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The RLCraft Experience with Gameraiders101 - Ep.1 (Minecraft)

Jan 14, 2022
Constant of getting killed all the time so I worry the most about getting killed when live vehicles make noises outside my window like you know because you know we die it's not like we can go back and just take our items. at first if we die we would lose all our if we die can i get more flint please? It's not like you're going to get your stuff back unless we get a bed. bed now we're winding down you might notice all the stuff on my hotbar the circle here in the middle that's our temperature gauge and then obviously this right here is early water levels I don't care if the server is open. chest I'm starting a whole new world it's like cheating because our plane only needs a llama to do an AK so I can pick up 12 rocks in my cobblestone pick it's alright I don't want to hire writer rocks it's alright it's like I know that this is realistic


you know whatever your life


is but like i don't with this pick up thing having to pick things up that's so annoying hey it's like it's like the thing that jumps in the hallway bottom where you jump into reverse gravity. but that's so crazy and i hate this so much having to pick things up oh that's not huge oh i forgot where i need a little stone then or some stone there's some stone there ok some shoes have velcro velcro sho it's in oops don't fall down there so is there anything that falls down there i'm going to get mad where's that dirt you crazy dirt i know i can bend down i've been bending over and picking things up once in a while it's just so annoying ok fine tune realistic this is five business all right so what i'm doing i'm making a knife is what i'm doing okay i'm going to make a knife anyway because i wanted to kill the sheep cough up some steaks please it's a stick, alright bia oh shit it got big like out of nowhere bro like you got a big out of nowhere I remember watching the original video. like 100k views and people start posting videos and then they like everyone's videos at least it's got 100k views dammit so i was thinking of jumping into this one time channel because i love minecraft i know where there is a terraria channel but Minecraft was the big boy on this channel guys oh no I actually had a few previous nd views when I did my rude back in the day that thing scares me I don't know what that thing is that sounds like dubstep beats that go off when you attack stuff right , so we need to make an ax now so start smashing this i have a lot of weed to do it leave me like a tea bag every time i have a break i want to pick something up oh okay boom we take this mixed ring and then now what we go like this this this this how do you hatch an ax on this little there we go I'm going to hatch okay now we can chop down trees look that just took us a bit I don't know how I should be using my ax on this guy but you know food is c omida alright y'all ready for this here it's like in general in general what's that what's that which luigi's mansion ghost they're fighting they have meat I know there's a couple of nice monsters yeah we have wood and then we do this and we lay out all the wood and then we right click it has to be like top center something like that you can't like platform ht-click so it has to be at the top i don't know why but here we go that's a good start that's a good start we're making progress i heard that i heard a growl i'm afraid of any noise is there an enderman down here yeah there's no one i don't mess with in your vanilla mini minecraft so why would i miss you? you want to use your levels before you die that's a big thing we're not my rocks yeah so what am i trying to do with the police under me trying to make a sword?
the rlcraft experience with gameraiders101   ep 1 minecraft
Yes, make a sword into an axe. Much make stone tools. I need chat approval. stone tools. Yeah, so we're going to collect rocks like it's a dry land art. great, but when I touch a Terra Firma, I hated that sheep. I play the old Terra Firma, it was so wet. i know i have the right temperature to heat certain things that were so wet ok so you are good the tuft on the nipples is dying so far. if you want to count those guys as one because you know they spawn in a bad place in this one like you might as well kill yourself until you get a good place it's alright it's almost night oh here's a good place we can stay this it's a good place you kiss though we just have to make sure it's locked even if you don't use this it's like a really useful stuff.
the rlcraft experience with gameraiders101   ep 1 minecraft

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the rlcraft experience with gameraiders101 ep 1 minecraft...

I'm scared of these little holes everywhere, oh they're zombies trying to climb up, see I need to block it in time. get out of here get out of my growl we're doing good bro we're off to a good start here maybe all the channels i watched maybe they all suck just because they suck minecraft now i consider myself a minecraft pro i have enough years in the game to be as good as i thats thats thats not minecraf The


i remember i was watching a guy i think his name was forged labs the guy still spams with his sword when playing minecraft like when he attacks so not after watching a couple of episodes that played on my Island probably won't be of much quality is oh yeah I'm not with the rock bro it's just rocks everywhere that's not good I have a lot of


with a decent amount of minecraft mods so that I know some knowledge, especially about those birds, you stay away from the birds that pick you up. and draw for you, that's no fun, try to do a trick, so first I'll choose, what are you listening to, let me read some chat, in other words, say if I can get to, be careful, I'm killing mobs, a reaper spawn yeah you have to watch out for that pickaxe then ax make flint pick a pickaxe chemically one is going to make a flint one like this how do you make a flying pig crash? our ax is more important than this what a pick please look at people talking about me making axes and axes do you think i can kill that i dont want to get close because its going to get me is there a way to play with friends using logmein hamachi why are you still on? when saying LogMeIn hamachi is a house this with your game look you picked up a vine he's bringing that vine here don't do it I'm scared twins if he throws the vine on me I'm going to come back down here that you did pick up that vine it looks like he was going to do an airstrike alright yeah yeah we have a spawn set we have a spawn set bro we are already better than 90% of the people playing this no offense but I hope you will be offended because I am better in minecraft than you, you see 134 the holes in the ceiling of the wall you can make as rugs, I'm part of our chewy wool, I don't think we should waste anything, always make a chest, now this will be our temporary home, I might as well make it homey , what else can I do with the trunks?
