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Ellie Saves James! | Fireman Sam Official | Cartoons for Kids

Jun 01, 2021
Yes, James, how many real fires have you put out? James. I bet she hasn't put out as many fires as Uncle Sam. I will ask. She's great. Who will help me demonstrate barbecue safety. Oh, there's no signal. I need to go up somewhere high, careful Arnold, it's very windy, I can see Elvis. Wow, maybe it would be better if you put the windsock in the bottom of the container and hold it up like a flag. Oh, that's very clever, isn't it? i want the ladder arnold yeah actually yeah yeah




has put out a lot of fires no no no probably not as many as me but still a few hi hi i lost you


dude Sam, oh no, the signal's gone again, maybe I should get it. even higher, so first we have to put the gas cylinder on the barbecue and we have to be very careful with it, especially since we are near a campfire.
ellie saves james fireman sam official cartoons for kids
I'll do it carefully girls, oh wait, where's James? I think he went there to get it. A phone signal is fine, stay here and don't touch anything. I will not be late. I'll prepare the gas can for Ellie. No, I'll get it. I won't do it. And Ellie said not to touch anything. Since when? have you ever done what you were told james hi mom here don't worry james just stay calm you're going to be fine just hold on tight with your hands and move your right foot down oh that's all james a little more and I'll be able to get through to you , well done James, I can catch you from there now, let's go up the tree.
ellie saves james fireman sam official cartoons for kids

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ellie saves james fireman sam official cartoons for kids...

I was trying to call Firefighter Sam, but I don't need him now that you're here, maybe we have to go find them now, Mandy. and your horse is stuck at the bottom of a slope past the crossing mandy and a horse is stuck at the bottom of a slow past the crossing at el ponte panty hills watch out penny we're about to head into unstable terrain monty are you hurt ? Sam is ready, the stretch is ready, so let's go, how's the horse? He was very scared, but I patted him and told him not to worry. Oh well done Mandy, the horse is very calm.
ellie saves james fireman sam official cartoons for kids
Now let's give you a check. It's okay, Mandy, to get you up just to be. sure i need you to lie down on a stretcher lie down for me the horse is fine we're ready for the phoenix crane oh the noise is scaring the horse old phoenix there there sam i'm going to keep the horse quiet while you tie the sling on him, but do it slowly, okay that's it, stay calm and he's out, thanks lizzy, how about a few more hard beans please? Oh, I think I've had enough, look, everyone's back here, huh, and we even have some guests coming in.
ellie saves james fireman sam official cartoons for kids
You all know, I didn't really have riding lessons. I'm sorry to say that yes, Mandy, it's not a good idea to ride a horse unless you know how. Maybe I should take some lessons. I guess I like horses after all, so today's jobs. Sorry sir, as I was saying, oh dear, what is that expensive smell? There was only one person with the diamond that night and it was the colonel, what did he say? Just listen Norman, I'm trying, but I don't think he was that person, I think it was ladies, oh I give up, not only is he the stinkiest. cat is the loudest cat two whoopsie shoes here we go all washed and clean like uh maybe not don't worry sam I have a special way of washing stinky clothes but I think I might need my breathing apparatus for this what was that why ?
Is the cat out of its basket? Norman, did you let him out? He's going to stink up the house clothes. We're about to see who stole from the pimps he wants. A little angry. Oh, I can finally reveal that the real thief was, no, he was. about to say who it was no one's watching the end of the movie until that cat goes back in its basket okay i'll get anything to find out who did it watch out norman get your stinky tail off me oh that cat really it is. Getting on my nerves, Norman, are you okay?
I'm fine now, where did the cat go? wait norman, don't scare him I can't catch the cat I think we have bigger problems well I bet you haven't done better norman price maybe not yet, but at least when I do I will have a proper video and not just a trashy photograph, Don't worry, Sarah Norman will never get any panty monster movies. Look, no one's about to get a movie for families going to the bathroom. monster huh, can't wait to see this oh, it's coming right at me. I'm going to be a world famous monster hunter.
Hi Norman, but you're not the pantyhose monster. We're done. Norman, the world famous monster hunter. See Ponte's panty monster underneath, Joe, not so far, Sarah, but I'll try again after lunch. Come on, Sarah, let's try the other side of the lake. I know where I can get the best movie in the world. monster and it's not on the other side of the lake that floppy shovel was on TV more than penny was that the camera loved my floppy shovel not as much as penny would have loved yeah it doesn't really matter


