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The Wiggles Sailing Around The World 2005 DVD Rip

Apr 12, 2023
come on now come with me feathersword hello we are The Wiggles I'm Greg I'm Murray I'm Jeff and I'm Anthony and here's our good friend Captain feathersword let's say Ahoy there Captain feathersword ah hello captain feathers oh hello my hearts captain excuse me just one question where are you going with all those flags on your hat oh great im going on a trip to the rip captain oh yeah Anthony a trip around the


no why don't you come with me Hardies let's all sail around the


right everyone the music is beautiful and can take them all over the world and today our wonderful friend professor singh a lot of songa is here to take us to the beautiful city of sydney in australia let's say hello teacher sing a lot of songa hello teacher singular song hi anthony hi everyone now teacher singular songa you sing a lot of songs but today you are going to sing a song about sydney can you tell us about that? that's right Anthony well let's go


on the waves the harbor is bustling all day the city the beach the waves and the sun so many places to play well apparently the teacher sings a lot of songa there is a beautiful Opera in Sydney that's right Anthony it's beautiful that looks like it's on sale and it's white with tiles apparently it happens too this is true at night you can hear and hear the opera singers singing how they sing ah let's do it oh wow police tough and police forcing me Hardies for today we have a special visitor teacher singalarasanga is coming to sing us a song whole what a joy oh what fun really is number one to go down to the galley and prepare one of my greatest views foreign professori of course you can prepare a tiramisu for professor alfonso and while you're there why don't you sing a song or two so that we get in the mood for the teacher's arrival? crew on a musical trip to beautiful sydney strange eyes maybe i'm just feeding my goldfish this is Sparkle everyone a goldfish makes a great pet especially if you don't have a lot of space they don't take up a lot of room if you live in an apartment or such once on a ship like captain feather sword a goldfish makes a great pet and you know you don't need to walk them because they swim around the bowl but you can feed them you can love them you can watch them splash splash splash splash splash splash i love my goldfish they don't seem very happy such see my helium voice the animes please darlings they seem so sad oh dear oh dear tell him Captain what's wrong it can't be that bad Captain no I don't know how to tell him but the crew and all of us think we need a mascot on the feathered sword of the SS.
the wiggles sailing around the world 2005 dvd rip
I love terios You are right Captain, we are sad because we need a friend to take care of here on the ship. I have to ask if it's ok then darling you can have a pet on board the gist but there are just a few conditions darling firstly it has to be a pet that can entertain itself while we are


on the ship secondly , you must do it. be a pet that can fit in a small space as there is not much space underneath and thirdly it should be a pet that can get wet well after all we are in the ocean darling if you meet all these conditions then the pets are welcome aboard the foreign feather sword have a dog a dog can entertain himself while we sail around the world but dogs don't like it too wet he goes for a cat oh big cats don't like to get wet either i was thinking of oh Command but I guess that would be too big too oh we need a pet Catalina tie up a pet that doesn't mind being wet it would be a fish right?
the wiggles sailing around the world 2005 dvd rip