the rlcraft experience with gameraiders101   ep 1 minecraft
We can build a campfire ok stick look this is something I don't think every youtuber I see plays RL crafts and I like at least six or seven all different youtubers I don't think I've ever seen a single one. recipe browser or wherever it's called jei just saying bro im smart im smarter than most minecraft people i cant shoot spit who wouldnt cook food like that should i make an oven or we make a wood fire? inca sham i'm going to make a campfire and cook food or we made an oven and cook food which one is our i'm going to create real life minecraft it's made by a shakti i think that's his name shavax II it's really big on youtube right now for just know you guys, china caching is of no use.
the rlcraft experience with gameraiders101   ep 1 minecraft
I'm playing it. I'll probably post on my channel though some campfire highlights. Make an avian gift when you can and tame that bird that would be smart. Make a hell bird oven. I must play too long if you like to torture yourself, so we need some things whenever you want. Sick this guy you have to go. I know I need Raptor, even though it wasn't good. You will be very careful. Yes of course. I'm trying to show off my Minecraft prowess right now. I'm trying to show how I can be good. in video games when i really trust kobold we're killing you what kind of loot yeah how did you do well that's pretty good do i care enough about cobblestone? fire oh these things are actually peaceful but they throw food.
I don't know if I kill it, though for that I just right click on the rocks. Aren't you peaceful? Maybe this is not peaceful. It looks like you might attempt an attack. yo, i'll just remove rocks by right clicking on this, much easier, try summoning something in your menu, don't you need a staff like i played? I have a lot of minecraft videos from the past on my channel so if you ever want to watch minecraft just look it up on my channel i have a pretty recent good series like i said i will try to post all those ituri or minecraft videos i have in my folder of videos, eventually, when I feel like posting them, for now you know it leaves you alone I feel like editing those I have a video that should be out tomorrow turn on your video and we'll see you know Sunday is my day off if you haven't seen my tweet or My post I don't know if I'm posting about you too I usually try to take Sunday off as a nice day off because you know the most important thing for creators on Twitch and YouTube is to take some breaks for self care, but make sure you tell your viewer base that you're taking a break, you want a good example.
Cory Kenshin loves that guy, awesome guys, but he just does this thing where he disappears. and. viewers who will normally dive like this for a couple of months umpteen times, if I ever do dive, I'll tell you for sure that I'm going to be like you hear, going through some stuff. I'll see you in like a month. It is the people of Italy. I don't think it's going away from Memphis. I like posting content. Am I streaming tomorrow? Cubeworld comes out tomorrow. I will most likely try to post the video tomorrow or earlier than usual. The second broadcast, so we'll see.
I could shrink your world tonight. That's what Cube World releases at midnight. The update. which i know many of you don't know about cube world its a really good game its just not updated forever and it will eventually happen let's make some slabs and not rocks or the coolest ones or stone its precious but like these holes the floor too scares me holes in the ceiling scares me good trip we'll see how i said it could be for eu viewers like a stone peak and find a cave and get iron yeah i need to get some things done on this day what is that bar of wood level one ok let's make this campfire the campfire was like that i did it wrong it was on another log i need to light the campfire even if we get this out of the way i'm not going down to those roguelike dungeons i hate rolling onions even in regular micro modern , so I won't do it here, we'll still have the upstairs, we'll keep the upstairs.
It would be amazing. I see that nympho. So, if he comes into my house, that's like it's for healing. It will all turn to stone so we have the campfire, ok now we need something to light it up. I won't make a match or anything you need to make the match a box. This is what we are doing. No, that's a different model. On my stone, brother, well, you burn a little, so how do we do the spit, a stick, a log? So we put this on top, okay, and then we put the meat on it, bro.
