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Tom Brady Ultimate G.O.A.T Movie!

Jul 25, 2023
He's not the biggest, he was never the strongest, he was never the fastest, he got passed over in the sixth round, this is the preliminary report on you, you know, Tom Brady, poor build, skinny, lacks great physical stature and strength and gets taken down easily, that gets me fired. Up because I'm thinking, you know what the hell these people know? A lot of people doubted this quarterback, but when you're 12, you have to believe and the Patriots have won their sixth Super Bowl title. They are the Super Bowl champions. We're looking at the best right there, we were led to believe they were going to select him possibly in the second round.
tom brady ultimate g o a t movie
I remember Belichick coming up to the board to say, wow, Brady is still on the board, finally when the Patriots called, he was so excited, you know? I thought I don't have to be an insurance salesman, you know, third down and ten is now a big play for Bledsoe when you're one of the quarterbacks every time the quarterbacks run out of money, I mean, you're crashing your chain straps for him, oh god, that was the loudest hit I've ever heard in my life, Brady, a cold quarterback in the game, a cool quarterback that has to go down the field, you must think that he has to Look for David somewhere along the line, he's the man they want. to finish the game because they said Bledsoe is not easy, he stays on the sidelines, he doesn't go out of bounds, however, at the 50-yard line, Brady, the last play of the game, Brady, the quarterback, will speed him up and will throw to the end zone. down at the two yard line as the New York Jets defeated the New England Patriots 10-3.
tom brady ultimate g o a t movie

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tom brady ultimate g o a t movie...

Bledsoe's injuries will push second-year Tom Brady into the starting lineup. I've always told myself that if you ever get this opportunity because you never know. how many you're going to get and when you get your chance you better be ready to take advantage, especially how competitive this league is and how good it is and all you're playing for is everyone doing a good job just running that offense completing those four five yards. routes on third down that week they just said, "Okay, we're going to have a good season." You're going to be our man for the next six eight weeks, so come on, let's do it.
tom brady ultimate g o a t movie
San Diego now backs off, look at the moment they have Brady and right now it would be a 53 yard attempt, don't give me any strips, they have to continue making plays on third and five. Grady Rush comes, gets rid of him, look at the pressure on Tom Brady, but he's a Poise, this is a touch. pass a very difficult pass to complete and now Vinatieri can breathe a little easier with Tom at the end of the game leading us down the San Diego game unfolded the same way the rest of the season would unfold Brady looking to throw to Patton, he could take it. the touchdown distance of 91 yards in one second and goal play action Brady throwing to the end zone touchdown from the fan's goal of six plays Brady on the average touchdown 198 players chosen ahead of the draft in 2000. there is a shot man open a connection touchdowns We know the inevitable day will be here, where Drew will be healthy.
tom brady ultimate g o a t movie
Tom is playing well. What's going to happen here, you'd just assume a guy like Drew Blesso would take the starting job back from him. Coach Belichick just said: Hi, Tom. He's our quarterback for the rest of the season, that's final and that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to make the decisions that I think are best for the football team t-e-a-m like on the team, you know, I think from Drew's point of view, One thing I would say about him is that he always supported me very genuinely. and he supported the team because that's the type of player he was, yeah, the real Bledsoe right there telling him great job. 16 seconds left and one timeout.
Brady rolling and throwing. It's just for a touchdown, how about Brady, the kid was sitting there in the pocket, his bodies flying around him and he throws a radio shotgun to Third and a football presses down? That's when I realized the coaches made the right decision when they decided to go with him, you know, not taking anything away from anyone else, but this was our guy to be successful this year. He loves Tom Brady, a one and three start for these New England Patriots and now ten and five on the year, good night. Everyone from the winter wonderland that is Foxboro Stadium, the AFC Eastern Division champion Patriots face the Western Division champion Oakland Raiders in the AFC semifinals.
For me, most of the time, the instinct is to stay back and try to throw the ball well. So much so that I said, you know, I'm going to try to take this one that will be an automatic review from the top. Yes, it's true, I don't think there are many doubts. Greg and I ran off the field and I was so angry, I mean, I couldn't believe I fumbled the ball and lost the game. The play is going to be reviewed, though Greg. Wow, after reviewing the play, the quarterbacks are moving forward. Patriots, this side is complete for Patton.
This is the Patriots' season. at the line, the kick is out, he's a foreigner, he has a first down and more, it was overwhelming at that moment, you know, just having another opportunity, having another season and that's pretty much what it was, going 16 and one and again. Let's go for the AFC Championship game, yes, Brady and the Patriots got points on the board before halftime. They need a first down here on Third and Nine. Here Comes The Blitz picked up well, the open pass in the middle of the field is Troy Brown. inside the 45 to 40 yard line on a first down I see Tom Brady on the ground and Drew Bledsoe came on the field I finally went in to get it re-recorded and evaluated right before it happened because we had a At that moment I thought I was going to play again and he decided, you know, I think we're going to continue with Drew, he learned a lot from watching him play in the second half, he had a great venom about him I don't think about the poise that I showed a lot we won everyone goes to a locker room and I don't really feel part of what motivated me so much to get ready to play next week the reporters were asking Bill every day now, let's get to what you think about one of the big stories today, the Brady Bledsoe debate.
We want to know who you think should start. His answer is that Tom hasn't practiced yet. If he's okay, he'll play the guessing game with 11. It's over Tom Brady will be the starting quarterback for the Patriots in the Super Bowl. He was playing for our position. He was going to be the quarterback that day, but he was playing for Drew. You know we're here and I told you we were. I'm going to do this and I told him we're going to do this together you want to force anything here bill sent his here you better watch that ball Drew is right behind him he says hey and he goes comes out and shoots if he's in the shotgun nothing stupid gets up, it's completed, but in this field position I would play in overtime now for just one minute, they have no timeouts left.
Brady throws again, that's how the sticks move, but that doesn't stop the clock. There's Brady. not much pressure on Redmond again, first nothing goes down the ramp from that point here's Brady again and he goes out of bounds and they could be in vinatari range. These Patriot teams let them hang out right now, it would be a Here comes the 53-yard Blitz and here's Brady, he skips it to Wiggins to the 30-yard line and now there's no doubt about it, they're in range, but they have to Hurry up, it happens very quickly the moment you spike the ball you have. seconds Brady throws the ball on the ground and you're thinking this is for the world championship 48 yard field goal attempt ready to go snap ball down kick up kick is on its way and it's good, it's good Super Bowl champion and I just I put my hands on my head like, can you believe this has happened at Disney World?
How many times do you think you win the Super Bowl? All the intangibles a quarterback is supposed to have were overlooked because he was on fire from within. Think anything but a touchdown Tom is the most basic quarterback you'll ever play against. That's what chess is. Chess is a very basic game. If you don't know your next move, then you're in trouble. Against time, third down and seven look over. the middle then to the right and Montana will be proud of that and that's exactly what you were talking about what's in the middle fires a bullet right on target at his receiver has unwavering confidence and unwavering faith in himself a third and 13 and a great third down and long conversion I think the reverse and pull down is wide open and it's complete for David Patton inside the five yard line look at this Tom Brady shot how about that second and goal , another fake and the undershot and a touchdown? third and eight Brady finds the rookie Brands and Brands is on his way to New England there is no one who wants to win more than him pressure is coming Brady hits hard this could go the distance is Troy Brown caught from behind a tremendous job by Tom Brady standing up to the last minute, so instead of triple zeros, press the clock, you'll get everything Tom Brady has and a patriot touchdown slips away from Colville.
Now here comes Koval, he throws the ball, it's a complete pace. No problem. Brady walks away from Colvin. and to the end zone caught by Patton early touchdown Tom Brady congratulations on having the best. I played with a guy named Montana in these situations he was very similar and just as cool, but a perfect pass that was like a waiter delivering a drink to your seated table. It's right on the layup, right in your hands, Brady pulls away from a tackler 15 diving for a first down to the defensive privilege of the fight, third down and four from the 10 and it's Brady himself taking it in for a touchdown.
