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The Truth About Quaden Bayles *100% PROOF*

Apr 29, 2023
so Quaid and Bao is a name that I think everyone on the internet is becoming familiar with or has just heard of in the last few days. He is a nine-year-old boy who suffers from achondroplasia, which is a bone growth disorder that causes disproportionate dwarfism. a video has been doing the rounds all over twitter social media news everywhere is a video of Quaid and where he says in the video they want to kill themselves dude the bullying has been going on quite a bit. My son at school witnessed an episode of bullying. He called the manager. and i want people to know parents educators teachers this is the effect bullying has this is what bullying does so please educate your children your families your friends because all it takes is one more moment when i say this video has blown it up has gone off like a nuke my ears have gone everywhere right now the original posters have 44 million views but the impressions and number of people who have known about this video is over 100 million, has raised a lot of awareness for anti-dwarfism campaigns against bullying This video has already done a lot of good in the short space of time that I became a man.
the truth about quaden bayles 100 proof
It was a difficult video to watch. I have never heard a nine year old talk like that or say anything about not nine. A one year old child should never, no human being should say something like this or feel like they want to commit suicide but man Ivan the shock of this coming from a child, he's only nine years old, it's so hard to take and you know , ejects. very strong and emotional response from me and he has a good lobby, so why has he just gone everywhere? It's been great to also see major major celebrities reaching out to Quaid and it's been reaching out to the likes of Hugh Jackman when you are stronger than you know than mine and it doesn't matter what you get on me as a friend so everyone , please, let's be nice to each other bullying, bullying is not okay, period, life is hard enough, so let's remember that every person in front of us is facing some kind of battle, so let's be nice, Meighan I mean Jeffrey Dean Morgan my man I don't know your name I don't know your mom's name but I saw your video what I want you to know is you don't know me yet but we'll see if we can change that to one.
the truth about quaden bayles 100 proof

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the truth about quaden bayles 100 proof...

Maybe your mom can send me a private message. You have a lot of friends here in the world that you don't know yet. Oh, here we have you back. Josh GAD John Barth or even Mark Hamill, you know. it blows up when Luke Skywalker gets involved it's been really cool to see the internet being used in a positive way and to help raise awareness to help and make sure this kid doesn't feel like he's alone in the world because clearly from that video you can see that he's traumatized i mean i feel a little uncomfortable filming the actual video just seeing him cry and posting it online instead of comforting him or trying to make him feel bad but maybe this was just a last resort we just felt we had to do to raise awareness of what he's done and he's done a lot of good so now these videos are going viral and people want to help and reach out which is awesome another celeb Brad Williams a comedian help GoFundMe for Quaid and send him to Disneyland I'll go fund me to send brave Weyden and his mother to Disneyland let's show a bullying kid they love him now this is a great gesture send Quaid to Disneyland and he's doing some support that's what it was go fund me okay to show you how much they are supporting you, however, when money gets involved in something, especially cases like this, people get jealous, people get mad, two minutes left and no one is making any money. and from GoFundMe currently at $400,000 pretty sure that kind of money you could live in Disneyland forever Ashley wait no it's Disneyland it's a tourist trap probably two months over 400,000 bucks seriously that's a lot had a baby and the people ain't gonna come down and Let Quaid and have that money without you know change and try to stop him because now people say he's a scammer because now there's money involved people can call him a scammer because now he's $400,000 richer and they claim that he is faking his age where he is. older than he actually is people say all kinds of things now it's a big debate on the internet especially on twitter but even articles are written about queda and whether he's faking it or not this situation has now become another thing, so I want to continue. these arguments and I give my opinion about them because I think they are stupid.
the truth about quaden bayles 100 proof
Plato's Instagram photos were a starting point for people. now they were starting to say that he didn't need money because clearly he was already rich now, which would have been an argument only if it was a GoFundMe saying they were poor and needed money for things that aren't poor at all. This GoFundMe was set up as a Weyden luxury travel fork for people to show a bullied child but they support him and now but he's getting more support than anticipated people are angry saying he's already rich and doesn't need the money. This is great logic. yeah he's getting too much support now we don't like that let them know let's think i was instagram and see he's actually rich and don't give money people get so weird with money and when you're involved it's a touch Weyden gift to anyone who sees fit to donate no one is forcing anyone to donate you don't have to show your support that way there are other ways to show your support for Quetta and although people have a problem with this and say it's already rich I'm sure you did Don't donate anyway so it's okay you don't have any problem you haven't lost any money and how much this has blown up four hundred thousand dollars.
the truth about quaden bayles 100 proof
Just added up to an insane amount now even more pictures started circulating of Queenan in one of his toy cars doing gang signs a way he's waving his moon finger at the camera and then there was one on a red carpet going i was really interested because i saw his presentation i thought oh wait this kid is already famous it's not really relevant nor does it mean anything but i was shocked i thought this was y'know some random kid nobody knew about but actually it turns out that he is famous or he is already known in some parts of the world.
I did a Twitter and tweeted it. I am so confused. Quaid and Bales Kid are already famous and then someone linked me to Quaid's acting page and as he scrolled through Twitter. I've seen a lot of people RG that now Wadin is an actor having his piranha performance and he's done all of this for the internet cloud and people just look at and the acne page and they don't actually look at it or look at it because clearly they don't they do. 't or they would know that he is not really that crazy and st. actor who is going to fool everyone and had a great master plan to do this or even probably has the chops to act like this so if you look at the acting page you will see that in his rank list he hasn't had any ranks or anything substantial, but he wanted to write there or any experience in acting so with just a few clicks people could have figured out that he's not really an actor that people are trying to make him out to be if you scroll down the page a a little more you will find that it was actually in the news a documentary and a video raising awareness about dwarfism that is all it has been so far and this page as we said obviously as a platform to promote and use that because maybe he wants to be an actor , but it seems extremely irrelevant to what's actually going on and he's also 9 years old it's not like he has his big plans you get clout on the internet and while we're on the subject of his age people are trying to dispute his age saying that he's much older than he looks and he's not actually 9 and that's why he's also ripping us off because he's older and pretending to be a crowbar he's been bullied like people's disease honestly to do some searching on google or just a few clicks or what about the acting page they would like to use so much for the people who doubt this if they just clicked on one of the documentaries they will see it was shot in 2015 clearly it's much younger on it and even in the bio to help everyone, it says Quaid and Bao and his age was four in 2015 which makes him 9.
Now people are questioning his age. the people involved get nasty the people get weird before there's monetary value there that they can see and that they can know they won this completely clouds their judgment I didn't have any issues while researching and you know, looking through the page of kradin and acne i especially watched the documentary i think you're like 26 minutes 30 minutes about quaid in his life as a little kid and a little boy. just to learn and enjoy it and see what he's really been going through, I recommend everyone watch it, especially people trying to take it from Quetta and take it to GoFundMe and everything like this shows that surgeries are high risk for them. all the emotional stress everything and the difficulties that he and his mother are very educational and I think and feel that a situation like this people should use it to educate themselves and try to understand and have some empathy for other people who are going through this situation has blown up unbelievably you're going to get blowback for sure it's going to happen but i thought i'd make this video because people can now see it because a lot of people are still on my twitter. update people commenting on my post amy whats 18 or something but i love laying down the facts and you know do the research for some of these more ignorant people who wont yeah thats it for this video, thank you very much.
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I'm also going to link to the fork waders documentary and video description, but I recommend you watch it. free next time

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