This is great. I am not going to lie. I mess with it. just wait ok more NPC Olympics bro it's the Olympics it's once a year or every two years whatever unless there are certain events. I think this time it will extend the events a bit more. I'll see this OPC cube The cube world pc don't you want to burn my little food just once you're hungry world you can burn your food yes you bring it for the motor mmm get some water shouldn't go get some your everyone cave modes a lot of stone yeah i'll take some stone there's a cave that closes some coal in here don't forget to use your true levels and you get some of this coal hit spawn geo there's no i'm talking .about the geo hits of my likes and the nights spawn from coal mining if they deactivated those guys who spawn they didn't deactivate them that's terrible I don't want to care about the cold in this fear I'm out of here that's all I need 9 I don't want to do a canteen ok lemons if you eat it burns to find you hopefully our meeting burns oh ok ok honestly I could go to settings and turn off daughter having to pick things up I really don't like that. but i think people just see that no i think people just suck minecraft.
I'm here relaxing. I don't even want to be too careful or anything. I'm just relaxing right now. We have a nice life here. I'll block out the night is coming be smart with what we're doing I'm just chilling right now go to that house you said you're not going go there with the enderman was it yes I think there was some iron in it okay how do we make a canteen need leather that is not brother? Another good thing, but if we have abed, we could sleep. ep, that villager over there looks promising, this all levels up, what should I level up? a bunch of gathering press L whoa was this guy where these even do it oh my mystique ran out i can't shoot right now what am i supposed to throw coal in there yeah that thing is like up the logs are like brown i click over new records oh ok let me make the torch room increase xp so i wish to choose well we want to increase xp from mining.
I feel like crap, oh yeah, XP from crafting. you're so much better at our craft and all the other youtubers i've seen do it for entertainment i do it for greatness the art of title combat and then we do a bird of hell let's do it right we have some goals we have some goals spartan fire very comfortable Yes, how do I do this? There is a stone one. We need a post. Okay, I need some sticks. Can I make sticks? I'm going to play chess, but you create more than you fight. because i haven't got xp from crafting one time hello is this year or what we're going to do a chess so it's not possible to do that it's all good you need some sticks anyway let's just throw everything in here. i'm here to get some steaks it's so peaceful around here bro i'm not playing peacefully it's so nice and peaceful can you cut planks of wood to make sticks? this yeah i'm not the target you could spin the ants arms you need a saw i got a saw ok so like this boom take the stone it's like that another halberd is this where any Opposite hand slot item slows attack. the chance to break speed shield or enemies shield is sweet you see a game where only week f our hope you enjoyed players week four it will never happen again you are doing better than minecrafters who have been playing the i play for years because i just take my time i have years of experience in this game wait pass our levels wrong wrong key some say gather right click hello oh you click this ok all right there you have it i just put it gallery let's go find some iron let's go to that hole we found let's get our hands on something Iron should be good.
I don't remember where the hole was. I think it was around here. It's going to be very dark down here. that enough times we militias get some XP then and then we have to go get enough points well the version is this is one point twelve there's no way it's one point fourteen because 90% of these mods aren't working . Do you keep the skills forever? he shot me like he had, but luckily for us he didn't. He is terrible at his job. I'm cool with that, though we really need some leather, bro. We really need some leather.
It amazes me is that sirens there you see that you see the musical notes down there I don't know if you can see that there are sirens there cows where the cows are that brother there is no map or anything you have to do like Ovilus the video for how the video tutorial seems to him decent length, it was like 16 minutes, um, i got it and i had a lot of information of things for the information that i don't remember, that's why i'm going to lie to you about the songs. Amen. it's a pro game, yes the canteen is just for holding water, you need a water filter for: homemade paper, paper for a purifier, do you mean mermaids from bl3?
Sure, where's the gray orb next here in this bar? there are a lot of sheep but the cows like it there is nothing what is here the town i think it is a town it is a nice town hello it was cobalt these guys can throw leather they are coming he is running i know you have some money if you run so fast you have some money here how far can i get to dan? I almost put a bandage on it. Shout it. Can we turn this into leather? Don't talk friend. What time of day is it? it's night live in town.
I couldn't do that. It's a great area to cover butterflies every time I see people play mods. I want to do a backpack number. i see sheep i see turkey no cows some scoffers down there those deserts might litter i don't know oh you know before it's dark it was just to get some wood these are ten pieces all the floors get some wood i don't want the acorns those are useless to me right now and there's no reason to plant trees, there's not much else we can do. or do you know I have armor, yes we really need armor, where is our first armor with you?