I wonder what the play will be. the call was in the huddle Blitz comes Brady again Under pressure goes up he has room to run 15 and out of bounds I hear he's really into this game now it's like he got a little wake up call at halftime he sees what he needs to do looking down the field Brady throws touchdown Troy Browning makes the What A Catch throw down the sideline Kevin fought to the 25. ready to throw the ball down the kick up the kick is on its way the kick is gone right now this New England the offense has to get up and do something intercept, here goes Sid Sam, he came out and we played like shit, you know, I looked at Tom Brady and said, you know what we have to overcome, well, we're going to be inconsistent like we were. in 2002 after the Buffalo loss he made the team say, you know it's the end of these lost things, throwing for the end zone makes his man open the touchdown Fourier Antoine Smith only when he gets the ball no he doesn't cool he still has it throws into the end zone for a touchdown from the one yard line for Patriots play action Brady is going to run and score Tommy's development really was a rallying point for the entire team in 2001, the team joined him to help pick up the slack for this 2003 season, they now knew that any time we were in any situation, they had a quarterback who could win the game by first stepping down to the ball and falling back, he was able to put enough into it to take it to Dion Branch for a touchdown.
Brady pumps looking for Brown deep and throwing to Brown. He's got it at the 30, the 20 and the 10. The Patriots have won, watch him storm down the field 82 yards and Brady with the heroism is something in your stomach just told you it wasn't over, it was never over just because you have that guy right there and Dion Branch is in the end zone for a touchdown. Wilson's fake throw falls, then the pass and a great catch by Graham. Well, that is. a great throw from Brady too, I mean he has to put it where the defender can't get it now it's your favorite gopher touchdown drill looks towards the end zone and it's trapped in the corner for a touchdown with half a minute left in the play Tom Brady made the perfect throw if you don't create pressure and don't hit Brady, everyone knows what that man is going to do.
He worked his way through to try to find an opening and then he looked down the field and he had to do it. wait until you find someone who was also in the game as a fourth and fifth blocker of Brady's bootleg chased by one to the end zone it's a touchdown he picks it up and puts it only where Daniel Graham can get it and Brady no matter how you understand it, you know you gotta figure out how to win the game man man oh man a seven game winning streak now for the Patriots, for the first time in their history, it's nine and two after 11 full time games. five touchdown look throwing Enzo touchdown and here they come from Britney's right side throw to the other side and touchdown Charlie Brown Brady receives all kinds of protection throwing down the middle he caught touchdown and the Patriots will advance let's live another week good afternoon from Gillette Stadium in Foxboro it's the AFC Championship game David Gibbons with the fake along with Brady and I'd say he got the cornerback to bite the Patriots weren't afraid to air it out in the elements so far Beverly gave us confidence because we couldmove. around and Peyton couldn't get a clear solution shoots right intercepted Taiwan hey Tom, there was a lot of talk all week about Peyton Manning's excellent play during the first two games of the playoffs and yet you never lost at home in this entire season in one choose that's all for the entire season at home.
I'm telling you the local events we have here in Foxboro are like no other place in the league and this team here hasn't finished their job yet and we plan on going there like you said, bring back. that Lombardi trophy because we won it from the middle to the 10 yard line. up to the five yard line it will be first and goal Brady has him throwing a touchdown Tom Brady tremendous fake play that opens up the defense Dion France completely open three times deep he has his man trapped Rama Dion inside the 15-yard line, first down and the Patriots are back in business.
Third. Brady plays a fake shot. David Gibbons Brady needs the 13-yard line for a first down roll to the near side. He has tied the completed throws on first and goal, they win with them and they lost Brady looking to throw it for a touchdown. Patriots 29 Carolina 22. Ramon takes the snap Fires for the end zone touchdown Carolina now the only question is if the Carolina Panthers left too much time on the clock we're sitting here with 108 left I'm sitting there sweating bullets and Ty Law looked at me and Rodney said we're not going to lose this game, do you know why?
Because we have Tom Brady Brady looking at the third throw and three times he has his man inside the 25-yard line. Dion Branch made the catch and New England with eight seconds left to call a timeout. New England will be about a 41-yard field goal attempt for Adam Vinatari the Patriots are looking for a second Super Bowl title in three years from 41 yards looks good, he's a good Super Bowl MVP once again, he's Tom Brady the hearts of the boys Here you see in front of me the heart of the coaching staff and the organization. I'm very proud to be the quarterback and none of this would be possible without these guys and all the fans we get in Boston, watch out for that City.
Don't knock that thing down tonight, come back tomorrow, we want to see Tuesday at the parade, okay, honey, he wants to win more than he wants to glorify himself, win three, which is the first game of the 2004 season the National Football League. featuring the Super Bowl world champions, the New England Patriots, against the Indianapolis Colts, three white asses here who could team up again, guns swarmed into the end zone for a touchdown. The crazy thing about this, you know his accuracy of where he throws the ball and where as a defender. sometimes you can't get it yeah there's not many quarterbacks that are going to do that and they're going to run into the right they throw the ball all over the field and they know you're going to take a shot watch your throw because Brady is going to take it take and the Super Bowl champions will make it 16 wins in a row Brady standing makes a throw wide receiver touchdown The Patriots are able to express it so perfectly it's that kind of precision that that you know, makes it so great, what a throw by Tom Brady, you just knew that you had to make the slightest movement to stay that close to the receivers because you know he's going to put it right there.
Good afternoon, the Patriots enter this game. looking to become the first team in National Football League history to win 19 games in a row. I think when the schedule first came out, a handful of us got together and said how many games you had to win to break the record. what a victory for the Patriots ready, he kneels a round of applause for doing something no other team in the National Football League had done before the design spread to his right, was chased toward Bethel Johnson and the fed Johnson made the grab. Brady goes down the field and Gibbons pulls him out of the air for a big gain, a three Brady run Brady has to shoot it back to the end zone called a touchdown.
I think that's his greatest quality is his ability to stay in there and just get out there. of problems and still be calm under pressure has to do it again unload this time oh you had it Sitting on the bench and we're working on Third and eight Breakers straight back double pump to the wide open end zone that new touchdown just look at his head, he's going to look to the right, look, look, and now he sees full to the left, look at this, sees the defensive back falling off schedule, just hanging in the pocket, Brady steps up, great feeling for The Rush, throws caught.
I see that as Mobility, I see that. like extending a play but Tom Brady does it as well as anyone who buys Patrick this is a Michigan that unfortunately in college the play would have ended Tom realizes he's playing in the NFL now I'm sorry, Cincinnati's defense yes that's not demoralizing one bit I don't know what the first down will be Brady Henson throws deep up the middle he has his man Patton touchdown the way he reads defenses and executes plays Looks toward the end zone throws touchdown Fourier second down and a play Fake the strong pass and the ball is caught by Brabel, who told you that he just went in on the first down.
Brady in feint now goes down the field and has David Gibbons, the second long hook of the day, protection for Tom Brady, the Jets put two linebackers who were there. both picked up and watched Tom Brady's perfect throw, describe the second down here for New England and Brady Byers and have their man touchdown and the AFC semifinals in the divisional round when the Indianapolis Colts in their powerful offense with Peyton Manning enter Foxboro to try to win a game in Foxboro, but sees a small opening to the inside and throws it perfectly down. In the third quarter, we had a long drive for a touchdown, Brady with time now on the run and then we got the ball back at the beginning of the fourth quarter and had another long drive for a touchdown and I thought those two drives really defined that game. .
How's New England? It's going to stop everyone's mighty good night from inside Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania for the AFC Championship game between the defending Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who met on this field on Halloween, when Pittsburgh ended the team's record 21-game winning streak. The Patriots in the NFL say we were never at their level. If they wanted to celebrate beating us a game during the regular season, go ahead and celebrate, we'll be back, there's nothing to go with it and then the feed throws it to the branch, it gets to the 10 and in the end zone it lands for New England, what a shot.
