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This Girl is CRAZY... (Pokemon Isle of Armor DLC)

Jul 04, 2021
de watts bike mrs diglett coach


ed station master dojo ok


ain't like a huge place but mate you complain come on oh wait let me see if I can get some of those were candy sorry no I liked it. Back in the swing of things. I want to sort by name. Oh, that's so much better. I have elves. I would also lower them if I used one. dude holy cow you know it's ready i was learning water pulse absolutely never ever dude i deliver her that you really have a good water


do you want us with you? um i think acids aren't going to be great yawn its a really good annoying engine like that posting




level 45 might do it for the memes but i mean what its not headbutt too you on i dont think i'm going to use disable Do I even remember the password?
this girl is crazy pokemon isle of armor dlc
No but you didn't have oh yeah 100 percent let's get rid of disable I don't think I want to use disable you know the music is really cool I love it there's slow at level 60 oh oh yeah maybe we could do that instead we should do that instead just catch one of the big 1890's ok we just catch from the others I definitely want to though I'm slow because I like the UM like the others we just use a candy ok , I've read those things stuck on my phone, I'm not going to get some water, right? also wait wait so this is a new wall area is there a way to zoom out they used to be oh there we are wow beautiful she has a bit around here Buneary max revived nice old fishing spots - Abra berry trees those are new aren't they?
this girl is crazy pokemon isle of armor dlc

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this girl is crazy pokemon isle of armor dlc...

I'm tripping I might be tripping not really Barry it's definitely not new I'm a jerk ah a new procore that's what I was thinking that's what I was thinking Shaker more so you can do you can make pokeballs now I have Lum berry pink April corn Pecha berries beaut I just want to explore this a bit this place is beautiful we caught it Oh big Polo yes give me that money I care to use my bike. Hello, it's ok. I didn't mean to whistle. I didn't mean to do that. Guys. How do I use my bike? go the way Gentlemen I go I go straight for it slow I might have to take a bag seat for a year while a calcium come on yo this new wild area ain't some kind of what is that what is it?
this girl is crazy pokemon isle of armor dlc
I'm going to let it come to me. What's that? Oh, it's a bone-sick Sharpedo. Sharpedo is also nice from Sharpedo. We have a sharp chopping current attacking our sharks this time attacking us too. They are ready to play. Wait, I'm trying to think about what we're missing from our team. The water site. it was not very effective mr. rime is