Besides the leather the mod has this mom pack she has to have other armor play this whole stream so like an hour her armor for your Wolf Way Stone how do you make a way to stun Cannot be done on D yet to draw. Why are they varied products? They call it very basic products. any of these things well i wanted to get the wood armor you can get these things through a demon ingot which is a kobold which is not a pair this about robin robin but what texture pack is this minecraft default before 1.14? There is a mod that allows you to become flesh to leather I think the name of the mod was like flesh to leather mod it couldn't do these things like some of these things we can't do well what's the point of having custom NPCs here otherwise you can use it wool paints gel slime that was like what's on the heat pike okay daggers we can throw a bunch of poison arrow shields I don't know if I can use a shield are our five bits still good before we go on I think we should do a little and let's do a little right How do I do this?
I click this yeah ok so I'm going to show you how to donate for free this is the best way to do it and the best way to support me on twitch so get ready to you're in chat it's a little icon right next to it of the smiley icon, you click on it, boom, now we're in the big section and most of you, if you don't know how to donate, you'll see this. You'll have 0 bits click get bits ok now you obviously pay for them but we want to do it we want to do it for free it's done boom watch the ad go ahead and then you just watch an ad and you get bits can you believe ? that's all you have to do and after you get your bits you just take the bits you have you write in joy you say you have 15 bits you write 15 bits boom t that's how you give this for free and this support the channel for free thank you game readers for teaching us how to get bits remember if you're on mobile you can't get bits remember if you're not in America you can I don't get why because twitch is racist ok?
What is this? She looks great, bro. She's shooting some good Spartan fire. There are some cool mods I'm looking at here. I want to add them to that series. I have ice and fire in that series. The boys will watch that series soon. I will add a video. What's that? A nuclear monument or something. I don't think there's anything we can do right now. i want to get a pure fire we'll see gimme gimme some targets right now in the chat gimme some targets we can do right now those were 10 bits hacking pigs can fly canteen and water purifier what else so we need to go find some cows make sure of ten bits plus one extra thanks to the subway and juice.
I don't remember, uh, you typed in the exclamation point. September subscriptions on Twitch are 50% off. It's like two dollars if you want to subscribe. It's a good offer. I don't know when it ends. I think it ends very soon, obviously, when September ends. i move my micro raid the town mocking i'm thinking let's go to the town they can have cows alright alright let's do it i want to kill this thing man i want to kill the mop i want some kind of good easy jobs what's up? bro sorry so they have very good defense strange shell i am scared of water in this game those like snakes of those Fire and Ice snakes scary when i was testing for that mod pack and i saw like a snake that it was like the size of the world she has scared the hell out he is cobalt zi luo brother there is a bit so fast come back here i am chasing you dont go so far please i hope we can mylisa the water is usually scarier in mangia we are all careful with the arena bro ends the same drop in what we can get yo ron now thats useful ok let's do it guys let me know if you want me to do more of this who is this apple now i can do more with this I definitely post some highlights on my channel.
I see people like you right now I'm enjoying it I'm not eating as much dinner as I thought I was going to die because you know the videos I've seen people on here just dying left and right like I said you know I'm a little above average and the skill level is okay, you see those things there, those ages, these guys, they're neutral, but if you steal from town or if you do something, they don't want you not to do it. do it in this town, they will have a personal experience, you know you're okay with me killing animals, don't go around stealing, look at it here, who's watching me?
I don't think this game cack crack fast give shit cat whatever planes get more ts points defensively but I have good defense instead of damage which Hilbert is pretty good which Crouch to pick up is too much that's what i say im going to remove that oh yeah the Summoner class yeah i know the video went over 25k Views was what i said. I will illuminate the artwork. I was recording an episode for the Summoner played through the one that was on my channels. Hand up. I was trying to get a drop or something like a stack. but they just wouldn't spawn and that's why there's no other episode because I spent like 30 minutes in one episode trying to get butterflies the spawning house just walking across the surface they just wouldn't spawn.
I don't know what butterflies are so well that they don't kill you if you steal they kill you if you open a chest I know that about ghosts because we're killing a lot just a little bit of water some good water trap so it doesn't do anything there's like a couple of them scattered around the tree he said watch out as it kills more mobs bro I'm up for that Grim Reaper oh those bones I like the bones seen this is pretty weird that's knocking down an apple tree , oh, I'm kind of interested, you probably hit a village in no I didn't hit a villager, those just bug me for fun, no, maybe it's in the setting that they want to attack you or not because they were, they were messing me up, it was weird, that was terrible i could probably take them the only thing about them is they have very high defense so you have to wait to attack them when the shields are up which is very rare because if their shields are up that means they they are attacking like danger rosos, ok, this is a random spawn point. go to my beds yes ok we have some leather just six is ​​even enough is perfectly enough is the cestus pistol bolt casing handle we can make a cess in this row.