Tom Brady makes a fake play on Dylan and again Brady airs it. Branch holds at the 13-yard line. This week they look down the field almost every time the receiver blocks the receiver Since he will walk in a touchdown New England creating a legacy is like climbing a mountain an achievement that is often defined by a singular quality you have to want it The Patriots are going to go backwards The Patriots are trying to take this football team to NFL history and Dynasty status if they can win plays that go in that same direction trying to avoid that pressure from the Eagles in the middle second out and goal at four Brady tries to throw it there and he lost it and it is caught and the touchdown David Gibbons goes wide to the left, you see it at the top of the image, the runner as a receiver and there is Brady and that pass to Dion Branch is caught and out of bounds at about the two-yard line, so it will be a first down and a goal on two-play action, the pass tipped and Frabel made the catch and Mike Cravel, the linebacker, two TD receptions In two years, 17 seconds away from consecutive world championships for the Patriots, they intercepted and that's three out of four, yes, a legacy, it can be something huge and imposing, but Tom Brady has built his. piece one moment at a time, you give him time to throw, he's going to cut and cut, you have to press if you don't have the time, the Patriots roll, in fact, they do it looking for Tim Dwight's touchdown and Tom Brady threw him a fast ball. that one just ran out fast Brady goes for the big one looking down for Dwight and makes the draft Brady comes out with the throw and it's Graham wide open Brady there's a lot of air underneath this is Pedro Johnson for the touchdown what is it?
The hard thing about him is that he's so cool all the time, he's super cool and collective and he just goes out and always analyzes something well, it's coming. Brady steps up, when you Blitz and don't get there, you're in trouble. running patterns Brady moves away from pressure and throws for a touchdown almost impossible to stop Blitz to the end zone until Watson's touchdown Tom Brady reads defenses better than any quarterback I know right now and that's what makes it frustrating to play against him because he always finds a way to find them in these games one way or another the action of the perimeter game going deep has the Davis Patriots touchdown the game is not difficult for him it is like a matrix where this poetry slows down It's poetry when you see it, but man backfield first and goal to three to fake Dylan time for Brady a block going to a block with napkins he will dive for the touchdown Tom Brady runs from three yards he had a lot of time he looked around he looked at He looked around and said, Well, what the hell, I'll take it tomorrow.
Tom Brady here, pumps, then slides to his left and then finds the opening from the 11. Grady runs out to get some space, finds Davis down the field and then tackles him. With the reception and the great streak of the Patriots of the last two years with consecutive Super Bowl titles and three in the last four years, a great streak for Geno has come to an end and a team that will be there defiantly again next year. comes, oh, there's no doubt about it Brady slides it up the middle and there it is for the first time, it seems right, throws well to fall, dives, catches, yes, touchdown, but Tom Brady likes the game outside and makes the perfect shot he can make.
Pretty much anything he wants forces him to make all the plays and he can do it with anyone. Brady to the back of the end zone and that is caught by Doug Gabriel. Well, Tom Brady found something and that something is Doug Gabriel Brady to throw a deep drop ball this time. drives to the ends it's a touchdown Chad Jackson the rookie from Florida to two the snap of the ball Brady on the move throws to the end zone is caught the end zone for a touchdown Doug Gabriel buys an opening Gabriel is back in the baseline and makes the catch.
He will do whatever it takes to be the best version of himself. Gabriel Brady scores for the Vikings, this time he turns on the heat and below is Watson to the end zone first and Brady's goal is complete. to Chad Jackson Tom Brady is still in it in a perfect Tom Brady shot as sharp as you'll ever want to see him, but Tom Brady said, give me the Carver knife. Today I'm carving a turkey. He's a guy that keeps us motivated whether you're up 40 or down for you with time at the yard line game fakes tomorrow's time steps to shake oh well Tom Brady after being so patient, so patient, he goes to play action and finds Caldwell alone, throws on radio, has time corner of end zone diving catch for touchdown oh what a throw from Tom Brady to Watson, are you kidding me?
Brady runs out of time, buys some time and Watson airs it down the field Brady comes up trying to run makes a move on Erlacker and has a first down, I'll tell you he's one you don't see very often. You have Erlacker facing Tom Brady in the open field. Here he is in the middle. Tom Brady sees the opening and misses the first down. burlacker makes the tackle there you know Tom Brady had enough turn in his hips Brady is going to throw into the end zone to the touchdown guy is he preparing for this ball LED perfectly by Tom Brady Grady is going to go long and he has a man?
Out there reshay Caldwell to really make the fans come alive and here's Brady dumping long for Caldwell and breaks the tackle at the 10 yard line. He's in the end zone for a touchdown. Brady steps up, fires a second touchdown for New England and a fake for Dylan Brady. Brooks finds his receiver open. I bet you Tom Brady has run this play 30 times in his career. Brady Long Ball, but Caldwell is still standing on the tightrope along the sideline but set up the winning field goal. Test the Eastern Division champion Patriots against the AFC South Division champion Indianapolis Colts, the winner of this game will face the Chicago Bears in two weeks in Super Bowl 41 in Miami, ran by the middle and scored with one minute left.
I remember that at that moment he was looking at the clock. I said I still have Tom Brady at quarterback, I mean, this is where he left his mark. Marlon Jackson is going to the Super Bowl and that's all she wrote, and the Indianapolis Colts are going to the Super Bowl and the Patriots. The season will end, the Patriots and the Raiders will make it official. Oakland will send disgruntled but talented wide receiver Randy Moss to New England for a fourth-round pick. He required too much of Randy Moss, that's why he failed inOakland but let me tell you one thing Randy gets his name is Tom Brady statue in the pocket can you join me oh Brady and Randy Moss football can't be more fun that unstoppable duo just overwhelms opposing defenses it was terrifying that he's able to push his teammates to play at a level they normally wouldn't play at why another touchdown reception for Randy Moss Falk in the backfield oh the Brady hook for Moss another touchdown 5-11 versus six foot four and Tom Brady him gets in perfect position ready to throw to Drabel again, touchdown again Kevin Faulk's back and Brady throwing for Moss goes up and gets Randy Moss sixth touchdown of the season wow, isn't that right Randy Moss comes to the Patriots for a fourth play round to the century Watson just for the touchdown to the end zone touchdown?
Moss and it's third down, third and seventh on the field, it's wellness and a walk-on touchdown for the Patriots, same old time, you know, they divided us. I think 45 points, that's Welker again, well I tried to find a weapon and I could pick in front of him, but if I did that I'd hate anything that hits, no matter who, if you're open I'll find you and bring you the ball . Rolling Deep, stop it, smash this time, Brady goes. for Randy Moss in the end zone this is unbelievable this is unbelievable what a great throw right there of that football three spiral to the end zone touchdown that's number six of the day for Tom Bradytouchdown Randy Moss second rushing touchdown of the game for Brady Brady fakes now throws for Randy Moss this is an incredible throw by Tom Brady there's not much room there but he presents it perfectly eventually the pass knocked down by Moss touchdown New England and then Brady What A Catch Moss reaches for the sky and picks it up, courtesy of Bethea in the second quarter, but this time it's the twelfth long ball of the year in the field and this one is caught, they bring the blitz that Brady throws What A.
Catches while staying up under the ball He dives for the touchdowns two sides of the argument usually when people talk about greatness it's like how good are you, what are your stats and then there are the people who always want to be validated by wins and championships, he has both. and that's going down to the corner of the end zone and holding for a touchdown with a tight end Ben Watson back to throw looks he shoots into the end zone and his car cop scores Tom Brady throws his 39th touchdown pass of the season, which is really a competitor just shows his fire, his desire to win no huddle on fourth and inches, Brady's quarterback sneaks, he stood up at the line, but they're going to say the Ravens ask timeout before the snap.
Three-man Rush Brady has time that Brady takes. goes out and gets the first down and more slides down at 22. the game is pretty much on the line here, gentlemen, Daphne, down here at the bottom of the screen, five options for Grady, the bomb, the throw , it's a Destiny's touchdown and New England leads Moss. Down here at the bottom of the creek, Brady looks in his direction and somehow Moss catches him. He just wants to go out and compete for 60 minutes, you know, throw a ball anywhere, let's go play and he's relentlessly tough. New England Brady. Isn't that a winger coming back to Brady now?