Sharpedo blacked out guys let me catch up on all these because I feel bad I'm missing you guys hey Chang you've done your bits penny mouth single under bits too I don't have an address right now might be able to point soon No i know if you tag me on instagram the way i searched for it but i couldnt find it my instagram is just dantdm so make sure you have the right one ok right this may think i found your bits oscar what you know your bits too bits on your break at work This is a big pleasant surprise Glad I hope all goes well for you anything for the 100 bit mac mini on your awesome game a hundred thanks uk travel tips don't do it now you have to staying in quarantine for two weeks let's talk like some kind of school trip or something I really don't know I don't know this one coming after me stay away from you please no how do you escape this the things?
this girl is crazy pokemon isle of armor dlc
Why are they protecting this? Oh no, get in the net Get on the ground Get on the ground Stay away I just want to talk this way Lord stop, look, look down the road, look, can you think of learning bits? You got me thinking about lower level 45 pokemon you're right you're not the first person you'll get away from me I'm just very fast and the sharp eaters are after me this is the second stream in a row I've been attacked by a pretty shock fireball bag of stardust i'll take it energy tricked him give me that so diable it's new i don't want to do it this way sir im going to put it away real quick just again in case i kill him or miss i might try using a diving ball on him sure Anyway, Lord would be sick, okay, I think you've scanned your bit, you think you've learned your bit page, hang your thunder bits.
Also you haven't even played it yet oh you need to get on that tick tock boy thanks for the heart for the gifts of the two bonus subs Oscar thank you. the hundred little bits joseph thank you so much offers probably not ah well commands i want to talk to you do the only thing that matters to me there's your eye your shiny little eye i worked your shiny little eye oh he's awesome i love him shiny that would be awesome though ah he's level 80 oh no wait um i wasn't ready level 18 redeem your mystery gift oh yeah i need to do that too i'm gonna put the ball down and see what happens mr.
Ryan could take the big hit right now big dodgy if I catch him right the points your big thick Sam the waffle give the hundred bits I'll remember that thanks if you just do special defense surged actually that's kind of useful I'm going in my this is bad news was meant to catch a sloth too oh jeez no nut slot doesn't look good either way kitkat thanks edge of it's minecraft thanks phone your bits it's a joke jim i think you mean jim i don't know a someone named Jim Jim even Kenny thanks for your snippets after we kiss you the top tier wicked stories thanks for Prime sorry it took me a while to get to the unifications guys sorry seven python thanks for both of you months. re guy thing tier one offender one hundred bits re guy two hundred bits and then tax thanks the four months will go to ultramatic hard core i7 thats the time to play it recent name and play a bunch of other stuff please dont kill it please don't kill it ok tha it's alright let's find this funny so it's this way no Nuzlocke no way squirt oh that's really powerful well it's scary for a deal that's a sick animation i attack it again just got a dip for a poker something different will work especially on catching critters it won't live underwater I'd have an idea per dog I think it will work great if I hit it again I'll hit with a plunge because I'm not sure JG Brit they'll give you your share the change came this morning and I'll get on pokemon sword good choice enjoy it it's a very very good game die ok y'all said die for something to do it might mask the bullet but i don't think it will gonna do that dipole coming in stay inside yeah i didnt think it was going to work come on i need a nickname for this guy i know i said i wasnt going to nickname them slow its getting big right now i keep opening that yeah , guys were the right yells for you whale properties will be added to pokedex he was added to the cake wait he didn't let me nickname him wait for a second stop oh it's because I have it turned off uh-oh I need to go to the pokemon center to rename it lemme see what my moves he has very fast welcome welcome thick boy dodgy or thick boy I don't know what to call him his HP stat is so high he also has rest hydraulic pump and water jets which is actually a good whoop 100 50 100 oh that's really crazy 150 hundred I'm going to have to do it I'm going to make a pole for it I would make a pole for that why if we don't have rounds here that was one which was a pleasant surprise tentacle genius feather well let's c Careful I don't get attacked by too many of these blades it's so dojo up there I'm getting a little distracted by Pokémon right now.
I don't know where he gets this from. Something different. Let me leave my other slot open. We have the Wailord, which I definitely want to keep for now. if they don't attack me and then we head to the pokemon center there must be a pokemon center here somewhere e all the way the other pokemon needs to be the new one let's go to the dojo let's go to the dojo and then i'm scared of these trainers to be honest with you i guess that the dojo very quickly so I'm going to get to some guy going to a Pokémon Center very quickly.
I haven't seen one yet, which worries me a bit. I'm starting to slow us down. Oh, is that King mo or moody? I'm trying to see your face. Could you come in here? There's a purple down there too that's a uh, what's it called stout land? is that stout land. I think it is. I want that right now I'm going to go big purple though for sure and we need to get apricots too so if you didn't know that in the older games April corns you would give it to a guy named Curt and he would. certain pokeballs of them so you can get the special balls using the april grains which is really cool and it depends on the different colors why ri tap it three times i'm done call it gummies that's a great name ok we up here another ball from poker it's that brother buneary klefki it's all coming back to me now hi son all good actually i'd have one of those before abra im going to go on that purple raid oh chauncey oh chauncey and jigglypuff whats that piglet piglet egg take me take it cava cava dig late Oh piglet you're here rydym you know Roscoe was worried about you imagine Diglett running away from you now it's too inconvenient Thank you for finding my Diglett don't worry oh that's from Lola you're right oh I didn't expect this to meet someone that I knew that's right, this is developing for me a lot of region when I traveled in a lot I fell in love with these adorable three Hey I caught Diglett a lot at the I went and came back but then somewhere but they went somewhere when I looked away for a second anyway you found a big lie buried in the grounds we definitely have talent.
