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United B787-10 Polaris Business and Premium Plus Review

Jul 11, 2021
- Welcome to the latest United 787-10. - Hi, welcome aboard. - Hello. - Where are you sitting? - I'm 11 alpha. - 11 alpha, this way. - Thank you, you are welcome. (upbeat synth music) - Good morning, I'm Captain Eric Goldbach and with me is my first officer. - Lori Medicus. - Today we fly the 787-10. It is the newest model in the fleet for us and has been running for a couple of weeks. It's an amazing plane, the technology behind it is incredible and we're carrying a lot more passengers, and the plane itself has some new features. One of the main ones is, and it is not yet activated, the traffic tools, where we can track other planes and their specific flight numbers, and the airline they are actually working for.
united b787 10 polaris business and premium plus review
The other thing is that it is much longer. We transport more than 300 people and it is a very comfortable plane. Today we are going to Newark. We are flying 4 hours and 15 minutes. It's about 15 minutes less than our normally scheduled flight time. We will be sailing at 37,000 feet and we have a good tailwind today. I've seen as much as 720 knots above ground speed. That was the flight we took the other day from, I think it was Shanghai. - Captain, tell me what the difference is, like flying the dash 10 compared to the 787-8 or the dash 9. - Well, start with the taxi outside.
united b787 10 polaris business and premium plus review

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united b787 10 polaris business and premium plus review...

We have a much longer plane, so taxiing through the airport is like a triple seven. That's how long it is. The differences are quite minor. The fuel load is almost the same as the dash 9. The flight characteristics are very similar. It's a little easier to land. We have a main landing gear that droops a bit. So it softens the landing, makes it easier for all of us. It's longer, carries more people, and there are some minor differences inside the cabin for us, but overall it's very similar to everyone else. - Hello how are you. - Hello. - Good to see you. - Good thing you called me, today is my last day. - Where are you going? - I'm going to retire. - Congratulations. - Actually? - Yes, today is my last day. - Is today your last day? - Yes Yes Yes. - How old, Papa Joe? - 33 years. -He brought us sweets for his retirement. - Oh Lord. - Oh Lord. - Are you emotional? - Oh really? - We will miss you. - I'm not very happy. - Let me give you a hug. (laughs) - Oh, my God. - Hello, where are you sitting, sir? - Hey guys, I'm with Papa Joe's candy vendor here at United Airlines. - Yes, I'll show you why, here's the candy. - Here it is, everyone come to LAX.
united b787 10 polaris business and premium plus review
I'm going to Papa Joe's, he'll give you all the Hershey's and all the chocolates and candies here. - Here you have. - Tell me what you really do at United Air. - I am a mechanic. - Oh, are you a mechanic? - Yeah - Well, you're also a candy man, great. - Well, that's what I'm really good at. - Very good. - Take a photo? (laughs) - He set me up. - My neighbor's children call me Papa Joe, Papa Joe. - 32, happy retirement, Papa Joe. - Thank you (alarm sounds) - Welcome aboard United flight 2418 to Newark today 787-10.
united b787 10 polaris business and premium plus review
Here is a very good seat with a view of the engine: 11 alpha. Look outside. Don't forget the slap belt here. (plane engine roar) (upbeat music) - Here's your Miller, sir. - Thank you so much. - Hello good morning. Did you have a chance to look at the menu? We have two options today. We have a savory quiche and we also have a brioche soufflé. - Brioche soufflé, please. - Brioche souffle, it's a great choice. - So currently the 787-10 is doing a national run. There are many good deals if you book in advance. Check out these great deals here. - Therefore, the 787-10 is currently doing domestic transactions between Newark and Los Angeles, and San Francisco as of February 14.
If you book early, you can get a


class seat starting at $599. It's a great deal and you can always look at the seat map to select your favorite seat like I did. I just want to show you the comforts this plane has. Here I have the blanket from Saks Fifth Avenue. And I also have this nice pillow from Saks Fifth Avenue here. And also a small bag of toiletries here. (uplifting music) Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, the year of the pig. So I want to wish you all a very healthy and prosperous Year of the Pig.
Gong hei fat choi. (speaks in a foreign language) I'm bothering the crew in the middle galley here, here's Kelly, she's the galley operator right now. Busy serving all our breakfast, and Tiara is the server here. - Hello. Hey, and it's your first time, like me, - Yes. - United 787-10. - If it's my first time. We are all very excited to be on the plane. - So far, so good? - Yes, it's beautiful, I love it - Ready for breakfast, Sam? - Yes absolutely. - So, what we do is try to make it look nice for our passengers to enjoy. - What is this food here, this is? - This is the Southwestern omelette.
It has a potato and sweet potato hash and it has a chicken sausage. Not to forget the bun. - This is our healthy cereal option with some fresh fruit yogurt and we put a bun on it too. Usually it's Cornflakes, sometime it might be Rice Krispies. - What kind of sauce is this? Is this a salty or is this like? - No, it's actually a cream sauce, it's a cream cheese sauce - Oh, cream cheese. - And it also has a berry compote. (plane engine roar) - Here you go, sir. - Thank you. - You are welcome. - We don't have to set from 350 to 180, it's automated and that's what I like.
We don't have to guess. We don't have to rotate meals. Now the ovens are automated, the cooking temperature is uniform throughout the oven. - Kelly is actually preparing my meals. It's not often that you see your meals being prepared in the kitchen, but this is my meal here. - Ta-da! - Ta-da! (upbeat music) - Here you go. (upbeat music) - I'm not a big breakfast guy, but I actually really like this brioche, sweet and soft. (upbeat music) - So I hit the