Brady wants to go far. Gaffney is waiting. Gaffney is set for the touchdown right on top of Anthony Smith. New England foreign touchdown. I've never been around anyone who loves football more than Tom, the drive that he I don't think how you can argue with who you can compare him to to say he's not the greatest of all time and he's the boss with his second touchdown. . He grabs the ball and Gaffney catches it for a touchdown. Good evening everyone, it is the 16th game of the 2007 Patriots regular season, when they arrive with a 15-0 record, they are on the brink of history in the National Football League and Nolan is going to play action fake fire is a touchdown with a right catch Randy Moss Tom Brady ties Peyton Manning with his 49th touchdown pass of the season direct snap to Brady stops in the pocket shoots it to the right along the right sideline and catches it for the 10th touchdown -5 2015 Patriots Tom Brady to Randy Moss and each has set NFL records for go-ahead touchdown for Tom Brady's 50th touchdown pass. an NFL record for Randy Moss 23rd touchdown reception an NFL record and for the first time a Patriots football team has gone 16-0 the first time an NFL team has won all 16 regular season games since they went to the 16-game format in 1978. and now again our plans to get back to the end zone what a receiving touchdown Benjamin Watson fell asleep big Brady fake and then drilled the six-yard touchdown Pastor Wes Welker and Tom Brady just didn't give up on the Patriots they've advanced to the AFC Championship game with their 17th straight win, you're going to have that mentality, man, you gotta have that mentality and I feel like that's why the one who worked so hard, because when he gets you to that point he is going to finish you and for the fourth time in seven years Super Bowl, here we go, we are just moments away from the start of Super Bowl 42 as the Patriots try to become the first team in the history of the National Football League to leave. 19-0 as Super Bowl champions on third down and three floaters for Welker on first down New England Brady has to step up Moss's throws, who has his first of the game three giant defensive linemen, we are in Tom Brady, the internal clock of this quarterback has been baffled Brady throws Moss touchdown the Patriots have a four point lead with 242 left in the game and the Giants do it they are down by four Manning takes the snap to throw Under pressure he avoids the rush and goes to fight from that he still fights out of it now he throws it deep into the completely open field Tyree who makes the gun what play by Manning Manning loves Burris only touchdown New York the Patriots will not be perfect they were for 18 games but not in 19 the Giants beat the giant that was the only way any team was going to be able to beat the Patriots that you Sammy Morris is in the backfield now Brady's fake with time hit while throwing the ball Tom Brady took a tremendous hit while throwing that ball right on his left leg the crowd is holding their collective breath because let's face it, he's the franchise, that's what sports is all about, not letting circumstances define who you are, no matter what's going on, we move on down, I believe in this situation.
You will see that the bills go to their base coverage schemes. Braden chooses aside from the missed touchdown. Tom Terrific does it again when the game was in play and the chips were on the table. He did what he had to do when he got it. Is incredible. The guy returns with Brady looking for Moss on second down and eight steps from the hit he goes to the end zone. Good boss, he's there. touchdown. The Patriots return to throw. He shoots it from the right side. Wide open. Russ, welcome, he's going to walk into the end zone. the Patriots are blowing their doors off Tom Brady has thrown five touchdown passes in the first half third and one Brady looks that way any Hall of Fame corner couldn't have covered a perfect pass up the middle calmly threads the needle 55 yards first and goal he throws the ball that as a defender you can't get sometimes it gets dirty going to the end zone the guy's accuracy is incredible Darrell Rivas near the line of scrimmage is a zone someone should be deep on that side of the field and what a job of Tom Brady finding it, you're here in position, but then he throws it right there and Wes is like catching it an inch off the ground, where all I have to do is turn my body really fast to finish it. the goal line and they ran it, they played England action figure and the boy Tom, the big L, it was a big hit, but he stayed there, he put a perfect arc on the ball and Randy Moss just outran him , he threw and John, oh, what a catch, touchdown, Randy Moss, well.
How good was that? It was a laser from Tom Brady that had a great game in Jacksonville territory for Brady in the offense he scores with the block to Smith which is a touchdown for the tight end on second down and eight the fake for Taylor is being chased it's Brady by Smith makes it in that's a Moss touchdown look at Tom Brady's incompletion numbers after attempting 23 throws this is a chess game because he understands every coverage 52's the microphone hey, look at it hey, both Tom Brady reads the calls better defenses than any quarterback I know right now, I mean, he's aiming here, he's aiming there at me.
I think he's a genius for not hitting the other quarterbacks, but some of them don't do that, they play the clock when they get to the line quickly. When Brady goes for the pitball to Moss, he picks it up with one hand right on top of it. Rivas beat him this time in the second half without Brady huddling in a big moment, oh and he's lost unpredictable every week when they've shown up to play Brady looking around escapes troublesome throws caught by Tate with a man to beat the touchdown Brandon Tate third down to the clock of nine plays and one and the pass is caught in the running touchdown Rob Gronkowski time for Brady look look at the time and it's worth the pass right up the middle 15.
Press Brady going deep second and two and here's Branch with the second touchdown and goal of the four-play action Brady could run to throw it, the guy's so fiercely competitive, I mean. This guy doesn't care what other people think, I always see it in his eyes, he is a warrior, yes, he has a big heart and he doesn't like to lose. Hey, we said 60 Minutes, we had what everyone says about him or what they think. The only thing they can't say about him is that he's not a winner it's all about Wheels the trigger touchdown right Rob Gronkowski Brady is on fire Tom Brady orchestrates a masterful touchdown Drive Brady takes the snap back to throw gets rid of it for the caught field 20 yard line 30 35-40 down the left sideline going all the way a 99 yard touchdown play Brady now has 511 yards passing in this game a career high first and goal shoots Gronkowski this time The pass from Brady to the end zone and it's a touchdown sequel, you rush three or four, you try and bomb Tom Brady, I mean, the ball comes out so fast, I don't know if it makes a big difference, and Brady goes and John makes the touchdown on the couch. move around at leisure watch the show back to throw, I mean the guys yelling the coverage we're doing, he's yelling blitzes and down at the one yard line touchdown Welker good night everyone from a frigid Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, it's the divisional round of the AFC playoffs shotgun takes the snap looking left looks over the middle shoots touchdown this is how the tone is set Brady says yes and the referee agrees touchdown New England my oh my soft Jones Thank you Good Morning America thanks to all the sports shows you made This weekend was bearable and it bothered our quarterback tonight.
The Patriots left Gillette Stadium in Foxboro with a thunderous 45-10 explosion over the Denver Broncos. Tom Brady has great control of his team. Come on, we need a big play, uh, get ready for two minutes. you're ready to go fast now he always knows what's going on everywhere with everyone on the field 54 it's the microphone come here look 53 Gronk on top he can throw the ball anywhere he wants he can put it anywhere on any receiver at any time touchdown plummeting Brandon five unanswered touchdowns for the Patriots and their only ugly score signing a three-year, $12 million deal was with offensive coordinator McDaniels Welker is on touchdown yes touchdown New England Branch the move man Brady looks at Brady says that his problem comes from there and connects a hand throwing touchdown takes Reyes Tom Brady keeping the play alive and Woodhead with another touchdown has the touchdown Brady looks to attack quickly and goes to Gronkowski's touchdown from the 17.
Tom Brady This series begins with an effective for the left side and that is Marine and Green breaks free along the sideline and Marine is inside the 30. and no one is going to get a touchdown New England and Grady and he goes deep and breaks free like Edelman , that Edelman will get into the end zone again your guy comes for you early and often plays return action to throw goes down the left side with him he got it he caught it Patriots make it look so easy he has his third touchdown of the game The Houston defense might want to set up here Boyd makes the move he's on for the touchdown and for Houston that's the way to break the back to see that big play that you can never rule out for the Patriots when Tom Brady is in the Huddle, We've been in worse situations than this, hey, come on. guys it's our time take the end and Brady can escape a sack and then he'll go to B downfield it's a bit Tompkins and Tompkins gets to the 32 yard line well Tom Brady will basically get hit like he was about to. launchthis ball and somehow get this thing out and, like you would, Randy Moss maybe gave him a chance to make a play anyway, he quickly fades and gets caught.