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I love the water, a small goldfish can fit in a small aquarium in the cabin. and it definitely entertains itself by swimming, oh wow I know the fish can entertain itself but why don't we give it some of our own entertainment? My friends, let's sing the Goldfish song to ourselves, yes, we love to swim all day, our favorite thing. it's thanks the chicken has hiccups someone help him finish give that chicken some water please someone helped that chicken please give that chicken some water please. right in the center of the city of london yes it stretches across the river thames and london is full of so many wonderful things there is a lot of history in london there is a great park called hyde park it is beautiful there is green grass beautiful trees, also Buckingham Palace is in London. too and that's where the queen of england stays when she's in london wow that sounds great greg why don't we all go to london town or should i say greg let's go to old london town let's go to london town homie hardies it's time for your history of the Wild lesson oh I know you're all so excited about it now first of all it all happened a long time ago and as you can see on the map here is the Americas uh and here is Africa and down Here is beautiful Australia, oh, and here we have England.
the wiggles sailing around the world 2005 dvd rip
A lot of wonderful things have happened in England and a lot of sad things too. The crewmates are too tired to listen to my wild lesson story. I need to do something to make it more exciting. Update a bit. I know we can sail to London and then they can see everything. write to me first hand hardies count to three let's say all wake up crew are you ready one two three there is work to do if you don't hear the story then it will come to you why isn't it london town after all yes we mean yes captain there are so many things we can see, let's take a walk through the history of England, it was built many years ago and it was built, there are so many things we can see, the history of England, things we can see, let's take a walk through England. history yes oh hello everyone yes hello everyone from Greece the wonderful land the land of history the ancient cities the beautiful land of the Olympic Games hello yasus good morning Anthony what do you have there this is the wonderful bazooki wow and with the music of the bazooki You can zabetical Dance chef and we're all going to Greece well you see Katarina Lucia electorius Ben and Alfonso this is where we're headed today.
the wiggles sailing around the world 2005 dvd rip
A beautiful country called Greece, a land of history of beauty and the Olympic Games. You see, Benny, boy, the Olympics are races and games where people from all over the world come together to compete against each other. The original Olympic Games were held in Greece thousands of years ago. Captain, that's given us a great idea. Why don't we have our very own here in the SS feathered sword oh thanks you should buy your chip on a pirate ship Captain I can speak Greek you know why don't I teach the crew a word or two to make this a true Greek?
The Olympic Games are now a ship yasu captain I can also agree for one day you know then yasu yasu for you yasu means hello bravo alfonso captain what games and races we are going to have in our olympics oh well terius left I think our first event olympic type should be the captain challenge, well the first challenge is for you, you left terius, i want you to climb to the top of the mascap and raise a greek flag with an olympian smile, but lightly and slowly, of course, of safe and slow way oh and Alfonso your challenge is to cook enough chicken souvlaki for the whole crew of the SS feather sword and you have to do it by hopping on one foot and singing Mila Samu a beautiful greek song oh Katarina Lucia and Ben your olympic challenge is to do a greek ballroom dance right here on the deck of the ss feathered sword i'll go get my bazooki and when the music plays if it gets faster you have to dance faster and that's it and Taxi no no no no no no no no hearties to me you won't perform your olympic challenges so well i made you medals with milk bottle top left terrius for climbing the mouse pole safely and slowly raising the greek flag and smiling here's your milk bottle top metal Afghanistan oh Alfonso for cooking enough chicken soup good luck to the whole crew while riding on one foot and singing Mila same as here's your milk bottle top metal Benz Katarina and Lucia fourth dance from living room greek guy holding greek flag and smiling here are your milk bottles top mids well my hearts everyone did their olympic challenges very well but now it's time to go to greece the land of history agapami tina fine we love our friends the land of the ancient history city of our dreams we have to walk very far we follow in the footsteps of the famous Marathon we love Athens the land of history dreams is so intrinsic let's try some color but it also means goodbye make sure you say yasu when you leave land of history city ​​of our dreams land of history ancient city of our dreams yes land of history of our dreams thanks yasu everyone walking is fun you know you can make up your own walks I would like to show you a walk I call Anthony's walk well all you I do is move my legs move my arms and start laughing like this Anthony's walk this is what I call the dream walk you call the captain's wavy walk let's do it oh let's do all the perfect captains Rock oh there's one storm blowin' off me folks it's a good thing we're below deck playing cards pyramid oh oh wow oh I think we better find something else to make friends with. of building pyramids of cars to pass the time, but it should be an activity we can do while the feathered swords of the SS swing and roll.
Any ideas. Captain, may I suggest a set of statues? it's done a person poses as a statue I'm a white sheet guy and everyone copies that pose and the first person to move the round is over let's go to statue statue person using hairspray statue I'm a mandolin statue that stayed curious I love that game of statues, but I think we'd better try and find something that requires a little less balance, oh, does anyone else have an idea, Captain, how about a game of marbles? hey okay it's collation time a fruit salad is oh fresh fruit salad to me wow oh that beautiful fresh fruit salad and i can't put my spoon in it oh well maybe i'll just go and read a nautical type book so wow Captain we love the way the waves make you walk can we join you on a rolling walk?
