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Mar 22, 2023
this is the


castle full of innocent civilians living happily ever after just kidding because this is a


army full of some of the strongest lego soldiers ready to burn this place to the ground but the castle is its own army of medieval soldiers to protect it and today we are going to simulate a Lego war to build things like tanks, helicopters, look towers, catapults and much more to have the most legendary battle ever. The first we need to build our two minifigure armies. The first army will be modern military. soldiers so I bought a bunch of specialized parts like utility belts, helmets, body armor and weapons like rifles, rocket launchers, dynamite, bazookas and over 30 more to spice up this army.
the ultimate lego war
Start with building the leader of the army, General Brickman, the most feared conqueror in all of Lego. Universe, he's got so many cool weapons that he can take a squad into a dub and now we're going to build the rest of his army and here's General Brickman's army. which includes some amazing soldiers like this guy this guy this guy this guy is the chipmunk turned soldier this guy who has a red Mohawk tattoo and a hammer with the toughest name ever Sausage Sergeant who was turned by General Brickman in his second in command but only Because they are equipped with equipment, it does not make them worthy enough to be in the army, so we will have proof.
the ultimate lego war

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the ultimate lego war...

General Brickman will put them through a series of rigorous challenges to see who is ready to conquer the world and who is a coward. well everything going on let's take a look at our other army this is a huge castle with bedrooms dungeons a drawbridge a water wheel and a ladder a hot dog stand and much more but unlike of the modern army this army will have to fight their wars with outdated weapons like swords shields bows shaft spears horses are bare fists and a lot of constructions they will do later and this is their leader known as King Octavian with his medieval army of knig hts Horsemen Wizards a caveman and this guy who likes to cook giant sausages for people's mouths and Octavia just heard from her pet pig that war is coming and they set it up so I'll build them a watchtower to hold his own while the caveman does some one-armed pushups and while that was going on, General Brickman and Sergeant Sausage tried to keep him ye ndoing full force of him mike diani said i cant play call of duty on xbox anymore so i want to play in real life can i now? join the army of course take that little toy of yours and aim it right between your very eyes and after a while General Brickman chose the squad the coolest of which included this soldier who has a machine gun he can do turn this Juggernaut soldier that I gave him custom armor pieces to reinforce him, he's so thick that General Brickman recruited two of them and then there's also this soldier, his strongest abilities, his face revealed that he blinds the eyes of his enemies and, altogether, General Brickman chose. e 18 of his strongest troops but now they need a way to get to the battle so I am going to build them a military transport ship for all of them to travel to and after a few hours of work they all loaded up and set sail for the war. stop pushing occupy the whole area silence the next person to speak get this Hammer pushed up so the medieval side was making good progress on the Watchtower and signed the first floor with spiders inside to protect it in case they someone try to invade and then build i went up two more floors as well as a sniper zone on the rooftop i threw on top and added a bunch of soldiers to man the tower there we go now to the Castle side we got this giant Watchtower right when it was finished General Brickman's Army stopped the ship and now they need something to make the castle collapse so I'm going to build them a tank.
the ultimate lego war
Here's a beautiful montage of that. The figure can go directly to the turret, which can rotate to destroy everyone and the weapon can move up. and down to blow up Sky targets and you can even remove the top to restore the insides of a driver or a prisoner check out General Brickman's first gun this absolute beauty of a tank that turned out amazing is capable of skirting the battlefield oh my god and now I'm adding him to fight Squirrel Soldier, then he jumped up and started shooting at Watchtower, who tried to return fire, but the brawlers couldn't do anything, so they thought of another way to counterattack.
the ultimate lego war
They decided to build a battering ram which is pretty. a lot this long thick shaft with a pointed tip on wheels that medieval people use to hit targets and destroy them here is the finished battering ram now its wheels to move and it took things as they got ready to start hitting some shafts the modern army already started to Build another machine, a Hummer military truck so that the figures can move quickly across the battlefield and shoot their enemies. It's got so many awesome features, doors on the sides and back for the Minifigs to get in and out of, and it's got this awesome looking shit on top that spins and could now be called to war now that the military has two Builds. on the battlefield that medieval people need to make their move so I picked a volunteer who was unwilling for the ram and he had Usain throw himself into the tank but then the Juggernaut Soldier completely blocks him and proceeds to throw to the ram directly to the Watchtower, which is destroyed, the rubble started to catch fire and too many figures survived Octavian and the cavemen who were angry and now have to strike back and chose the most unlikely move in the book rebuild the rams While General Brickman advances they can make a sneak attack from behind it's all fixed to the caveman with every fiber if its being pushed got a ramp on the truck and it absolutely sent that kid to heaven oh my gosh it has that dog on it it absolutely just wrecked everything All this truck and these guys are getting crushed and hopeless even though it was a fat dub for the medieval squad they had another problem the military started advancing and shooting everyone in the castle so Octavian came back to defend his people but he is going to need to unleash his inner Will Smith because even though he is separating the military and the castle was a moat they were about to swim across, but just as Michael was crossing the moat, the wizard grabbed hold and cast a spell that summoned sharks into the water which terrified the soldiers trying to cross to He swam and turned two of them into lunch, but one of the soldiers managed to escape and slip safely to the back of the castle, but at this point in the war everything was stalemate.
