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BEST Las Vegas BUFFET! Wicked Spoon VS Bacchanal BEST VALUE All You Can Eat

Jun 02, 2021
I'm in the zone now and I think I know why it comes up there's another first time another night vision with the blurry side you know what I like I can't get you off my mind I think about you all the time the plan It's really simple to sign up and go to a


as soon as possible. Fortunately, the


I want to go to is right downstairs. Okay, like I said, let's not waste time. I'm starving and I'm here in this hotel for the


. Parody of fate, this is one of the most popular buffets in Las Vegas and many times since I've been to Las Vegas I've never been there so I'm going to give it a try and let you know where I think dinner starts. 3:00 on a Saturday, so this is the


day, boy, right now.
best las vegas buffet wicked spoon vs bacchanal best value all you can eat
Overall impression at first glance. A bit of mixed feelings. Let's try the first round. I have some chili duck wings, some spicy clams, a couple different types of pasta and probably. the driest piece of chili crusted salmon I have ever seen. I mean, that thing was like Las Vegas, just a desert, but I'm absolutely hungry, so I bought my pineapple juice, which fruit juices come free at most of these buffets. Trust me for some juice. ask them mixing some soda water with pineapple juice and soda, okay, you know, this stuff may not be as dry as I thought, but look at that, I have no idea what it used to be, no one surprisingly pretty good, kinda nice and juicy salmon. of sour cream hmm, maybe I'm just hungry, but it's not bad.
best las vegas buffet wicked spoon vs bacchanal best value all you can eat

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best las vegas buffet wicked spoon vs bacchanal best value all you can eat...

I don't really know anything about pepper, chilies or spices, but the fish is cooked well, I don't usually get paste on my face, but it looks good. The pastas are definitely good. They don't know that they actually make a good fresh pasta this year, quite large, thin, pasta with meat sauce, how to say that this pasta is really top-notch, a creamy, spicy, pleasant and subtle tomato flavor, it is not so striking as if she were a bald queen. In general, I love duck, it weighs more than chicken. This stuff is a good job working with a


because it tastes very good, crunchy, slightly sweet, nice sesame flavor.
best las vegas buffet wicked spoon vs bacchanal best value all you can eat
I'm going to dust this off. This was on a large serving tray since I entered the sanctuary. Someone else plays it, but the words chili and duck catch my attention when it's cloudy. Oh lady, this is where it goes perfect with rice. I saw it in Chinese, we say it's very strong, it means that in Paris it's great, where the rice and that would definitely be spicy, a lot of cool people, mom's taste is not a bad dish, roast pork, it's okay, but even now it's a pretty good first impression, this place has my doubts in my auditions, they were kind of a test for it, but if this is playable, it's a first date, there will definitely be a second, you really don't recommend going too far above the Expensive, but I wonder.
best las vegas buffet wicked spoon vs bacchanal best value all you can eat
I see the word foot up here anywhere. I love it, but they don't have the typical noodles, just some damn rice noodles. He is an unconventional guy, a one hundred percent honest guy. that's really not that fun, I mean, for a fox bait, it's pretty fantastic for a buffet, okay, this visit, a meeting, part of the lineup, the meat station, a pretty attractive Jerk chicken, it's roasted , freshly roasted, I think this just came off the fire, roasted. the lamb looks nice and juicy this is a fun cut of prime rib steak it looks a little overcooked and dry we'll see which bone marrow is the star of the show here oh yeah honey I have a love affair with marrow bone look what a beautiful thing bone marrow is so perfect one of those things you can have the worst day of your life bone marrow will make you feel better than the only thing better than bone marrow is all you can eat bone marrow oh Oh my god, the