Oh you sure excite me let's make it walk abroad thank you hello to the chaps oh baby to the chances saving it not so free i feel the sun is the captain oh i love the pirate dance sydney harbor is so nice to see you oh yes indeed my mouth come with me let's take a trip on the rolling seas soul come now come with me feather sword oh this is the best ship i've ever had hello everyone it's so exciting let's take a musical trip to the beautiful Cecilia Sicilia in Italy and everyone look what is happening here dancing tarantella dancing parentilla made pole dance with wax the dog captain feather sword henry the octopus Dorothy the Dinosaur Murray moves Greg moves Jeff moves and I'm going to dance there too because in Sicily Tarantella dance and delicious food also spaghetti pasta gnocchi in tallmina oh let's go to Sicily everyone see you soon ciao Let me dance too guys in which episode the whole team is hungry but we don't have pasta sauce no Ragu what are we going to do oh Captain our Garland Crew He deserves it but the only problem is we don't have any partnerships can you think of anywhere in the world we can go where they make a pasta sauce as good as yours so the crew won't go hungry I can see it now I mean now Sicily I wanna go meet your big uncle Joe his regular salsa I really miss sing a song just like that just like that so full of love spaghetti enough let's all dance a song like this in town for me Come on everybody let's dance Sicily Sicily time to clean the floor everyone I love to scrub Mommy darling it has been brought to my attention that this wonderful yacht of our CSS feather sword is going to have a surprise visit from someone of the four legged variety which is correct ok With this text I got earlier Wags a dog that wonderful dancing dog Is going to come on board and do a dance for us, oh, in honor of our canine friend's visit. another way oh dear oh dear friends i know you all mean well but this is getting us nowhere fast i think we need to get organized a bit more no mopping left terriers could you mop the mouse cover it is okay, captain?
Oh and Katarina and Lucia, could you mop all four decks? Please, it will be spotless and Alfonso, do you think you could clean the mop in the kitchen? Hey we oh that's great you clean up the kitchen for our friend to fall over hurry honey wags will be here shortly oh. Do you think there's anything we can do to speed up our mopping Captain, why don't we sing and dance while we clean up? Yeah, let's play The Sword, what a great idea, left Terius, let's dance and clean up the map. Wow, the SS feather swords look wonderfully clean now, my hearts oh, they're quickly removed, I can see Wags the dog and his friend, coming down the pier, what a thrill, Hardy, a dance gig From Wags, a dog, welcome aboard, Hardy, oh, Wags, I can't wait. to see you do your wonderful doggy dance and who could you besweet bonjour Paul James Le Premiere Photographer Dumont I'm going to take the pictures of wax, the dancing dog.
No, I mean, yes, oh, I guess so. watch out oh oh dear my hearts oh Wags it looks like you slipped oh oh wow the freshly scrubbed deck must be too slippery to dance what do we do what we do so it's not slippery what is that Wags do you have an idea do you know how to make the deck not slippery so slippery to dance in the car swags me hardy what a great idea if you want to get all the dirt off the soles of your feet then the tiny little particles would fall to the deck of the boat and then stick with the slippery mop water and form a wonderful tacky grip and so you wouldn't slip anymore what a great idea let's do it uh-huh ok always me Hardy you had a wonderful idea now that we've hit all the tiny dirt particles on the deck it's not slippery anymore Wags would you make us the honor of showing us your dance? oh thank you so much wax me Hardy oh Paul James would you please send us some of those wonderful photographs? we won't let you put them all down later ser Hardies bye oh that was so much fun dancing with wax the dog ser Hardies boy could I have a little dance myself oh dear my hearts all those tiny tiny particles of the dirt that's stuck to the deck it has made it too sticky.
I can't dance, oh, there's only one thing left for me to do folks, grab our mops and clean the deck again. look good enjoy the open spaces and trees driving over the hills and highways all wind and twist will drive through the sun rain in the fog we are driving in the big red car let's go driving in our cars we will drive through towns and cities office people traffic waves through everyone we'll be saluting your officer too loud people let's drive over fears our good friends outside girl we're driving in the big red car come on come on was driving in our car oh no it's going to fall asleep before we wake him right, let him sleep, sweet dreams, Jeff, hello everybody, say hello to Dorothy the dinosaur, hello, Dorothy, hello everybody, hello, say hello to Henry, hello, Henry, well, hello Everyone, it's a really exciting time, right? now because right now it's time to exercise that's right lots and lots of fun the first thing we're going to do today everyone is this can you put your elbow to elbow yeah put your elbows next to each other so fantastic? you can touch your head, shoulders, knees and toes, great now, can you turn your head?
