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Waffengewalt in den USA I auslandsjournal stories

Aug 16, 2022
washington dc almost every day a person is shot to death in the capital of the americas when he was shot the bullets were so powerful his eyes bulged out young people shooting each other when i left the army i realized washington is worse that a war zone kids caught between the fronts you started shooting and they hit you on the scene rappi singing about violence and living dangerously they surrendered themselves men i have friends who are in prison friends are in the grave corona pandemic has risen even more the homicide rate i have been living for a year in washington i want to know why gun violence is part of everyday life here and to meet people who are constantly confronted with it because violence is also ubiquitous in my neighborhood i am on my way to house and there are police everywhere the street is cordoned off something must be happening again it's later I find out about an 18 year old I shot four shootings at a busy intersection a man has to go to the hospital injured the next day i am on my way to work now i know there were a total of 4 shootings in the city the day before the balance sheet two dead four injured everyday life in washington in states united nearly 21,000 people were shot dead last year around 40,000 injured washington is one of the cities with the steepest slope we started shooting this film on the outskirts of the capital just over 20 minutes by car from the capitol a shopping center in the southeast district one of the poorest in washington violence has been the order of the day here for a long time my colleague annette and i have an appointment with a grandmother who is mourning the loss of her grandson petra anderson her grandson dimitri was filmed right here where only 111 letters the photo reminds it here it is i have to get stuck again coming here it's a tour de force for the subway so far she has this or rt avoided too painful dimitri was only 23 years old it was said at that time there were a total of 13 shots a policeman came out of there after the twelfth shot he ran but the killer escaped the body was left there discovered the cell phone is full of memories her shows us a video of dimitri a message to the family at that moment he was shot for the first time dimitri continued dealing with the subway police tells us about the robbery selling on the black market because he was shot criminal authorities are investigating when he was shot The force of the bullets was so strong that you think your eyes popped out of your head how many times can someone shoot you not once or twice you were shot six times in the head we are surprised by the seriousness with which you describe the brutality distanced for fear of break up while we are talking to someone a woman you know from before walks by, she lives around the corner and has the n afternoon heard the shots suddenly shared her own story my son died two years ago not here in the other neighborhood you know how it is here this woman also tells about her son's death almost as a side note long after we realize it was a way of self-protection is i know exactly how you feel metro is at the end of her strength we offer to take her home her apartment is in a ghetto where only blacks live white people don't want to live who lives here can hardly do extremes they meet poverty is depressing we don't want to go back to see three of them learn more about their lives, but first we have to review this day too it almost feels like sometimes there's so much tension in the air and you have to make sure you don't stay there for too long and film, everyone looks around the corner, everyone pays attention to what's going on around you, so I think this feeling that there's something there is also real in the air and we don't just feel that way everyone notices we're here in the public eye this can happen anytime we want to understand why deadly weapons are so common our research leads us into rap culture where wannabe gangsters make quick money and deadly weapons glorify near death heims is the only one on the scene willing to talk to us wants to show us his world again bad conditions he never came out of what it was like growing up here completely crazy you have to be careful all the time wherever you go whenever what it happens in front of the cameras, i can't even talk about it, you can't talk about it in front of the cameras, yeah, that's not possible, he has a family. he himself is wife and two kids in the neighborhood everyone knows him that's why it's safe enough for us and also for him walking around here with the camera bullet holes in the boarded up windows i ask him why are they shooting drug gangs crime but it's much more mundane anything can be happening fight with his family fight with his enemies you have to live with it it's easy to take care of yourself when you're here and pay close attention to what's going on around you you have to be constantly vigilant that's why i said you better not stay here for so long you got in trouble before of course i was a kid and all kids get in trouble it's all about how you deal with it you got your own gun no i don't have a license of guns if i have one i will get a gun if someone wants to hurt me i can hurt them too my friends are in jail some are in the grave i try not to get mad i want to be angry there for my kids he worked like he wanted to do the right thing today even if it means doing odd jobs he can't live off his music behind the facades of these houses a lot of his own guns he knows that too of course we can't find anyone to talk to us about it, it's clear that you can't talk about something like that in public, anyone who talks about it is committing a crime, do you understand that? they are not allowed to admit it, otherwise they might go straight to the police and say that's it, lock me up longer, you know the rules of this world, you have found your place in it, anyone who wants to escape the poverty of lack of perspectives.