Tompkins beats the real fun for the touchdown. The Patriots lead New Orleans 23-17 with 335 to go in the fourth faces a third and twenty-three throw deep wanting everything for Kenny Stills Kenny Stills with the touchdown no matter how much time is on the clock with him the game never ends we go out on the field knowing if he's on the last drive we're going to win the game Tom Brady has probably never tried to engineer a more improbable drive than this Patriots follow Saints buyer Fork steps up Tennessee releases Edelman's downfield catch Julian Edelman made the catch in 15 seconds 14 seconds, 13 seconds and 12. records it for the Patriots with the ball just outside the New Orleans 17 yard line losing 27-23 to the end zone, that's your quarterback when you thought you would you had seen it all, my goodness, what a great Super Bowl winner like Ben Robinson for the Mendoza touchdown, the first three touchdown games of the season for Brady.
This is the 14th time the two all-time greats have shared the same field. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, first down and goal from the The lady at the five-yard line will throw and Edelman is there and pulls it for the touchdown takes the snap under a run throws for the middle touchdown Rob Gronkowski The Patriots trail by three sets with a throw to the right side caught by Edelman Prince to go in and he runs past the five into the end zone, hits it down and takes the lead for the Patriots, you can have your Manning, I'll take my Brady, the Patriots come back and beat the Broncos in many big battles against Tom Brady. and to the Patriots, he knew it too, okay, we have to try to find a way to score points because we know that Tom Brady and his offense will be on top of their game and score points.
Tom is the


professional of professionals and he knows when he is going to do it. He studies when he goes to sleep, when he is going to start the offseason, it shows in the way he performs each season. Tom Brady answers the bell every Sunday and he's been doing it for a long time and that's a real credit to I think the word "great" is probably overused in the sports world today, but Tom Brady has consistently been a great Patriots with no timeouts and, again, he's been kind of a spinning wheel of players he's played with in the school positions and always seems to achieve it lost a one-handed grip anyone you put into that equation comes out playing much better than expected the Bengals have been incredible in this situation this year poor start by Rush that's 50,000 Gronkowski Barb and Peyton Manning Mourinho and Brees and Elway are not bad company for Ridley Brady who dives deep and catches the man for a touchdown of Brian Champs Kowski on second down and 12.
Brady finds an open foul and Brandon Lafell fights the owners for Kelvin and dives for the Patriots. great touchdown on second and seven, he comes over the plants, the loss goes wrong, but what a touchdown, but Shane Marie, all you have to do as a quarterback, get rid of the football player, it's third and the goal and Brady on the Run launches makes the winch you put on. New England touchdown first six-yard line goal Edelman on the move Brady looking deep into the end zone it's all about matchups in this league and Tom Brady is so adept at fighting the matchup he wants, it all works for Tom Brady and the Patriots defense continue Brady gets shots on time and finish for Gronkowski fights Monday heads to goal line touchdown hey, this group here will be the reason we went here second on a ticket touchdown Roderick comes free here number 98.
It's Brady just like he's releasing the ball and look where the ball is played, just one lap beating Jimmy Wilson perfectly thrown into the end zone. Whatever he continues to add will just be another layer of frosting and, boy, will he be somewhere in the quarter and then all the way to the end zone with the arctic air mixing with the air of anticipation once again. January brings the Ravens to Foxboro to face off. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, all running backs on the right, Brady drives toward the TV 12 six end zone touchdown and finishes it off, we have Life Time drops shoot up the middle for Gronkowski to catch the man through the 25. get up, what I say feed it Baltimore shows Blitz, new ones will come, but the pass is caught by the big house's late clock counting Tom Hazard's pressure from his right throws to Phil's left side towards the Patriots, what a throw from Tom Brady to Brandon Lavelle and New England finally has the lead welcome to Gillette Stadium for the AFC Championship the winner will head to Phoenix Arizona to face the Seattle Seahawks they have already had two plays of more than 20 yards in situations third down in this practice and it's ready for the touchdown and there goes Tom Brady, that's the stage on the left, he will do something that no other quarterback in NFL history has done to start a sixth Super Bowl, welcome to the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, for Super Bowl 49 between the New England Patriots and Seattle.
Seahawks started seven eight months ago, everything for this moment it's about honor it's about respect against Bridge stands on the gun has blood on his left to play fake Dela Gary throws it fast under touchdown Patriots finds the


on set and New England strikes first in Super Bowl 49. and what did Tom Brady do in the straw that he threw with authority the quarterback in his fifteenth year he turned his back the first time he left in his two miniatures, he could shoot and Brady is going to throw deep right side for Gronkowski on a touchdown they haven't stopped us yet One play at a time guys hey One play at a time 24-14 Seattle eight minutes left in the four shuffles the fires back to the end zone touchdown New England Brady Finding his receiver Danny Amendola, he has life.
Hey, if we need a big championship push, that's what we need. Strength. This team has proven to be down by two possessions and here they are with the opportunity to get seven and four. Seattle to get a touchdown instead. a field going to the next Drive Brady caught the touchdown Julian Edelman number 12. number 11. is giving you the lead, which was a great moment, play Jules' championship, Wilson with 33 seconds and counting Russell Wilson extends the hands he has Wilson, quick shot, is and the New England Patriots are celebrating thanks to a job well done a fourth Lombardi trophy heads to a Patriot Place Tom Brady has even tied Terry Bradshaw Joe Montana He is a four-time Super Bowl champion in a Super Bowl three time MVP that's right, baby, push a little harder, baby, thank you, baby, where did you go, baby?
Come on, come on guys, you accomplished so much and it's never enough, the way he does things, prepares and works, his competitive genes are as good as anyone's. First down on the 16th quick throw from Brock White's side, he was wide open, he did the shit on the Titans Patriots tackle, hey, running back Brady, back in the end zone, touchdown to Gronkowski, who's responsible, They bring someone back from the brink, so it really sets it. the protection when you make that call so I didn't turn good explanation Edelman and he goes for the pylon count it touchdown Lewis Bronx and they go deep and he's looking at what catch Brady made his last seven passes he has second and 13 and he has an open look from Edelman on that little break two tackles and Edelman is home for the touchdown the only thing stopping this team is themselves and the referees is a fugitive here in Foxboro not even again with a touchdown catch will be seven and two here Brady in the half open top is Gronkowski, he escapes and has it within the 20.
They are not going to catch him 76 yards to fall only a few times on the field so far, today he takes his hand off the blood, there is Brady with a long ball to La Belle and he caught it went right through the defender's hands on third down and went down Michael is Chris Collinsworth Michelle defoya Sunday night is Brady inspects the bays and gets caught coming forward is Brandon Bolden and Bolden breaking the tackles comes in the the end zone on the other side of that field will go out of bounds how about Amendola and Brady on the receiving end third and fourth good time the quick slant is caught by running back James White it's a foot race he's chasing him downfield down by lipids takes it all the way to the Miami six yard line, it's about time you act like you're the defending champion, you're playing at home. way to take over game number 12, Tom Brady and he will be marked inside the one who is now looking at the quarterback sneaks in here third of goals touchdown New England Brady delivers 108 remaining ready to throw it oh Ricochet in the hands of Edelman how they do it the ball bounces the right way for the patriots going down to this fourth and ten 134 to go to this one could close it out, Brady, although he goes down the field towards Gronkowski and has the ball.
Gronkowski goes right up the middle and that was a beautiful throw by Tom Brady on fourth down with the game on the line. Brady in the pocket. Enzo attacked and was caught by Gronkowski to make the score 20-18 he escaped from the Denver Defenders Brady takes the center he rolls to the right he throws into the end zone he leans in the air the ball is going to be intercepted and the Denver Broncos have that doing so launched the defending champions and this is where Tom Brady gets his team a career-record 224th start in the regular season and it's the much-anticipated first start of 2016.
Brady Brady's first touchdown pass of the season with time getting deeper, I mean other television, but you don't miss four games and then go out and throw 40 yards like that on the move, you're not going to go very deep. Far Side has him in the 10 to five, it'll be first and goal and whatever he's doing. man, I guess I need to take advantage of that too and I had him play the first four games, the first game he comes back, he throws for 406 yards, that's divine, that's the goat, if you thought Brady was going to be rusty, I think Rust-Oleum is working.