For finding Diglett if he's okay If you find all the other Diglett, ah, a fetch. What a kind person you are. The words expressed how grateful I am to have found him. Would you get for that 150? Are you tripping? No, I'm going on those raids and don't stop me. This third thing z2 things. I'm going to find 150 Diglett, there must be a good reward for that as I wonder. if there's a better shiny amulet, maybe that would be great, right, that's the dojo we should go to. Will he block me? Do not block. Sounds like you have an amazing bike.
Let me customize it. bike maintenance join me in customizing your bike with the design and say yeah what design guys black or white black or white whatever y'all want to do it's time Paul what color white black start voting number one is white to your black, vote you little punks. please joseph how did you create the fake video to the end and bro ow minecraft it's a camera that stays still and then i stay on either side and then split it in half so the camera doesn't move little tricks like that discreet thanks junior 45 bit greatly appreciated anti thinking my man Coco the two months of roblox on glitches I'm not doing much more showing right now if I have some cool stuff I do but there aren't many to be honest with you res or thanks for these 300 bits and Benny Mouse hanging on your bits too, oh great I'll check it out thanks hey it's something otj with 300 bits and I'm stuck looks like black is definitely the winner glossy black is thanks guys 82% wanted wanted black very good thanks by upvoting my friends let me back this up so i definitely need a mess in my stuff ok we have your bike will be showered with a special coating wait a second oh its a bmx bike the bike from AC rrera is now shiny black come back any time in a different custom y'all nice choice oh that oh i didn't mean to do that who i ran over a klefki sorry he's sick wow oh dude she was my inner Tony Hawk on a BMX.
I was the game that was a BMX game. Matt something common. if it were look at my helmet i look like a motocross helmet thats cool i love it thats awesome she might let me through yeah its the eye its all the way there the bmx game there was a bmx game that was like tony hawk tickets oh god but it was BMX my Carmen board it was great Quagsire a bull Philon it's a cute little book we come with scores I'm not totally Hawk but Tony Hawk was a great POG ok that rate It's too far, so come on, let's go to the dojo.
Matt Hoffman, that was it. attack me don't attack me i just want this i just won this give me just one item buttons a pokemon extends the duration of the moon rain dance ok ok let's get out of here let's go to the dojo let's do what we were supposed to we were supposed to do i want to get my new pokemon sorry lazy you can put it on the back burner and i want to go to a pokemon center let's do it yeah the motocross helmet is so cool. pieces oh they haven't carried oh you finished it you better not oh fiddlesticks so our new students decided to come home oh yes she is uh she is lying it seems that way i did my best to welcome her but is this my new rival He suddenly left after our battle.
Now I hope that we can welcome a new member. Our little family here too. Who is it? hey waitI want to see this. I'm not going to, sorry, thank you very much, even if I look at the explosion, it's him, yes, it's slow, it's very slow, wait a second, okay, let me get wet, Lord, get out very quickly, wait, wait, I don't have My PC. I'm being silly again, right? I have access to my PC here. I just got rid of Wailord. Oh I just need to get this ball fast. I need where L. ord to follow me Oh expert belt though hey you got your bag on the right trigger ok thanks oh there it is I'm a jerk thanks guys ok then move this bad boy Police, fruit, take a back seat for a second, just for a second, no, this better. being sick, we were told yes, he is not as big as he used to be, he doesn't move either, he just appears and then disappears, nothing, wait, let me, let me make him swim. swimming it's so awkward so awkward he learned to teleport safely his CV nothing but it was huge when we call it absolutely huge come on let's go swimming dude you got this hey that's better ok ok what do the other pokemon if you make them swim have a look oh good let's put a cup with their name on it yeah i got there.
I want to try a tourniquet too, just for a second. only the only water pokemon can swim which makes sense it's cute I'd like to think you could follow it They could follow you everywhere but pokemon are so slow. awesome i love that they added that but i dont know why all pokemon are so slow i charge it welcome mate blastoise hi welcome too blastoise g max i didnt expect to get it today but copper is just a level 10. so i feel like i need to level it up, right? It's weird that they only give them to you at level 10, but I guess they assume you just have a lot of candy and stuff.
It is a very strange choice. Let's go to the dojo. dojo there we go ok we need to bond with this car-boot guy there you are buddy hey he's so cute i like it guys i'm going to use xp candies but i'll have to wait till next time imagine if you could ride them that would be so cool everything is good i love that guys thanks so much for watching i take a turn it's just the water so we can fly over it. I'll do it next time. Sorry. enjoy it, if you enjoyed it please let me know and before you go click follow we really appreciate it.
I think I could pass this on until I finish it. I guess there's a lot to this as anyone she cheated on what has anyone done she completed it? I know there's more, I know there's more, I just ran out of time, did anyone complete it? If you completed it, how long did it take? I would love to know four hours, not four hours. I'm actually surprised by that anyway, guys will definitely finish this and some other time, but thanks so much for watching. I appreciate the love for Pokemon. so thank you so much i appreciate it so much and i'm in love with pokemon again baby. its been way too long way too long but im guys thanks for the love today i think we subscribers will hit our goal exactly 20 100 subscribers lets see if that still holds up because i hope to stream tomorrow definitely open tomorrow but thank you for the hundreds Joseph don't worry dude thanks anyway yeah thanks for joining me hit that follow button and hit those notifications too because twitter notifications are pretty cool Have a good rest of the day, I hope.
Enjoy it. I have a new banger video for you guys. Wait, today is Thursday. Today is Thursday. Anyway, I need to find out what. I'm going to put up a live video guys thanks so much for watching and see ya see ya bye

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