waffengewalt in den usa i auslandsjournal stories
He doesn't have many opportunities Criminal businesses promise quick money If he manages to resist we'll find him again How can he be a way out of this daily violence in the city's ghettos It can end fatally just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time The children are still trapped too between the fronts of all places in the united states one of the most powerful rich countries in the world with every hour child shot or shot giovanna hds social worker ella verso tries to keep children and young people away from this danger and prevent themselves from taking weapons instead of fighting or getting angry but first of all do some deep relaxation exercises sport all these are brief consolations and it's a feat of strength to keep the kids together it works chaotic we also notice many here don't know peace or stability we drive with giovanna to his office in the city center on wednesdays he organizes a kind of night school there í in the classroom something like calm finally returns how do you like the afternoons with mistreatment Suisse Hardy when we with Miss Hardy here we are safe because you weapons violence not even people lose their lives every day we have children my friend he was shot just two days ago i think how old he was 13 is his name at the hospital they called him he did survive only those of you know someone who got shot so all of you brothers friends some of us have too i lost your father there is a lack of money distraction good schools for psychological and social help here you can only be children for two three hours as I know how to be a happy exuberant child I like you a lot but I also know that both of you are victims in your daily life you told me that one of your sons brought a ten year old to school with a gun where does a ten year old get a gun from it's through the neighborhoods it's dangerous even walking outside you can become a target families need to protect themselves to feel safe and a gun means safety but guns are not always kept in a safe place and as a result children too ghana has been in the military for a long time four years ago he started his initiative against gun violence when i left the military i realized that washington is worse than some war zones of course washington is not a war zone but i understand that these children feel a similar fear i live in a city where children and youth a they often become criminals shooters are getting younger in washington last year there were 227 deaths in shootings, the highest number in 18 years let's talk to the police they ignored our inquiries for weeks we heard about a neighborhood meeting between the police and the property management and local residents want to talk because people are shooting here too but before we can start suddenly te this message just happened again there were two shootings one first ten minutes ago a young man was shot in the head he has now we can hardly believe we are this close to a shooting again everywhere we go its not a coincidence , also believes, Brian Mcloughlin, the property manager against Corona, we were all in lockdown, there was pent up frustration. even depression anxiety and some people become d more aggressive and angry that's why we're also seeing a clear increase in gun violence something like this happened today just sad that's why you want to show your presence this afternoon sign that you don't tolerate violence here we are not allowed To ask any question to the policemen, we will accompany you in this facility, which seems to be a student residence, appearances are deceiving, the playground is new, but children can rarely use it, it is a pity what is happening. here and no one does anything about it that's also the reason why many local residents don't let out their houses or don't let their kids out they're scared i understand bullets don't have eyes loretta carey has been living for over 30 years beer she demands more police presence so the police can help if she calls them to come but they can't be in five places at the same time they usually only come after something has happened you can n Not know ahead of time when something is going to happen, after all, cameras have been installed in the meantime, cops can explain this, but they can prevent shootings, cameras can't just give in, can't just give in, we can't prevent guns, at most, behavior so that people don't use guns anymore, the shootings are moving to the next neighborhood where there are no cameras, we can't film there anymore, it's too dangerous for us.
waffengewalt in den usa i auslandsjournal stories

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It took weeks before we finally got an interview with the Washington police. We have an appointment with the deputy chief of police. He only has 15 minutes for us. they are so busy absolutely every day there are reports of shootings and the police follow up on every one of these reports we try to get it together on site as soon as possible reassure you protection always jü shootings are becoming more and more common why there is a lot going on when george freud was murdered a few years ago it did a lot of damage to the reputation of the police and there were also less police officers on the street which reduced cooperation with police authorities was not good it is improving a bit right now but we still have to trusting a lot only a few days after our interview with the police i passed another crime scene on my way home my apartment around the corner two young men have in the subway station shot on top of each other one has to go to the hospital with serious injuries the longer we work on this film the more comfortable I feel I start to avoid the subway station at the same time time, I am aware that I can escape from many others.
waffengewalt in den usa i auslandsjournal stories
I don't want to go back to Nitra, whose grandson, Dimitri, was shot. I know how to deal with this great loss. she invited us to her apartments everything reminds dimitri look at everything today she doesn't take care of her children these are her children i will take care of her babies god kept me here and i had her reason children are the reason we chose i raise children from kindergarten with mithra la bonne's daughter and i have to go through a dangerous area how do you deal with all this that's hard for me it happens very often in this area but if it happens to you it's definitely something different it gets real put a holster a holster look here i didn't see it at all there's gunshots almost every day when the bonne picks up the kids we have a moment to let events sink in it gives you something to think about so i guess it's all the way you like it with that and I think it's also this short distance here, so we have balls thrown on the way to school.
waffengewalt in den usa i auslandsjournal stories
Dimitri's children are only four and five years old. t the normality of this scene is deceiving as the ice cream truck plays its melody in the background we feel a change of mood while watching from the surrounding houses it is dangerous to walk this way so we shouldn't be here for that long long for far too long black men like dimitri die on average 17 years earlier than whites in washington besides gun violence there are other reasons we see on our trips through the slums here bad health care fresh food scarce as are good schools,ghettos are for centuries injustices arose structural racism many people are left behind by the system the result is often alcoholism drug abuse crime and a spiral of violence guns are easy to get in the united states, for example in stores like this just a ten minute drive away washington city limits car guns for the nightstand drawer semi automatic machine guns with hundreds of shots per minute show us your statement why do people buy those guns for self defense?