New England fans have been marking their calendars with this status. He had this look in his eyes. He always has that look, but this time it was different. He had a posture as if he was going to see who will have the last laugh in the end. this season Brady extends fast play for Brady Chris Hogan ready to play open action Gronkowski and a big play for tight end Tom Brady 5,000th career completion for Brady Brady Gronk's chemistry is unmatched Tom Brady three touchdown passes tonight the three for Rob Gronkowski is a different style this is like some confidence threw that ball before Gronkowski cleared defender Tom Brady under pressure he just threw it hoping his guy could jump more and Gronkowski does he just believed in his guy and they both They trust each other on a level we will probably never see again, oh my god.
I've seen it all now from this guy. What a catch by the tight end, good spot by the quarterback also got the game you wanted. It's like stealing candy from a kid on Halloween awesome, you caught Brady on a second and six for New England throws him in for a big touchdown catch it's a 53 yard dagger Tom Brady making a return visit to Santa Clara, not far away from his hometown of San Mateo for his first game against the 49ers in the west, his mouth controlled for the touchdown once again, the 49ers were able to pressure Brady, but he simply bought time with his feet and slid and Brady was able to locate him and hit. he calmly presses trying to escape by throwing into the end zone touchdown give it all to Brady in terms of buying time, he's able to escape the first pressure when you see the arm tackle get in there and he just floats it into open space. in the back of the end zone and Brady with the touchdown pass and the 199th pick in the 2000 draft will celebrate the 199th victory of his distinguished career Garrett connected in the backfield, they will throw him in his place Brady gets some steps of pressure, he will throw it deep near side for Edelman, what a fit, he becomes the winningest quarterback in NFL history in the round, double reverse, reverse, Amendola towards the secondary and Tom Brady threw a block, live for that block don't know why bro get down and get out of the way pick up the block this in the picture Brady from around the corner for Antoine Smith looking Running Room goes the other way Brady throws a block Tom Brady throws the block to Lance Schulters gets caught by White for the touchdown that's his third third down conversion back to him they go Brady float clicker in and it's a New England touchdown back to Hogan this is my motivation right here all these guys here in front of me the guys showed up and played today, so We have to do that again in two weeks and Tom Brady will try to win a fifth Super Bowl championship.
Tom Brady is the third Nerf Legacy. The things attached to this,just as Matt Ryan does, what an emotional journey for Tom Brady, we learn as the week goes on. his mother Galen said he battled an illness for a year and a half and came to his first game this season on this Super Bowl Sunday and here he comes laterally, goes over the tackle Dives and falls in the end zone touchdown Atlanta de suddenly the momentum and the rhythm is now on the side of the Atlanta Falcons Ryan takes the center New England is going to bring some pressure for Hooper caught it touchdown Atlanta Brady receives the center from Andrews intercepted returning to the field is Robert Alford stared at him put it in in Amendola no chance Brady's first pick six of his Super Bowl career this is his seventh that's when you know he's here for a commercial catch made by White trips inside Tom takes the center looks to the left throws it for Amendola Patriots touchdown, is there a frying pan starting to sit on something?
No, no, we have the greatest quarterback of all time. The clock stopped at 228 Edelman Bennett, target on the right shotgun stick, nice stands and shots up the middle for Adam and balls, and Julian goes for it. When Alford cut in front of the receiver, Edelman made the catch he made. We were blessed by the football guards on that one. We just climbed Mount Everest to get back into this game. I had the feeling that they can't stop. now we're ready, you got him out in time he stops he stops he throws to the right amidola connects him in the 25 runs until 20. they tackle him there next to the group Tom takes the center back the target's hands for the middle touchdown Patriots and now the biggest two-point attempt in Patriots franchise history this is a tie Play stops foot extends hands takes the snap three bad runs Brady stops throws it to the near side lovedla makes the grab a perfect throw over shoulder shotgun step Brady stands up and throws it across the field returning Hogan makes the catch turns to the far sideline and then cuts in Brady takes the snap, steps back, steps forward, throws down the middle in traffic caught by Adam and first down in front of Alford, he will be there in the decisive second and goal time to go from two to two yards from a fifth throw of the Super Bowl championship swept to the right for James White puts it in under the right arm and cuts it up the field driving forward diving towards the goal line down and the title for the Patriots is now official, he is a four-time Super Bowl MVP, you will never see another one like this with his mother Galen, she came to his first game this season and this was the one I saw Tom Brady subscribe in one word come on he's the goat no doubt he's the goat we're bringing this fool home when I look at him he stays calm and just does its job. just in the little things let my feet be right let my accuracy be right let my reading be right let my eyes be right and when you keep watching them over the years it's not crazy he's just doing the little things things well when necessary strong unleashes one for Cooks but how about Brady threw it from his 20 to the other 20. 60 yards in the air at 40 years old to be 12. those few and now with pressure Brady to the end zone and He gets caught for a great touchdown in the pressure from behind gets rid of him, left alone, breaks the tackle and is ready for the touchdown.
Can you believe he hears, he has so much knowledge of the game that he knows every situation he finds himself in and he can throw the ball wherever he wants? There's Brady, another touchdown pass with Tom Brady, he has three in the first quarter and Brady holds him up on a great throw seeing the character he has and the ability to not give up, he's a champion for that, he just won't get old. I don't know if it's Benjamin's button disease or whatever man, it's like reversing it's like making a younger man 30 seconds ready pump Brady with rifles into the corner incredible touchdown Tom Brady delivers in the clutch another incredible Drive led by Tom Brady over and over again you pinch, he's there to get us out of this, you know the production, the individual stats, he's had a revolving door in terms of The supporting cast around him from year to year and yet , he doesn't miss a single touchdown, hey, Brady gets drilled, he gets. he gets up and says keep bringing it, sometimes he runs around, he may look like a baby giraffe, but he finds a way in his pocket to keep his eyes on the field when there's chaos around him and throw shots over and over Sometimes, especially in big moments, the pressure is on.
Brady weighs weighs and puts the ball in the place where only he can put it because he has seen everything up to the 44. Brady throws the ball deep over the shoulders of the two big guys, so you never know and here they are going to continue again , touchdown from the 49 yard line Brady keeps his eyes on the field and then Gronkowski along the sideline at the 23 yard line dragging him I think he will do it for at least five more years he is the best of all time he has all the accolades he anyone might ever want, but he still tries hard and is the type of quarterback or leader that you would want, he's up in the air, oh, look at that play, look at that play.
I don't think this guy's career is going to end anytime soon. Look at this New England losing 20-10 without Rob Gronkowski the last three times the Patriots have been in the AFC Championship game and they've been losing anytime they lost all three games. Difficult situations. He is a tough quarterback who will make plays capable. to throw it and they convert it on Third and 18. That's a great play for the Patriots, just Tom Brady, look at the silence in the pocket, you'll see it up here, don't go with his eyes, I'm telling you he is. he's going to move, yeah, it's really special how he does it, he stands there like a statue while he unloads it and Jack sniffed it out pretty quick, it was just a perfect shot right over the shoulder, good protection, this guy just does it .
I don't. I don't even know how Brady does it under the second center and fakes a goal to White looking around what an effort Tom Brady makes it again high ball to the ends about how you're supposed to throw it that's a touchdown Jim amazing effort by Brady it push again against the number one pass defense, the Patriots are destined for Super Bowl 52. The Patriots are certainly no strangers to the Super Bowl stage; are making their eighth appearance in the last 17 seasons led by Tom Brady Brady under pressure. He slides downfield and Caprice Danny Amendola was a zone defense and Tom Brady knew it.
White is back in second to ten and remains on the block. Brady goes deep on the right side. Bogan, who keeps it in play, fakes on first down to the end zone. touchdown Tom Brady is going to sit there look at the free safety take him back to the middle of the field for the Patriots and he lost one to Gronkowski catching him touchdown his first lead of the game Tom Brady had a record day his own record 466 yards he threw for 505 , but this day belonged to Nick Foles and Doug Peterson when the Confederate walked away from him, so with Tom Brady being 72 years old, Bill Belichick wants to kick him in the not where are you going, dynasty.