plus, which is the new


part of the 787-10 on United. Here is Moe and I want to ask you how you found this seat here. - We did some good research online and found out about your new premium plus.
In fact, we bought the upgrade. - Oh, you bought an upgrade here. - Yes, and the membership. The annual memberships you can own buy economy – oh, the economy and economy plus membership. So we have them and you can take eight people. - This is a good


because before they used it for international flights for domestic trans-con, they gave it for free. So you're very lucky that you got here, sitting here for free. - Yes, I'm very happy with him. - Very good, great. - Feels like business class. - Okay, if you give me your seat I'll try it.
Is she your daughter? - That's my daughter, yes. - Hi how are things? - Say hello. Let me try. Hey, these seats recline pretty well, it's pretty decent in here, good legroom. Moe's family owns this whole place. They took 16 seats out of 21 in this booth here. - Yes - On the way to LA you were 18 of 21 - We were 18. It's almost like flying private, Sam. - Like the whole family, this is amazing. You know if you have a large family you can have a whole cabin to yourself here. - You have to book in advance but it's worth it. - Say cheese.
Hello. Everyone in Economy Plus gets this meal for free. They are blueberry pancakes with turkey sausage and pineapple with grapes and Chobani yogurt. - Now meals are free in Economy plus - Yes, it's great, yes. - And cousin plus. - Well, only in economy class they continue to pay for their meals. - Yes, exactly. - Well. - Good, now you have to pick up the trash. - Pick up the trash of course. - Now we have to separate the recycling. - Cleaning bathroom? - Yes that's how it is. - With this apron you have to start doing the dirty work.
Now I become the stewardess, an honorary stewardess on this flight. - What are you doing standing up, go to work? - Go to work. (Laughter) Serving water. - That one only has enough to gargle, you have to put more in that one. - Oh, which one? - Just there. - This, yes, this is not enough. - I couldn't gargle with that. - Oh, sure. - Here goes Sam. (plane engine roar) - No thanks. This is a cool apron, you know. He's got these two little flight attendant pockets here. Inside they put their treats like handkerchiefs and napkins.
Cream tea and sugar? - Yes, thanks. Beautiful, it's good not to have to work. - You are hired. - It's great that you're hired. - My husband passed away seven years ago and it was sudden. He was unexpected. I was not there, I had no notice. I was not sick, it was a very sad situation and the people who helped me get back to work were the flight attendants. - Here yes. -The people I work with and financially were very difficult after he passed away and there is a foundation called the Couse Foundation. - Course Foundation. - Couse, C-O-U-S-E and flight attendants donate their own money directly from their pay package every month. - And this foundation helps people get back on track, especially the industry. - Those flight attendants come over and help their own. - You can adjust the window sash on the entertainment screen.
In my opinion, the entertainment system on the 787-10 is the best in the entire United fleet. A beautiful large touch screen is at your fingertips. There is a relaxation mode. You can customize the music and pictures together, which I think is great. (soft upbeat music) By the way, I really like this knob here. You can turn this knob to make it completely flat. This is also a good position to watch TV. And now I'm going completely flat. It's actually very narrow when you go completely flat. So there's a good trick to get more comfortable is to turn, so this is really good if you sleep on your side. - Interested in a sandwich today? - Sure - We have the turkey with cheddar wrap or a hummus and cucumber sandwich with tomato. - I'll have the second. - The second (upbeat music) (plane engine roar) - Welcome to Newark Liberty International Airport.
Local time is 15:44. (upbeat music) - Thank you, bye now. - Bye see you. - Thank you, have a good day. - Bye bye. - Normally, when we do our walks, we make our way around the plane. Checking the equipment and everything related to safety. (engine roaring) So we usually go out there and just look at the broad outlines as far as maintenance issues. The mechanics are also going to take a tour, and we're just looking at the general inspection of the engines, make sure there's no damage there or any kind of fluid leak under the engine.
Most of the holes and things for the packages, we look at that, making sure nothing is clogged or blocked. We'll come here and check the ride, check the brakes. Making sure there are no flat tires, that kind of thing. You'll notice we don't have a lot of hydraulic lines on this plane right now because it's highly electric. So you see the black wires, they're electrical and we have very few hydraulic lines going through here and you can see that. Make sure there is no damage along the leading edge of the wings. Checking for fuel leaks. You never want to get in his way because he's flushing the toilet. (upbeat music) - Welcome to the Polaris Lounge at Newark Airport.
There is a beautiful view with full dining here. - I've seen you before on YouTube. I swear to God when I get bored at night and I'll put YouTube on all night, and then I look at you, he goes to all these places. - Jack, right? - I'm on YouTube. - This is the waiter from Polaris, Jack. - Would you like something spectacular? - Yes - What do you like to drink, which is your favorite? - I'll go buy your special. What you can do. - This is Bartender Jack's special in Newark here. - This is our delicious Lemon spritzer. - Lemon soda. - Go, go, go, be careful. - Wow, I spilled it again. - It was that good. - Yes, that's good, good. (laughs) - Spilling everywhere.
And here is my beautiful waitress Karen. - Hello how are you? -Karen was taking care of me in the living room, in the dining room and she brought me one, what is this Karen? - This is our homemade banana cake. - Homemade banana cake With our homemade dark chocolate pudding. - Dark chocolate. (running water) (sound) (burst)

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