What's the other thing I find sweet that triggers a ballistic p? i'll try to get a dog yeah if we see you dog i'll try a new one what do we do what's that gollum chess set without what mod? head because i want to add them to that package um purifier what was it called? It's not called pure fire, it was misspelled. Is it a carbon purifier? Why do so many things come up when I write charcoal? what is that red? death ain't cheatin' it's a filter ok bone charcoal filter paper and charcoal over your charcoal capitol log in this so we have old fashioned charcoal dummies i don't know how much charcoal we want let's do the usual eight um while we go burn some food night night this yeah i had more boom sticks we need paper it wouldn't pay for no plant fiber or dowe need a bra we need a cane for this no oh yeah we just need oh no we can get birch right , that's realistic, isn't it?
We got paper from the guerilla you say trees but what kind of trees are there birches right thank you very much I don't want the beans I just want that I mean yeah a lot of people think I just play minecraft there are a lot of games I'm definitely a top tier pro gamer if we were to put myself on a tier list I play a lot of games like legit I play a lot of games like I'm not one of those people who are like oh yeah I play video games and I play two K's for tonight League of Legends was another game that really intrepid people like is like no i played legit when i say legit i mean the other week i was playing spongebob battle for bikini bottom on gamecube like thats the game it is the whole game G right there, i played it when i was a kid and i was like they want to play it again.
I got Mario Sunshine for that. I just beat Link's Awakening before Link. 's Awakening what game i play there's nothing in my game on switch recently i forgot what it was i'm just borderlands 3 but i've been playing other games just because i don't record the games i would be playing all legit just said every game dom place is like a bunch from some of our friends games but I was glad when we had a bunch of my friends on the borderlands pipe clipping board in that series a great game story sucks at the end but it's afinance game i've been playing a little bit on the edge of the street like i was playing just today mike it's hot in here it's getting hot bro you just walk out terrified you go back inside i don't know why ethan thought it was funny to get out there he was the first game you played was a game on ps1 probably trying to think of something something on playstation 1 maybe time crunch i remember the exact game ok so we have to go looking huh it was called stuff yes we need to get sugarcane no we have birch, we need to get sugarcane that or Is there something like this oh well I have a bone charcoal filter so what do I do now?
I just hold it, now it is used automatically or you use it. Have you played a game on the PSP? Yes, I had a PSP in the past. you tried to forge your destiny - i played forager i'm going to play destiny you should play black ops 2 zombies no i think the generation for a blackout zombies kinda play a hello kitty island adventure yes you want to come into my house come on no no, that ended as soon as i started opening up the house that's shabby bro we could have kept each other company without saying it had to be sexual and you can stay at my house rent free i see what you look like drink water then fill the canteen with dirty water and you break it down till it's next to the filter okay yeah purified that's how we do it there okay doing something some big moves right now doing some big moves ok we need armor how is. it is something that must be done is an armor What do we put for the defense of the armor?
Let's put the agility now. Some armors use agility. Do you think you'll ever enjoy? For now, I played a lot tonight. two and then, you know, it got less and less fun, that's not most free games, play them a bunch and then slowly you become a blessing. Messrs. Conte and draconic in this in the enemy as super tech mater I did not doubt it heck is the Aussie Aussie warm lining Armor underwear Golding bookworm what am I looking at now leather is that really what we are doing its leather armor oh you put Under Armour, oh, that makes sense, what's that, what's that sea serpent that's not happening, bro, oh yeah, I need to pick that up, bro, not Batman in Gotham City. t that in the free epic games right now i need to pick that up i think it comes with all three arkham games it was the city of arkham asylum and it was going on i dont know what that was and then comes the lego batman games to like thats that It's a van right there what am I doing bro?
I need we have to do something silver sheep sheep costume Wow, why would I want Scott anywhere? I think we're just doing leather, but I'm not. you already got leather well we're wide awake when you do another ches that's what we're gonna do that's not what you do that look I'm ready for you to get the someone just doesn't want to work I got an extra yes sir it's ok boom boom lots of space Storage Lots of Storage Okay, we need to do a few things. Try putting the accent wood on the work table. Works? Look I'm not dealing with this anymore.
Don't need a saw? You need a saw. Chainmail plate so far. I'm wearing chain mail, yes, buying, is it chain? still i mean magic to wear gold armor there is magic defense to be able to get that no we need some xp we need some xp what poor animals and my kill today now i feel like killing some creatures marine. a certain amount of home you have a run now damn like i'm Ronnie get 'em out of here you t Wo i know you don't attack so that's the minecraft experience oh my god it's so dark tell me bro if we kill to that one, do you disappear? so peaceful no dragons around here no other creatures going crazy it's just a peaceful sheep giant turtle i like it this is the kind of start crafting RL we love squid you know squid and it will hurt me unless there is a feature squeeze it hello I spoke too soon What is this?