thing I've ever known butter, I have travel chickens, okay, I mean, anything after that bone marrow will work out.
I'm not so enthusiastic about this rib, that's not dry at all. I mean, you'll have bad chunks, it's like a dry chunk, my taste. it is specially made out of the fatty parts of the meat which is especially quite tender, I mean it is not juicy but it is tender, this top bet is pretty good, definitely try a few hundred percentages to age on this meat and it is tender, the lamb is Okay, it's probably my least favorite cut of meat here, but overall it's nice, very tasty. I love dry aged steak. Absolutely mind-blowing because of the bone marrow.
Everything here is fine, too exceptional, but again for a buffet, not bad. This thing just arrived. scoop out some samosa, this stuff is definitely a little doughy for me, good potatoes, but man look at that thick dough inside, if you didn't have it as something more extreme that guarantees no one will hear you right on the third round , now it's getting busier. a macaroni and cheese loaf I can't say no to that, that's too heavy, the only complaint is not enough liquid, I have some mushrooms, some spinach, some raucous grill, this is great, although you love eating from this dish and that's why you won't feel like it.
It's too much for you, definitely, thumbs up for the Mac and Cheese, Shrimp and Grits Bar. I love dinner and dips every time I see them on a buffet in every city I know and they do it very very well, helping the shrimp tender and smoky. a carnita just came back from Mexico so I don't feel like this is really going to impress me much so people see there are some tricks here, the little pineapple definitely needs to satisfy my taco cravings since I'm back that's great , he was forcing juiciness out of his pineapple cord taco definitely has a way of creating a new batch, which is a good job, let's see what kind of seafood, for seafood they have this big boiled crab, it looks good, look at one giant pile of sea crabs seems a little small ok so the seafood selection is pretty poor all they have is the crabs they boil and this is the poor little crab they give you.
I topped it off with some surf and turf, plus bone marrow, which is by far the best thing on this entire buffet, the Dungeness crab is probably the best thing on that seafood pile, there's no auto, you know, that seafood, Greg , I always take it so I can eat more, come on, okay, use that strategy here, bone marrow to save the day, big lettuce. one, they should really scan the bone marrow like it's their own little butt because this is one hundred percent to get this whole place started. I feel like I ate everything there is to eat up there.
Dessert time. Alright. The shoes place is worth the search. here it actually looks pretty good, some ice cream, I have stockings, him and pistachio bourbon bread pudding, lava cake and some kind of matcha cake, this looks promising. I give that good real passion fruit a kick, the crunchy outer shell not too sweet. I had war bread pudding, take the bread pudding mix. with some ice cream it smells amazing look with a nice crust great bourbon flavor this is that little macho cake and try some matcha try some yuzu okay ah this lava cake is swallowing my


a lot babies okay, It's the least lava pod hug Lanie lava cake I've ever had overall it's a good muffin most of the things I ate were very tasty the meats apart from the top sirloin we've tried it a bit but the flavor was well, the queens of manure, shrimp and grits, even the fun flavor of noodle swap. was OnPoint lounging at the buffet as I mentioned, it's no surprise that the MVP of the entire place goes to the bone marrow, in short the bone marrow makes this whole experience worth it as you can see that the seafood is practically non-existent, so if you are a seafood lover, you want to eat a lot of crab and a lot of shrimp.
This is probably not a place for you. Price-wise, it's definitely cheaper than Baccano, but it's a little smaller and has less selection, so in terms of meat, I'll give it this spot. 4 out of 5 in terms of seafood of course, maybe like it's 2 out of 5 stars, tasty, a good amount of selection, I give it a 3.5 out of 5 overall. I feel like this would be a 3.5 star out of 5 star place, not bad. I'm going to have fun, just keep coming back to the bone marrow, you'll be very, very happy, it's pretty good but faithful, you're paying on the Strip.
Oh, one more thing about this place, absolutely love, is the staff. Just incredibly friendly from the waiter to the managers and the nicest chef people. Overall, I don't think this place is as good as the Bacchanal buffet, but I haven't been there in four years, so I feel like it refreshes my memory a little. Kinda the last time I was at this buffet more than three years ago, at three in the afternoon, dinner has just started, there is already a huge queue, let's see if it's that cool. This is the place I always come to when I'm in Vegas, so people have been message me telling me this place went a little downhill.
I'm going to check that. I will give you an honest review and we will compare this to the evil spoon. I think I saw an inflated dinosaur there, so let's attack first. this place is way bigger than the evil spill, oh my gosh look at this, I'm pretty sure they brought a dinosaur and he opened it up wide from what I've seen. Finally, this place has even gotten better, let's try it first. I have some roast pork skewers, drunken noodles, rib ravioli and this watermelon salad, oh man, so this is rib on mashed potatoes, all mine, good sir, they don't want to talk out loud because this thing is so fragile who doesn't want to hurt. your feelings, I mean, all the sections look good on the roast pork, it looks very juicy, nice and crispy, holy mackerel, short red, I don't even know where the meat ends in the mashed potatoes, its


