure that there is fluoride in all the water so that your pineal gland shrivels, it calcify or whatever happens to it, that's the whole fluoride thing, it's crazy the fact that people aren't up in arms.
The thing about them putting fluoride in drinking water is so crazy that it's so unnecessary that it's brilliant on the other end, but what happened is that the reason people have that relationship is that they cleaned the water at the same time they cleaned it. they made. What I'm saying is that people at the time just remembered that the water wasn't that good and then all of a sudden the water is really great and it has fluoride and it's good for your teeth, even though there are direct correlations between high levels of fluoride in drinking water and low IQ they think it lowers people's IQ they think it's terrible for you fluoride is dangerous you're not supposed to swallow toothpaste look at what you're saying people won't know until inside of a hundred years and I'm not even going to make it to 100 and most of these decisions are made like this, yes, well, most people are terribly ignorant about the subject of fluoride, when you mention the subject they always say that it is good for your teeth, but is not.
If you brush your teeth, why do you need fluoride? Why do you need fluoride in water? Are you sure that's not why your teeth are falling out? It's the fact that people don't understand that it's a toxic thing and that you can do it. Don't buy it, don't buy it or handle it, it's in your Dr.'s drinking water and it's not doing you any good other than it's supposedly good for your teeth, even if it was, yes, even if it was what it cost, Even if it was great for your teeth and your bones, if you drink, that wouldn't be the way you would try to get that, no, but, um, I don't even use fluid toothpaste.
I'm not going to let you take me where this conversation is going now that we went. to fluoride like you don't have to cut any more than that because once you start having what they do, yeah, yeah, you understand that everything is a campaign and that's how you can approach everything, find out who's making money off of this, where it's the profit and how. Does this make sense? Why, yes, somewhere right now the fluoride plants are leaving? What are you talking about? Did someone just introduce legislation to try to remove fluoride from some state's drinking water?
Some people are realizing it and realizing this way. it's very unnecessary and obviously not good, well I just understand that there are too many places that don't have clean MH waters, so you know, like Flint Michigan, still, still, that water is up, what about that place in Ohio where wait, wait, wait? and why, because no one wants it to be their fault, so no one will take it for granted. You understand how well even the government doesn't have much money for Ukraine or even how we are allowed to have a foreign policy when we are violating the policies here, you see what I'm saying, what do you mean immigrants are getting a check and we're putting them in places that you mean what you mean in the faces of homeless people, right in the faces of homeless people, like right? let us show you what we could have done, wow, crazy, that's not right as a society.
Well, did you see the scam they were trying to do in New York City, where they were trying to give them debit cards for $10,000, but there are people? getting cuts all the time that wasn't a scam it was a business that was busted and I'll show you when you go to jail in New York everyone goes to Riker's Island so I was on Riker's Island so if you have money with you when you go in , they give you a card when you leave and it has money, your amount, like the systems, they are the system, yes, a lot of money is being earned, yes, a lot of money.
It's being shaken up by the system and if you have something like an open immigration policy, I'm sure someone is figuring out how to take advantage of that, someone is figuring out something about that, no, no, you're looking at it the wrong way, there's no one. that is doing it. Not everyone benefits. I'm saying how ridiculous it is for you to think that you have the biggest country in the world and then it won't be a big deal to get there, of course, what do you mean? Of course, this is the hunt, the bees say why they love our honey so much, well, no one is surprised, that people would be surprised that there is no effort to stop the outbreak of illegal immigration, that's what's scary to people, like it seems like we're I'm not scared by the loss of bees.
If all the bees disappear, we are going to die as a civilization because we do not protect one of the most important insects in the entire ecosystem, so you already know and think about the cell phone. the signals are too good, you imagine you've been a bee forever and suddenly someone sends signals from a cell phone everywhere, this is part of the purpose of religion in society, it is to try to get you away from exploring all the things you could be. to do with your time and put it in a place that is healthier, like what do you mean by meditation principles and you know, believing that you should try to do good work and be kind, you know, because it's really not that profitable, TRUE?
But here we are talking. You know, that's what will really help our country and our civilization if we treat the oppressed better, but the truth is that there is very little money in that, yes, it is very little money in that, the truth is that the immigrants who they come here they're usually super qualified in something yeah and motivated and I mean if I just walked here that's what made all the immigration important you know what I mean like the Mexican people were second or well they were its own impact on civilization from the fact that yes, you say.