A mermaid. There is a mermaid. Jesus, keep me saving him. How do you escape from a siren look? to game mode one and I get out of this like I, Lydia Campbell, will. I don't understand how her gaze caught me from so far away. That's what confuses me. wall she I'm still stuck spy said dig I can't dig this is Diggy Oh slow but sure and it's a Simon song I didn't look. I got out of this before. I don't remember how I'm going to continue with the summoner's place in Manila. I never did another summer. noise if this is how we get our first try this is bro there's got to be a way out it's got to be real soon this modifier is good nothing bro proud of you I'll never come back. bro we have been blessed i learned my lesson i just want to know how close were they to me to be stuck as well as if they weren't that close i still need to get xp at this level point we are here oh we have enough what is that is a rare creature oh well I guess it would spawn you do about 15 chain plates good to know good to know which one would probably do torches here would be a smart thing to do it xp boom boom boom got it and now we'll chain maille yeah defense for y it's green perfect perfect oh man, we got that mod that makes realistic noises it's gonna be loud as hell with chain mail like what's that so i bought a maracas tambourine it's so dark and cheap we can use some we need some lights ok we could steal lights on the villagers i can do that.
I don't know if those ages are going to like that, but you know I could always try it even as if we weren't cavemen anymore, we've become conv ertted in Chainmail Man Chainman Chainmail Man joins 1 it's in those two places it's not actually right there I guess I'm going to let this stay. I don't know if we'll make this our home, but it's our home for now. Do I have to turn this on again? It sounds like it's starting to dig. What do you want me to dig? How are you talking about these iron things? You can still turn down footsteps. vibe Oh steps steps says his thing let's say hello then I have to turn the exp back on Don't throw exp from you you see that guy over there that's a skeleton you don't do it with them no no in this month we need get some iron honestly let's go back to town ok that's a bro we're loaded we're loaded yeah this is the mod pack where the skeletons of the dragons are exactly the same but if the skeleton shoots you in the head and apparently the season seems to hit most people in the head they just do too much damage that's a single shot unless you're wearing a helmet I'm assuming we're going to see if you're wearing a helmet yeah we need some iron, so let's get some of this.
I mean, the nice thing about being able to pick things up is that I'd like to stand far away and pick things up. thats a silver lining geo hits yeah i was talking about this guy earlier get him out of here drop some goodies im very experienced or those guys lots of good jump scares from those guys jump on quartz stands helpful , this pushes me back, come. yes sir no since some gifts gave him some xp stop qu artz you can use a special potion for kids and unions and unions to make clearing the crystal easier ok idk quartz is a very useful old medicine cabinet, what do you mean by magic for medicine cabinets?
No, that's a bad thing, what is that? What was that raw squid? Oh no, we can't eat that, okay, I think I'm done with steel. a little cold in here don't tell anyone i'm going to die nah i have armor they will never kill me i'm not going to steal this is an abandoned brother there's no door or anything someone just left their ovens here like i'm not stealing it but i you say that someone lives in this, it lacks a floor, well, you have the ovens, you will probably be useful, no, I don't want to, there is nothing in them.
I doubt the exchange will be useful. I like to trade a minecraft. It wasn't really useful until t The latest versions, you know, but I have a bow. We need agility for that. Yes, I'll still take you. I'll take all the loot. turning a page now this isn't the aquatic this is 1.12 whatever 1.12 those lower areas I'll take these Frances these are easier to get thanks Oh put Yuki's meat in ok ok Vaughn here actually my inventory is full no it doesn't matter they don't matter ok come here originally it's the reason i came here my hypermic has made hell yeah that's the main reason i want to do some minecraft on the channel to heat up the news ,so i posted on jacob alert oh players who play dungeons are not oh yeah thats what it was we got some iron do you like swimming up there? don't attack me because I said I'm just saying You can sing good music outside.
I hear you. I think those things sing well. What was that? we have so much food like i don't know this is so much food my hunger doesn't budge that all the time the stream will be on whenever you want if you want to stop vote for the mountain update yes definitely though i would know you prefer with other options swamp and badlands though i would prefer those two, i think everyone should do it for the mountain just because mountains are so prominent in minecraft biome generation, you see mountains all the time and that's why i think they should do a mountain update.