It's over and I know we do this every year, but it seems a little different this year than throughout my entire career here. I've been hearing that every year Brady has done whatever, whatever comes to mind, you know, just let it bounce. off the walls and let it go Brady from the gun shoots and Gronkowski has it ready on third down and four looks at the target Miami nickel what shot when Brady hits the cover third and six here either secondary Cannon gets the block the right tank, however, look at his acrobatic catch from Patterson, big move from McDonald's that's six.
Brady now surpasses 300 yards in the game for the 83rd time in his career searching all on drives to the end zone caught by Gordon's career-high touchdown pass. 500 and has now found 71 different players for touchdowns and his career is an all-time NFL record. Let's go on the first attempt 50 seconds. Grady deep on the sideline goes for Gronkowski and they can run that clock down now after 40. yard gain, the gray was up to those types of occasions, he saw the two young defensive backs fly toward up and through a bullet in Josh Gordon, deep drop, Brady, deep ball looking for Gronkowski, he has it, he has never strayed from the fundamentals he never had. away from the Brady technique deep throw touchdown from Brady's cannon approximately 40 yards on a line perfectly toward the end zone steps up Brady tilts an end zone catch by Gronkowski McCain from the right side of the screen is going to get up here from Gronkowski from interception to touchdown last home appearance of the season for the Patriots the only undefeated home team in the NFL this year the Patriots are bound for the AFC championship for the eighth straight year two no, you're too old, just look ahead up and picks them after Brady comes out on the field the ground turns makes the catch cover is not covered throws that ball big players right there ready goes to turn and give it to Burke and runs Left behind Devlin makes his way to the end zone overtime in the AFC Championship you don't bet against Brady ever went over the middle caught hidden by the middle Edelman again with a third catch look at the safety coming down there's a good chance he's throwing out there it's bad second and goal New England at the two yard line and the Patriots can win with a touchdown and give Burkett a run, he went for the winning touchdown and they are destined for Super Bowl 53.
Every time you get older there is negativity, but I don't understand it, people. Let's say it's falling it's like, what are you looking at? It's a muddy moment for the greatest God ever stitched, that's Pro for the Gronkowski people and that's one for posterity, 17 years after the Patriots captured their first Super Bowl championship led by the same quarterback, I mean. Tom practically went to work for the ball with his hands and different guys made plays you guys are awesome now you've won three of the last five yeah it's still a dynasty Tom Brady a six time champion it never gets old it's nature human being to become complacent having all the success he has had throughout his career, it would be easy for him to put him on speed control, but his hunger to stay on top his hunger to keep improving to find ways to refine his game is truly remarkable.
Brown joins them next week Brady deep downfield Gordon in traffic making the catch that's that 42 year old arm that looks like a funky little move and wide open Phillip Dorset kind of a floating move, but that didn't deter Tom not one bit oh, Brady looking to the side trapped by Gordon What A Catch at the four, takes the ball to the pieces around him, makes it very difficult to play against him, grabs over his shoulder on Brady to throw shots Under pressure, she has a man waiting to have her. to the end zone touchdown, you know you're going to see him day in and day out, you know his excellence and it's been truly remarkable to be a part of, he's been the driving force behind everything we've done here and we've been I'm really fortunate to have it.
I really think those are the things that can't be measured statistically that really set you apart from the rest. Second and nine down the field. He turns around and catches Ben Watson. What a perfect shot. rain Brady Harry it's amazing how fast the ball comes out of his hand. I don't think Brady was touched as the comeback single today. He brings in the other cross that he gave to James White on the run to the right. It is free blinking. He approaches the shot. for the right side element, fully open back cover makes the catch reach the end zone, tackle for a Patriots touchdown, what is he doing 40 of 142 doing the exact same thing he did a long time ago?
How long was that ball suspended in the air? I don't know if Tom Brady's career is there, but as he stands in the end zone outside the gun, this crowd lets him know how he feels. Brady takes the snap and shoots down so there are no slant balls, intercepted by Logan Ryan who jumps into the end zone, picks six to finish, the future is unclear or Tom Brady and so many other veteran Patriots, so many different things , a lot of thoughts go through your head, but if this is it for him, thank you one hell. run so Tom Brady says goodbye wow we've been talking about this the possibilities of where this would go has now become a reality Tom Brady move on I'm very happy to be in Tampa Bay and I wanted to thank you all for welcoming me to your community , we have an incredibly exciting season ahead of us.
I can't wait and let's go Bucks Brady in the middle for Evans 21. Tom, he loves to hate it, he loves to hate it, he loves to hate it, he loves to hate it, Brady pumps and throws football. Man is awesome, he looks deep at Godwin, great back shoulder shot away from cover, we've definitely been missing stuff, man, stillyou got that butt for him on third down, he elevates it and Scotty Miller has it inside the 30. He decided to come. for us it was about oh, never mind, you know he looked, okay, do this and we go on the field and see what kind of bars he put on the perfectly thrown receivers and we like that they lied about Tom Brady because this man. throwing this ball is all Brady Homer Homer's yards downfield pretend oh you can't do better Tom and the office click you know he's making second and 20 throws throw to Brady Evans fits you hit Thomas You're going to take it a mile and that's what he did, he got there, they talk about the Tom Brady effect.
This is one of the few times that I felt that this team was very capable of coming back and having the result that they had today in the center, there the Red Zone opportunity. going for a touchdown, well you know the people who want to talk about how Brady doesn't have it anymore or that he doesn't have the arm strength. I mean, it's a deep throw to the end zone for Miller and it's time for a touchdown, the old man lit up. he could put up that little facade at the beginning of the season, he looks old, maybe you know, he dies here a little grayer and all that, but when it comes down to it like Kobe on the fourth man with pressure, somehow Tom Brady held up and he could. to throw it 46 yards down the field, this is where he chases you over and over again over the years for the fourth touchdown and three first downs in Vikings territory for Tampa Bay Ready all day for the touchdown Brady initially didn't think Whether he saw it or not he was going to be able to get it out and he throws a perfect ball and puts it where he needs to be as a 43-year-old quarterback.
I mean, that's the most impressive thing I've ever seen besides his IQ and it's spot on. touchdown after a quality eight-yard deep throw Chris Godwin has it inside Detroit's 30-yard line Brady looking deep again gets the separation and The Score Tom Brady just set the New Tampa Bay record for touchdown passes with his 34. at any time in the game well protected and going deep inside the five they catch me on third down after the timeout plenty of room to run but Tom doesn't make it the Buccaneers of the playoffs for the first time since 2007 and we are ready to work Against the Washington Football Team you fight all training camp all season long and you want to make the playoffs.
You want to be one of those teams to do it and we did it. It looks like it's open for the touchdown and I don't think you can ride. is much better than what Tom Brady just did for the Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the division New Orleans Saints in the Big Easy Tom Brady in his first year has done incredible things and already Dave his name is ETS in the record book Buccaneers postseason about a handful of times touchdown happens The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trailing by seven they need a touchdown and a moment to see if Tom Brady could work his magic now we needed this score bad Tom kept yelling we have to go to school we have to go to school Brady has time start how on that throw a third down and five a six yard touchdown Brady is going to take it it's very close is it a touchdown?
Mr. Referee, is this a touchdown? Mr. referee. Sean Hockley touchdown. Tampa Bay, is out when the referee high fives. I mean, we just beat the team we couldn't beat, that got us out of a mess that made us cringe like we just beat them. Hey, it was going to be scary for whoever came out, we've got the NFC Championship Game on the line today if we beat Green Bay we're in the big dance deal James Stadium the Super Bowl Brady floats in he's got he's guessing Tom throws me in the double bone phase it's man to man and he throws a perfect ball and it just lands right in my basket a few plays later, third down again I get out of the race and Tom just throws it right over his head, it's perfect, oh my god, keep doing it over and over and over again, dollars, I have to win this football game.