What do you have to prove to buy such a weapon? show your driver's license and a form, I'll make a copy later Check the reason if positive, you can take the gun home the same day in Washington, gun laws are a little stricter, a semi-automatic pistol like this wouldn't be allowed as soon as he puts the first gun in my hand. wrong i have no idea what i need to watch out for yes there is never someone pointing the gun at someone and keeping their fingers off the trigger ok but the gun is not loaded or correct but even if its not It's loaded, you should treat it like it's loaded I've never held a gun in my hand.
The next one you give me is really allowed everywhere even in Washington. Of course, but my arms are shaking. Michael is interested in a 9mm. He just got his firearms license. Why do you need them mainly for protection? I wanted to see what you have here. to be able to protect myself properly at home why do you need a gun at home? It can get pretty crazy like this in some areas I don't trust most people so for safety reasons buying and owning guns is part of American reality and culture 350 million firearms inside There are more private people than people inside and that's just the legal part an endless amount of guns are being resold illegally so you didn't have a gun in your hand that's horrible that was a really weird feeling and at the same time i think it has but it also made it so normal that you could buy it there and hold it in your hand.
He spoke calmly and matter-of-factly on this subject, which perhaps also made it clear that for very, very many Americans the issue of guns was not an issue either. We often associate this emotionality with that, so I'm stuck on the catfish. n I also had the feeling that we come from completely different worlds to me there is no reason you need a semi automatic weapon or a machine gun for example violence is no longer just a problem of the poor neighborhoods in the suburbs of washington they too they are black in the hips scene district upstairs where it first became visible to privileged people like me curtis mozy has been experiencing this violence for almost 30 years his house is a kind of museum in which he documents how many of his friends they were shot every year a picture hangs here for every friend i lost name and the year he died from 1980 to 2021 this year there were eight people this is a crazy memorial it used to be a safe house a place where young people from the area came to have fun where they were safe there was a truce in körpers today the sons of the men on the wall are as old as their fathers when they were shot it is getting worse your fathers had a better chance ities there are more and more guns and the will to use them for decades he filmed the guys who came to him for fun at first but at some point it got more serious when they got shot you could make movies of them to remember them for their family he even documented their death.
These are photos I can barely stand. A family in the hospital. A seriously injured brother. I have to do it for the families of the man I want because but that's exactly what we need because no one because we know I'm used to it too it's just a black man no no no that's a person who was loved by someone who makes it real it could be my brother that's not just a number exactly why i'm doing this but at some point goethe's that many sorrows couldn't stand his psy chiaters diagnosis post traumatic stress syndrome a diagnosis many on the scene would probably hear but very few seek help many are traumatized by violence on the streets or in their own families they take care of themselves with alcohol or drugs or become violent themselves why people like curtis have to fight for self sacrifice are they supporting the city these questions have been on our minds for a while but our requests for interviews are rejected we spontaneously handle from a press conference the mayor marion browser is under pressure her poll numbers are plummeting i have a question for the mayor people fear with rising crime and falling washington approval ratings the city is doing enough to i just said the number of homicides and carjackings is up and people want their mayor to do something about it we are looking for new partnerships and seeing progress in each city push carefully to make sure what doesn't works solve the problem verbiage there are no concrete solutions we will try again how politics wants to prevent violence in a specific way but we do not get more precise answers the city seems defenseless in the face of armed violence we revisit him dead since he wants to get out of the lack of prospects poverty but he has to find their own way crime promises quick money but wenger wants to resist everyone has to e make a decision about it he sings what kind of decisions are it about what decisions you make imagine a friend comes to me he stole me i don't think it's good you have to make decisions he makes a new decision every day he says he writes songs every days this was only written in the morning it stays out of trouble referred to anyway the euro is amazing and you know why i'm always home you will never see me out alone when i walk to the studio who stays in home is safe whoever has an occupation is safe that reminds me of curtis bangert heims safe house he wants the world to hear his songs about ghetto life with rapping becoming famous seems like winning the lottery to me but it shows the few chances that many of us here have that we will meet netra one last time she is in the cemetery it is always a difficult road for her here her grandson dimitri is buried by a tombstone that money has not been yes enough so far the only good thing is i don't have to worry anymore dimitri is redeemed but this city is hell washington is to me it almost sounds like he's done with his own life but then i ask him about dimitri's children your great grandchildren do you think that the children are going to have a better time one day or are you worried that the spiral of violence will never end I have to stay with them while he protects you we have to learn weapons we don't have weapons at home a weapon was taken from my grandson we don't play with weapons outdoors at first i wondered why gun violence is such a big part of everyday american life the answer i know now it's hard to crush poverty or racism or a spiral of violence that has been going around for generations that makes it so hard for people like dimitri and banger escape the fight against gun violence seems to be a fight that can hardly be won

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