Medieval people were being shot. and flew and the military couldn't advance but the Sharks were staring at them so they both agreed to a truce for 24 hours, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 57 seconds to live and only one At that moment, two things flew out of the sky and crashed near General Brickman in octavion. Both teams got loot boxes with additional resources for the fight. General Brickman had a bunch of new weapons that could drool like parts for an automatic machine gun to build. a helicopter and ladder pieces for them to climb up the castle walls while the medievals cited a homemade box Octavian prepared for moments like this after carefully opening it if you paint a bunch of Lego cannon pieces that actually shoot and then some real cannonballs and a golden ax and after getting the loot Octavian and Bob formed a battle plan with a sausage salad and their first order was to add a bunch of Cannons all over the castle and load them with balls and at the same time the modern army ended up drooling over their guns me what do you do with these silly little guns he's going to play dress up and general brickman came up with a plan to build a helicopter and it came to that but it wasn't just his part building new ones machines, but Zoctavion wanted to build something with all the remaining guns, but there were many of them in their position without thinking, placing parts for hours and hours a day. time, really what Legos found. well yes quite a bit but for this I will challenge myself to combine a bunch of Cannons to form the mega Cannon and after the most intense two minutes of my life it was done and now all we have to do is hide it. behind the castle and wait for the perfect moment and another professional defensive weapon.
I built an OP bow and arrow using a rubber band that could shoot a tile a few feet away. Also known as sending General Brickman's lifeless body to the shadow realm, so I built two. of them and now we're adding them to the castle, then I finished General Brickman's helicopter, which has two really cool wings, a cockpit and two blasters in the front, but that wasn't all they built because they had something else to do. This guy's pup ended up getting shot with an arrow, so to keep moving around the battlefield, they built a military Jeep for the dog and owner that can run around the battlefield and give the dog The Thrill Ride. and the rest he needs and at this point the 24 hours passed octavion woke up from his nap to the sound of gunshots and did what no Lego builder has ever done go outside to see the military hard at work the first order faction was arriving at the castle so I built three stairs for them so they could cross without becoming shark's dinner.
The helicopter is now dropping all three ladders and the soldiers have started to scale the wall. Some of the figures have now started to climb the stairs and scale the walls. over the bone the arrows were going wild and trying to cross became extremely risky unless they wanted to end up like this guy so everyone backed off wait what is he doing except this soldier who is trying to invade the castle because the The entrance is wide open, it doesn't matter, but he made a big mistake and still crossed and Octavian flipped the drawbridge as he walked and made him fall into the dark Dungeon of Doom.
My boy 100 pooped his pants and was greeted by the Doom Watcher who threw him into the cell but at least he has his son by his side the troops may have withdrawn but not from the fight because General Brickman opened fire on the wizard sitting to the side, but at the last moment before the bullets hit his pet. the cow jumped and ate the shot and unfortunately died but that wasn't the end of their grief because they started running out of cannonballs to shoot but before they could General Brickman shot them all down and now all they they have to defend with are bow and arrows it doesn't matter because it also destroyed all those they were shooting at and they won't survive long at this rate so they came up with the cool plan they were going to throw nuts at the squirrels k hopefully distract him from the tank hmm put he hasn't stung don't hate he hasn't stopped eating yet he doesn't sell your mouth and since the squirrel was having a bite he was far from the tank so they called the guy everyone forgot about the man cave who spent the last day hiding in the storage container but now he is coming out at the crucial moment, still the tank and the caveman wasted no time, he clicked spam to take turns and finished with the shot d straight to the helicopter. it crashed into the table the caveman is an absolute dog and general brickman is now mad so he grabbed his dynamite and threw it at the caveman but you know what the caveman did the he caught and threw her like James Charles and for the first time in his life General Brickman was scared, except he wasn't because unlike the rest of his squad he was unfazed by the explosion and he and the caveman they proceeded to have a staring contest which led them to engage in the most epic showdown ever. shooting each other dodging each other's bullets using everything