I don't know if they did the other biomes they probably made them a bit more common just feel like they need to tweak minecraft turn generation like you see you see mountains to dam then you see Tigers you often see plains path you often see regular forests and bridge horses too often so you change that bro every time I play minecraft I want a different experience especially with bonuses sorry Texan take some of my friends ok um The mountains are empty with the Except for the flames or something. I need I need to drink some water in a second Eagles and goats for the bottom of the mountain We need more enemies to get by you have our streets damn bro who is that penguin I don't know those penguins I didn't change the name of my emotes hey since they are here , you know you're watching the twitter stream okay I'm not sure you're watching this mine collapsing you know I like to give information when I broadcast my stream and people who come to the streams now I like to give them a little bit of top secret information all i'm going to say is a video tomorrow if or when i post it tomorrow it's related to our catalyst ok say something no other info just the focus of the video tomorrow you are flawless You have nine levels of suspenseful stuff.
Greatly increases the speed of lewd oil extraction. It was pretty good. What should I update now? I feel like we already have everything. taking a fatal blow when your health is about their hearts it will come down to europe to you it will come down to you having a heart yeah someone up there thought so it was just me being stupid someone up hale walker you hit a state of perpetual advancement at any occasion that's awesome grass path grass path grabs oh any creeper right after i start saying it will neutralize it it's pretty cool he's the jeff you asked me to do for a tuition education yeah i'll probably use him for something secondary .
I'm waiting for someone to tell me something. I have to level up. There is no way. this building i don't care you know i don't care build attack or probably be the best agility for bow what magic tell partner with a cute pollen i didn't hear her anymore this is a cool mod whatever this mod is the Skills Lots of this cool defense mining or magic agility are you going to post when you zoom on your youtube every time? Yes I do until I get a guide hit. I will do it all the time. we'll do a Jilla T f o now just for the book who it's for oh we need it and those in our mining so we can get higher to the things they didn't come from okay we're ready to go just look kinda scared he came from under my best friend he was hiding under me ok I need to go to the underground torches oh my god we really should go steal torches we are never going to make that new water we need torches and we can go mining. hands on some diamonds meaning ice oh my god this is so funny what are these things on my screen get off my screen like someone is on my screen here we go this is how you get torches y'all got like torches. at your house you think they have a chest of torches somewhere I should probably do more filters as you get there your character gets thirsty too fast i need some water oh my god thats dark thats scary the regulars are already scary snake its endless that hissed me some more talk or one more chest gel i have we can't even use an iron oh we need to improve our farming just take all the torches watch your air you can catch up later i don't want to take all the torches 'Cause I'll take them all I know monsters here and you know I like having this town close as a safe little haven if I ever need to run here look howmy characters on this thing is so peaceful music i'll keep an eye out for those rocks that's where i sign be spawning like rocks look like interesting minecraft house music well done uh whats the name c14 with those a new c 148 i show graham no he's winning grabbing it he's trying for a grammy for this minecraft soundtrack she's a bomb no one will go to raves and listen to EDM and all that I think people should go to raves or listen to see 148 now that would be that would be in experience I would go to a rave like this bro if you had seen 148 already leave the rest of the chest I don't feel my tongue it scares me so much hose shoes hello it was it sounded like sand down there hiding under the bridge it's like a troll would you fire me it would hurt my shot so let me go get some water okay i'm going to get some water so we can talk in the meantime a little bit in part two so i'll show you how to donate for free this is the best way to do it and the m The best way to support me on Twitch, so get ready for this. the right chat she's a little icon right here next to the emoticon icon and click it boom now we're in the big section and most of you if you don't know how to donate you'll see this you'll have 0 bits click get bits everything Right now you can obviously pay for them but we want it we want to make it free it's done boom watch the ad go ahead and then just watch one ad and you'll get girls can you believe it? that's all you have to do and after you get your bits you just take the bits you have you write them all animate you say you got 15 bits you write 15 bits oh there you go that's how you get this for free and if they support the channel, that girl is a bit awkward at the end.
I thought about meeting him. this no i'm kinda hurt i can't even join this right now at the beginning of the stream i was like i don't know if i'm feeling this i try to stay away from realism but i kind of since it's so peaceful you don't they're peaceful this is so peaceful you know i'm starting to feel a little more - monday see what happens that's very true you'll get it thirty two torches just consider choosing i don't know i think it's considerate being smart though i'll figure it out when they attack , they start spinning around, they're like swords when they attack, you know, be careful with this fish, bro, those fish are scared, sorry chicken, I didn't mean to do that now.
