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Amazing Cartoon Animals As Humans

May 30, 2021
Hello friends, it's me and today we're going to look at what



reimagined as ice age


would look like. Oh no, it's perfect. He looks just as nervous in human form. A frail old man. Okay, this one. The chef's keys to looking like this. these kung fu pandas no, no, no, I can't, I can't even imagine this guy as a human, he was meant to be a panda and stay a panda, I don't like it, I don't like it, I don't like it. I like it, it seems like a thick beat if you take a pump and pump the head until it rounds out.
amazing cartoon animals as humans
You're trying to ruin my childhood with this, it just doesn't hit home. Oh, his name is po. Sorry, I thought it was called. kung fu panda minnie mouse oh it took me a second to realize, wait minnie mouse is not a person no she is mouse cousin of a rat i totally forgot she wasn't human but she had a build like she had arms long. a mouse, okay, you have to have the big eyes, the eyelashes, oh, the bows, that's where the ears went, you're all so patient with color, I'm just saying, I want this to end, oh.
amazing cartoon animals as humans

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amazing cartoon animals as humans...

OMG she came out so beautiful she made me proud to have a widow's look even though I hate her hairline, she always reminded me of Vegeta but it looks so cute on her and then the space buns, the adorable pikachu No, I always thought Pikachu was a boy. I'm wrong, this requires a bit of research. Oh, the first one is Pikachu, a boy or a girl. Pikachu is confirmed to be a man. That is what I thought. It's like every girl who cosplays Pikachu, but if Pikachu was a boy, what would he look like? Yes. I could imagine Pikachu looking like that.
amazing cartoon animals as humans
He will look like Gilgamesh. That's how it is. He will look like this. That's what I think. You might be entitled to your own wrong opinion. What they took. Freddy Fazbear. How many of you oh dear remember when he used it? playing five nights at freddy's that game was scary but this is the anime version I was hoping it would look a little creepier a little older I don't care how evil you are you have a much more approachable baby face than this Mr. Heebie- Jeebies here I would have expected That he looked like a creepy old man.
amazing cartoon animals as humans
Some of his teeth were pulled out. A bowling ball through them. Next is Lola. We have all the guys I knew at school sympathetic to Lola. This doesn't help, oh brother, she. too sexy she's a wabbit y'all this is too far she's really making the basketballs fall first we have dory oh there they are doing something completely different than what I was imagining I thought she was going to end up looking like charlie demilio Look at Dory, Look at her real quick, I don't know why, but she reminds me of Charlie. I see a five percent resemblance.
Also, where do those big, luscious, juicy lips come from? Dory looked like she barely had enough lips to drink. a straw and then you have this, I like the hair, although this time we have Baby Dory, why she looks like an art teacher with a cool and original fish in her hair. I think this look is more suitable for her than the crazy Instagram look, congratulations. You have unlocked the cursed image of Nemo's father Nemo and Dory. Oh, I don't know about this one. It's strange to see them as people. Dory looked like the neighborhood crackhead.
You were lucky he didn't call you CP like you. It's not just like losing your son in real life, Marvin, this would never work as live action, Timon and Pumbaa, okay, I'm expecting a very, very big man and a very small young man. Oh, I think Pumbaa is pretty accurate, but Timon, he was. I wasn't expecting this guy, maybe I was expecting someone smaller now that we have Nala, I just don't, I'm going to sound really stupid if it's not, but oh, she's blonde, you know, it didn't even occur to me that she was blonde. blue-eyed.
I mean, I don't know what she expected, but she came out beautiful. I don't know, these people are very creative, like they reinvent them because it's like I see a dog, oh sorry, it's a cat and then all of you. like completely transforming into this savage, oh my god, olaf, my favorite disney animal, oh he doesn't look that bad, if olaf was a full man he would be this guy, why does it look like he's sitting for anna and elsa, ya You know, like I should. You seem like a good guy, I can't even get mad about this because I agree, oh no, they should have given him teeth like mine, I have like buck teeth, the two front teeth are big, why didn't they give them to him? he's ruined he's ruined talking about wild kohu whoa you guys turned him into a complete guy with pecs and everything oh I don't like yellow eyes buddy you better get him checked out it must be jaundice those teeth look pointy not me drinking of an animal simba and nala oh look at them so cozy together and then the humanoid


version i mean that's pretty good i don't know about nala but like the simba simba one is pretty good i like the other one the other nala oh here's Wally and he looks so humble that he looks like Harry Potter.
These are the glasses for me and then Eve she looks like the oldest from Ghost in the Shell. I'm getting all kinds of spacey vibes but they look so cute together, I love it. Wally, he's a really good guy, here we have Rainbow Dash from my little pony, okay, I think everyone would imagine this, she definitely has a glass, she definitely posts all her thoughts online, she's very opinionated, she'll possibly grow up to be Karen. Here we have Nick and Judy from Zootopia. This zootopia, right, my brain is completely malfunctioning, but look at the before and after, oh Judy is so stinky and cute, baby, they're actually adorable, Marie the kitten, there she is and we'll turn her into a human of course. we have the pink one, she has to have the cat eyeliner and then the big blue eyes, oh, the furry pink collar, yeah, the white hair, okay, come on, I want to see this finished product, she already looked good , it went from this to this, wow, fancy eating. feast with filet mignon or you know, if you're educated, it's filet mignon lady's lady and you know, I don't know how people just look like a dog and say, you know what I'm going to transform this into a whole human, I mean, I have the hair oh she has the freckles definitely a girl it's the hair oh so majestic chloe the cat of the pet world the haircut says it all she's karen how could they make her like that ?
We found one I got it I don't know how I feel about this I'll never look the same The Penguins of Madagascar They have a whole band of boys They're old They look like they're Swedish or something They definitely have accents Are they holding the one they are no no no no no no no me like this I don't like this again it's like I can't imagine them as real people it doesn't translate it can't be calculated oh maybe the Russian the red angry bird I think they did a good job, they kept the crazy eyebrows, they lent them down for maximum anger and he looked angry, he looked like a thug, I think this is pretty accurate.
I have to give it a 9 out of 10. deducting points for lack of mohawk shape why is Ariel included here? I'm missing something? Does she like part fish? She gets an even more realistic version that looks like Mary Jane. She left the scene to pursue her acting career and landed a spot on Spider-Man never seen before. the ocean again sonic please forgive me because I'm about to sin wait what kind of animal is he a hedgehog if you hadn't told me hedgehog I would never have found out what kind of animal he was because it's like when you look at him he's like what kind of dog It's, it's not a dog, it looks good, it also likes super saiyan, but anyway, that's all for today.
I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did and want a part 2 be sure to do so. Like button and comment below, let me know which one was your favorite and make sure to turn on notifications, click, click and make sure to subscribe to the wolf pack. I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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