It goes just like that fantastic job everyone now it's time to side by side oh well my team of gals you know and so do I how important exercise is. to give you that fizz for the day okay well here's a stretch to put you to the test here we go side by side Head Shoulders Knees Toes side by side Head Shoulders Knees and toes point to ankles move the head around Turn around turn around elbow to elbow Head Shoulders Knees and toes point to ankles move head around Go side by side Head Shoulders Knees to your elbow thank you ankle to ankle shoulders knees and toes point to your elbows shake your head around it becomes strange to a wonderful city in the United States called San Francisco San Francisco is in the beautiful San Francisco Bay and there is a great bridge that crosses the bay it is called the Golden Gate Bridge there are many hills in San Francisco there is a very crooked street called the crookedest street in the world which is Lombard Street and you can get around the city on streetcars or cable cars and they are like streetcars and oh look at Jeff he is dressed as a streetcar driver yes I i'm getting ready to drive a streetcar card jeff i'm ready to ride the streetcar tickets please i'm captain feather sword the friendly pirate oh you may have noticed my friendly crew are filling the sword with SS pens with the most pirate, nautical, practical, musical, magical and wonderful things for our long voyage across a salty sea.
Lovers, you may have noticed that my gallon crew is slowly and carefully packing up the ship so as not to damage any of the precious cargo before our voyage. Hulk, fresh fruit oh yeah and guitars to play lots of songs and music and mobs to clear the deck. oh Thunder me hearties oh we better speed up packing the SS feather sword so we can escape before the storm wow thank you oh look at those storm clouds raincoat my hearties we all need raincoats wow oh oh Fortune is let me hear me hearties I could find the raincoats here.
We're building little by little, block by block, where, oh, it's a little bit of construction, great, well, Audi partner, it's great to see you all here today, come back now that you're here. we like to hula hoola hula dance we just care we like oh um oh um I'm fishing for some raincoats me Hardy oh man this is the worst situation I've ever had my hearts I can't find the raincoats anywhere and there's a stoma coming what I will do? what will I do? Captain, we found the raincoat and good news, the storm is turning and we don't need it.
I'm going back on deck, why don't you come with me and we'll see what kind of beautiful day we have to sit and sail. I've done my own blowjob again. Oh, it left me terrifying. Hardy, you still have your wet weather. Get your gear on and there ain't a storm coming Captain this outfit is so much fun to wear San Francisco trolley driver outfit and comes with a wet weather accessory oh well yo Hardy you and the crew have pecked the ship so fast that i think we have time to sail to san francisco san francisco is in the good old usa of amy hardies is home to the golden gate bridge wonderful seafood and of course streetcar cards that run up and down the hills all day would you like to go for a ride on a trolley bus me Hardy so let's go to San Francisco the principal tell me Hardies raise the anchor tie the ropes we go to San Francisco of course you take a little time oh I know me folks do you think I could you help us? it would be nice on the count of three if everyone could blow a big wind we'll go a lot faster they're ready one two three it's working we're going around the world to san francisco okay captain fenison let's sell the whole world the hills of san francisco i'm just gonna try dance san francisco tickets to san francisco please as we go fly through the sky through the sky fly through the sky fly through the sky through the sky through the sky fly through the sky the plane runs on fuel ties take air wings are made of aluminum pack your bags take a seat buckle up getting ready to fly through the sky through the sky through the sky fly through the sky through the sky through the sky fly through the sky this is trolling the city through the heavens oh Alfonso me Hardy how are those beef burritos going for Capitano slowly piano Alfonso it's not our intention to hurry you hungry I know you're mad but to make a beautiful burrito it takes time we have to do it cheese and beef mango together oh you're right , Alfonso, they need time, but our stomachs are rumbling with hunger, oh oh oh, what can we do while the burritos melt into Glory? come back, the beautiful and glorious burritos could be ready, oh Alfonso, I know that burritos take time to merge into glorious burritos and we respect that, but to distract ourselves from our cavernous hungers, the crew and I will come up on deck and we.
I will settle somewhere on this beautiful planet of ours. Oh, I know Mexico City, the home of the burrito. Look at a hointer. here we go Mexico City we go here we go cities here we go Mexico City foreign foreigner here we go a lot Mexico here we go sorry my friend they I've already done it hey why don't we go travel to another place back let's go to Mexico City until then my friends oh ah wait there my friends oh you're just in time for the SS feather party or the polka do you like it? dancing yes oh cause we do it too so today you can polka dance with us as you can see they are loading a lot of stuff on board for the party there are balloons and streamers oh and musical instruments and of course lots of party food oh this is the best party I've ever we've had oh did you see all that food oh and those streamers and the balloons and what's that oh oh no the feathered swords of the SS go without me I'm bored oh dear oh dear what am I going to do do what I'll do I know I can call you i left terrius on my pirate phone yasu hello oh yasu hello and ahoy there Darius left me me Hardy I said smell the sword run out of me I'm still standing on the pier oh but to save time and trouble why don't you start dancing the polka and have fun aboard the feathered sword of the SS?
If you leave your phone on, I'll dance here on the pier. I'll be back to enjoy the party from the pier, oh I'm sure she'll leave Darius, hey why don't we all do a polka dance together? happy faces and when they play poker they all get moving every time it's a big surprise we're waiting for us around they'll hear us there's a garden water garden only happy faces every day and then surprise too far roll the barrel roll we'll have a barrel of fun homie Hardies hope you had a great time sailing around the world with us until we meet next time goodbye from The Wiggles foreigner thank you thank you foreigners laughter foreigner foreigner

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