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Celebrities As Disney Princess Glow Up Transformations

Mar 17, 2024
Hello friends, it's me and today we are looking at some Disney



. They are going to transform Magara into Ariana Grande. Is it because the high ponytail oh must first challenge the ball and on the hairline these eyebrows are a little angry? You have to go. I have to go. she looks better approachable kind and caring just take ariana's lips her nose too you can't do that just stealing her identity it just completely transformed her from agara to ariana why does her cheeks remind me of that girl why are you smuggling eggs in there or something like that the headline is even worse the instagram model with the biggest cheeks in the world claims they are still too small 2022 must be your year let's upgrade the balls for some bowling balls, wait until they start to sink to our nipples, are they the big enough now?
celebrities as disney princess glow up transformations
Nicki Minaj as Pocahontas Oh I can't wait to see this one, what are they going to do? I had some tabs to make them bigger, oh, the breasts and maximum butt size. I'm not very good at math, but I'm pretty confident. You all multiplied the loot and then, wow, when it was done, it looked good. It's like Pocahontas really knows how to do makeup. Things like they immediately thought of Jessie, turned her into a bad babe, all she had to do was let her hair down, put on a little crop top, this is what you wear when Andy's not here, yeah, let's go to the rodeo.
celebrities as disney princess glow up transformations

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celebrities as disney princess glow up transformations...

I don't know who she is, but they're going to turn her into a Disney


and where did they get this picture of Belle? She was doing Ahiago's face before anyone else. If you ask me, I don't know. The reason why everyone looks better with long straight hair is because the movement looks so pretty that one came out very cute. I feel like you could also take this and be like several other