they had doing backflips aiming to finish off the other guy and eventually the caveman got busted but not by General Brickman he was shot from the other side of the battlefield and the civilians were looking sadly like the guy who was winning them the battle just got cut off meanwhile thanks for the help not that it was needed let's end this yeah you're sucking. he wanted to crush the people in the castle for disrespecting him so he shot a signal into the sky calling for some of his old soldiers who stopped and are ready to serve their leader but they can't come empty handed to General Brickman So I spent the next five hours signing another Lego tank, but this time much bigger and more powerful than the last one and I gave him this big machine gun that could rotate like the other tank to destroyany. ne and gave the driver brain damage and with that the mega tank was finished and added to the battle with Sergeant Sausage taking control of it oh baby I like this one so General Brickman's Army started advancing and Octavian he was helpless, except he wasn't because he remembered his last weapon, the defense mega cannon, and summoned it into the air, but someone had something to say about me taking care of this, my war, at that moment, Darth Vader raised the destroyed remains of the helicopter and threw it at the mega cannon and with the Mega Cannon disappeared Octavian Ruly was helpless except he too was about to lose his life when General Brickman's troops began to climb the stairs to invade the castle.
Go up without moles and burn the castle to the ground. he broke yours, however, at that moment, Octavion remembered that he still had something else: the ax he took from his loot box, so he grabbed it, but not to kill the enemy. To climb the castle, he had a much cooler plan, but there was no time at the time, everyone in the castle charged with their lives on the line on General Brickman's forces. i'll eat it right in your face while no one believes in you. you've lost over and over and over again the lights go out but you keep staring at your greed checking it every day and telling yourself it's not over until i win the man from the cavemen came to life but at the worst possible time don't let it if you had your chance it's party time for me i say get mad the sergeant proceeded to melt down his hammer and mold a new arm for the cavemen what why do your people need you? of the stairs with people on both sides falling and dying, but they gave Octavio enough time to go to the tree next to the castle and start chopping it down for wood, he wanted to build catapults to launch things into the enemy's face to, with Luck, knocking him down from the stairs, but at that very moment, the soldier who escaped from the Sharks earlier came out of hiding to Ambush Octavion.
I've been waiting the last 35 hours for this, oh crap, but then a voice came from the top of the castle. it was the caveman the wit soldier they gathered all the wood they could from the tree and executed octavion's plan, but they had nothing to throw, they had no balls and virtually no other resources except the only thing they had was a hot dog chef I was waiting all your time. life for this moment so with no other choice octavion asked the hot dog man to roast as many sausages as he could spare him while he made the medieval soldiers fighting on top and the stairs completely wrecked octavion and the The caveman rushed into battle to help his people and soon after the hot dog man started shooting a foot long six inch and a whole frenzy of sausages at General Brickman and then it all turned into a chaos they were all in the stairwell choking with sausages flying in their faces tonight they got revenge on one of the fat boys for murdering his brother and then Octavian and General Brickman started dueling themselves it's time we finished this ending you have the best ns weapon in the world and you can't even beat a bunch of people whose best weapons are their nuts but this time it was different Brickman got the best.
He heard from him when the octavion fell into the water with Hungry Shark right behind him, but just like him it was a battle to reunite with his ancestors. The wizard turned Sharp into a dolphin and Octavian proceeded to ride to safety, but despite that, General Brickman's army was too much and all the sausages could do was activate them further and cause them to be shot down. and they destroyed all the entrances of the catapults, proceeded to blow up the gate, breached the castle and took the now defenseless medieval people hostage in their own home, even the children, why are they so happy while waiting for the general's orders Brickmed? but they forgot about a man who kept fighting even though the catapults were gone, had hope and was throwing those six inches with his bare hands into the face of General McMahon, who actually had his own stuff to deal with, oh baby we're eating good tonight sergeant where have you been it's time we cross over and finish ah this bullshit get outta here nah sergeant to get lost with these bloody sausages how dare you he's got all the past cruelty of General Brickman boiling in his head he's got to miss the sergeant shot their leader who landed face to face with the shark who feasted on the man and with General Brickman gone your dachshund is the new leader of the army and he stood there staring down at the people of the castle mr sausage can't go to any longer could i offer you a truth oh my god yes please but i need more of that sausage in my mouth oh hell yes we had hot dogs for days and in that moment they agreed on the truth and armies came together to live happily ever after except someone woke up that's a red headed monster.
Thank you all so much for watching this video. It took me over 500 hours to make, but we managed to make a Lego war just like I envisioned when I was six. i only take 10 years hey subscribe right now or i will smash this hammer in your face oh

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