Oh they shouldn't come but anyone who comes willing to work hard and succeed and those are people you want to be a part of and they help you right away like you can see the extremes of course but the payoff is astronomical and always it has been. from Pangia, yes, the benefits are great, the side effects are crime and that is what you have to be careful with, especially when you have organized crime that comes in itself, you have a lot of that, it is wild because it is propped up by laws that come out of our drug laws and that puts you in a really complicated situation, like, do you make drugs legal?
Everything is legal. The problem is that there will be a lot of people who will become addicted to drugs who probably wouldn't. without that and then you have to say that just part of the process we have to learn to deal with this new thing that is everywhere and easily available and how many people are going to try it just because it is legal, probably quite a few, but at least at least how many people They're not going to die from fentel poisoning because they're going to get pure stuff, probably a lot of, uh, yeah, well, talking about fentel specifically is a very difficult conversation to have because most of the things we'll agree on are terrible drugs that don't.
They are used in the hospital, so until that part is taken as if it is a bad look in every way, but the bar has been set so high that everything that is called drugs today is terrible as if there had been no Evolution like, wow, well that's part of the problem with keeping drugs illegal and especially psychedelic drugs since 1970. It's like modified human evolution. The modified investigation. Modified growth. What kept drugs illegal? Keep psychedelic drugs illegal. See if there is psychelic SDB, if there was a God, then him. put a lock on the drug so you have a barrier and that's Richard Nixon, that's oh, that's odan odan, yeah, right with those drugs, so really what's happening is that you're fine, whatever it is that Whatever you're doing, do it with your dead and So you know, statistically, that's going to happen, you're going to lose some people, but the people who aren't doing it, they're not going to start doing it right, they're going to learn from the people who died. , how you learn not to eat.
Poisonous plants, you'd think, but if that were true, no one in the world would do heroin like if you've ever seen someone kick it like, you'd never do it like, no matter how it makes you feel, if the end result is defecating and urinating in a puddle that you're lying in while you're naked then like you like it you would just call it poisonous if you were smart yeah you would learn you would learn from other people who do it and that's just how we are. We're reluctant to allow that factor into people's lives, but we've done it with a lot of other factors, well, a lot of these things you did in moderation and in context, and you'll also find what I'm saying, particularly all the psychedelics. , they were used in a ritualistic way, but that's like saying, you know, while on that cooking show they were using herbs and spices like yeah, that's going well, if someone tells you that when they used to come with the ball, the smoke and incense. which at one point was marijuana, right, I understand it was setting the mood of the room, like, you know what I mean, like um, that's how you know there's an Ault, how could there not be?
There's another side to everything, um, universally, so yeah. yeah, it must have been a wild time in the church, everyone just had high contact, people walking down the aisles with balls full of marijuana smoke, well, I understand this is not being done consistently, it is being done well, You know what I mean, so there is no such thing. The thing is that when you get too much, you don't get enough to do anything except relax and relax is what you should do and while we discuss what we're discussing, yes, it will humble you a little bit and calm you down a little bit. it will relieve you, no, you're not eating enough to get cravings and if you do, we probably have something for yes, I don't know, but I say it throughout the story, people.
I've been looking for this connection and we don't have in Al's story any evidence of any group of people doing anything for no reason, right, there was an element to this, so when we have the stories that we went to this cave and um Crazy stuff was down there and now we know that a lot of it existed like the air wasn't the same down there like there was a poisonous gas in there and we know these were things that weren't known then so, um, it's it's just fascinating to look at the stories we're in now and see how far along they were on these particular topics and that time did a good job of weeding out the silly stories, yeah there's probably something for everyone with them, probably something for every story of all cultures, a reason. why would they want to tell them over and over again mhm one of the criteria for it to last over time that's how I understood it um when I broke the internet I was trying, let me see if you know like when you start studying quotes and where the great quotes come from, you start to get a good understanding of these people who are known for their great quotes, but the further you go back, you see who really said it first, you know what I mean and that's what comes full circle to that Emerald Tablet.
I was telling you right because 70% is something you've heard somewhere else. Well, I can't wait to read it. I wasn't even aware of it, but it makes a lot of sense, since there are things in it that are textual. the Bible word for word to the Koran as word for word a I'm going to read it it's a great thing Cat Williams thanks for being here man this is so much fun I'm glad we finally have each other Joe you're glad we finally met you yeah I do too I appreciate you very much man and we speak well of you all the time.
I think you're one of the greatest comedians of all time and, you know, I think you're an animal man, you go after it. in a way that I like the energy that you have, I appreciate you a lot, it was a lot of fun, thank you for being here, thank you, very good, bye everyone.

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