. She had some freckles and it's Demilio Disney. Princess, someone made this tick tock of the characters and what they would look like when they grew up.
celebrities as disney princess glow up transformations
They literally look exactly the same, but as an adult version, is this somehow related to the story? I don't know anyone's name except Lilo, are you telling me her? he wrote to me saying I'm speechless, you know, in some alternate universe, how this turns into things and this turns into this, I mean I can see it, every one of these made perfect sense, you're all doing detective work Can you take a look? harley quinn ooh that would actually be perfect and then the animation quality for bo peep is a little too sharp, a little too realistic.
celebrities as disney princess glow up transformations
Drawing over this would be like you could see the difference in pixels, the difference in quality, I don't know. but they're making it work, they remove the whole mouth and put a new one on, oh that's actually really cute. They made a small toy on her shoulder in a baby gesture. it was actually perfect i mean bo peep before is basically not cool when you wash your face okay that transformation is pretty cool like the eyes really pop and it's crazy what eye makeup can do as you walk by from this to this wow, okay, take Anna from Frozen.
I'm not looking and no one wants to see they were all built like Barbies anyway there's nothing there they're turning her into tinkerbell no they made her hair long brother this was the perfect opportunity you could have started a whole conspiracy theory where Anna and tinkerbell it could be the same person you guys could have done the hair, the face basically the same, she got an olaf tattoo, who in their right mind would do that, she painted it, it's a paint tattoo, she painted it, I'm thinking. about, I have never seen a white tattoo, is it possible to get a white tattoo?
Oh you can, those are cool, why have I never seen them before? I thought my brain was malfunctioning for a second, like wait, white tattoos exist? I guess so, princess. jasmine oh hey can't you do that i feel like i shouldn't look princess jasmine i'm watching respectfully oh they're adding so much detail oh i like it when they make it blue whoa how do they do that? remove one layer and then fill it with lace and then you could make it blue, add some matching high heels, so many details, oh I love how they do the lips, they all make it look so easy, especially with the eyelashes that she's going to come out with. looking like kim k that the chanel necklace the bag everything good can be walking like this she looks like her dad he doesn't let her leave the house but when she does it leaks completely oh now we will make tiana the car to be the teeth are this before she got a bag and fixed her teeth or after the worried look at me oh the hair oh my god with the long hair she looks so beautiful don't forget the pretty nails I still remember the time someone asked her How do you clean yourself with those nails? and then she said what she wiped, she put her anus in her butt, you're not using enough tissue paper or something, you're going in light cardi b to the frog, oh my god, what's that so far? one of the best eyelashes so for billy eilish they took a photo of mavis from hotel transylvania which is actually a perfect base these eyes are too big and happy make them smaller add some eyelashes a chain make a real Glitter, lots of jewelry and of course green hair all amazed me every time I see the finished product it's like how are they going to transform this and make it billy island like the whole look?
The chef's keys, okay, Ariana again, but this time as Rapunzel, I have to see it. this because I feel like Rapunzel doesn't look anything like Ariana but let's see if they can make it work they already changed her hair color she's brunette now I don't like this pink we're going to make it white oh she did the ombre The hair is fine I could Have used a little more ombre, but I see where they're going with that. The face looks good. You know, the little chameleon from Tangled Pascal. One of my friends has a violent hatred towards him.
She doesn't tell me why. Everyone's favorite Disney princess, Meg, from Family Guy, she's not going to shine, we're going to make her goth, but you know, with her Nirvana shirt, you're wearing a Nirvana shirt, she names three songs, she smells like teeth, the spirit smells like teen spirit, smells like teen spirit next. Upstairs they are going to make Beyonce as Calliope from Hercules I don't even know who Calliopa is Who is that ooh I like how they made the eyes so pretty I'm drawing a completely new dress and she stole it from Belle I like a little triangle of tits that they draw in the makeup so well everyone took such a minor character made her the main character taylor swift as cinderella oh i think we can make this happen oh what was it that she just moved her nose and mouth down slightly? oh she already looks so pretty sleeves that have to go and some more details oh this is a lot of details some sparkles let's make it really bright from cinderella to taylor swift I don't think she looked like Taylor she looked like someone I don't think liked in high school a little too familiar that girl definitely grew up to be karen zendaya oh let's make this from scratch yeah you can't base her on anyone else her and her own league now.
I've seen it this way, she could have been Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Wow, I'll turn her into a cartoon character. She actually looks like Bella. Do you see it, missed opportunity? Tom Holland is no beast, although Buffy again. oh she looks shiny, I mean technically she's a doll, toys are supposed to look shiny, we give her a new fit and she doesn't look like the two of us Pete, she didn't listen to the sheep anymore, she didn't listen to the sheep anymore to Instagram followers, now them. I took the ugly fairy, so there it is, erased the face, very disrespectful, you know, there's no way to fix it, just erase it starting from scratch, can't work with this, have to redraw the whole eye at this point, It's not even the same. person you all gave him a whole new body and a tummy tuck that was taken from him now and we went back like 20 years to achieve this look at this point he's not even the same person the most dramatic transformation is still ahead but come on get rid of the clothes okay, okay, there's nothing there, it's like a barbie doll, there are no working parts.
I was like, what are they drawing on his face? Some glasses, she also has a sleeve, oh pretty good, when will we get a Disney princess to look like? so it looks like i could fight i want to see a


prince and a


princess fight 1 on 1 fight to the death too much to ask for they took tiana and her prince and then added some spice to this 20th century hair and i'm going a fly over here and give him my fade everyone gives him a cut and fades his eyebrows also give him a small mustache the mini mustache I can't believe they do this to him is this a crime or is it okay my boy went from milady to hey baby mama I don't know who is phineas and ferb the mother i didn't see that show you guys just make her beautiful oh you got rid of her hair oh you got rid of her clothes you put them on when you put them back on it's okay give her hair back give her clothes everyone has than take it off, put on a new outfit, I mean, yeah, that's what they do, she looks so good, everyone's mad at her, everyone should respect her. mom to mom dripping milf I like to fight but anyway that's all for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit the like button on the face and comment below which one was your favorite and be sure to Turn it on.
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