The crazy part is, I think the first Super Bowl you went to. He was two years old now and I saw him still doing the same thing he was doing 20 years later. It's crazy to see it's finally here. Super Bowl 55.and we salute Tampa Bay because we are the entire city of this wonderful show called Super Bowl Kansas City beat us during the regular season we have a little revenge on our minds announcer Jinx is here this broadcast back in the greatest tandem for touchdowns now in postseason history Tom saw the speech about honor the name on your back will be remembered for years I think that's Set It Off the whole team again with the touchdown there's the bay there's the pass and there's the catch for touchdown dollars Gotta beat the Chiefs I Been watching this guy at the end of the Super Bowl, him and his family, him winning now I'm his teammate and we're winning it together, he's on a new team one year and already won a Super Bowl, I mean, that's it. greatness Tom Brady you are the man you are the goat come up find the open spot we can look back at the end of this game and say this was the most important play of the game I thought Micah Parsons had this until the end Tom Brady to the ground one shot that he should never have done the man just made the play of the night that the clock had won Brady Blitz comes see he's going in another direction every time he steps on the grass you know what you're going to get from him and playing against them you know what It will be, it will be a difficult night, you will have to fight and be able to do it at his age, quite noteworthy.
Hello again everyone, a very nice good evening and welcome to Foxboro's Gillette. Stadium for a week four meeting of the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this game is finally here after months of preparing a breakup and of course talking about Brady and Belichick, everything that has gone along with the various narratives and stories from this. The game appeared on the schedule in the spring. This is the pass versus the present. Oh, it's good to see Tom back here at Gillette Stadium. I'll tell you what breaks the game here in New England. 28 yards. More to set the record. that should do it so on that play they are announcing it to the crowd right now they put it on the board what an incredible run he is the goat that intensity is always there that desire to win never diminishes it seems like with that guy it's LeBron it's Jordan, He's the goat, he's Tom Brady, he's the best player in the league.
You knew this Patriots team was going to be ready. They were excited, they were excited and they played a great game tonight, so Belichick comes out in the middle. field let's see if he says something congratulate Brady well well there it is good that the will to win is the highest of all in the NFL that is by far what separates him the most is a winner has a big heart and would not like to lose six it's 600. Those are regular season numbers, it's nothing I haven't seen, like I just played with that Killer Instinct when they broke the Huddle.
If you bought the blitz, you have to be on your ps and qs, you can. I didn't really make eye contact with him like I could feel energy still, like he was continually improving, everything he's done for the game and the year he's had, definitely the number one player, there he goes, Tampa Bay falls back one score and Tom Brady reads it. perfectly sees the safety on that side down knows he has one on one and Bam off the throw scans the field and lets it fly it's Evans it's a touchdown pressure coming here Brady trying to beat it with blue and coverage it's a touchdown like this at second and tank, going deep for Evans, has him super competitive and always finds a way to do the only quarterback's Brady job, Brady did it, Tampa Bay scored.
I always see it in his eyes, he is a warrior. he got a third and three here for the bucks, listen, Brady has to throw it and Evans catches it, he has the record for career completions with that one, his 18th completion and 23 attempts now, the most of all time If before winning, who is the first 300 yard passer? against the Bills defense here it is on third and three from the pocket Tom Brady just threw the 700th touchdown of his career. I need to continue with that guy, the Jets, Tom drove the ball to the end of the scoreboard with about 15 seconds left and then that's what he's ready to go, let's take a good one, he looks crazy, coxy, they're up, he throws to the ends, I'll receive robust, cod ball touchdowns, MMA touch steps, anime, Buccaneers take lead for the first time in the game, Grayson makes the catch in the end zone. he also came out to say we have Brady and this is what he does Thomas has been killed in Tom Brady, that's the easy belt winner right there, it's amazing to share full of grace for the second time in a row that the Bucks have started inside the Eagles territory.
Brady happens if he for the touchdown continues to play at a high level at times to the left Brady looking away Brady going deep on the right side for him to do that man I feel like he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league ever Yes, the goat, he is the goat, you know, people call him the goat, he is the grace of all time, we salute the goat, we salute the goats with our routes, you play high and low, aggressive in the way he committed himself and we all believe in that. believe the things that he tells us through all the little things, right, have a big jump, guys keep telling that, okay, it goes from guys that are legitimately half his age, hey, we're going to 99 in their butts, eh, two guys who are 30 years old. you have to close that gap somehow and he does a very good job of doing that.
I couldn't get any juice. You know, when you were younger you wondered if there really was a fountain of youth somewhere. Well, I think the answer is definitely yes because Tom Brady has clearly found it if you look at his face along the ears. He has gotten younger as he ages. He somehow he is 45 years old. He has won seven Super Bowls. He led the league in passing last year. He's pretty amazing. Excellent 18 field goals for Julio. Jones, I want to know why he's one of the best to ever do it. 45 46 years. I know, he's a monster of a man.
You can never rule out Tom Brady, yes sir. touchdowns. Brady looks to shoot, he goes deep to the end zone. He calls for the touchdown with a Brady gun looking at Evans, he is literally what everyone strives to be as far as longevity goes. I think what Tom has done throughout his career, how consistent he's been and the amount of games he's won, it's pretty remarkable what he's done, the incredible rookie coverage. Williams, but it's a better pitch. Tell him that he has a window of 14 hours a day to be great. He probably he would. Tell him that he has to follow a vegan macro diet.
I think this is what he is doing. He now he will. It's pretty good coverage, but by placing the ball away from defender Marlon Humphrey, who is as fast as any corner, you're going to face Evans on the bottom, a deep threat who doesn't look that way. Here's the snap for Brady thanks to Cornett throwing. his claw is weird, I know when the light clicks because he just goes from being up because he's so passionate about the game, locking in and doing some damage to now he's always involved in the game, he's always involved with his teammates and then when He puts on that serious look I'm like I'm about to see Tom Brady snap the ball The Saints lead 16-3 he's set The Buccaneers have the ball with 229 left on the greatest quarterback of all time getting back to work can they do it the Buccaneers? this was a 13 point game with just over three minutes to play a quick open throw pass that first caught Scotty Miller off the line of scrimmage to set up a place to go there is one for Jones to grab the sideline and now eight seconds left it's third down down and white touchdown it's called touchdown Tampa Bay Rashawn white Rashad white touchdown Buccaneers fire Carnage the greatest of all time 44th career comeback in the fourth quarter thanks raining looking attracts him now he throws first down touchdown the Hall of Fame in Canton 57 miles south of Cleveland and Tom Rainey in the regular season of his postseason career has thrown 57 miles, no coincidence, right.
Kenny, it's no coincidence, the goat on his way to Canton every time he retires is supposed to be this year, but we know those competitive juices they have. go ahead for Tom Brady, he can come back whenever he wants Tom Brady went after the rookie this time he did the punk simulation and Gage on the outside just left, he knew from the beginning where he was going to go with that one he took the cheese there's the moment you were looking for a perfect operation before and the Buccaneers were Christmas gifts for their fans Brady charging and going deep Evans is open, he has it for the touchdown all day Brady letting it fly Evans is open again, Evans has it inside the 10 and scores a touchdown Tampa Bay oh Mike Evans at full speed and Brady for the rainbow shot Panthers drop Brady going deep Evans again has it number three Tom Bradytoday has been Sublime has been the Brady of yesteryear 34 of 45 4- 32 three TDS a Monday night playoff football game between Buccaneers and Cowboys Tom Brady perhaps for the last time in an NFL uniform most likely for last time in a Tampa Bay uniform because it's hard to think about you, you know he's been such an important part. of our lives and walked into a touchdown card game in Tampa.
Good morning guys, I'll get to the point right away. I retire forever. There will never be another one of him that can just stand right there and just split you up. the way he does it is spectacular, he is etched in history as the best quarterback, he is the best quarterback to ever play this game. If I were to look at who I would like to be my team's quarterback, I don't think there's any doubt, it would be Tom Brady. One day, when my children had the conversation, I said that I played against one of the greats.
I'm talking about the biggest, coolest Tom, he never gets flustered if you look at the overall impact of what a guy did for a team. I don't know if you could have much fun with it.

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