what matters is that we put out the fire it does matter you should be on the news penny not elvis penny bendy shovel maybe you and i should go wash jupiter i'm thinking that's a really good idea sam bundy are you just jealous because i'm you're going to see the monster and you won't wait, what was that?
I think the monster just passed me, you bring that submarine back this instant, look, I can't take your call right now, Andy, I have a serious task of hunting monsters and driving a submarine is harder than I thought. It seems there has been a small mishap you have crushed the submarine and it is a little yes and oh and it is filling with water wally wizzle faces the evil wizard in a great and epic magical battle never put the curse on me lord lizard face oh yes ice cream hyde what's so funny now sorry norman it just doesn't seem magical at all does it? you want magic I'll show you magic special effects kickback take this Mr.
Lizard spinning Turn it off and Tom you're not back with the right CD for hours. This is a new overpriced trash can. Turn it off now and that's an honor. I'm sorry, Norris. I'm afraid I can't do it right. I will, oh, a wizard. The battle has sparked a forest fire in the mountains and it is spreading rapidly. I think it will be one of those days where there are flares and dry grass. It's not a good combination. Norman. Sorry, firefighter. Sam. I was just trying to be extra magical. Do you know what it would be? really magical if you stay out of trouble for the rest of the day the final scene will be hazard free I promise, well I hope so and now the big blue flag scene take one, no norm, that zip line is really higher, everything it's part of my mega magical special effects i want this movie to go viral remember i want so many hits i break the internet the only thing you'll break is your leg i'll be fine i'm an ace director oh i can't watch have you calibrated the search beacon i'm just eating my sandwiches I have ham and pickles uh professor piccoli, I mean professor pickles, I can't seem to find my coordinate data, can I remind you that we are a secret society that we can't keep losing our wings?
I put mine in a ring binder fixed to the Andromeda system. Now I look at the sky if those are the correct coordinates, professor, all we can see is a cloud. Well, it looks very clear further away. It would be if we could get a few miles off the coast. We can set the goal, but how would we make one of those work? Perfect. Gather the equipment. Nothing will stop us tonight. Pick it up. Thanks, Firefighter Sam. Sorry, firefighter. Sam, you two must know how dangerous it is. it's being near the cliffs when it's getting dark we didn't have torches torches won't save you from danger norman why are you out so late i think we'd better tell him who we are eh do it norman otherwise known as agent price and agent sparks pointy panty mysteries investigators believe that a mysterious group of people are trying to contact aliens and coordinate the invasion of the moonmen we were just trying to follow them when norman got too close to the cliffs why is it always mostly my fault because it's something I know you don't believe us, but look, we found this hmm, that's a little strange, you come back up, Sam, uh, penniless, you go back to the station, I Make sure the


come back safe and sound and maybe help them with their research.
We will take the oars. Hey, Bronny, it's okay, Dad, everyone's a little tight beyond the clouds. Quite a strong tide tonight. Dad, we know James, you hate bankruptcy. bridges that cross ravines but you're almost here I've got you now it's just me to go let me show you look how Sean Big Tea stopped you what's that sheep doing what shape does it look like it's eating the rope no no no no no no no no no go away sheep come on tom you're a wild man I can't go out I think we better call the farm and Sam I can't see anything neither can I with my eyesight master 2000 what are you doing right?
It doesn't look like they managed to find a toy for the little prince, oh, but it looks like Denise managed to sell them a jar of pickles at a deli with discount oil. She'll be glad she was trying to use them before they came out, oh, them. I'm leaving Tom Thomas is stuck on a rock ledge and has injured his shoulder Tom Thomas is stuck on a rock ledge and has injured his shoulder Roger, that sir, um, but sir, if Tom is stuck on a ledge, who Will the rescue helicopter fly? I can fly a helicopter oh, I'll get you as close as I can, almost there, but that's not the key, that's the lighthouse and we're heading straight for the rocks, ah, shut up dad, I can't hold on, the waves are too big .
The first rule of search and rescue the higher you go the further you can see take it up Tom I see them they are near the lighthouse James is in trouble we need to get that pass grab it James I can't reach it. It's one of me too take the harness um there's no time for me to have you james I'll take it from here sarah you three hold on okay penny everything's good here sam I'll bring the other three back to the key, can anyone beat me? up please no one can you stay where you are first you took a boat that didn't belong to you then you didn't tell anyone where you were going im sorry


and sarah just because you can handle the controls on a boat doesn't mean you're Sorry sailor,


sam, I have to take some of the blame.
I should have tied up Neptune at the ocean rescue center before lunch. Yes, you should be. I know the call of Bronwman's fish bites is strong. but he tries to resist in the future, but we got all the alien bugs that I didn't, so I hope that means this whole predicament is over. Being safe is more important than playing. You must pay attention to what is around you. They just released a new game alien bug hunt 2 legend of the mega beetle another starship voyage norman price we will boldly go where no boy or girl has gone before don't scare me thunder like that silly zombie movie oh james phew for one maybe it's good to see you oh hi norman oh no you've turned into us like a zombie a pontypandy zombie a bundy get away from me bundy what's wrong with norman?
Haven't you seen someone with a winter bug before oh it must be the coldest night of winter? I can't wait for summer to come, when the sun is nice and hot, come and show up, wake up, find out what's going on here. Sorry sir, the team was just singing a little. Well, why didn't anyone tell me this? The song is my favorite Norman, best to stay away from it. Hannah has been infected. Can't I visit? I've been locked up all day. It's not a good idea. Love. Could you give your book to Norman. Oh no, the zombies are getting closer.
Do you want Norman? I'm trying to watch a zombie horror movie. I'll tell you what's really scary. Mandy James and Hannah have become pontypandy zombies. They are ponies. Oh, come on, Norman. Everyone knows that zombies are not real. Are they barricaded? the doors and windows hide quickly upstairs oh phil where is she? You're a bundy no, I'm not norman I just think I'm getting sick that's the first sign of being a pondy

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