starts completely tender , so low until they killed him.
This knocked it out of the park, crispy skin, beautifully juicy, pork, as far as this place knew it was coming, the performance is like it was a welcome meal for me and again, I don't recommend eating noodles or rice at a buffet , but drunk noodles. like it's my favorite time roll, okay, that's pretty good, I mean noodles. I think this is left to sit a little longer so it's not as chewy as it should be, but it was completely confusing, this is fine, the shot is sensational, it plays choppy at this point. it's a watermelon, sell some chilis on top, sweet, spicy, salty, almost everything I ate incredibly delicious, especially actually, that rib man, you have to get that rib when you come here, oh my god, they have bone marrow here too , the only thing I really loved. the Wikus spoo that they also have here, okay, this place is all about pork, except for the beef bone marrow, that's not about the part at all, that's B, this is a popular Mexican soup, my first hat, this in Mexico, like a A couple of weeks ago, from the big roast pig, I bought some ribs, I feel like they are going to be very thin and also something that will be very tasty because they took out the bones and I got a couple of bone marrow orders, look at this.
Honey, give me the cookie, pickled onions, oh my god, I was always amazing soon, half a pizzoli before mmm, a little wine here to be amazing, you're missing just one of the first things I've had in a while, it's a disaster, a nice pair, oh god, there's something good here. until you have some slow-roasted, tender-tasting pork. It sounds chewy, okay, this is not that good unless you get that thing within the first 10 minutes, it comes off the heat because the meat is going to dry out and I felt like maybe because it's so close. to the dance at least it could taste a little good yes, you can't go if you're wandering the world you don't know if you're searching in life lost yes you're looking for this you're looking for something good bone marrow, there are foods we could fall in love with over and over again and you did something really clever here not only is the bone marrow perfect but they put these long sauteed onions in a delicious abyss to make it fattening Even better, even tastier, the best thing I liked about the


twist was the marrow bone marrow and the


, how bone marrow has also done it and they did it better, it doesn't look so good to me, the weakest at the moment in terms of our blows ahead, the competition was lightning. with me on the wickets movie hey buddy hey so this is better this was our favorite thing on the evil twist with the bone marrow.
Sorry, evil spoon, I just have to tell you how it's all good, let's continue with the third round in This place they cook brisket, I mean, it's not as sweaty as the ones I bought in Texas, but just think about cutting it like butter with my fork, this is a slice of Wagyu, you can see all the marbling running through the meats, now of course this is American. Wagyu put Triscuit profane, this is actually very good, it is crumbly, juicy, nice and with a great smoky flavor. I gotta tell you, I mean, I was in Texas and this is still a little far from Texas brisket for the buffet, there's some top-shelf or smoking stuff. but you seem remarkably tender, my cars are incredible, it's not going to melt, you're not like a Japanese walking well.but this thing this thing has some juice this thing would fail in any sport The fight against drugs in the chest is shoehorned in I mean, I've had American The Wagyu dish was amazing.
I mean, a lot of people message me saying the quality of this place has been robbed at least from what I've seen today. I think I improved. I mean, the new food additions are amazing, so yeah, I still think this. It's the number one buffet in Las Vegas, okay, I see food there, so seafood, you know, I'm going to get some seafood, that's a good accessory for River. I mean, I like bigger seafood, nothing is going to be fresh because I'm not here, there's no water, so everything must be stone frozen, not bad and also the good thing about seafood here, if we don't like the frozen snow crab, don't boil whatever you want to boil, so there's like a big boiling tank in there Dave will heat up your seafood and also if you feel like your rib is too bloody, one of them cooks for you, we'll do that too .
This buffet is very customizable. Pretty good stone crabs and lobster claws. Mmmm, this is a really good creamy red bean. This copy of chili has like a golden copy on top. There's a coffee and chili pudding. I don't even like coffee. I love it. You know what that raspberry lychee jelly thing is and I have no idea what. It's like a mix between jello and jam, at this point I've been to almost every buffet in Las Vegas, the most popular after this one is the evil spoon. I have been to the Wynn several times, not even close to the baka now this is still the king of all buffets in Las Vegas 100% this buffet $64.00 the bad spoon was 49 so you are paying $15 more for a much better buffet.
I'm not trying to pick the weakest room, it's just one I have to compare baking to. I'm still going to work my way through some of the others. A face like the Bellagio was one of my fears and I'll try it too, but yeah, guys. In Las Vegas, this is where you go, there are tons of options, most of the things they have are very very good, especially the bone marrow, the ribs, the carving station and the brisket, the Wagyu. We're going to love the desserts here and that's why this place always has a line, it's 100% amazing, amazing buffet, you know, the funny thing is, if you look back at my videos, the baked breakfast buffet from like four or Five years was, I think, my first on-screen food video, it was a long, long one. it's been here for a while and to this day stop pissing in my face it's the best buffet in las


you never forget your food memories you never do it right guys as always all the information about this place is listed below many thank you all for watching until reading again

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