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Woolie Reitherman - Disney Family Album Part 3

Apr 29, 2023
what he wasn't scared to death either liked or disliked by the audience because he thought he was true to life and how can you be wrong if you're making a true statement I don't kill you for this in Jungle Book we were he came up with this great idea to let almost everyone believe that the bear was killed. Mowgli tries to understand Kieran, what's wrong with him, be brave like Baloo. also the panther and then the panther praises this dead fellow and the dead fellow wakes up and wants more and more the praise when great deeds are remembered in this jungle a name was above all of our friend Baloo the bear is making me laugh out loud come on, come on, hey, don't stop now, little bag, you're doing great, there's more, many more, isn't it?
woolie reitherman   disney family album part 3
He died in 1966 during the production of The Jungle Book. He just succeeded Walt as a producer on the animated movies. No one had admired Disney more or less. understood him better Thought it was cool without being sentimental about it Was simple but very complex and sometimes very sophisticated and appreciated novelty and curiosity about Newton Liked people around him who were willing to try and dare despite that I didn't quite know where they were going or why, even sometimes in the decade after Disney died, the force of wool held everything together, there was no replacement for the wall, and the main thing in my opinion was to keep this team together and keep the same creative juices. fluency that they had with Walt and I would always have little meetings so that those animators who were the key to producing any image so that those guys would be calling the shots and he was not a fearless kind of leader by any means. it means and you got a lot of good input and when it finally solidified a bit, they felt like they were


of the creative process instead of just throwing it out there and saying look, do it under the leadership style of Willie's team, the Aristocats. first image produced after


died y'know let's load up wait a minute I'm the leader I'm the one saying when we go here let's load this was survival as far as I was concerned and most of the Animators were concerned was survival to keep this going, the thing called Walt Disney Animation the Aristocats was a hit and from 1967 to 1981, Wooley and the team that helped create the classic Disney movies went on to make three Robin Hood, The Rescuers and the Fox and the Hounds all had the Woolies' love of character and physical action and a style of leadership that he developed as a pilot in World War II.
woolie reitherman   disney family album part 3

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woolie reitherman disney family album part 3...

Sure sometimes I had to make a decision and stick with it. I think I got this from the Air Force once you make up. your mind flies the flight plan will come to you and you made sure the flight plan was at least as dangerous as the ones you flew in the war in your imitation of life the movies bearing your credit pack all the danger of a hangover from the Pacific Ocean I sure wish we had caught the train just as a pilot keeps his plane in the air will hear Minh guide Disney animation to new heights will remember World War II when he was flying the main thing was to keep that plane in the air that was my feeling that this great group of cheerleaders really the best in the world needed to stay airborne to and from a new goal we had to keep going and up you you
woolie reitherman   disney family album part 3

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