I'm really interested in the loot in some of these houses. These are moderate houses. You know they have to lose mr. five boots shadow thirty nine we'll take that to it looks like i'm some useful skulls what's useful is everyone understands it's huge so what do you have replacement armor if you ever know first it doesn't matter if i take it all , I just take it all, so it could be. I don't see any problem with that good brother. He has 39 wool there. You know Chester, you ain't got nothing on these. house what a strange house take it there we have one y'all want one you just have with me but im going to upload my spawn can our spawn location is over as a legitimate goodbye unless we find another stone obelisk to they called rune stone. alright we have some torches we can mine 48 torches we just have to use them sparingly idk thirst is trapped right now i'm fine with it being trapped like this anything from eating raw food I need to find a cave.
I know you see the sirens out there. r there we have our watch when we go to the edge of the world here although mermaids you know we have experience with them you know they can be dangerous ok there are no caves around here so we go this way what is it? here heart dust oh we have heart we have more hearts what have that mod here thats a girl mod man there are a lot of good mods i missed in that mod pack i did other mermaid jobs they force you into them and then you die you they attack, you listen to their music and then they force you to walk towards their direction.
We need to purify our lives. This is: 2 minutes maximum for me. a lot of purification here whatever they are better as canisters canisters of water we can carry we need like a big one no big one hard as nails said use its not juice we can get am looking at the right brand yes Bucket of purified water from Mecca, oh, you become like a bucket of water, let me take you With us, this is the backup armor set right here, if things go wrong, we have this armor set ready for us. Who is that rain catcher?
That's another way to go overboard. It's that ice cube. filters all six i can do there you go i'm better than no carbon filter is at that point i'm trying now i'm trying to sleep one more time before i go mining i don't trust that one more one more nap before we go out let's go to that one mess I'm there see what's going on is someone mess me I'm not like one was I see the name Azure ash an ash explored the dungeon under Arjona there is death that rises death if we go down there I would love to have a wolf this mod has a door huh this my package is 100 miles it doesn't feel that way oh you know if we do fishing and they get this Neptunian stuff bro it was a fishing game it happened to arias hammers rhythm hammers nunchucks i want to do some cool stuff bro all good, let's do it but what the hell i'm not scouting i don't mess with that stop we're good to go hopefully there are more mobs that have disappeared let's make it our first adventure.
I'm not making this tower. or do you want to play a carnal trade for sure it's about surviving not having fun dying how about playing subnautica not having it always wanting to play nice play two inches these two towers are next to each other are these these are two different towers I don't think it's one battle tower and then walk around with that own battle tower. What do you see? What block is a game for Red Rock? on a mission it's been like an hour i'm trying to see if my friends want to go out and do something because one of my friends is going on a cruise for two weeks so i'm trying to see if they want to do something or what before he leaves i didn't fill my canteen it's ayes two out of three i said i thought i filled it up it was go in it's getting hotter than a cold game right now i can't say this ambient attack increases the attack a bit so it doesn't we have to worry. you know i'm too weak for anything if i want to use a weapon i can use a weapon what about that?
Why did I only give two out of three this has errors? new mining level eight or ten for diamonds its a cool background not really anything interesting here it just looks cool alot of pigs with the spawn rate set as if you went through the Contra instead of the small rates there should be some lucky nights here something some of the yale's are like weird looking sheep there's a whole lot of pigs where yeah yeah there's no coordinates we have to remember where we came from and we really shouldn't stray too far from where we started.
I want to make a cave like this. It needs to be like closing our house because usually I can only send TP to my house but not this time we don't have mini-map mom you can't just TP there's nothing here bro he throws stones now oh I didn't mean to look up just watch out for those guys yes much of nothing though these are good for anything its burning immunity and 50% resistance to fire damage actually how many do you need? so hot whatever let's go around here for a bit I don't know what I'm looking for we're not going to find a good cave here because we're too high up to find a good cave I just hope something plays out there there's a lot of runes now water pirate jokes like sunken ships and all I don't know if I want to go in the water it's still a little scary how is my wife she died in OSA thanks watch out the bleeding will start to burn oh dismount what am I dismounting what am I assembling oh just sit down on the stairs, you?
Just think that Mike managed to correct that posture, well, it was a fun adventure. I'm trying to find diamonds in a cave. I really don't want to dungeon like we have to hit our enemies. My ankle, brother. Oh, come on. in i know you like him he comes comes this is oh yeah i was looking for holes earlier so i thought it wasn't something normal oh my god these things are scary what is this? I don't want to go to that one. Why is there a big gap in the foot? Let me do it. I will do it. let me dirty Everything's fine.
If we die, we just have to go and collect our items. right there i got some loot breaking spawners i heard what wait lemme scratch hah i heard you down there and that scout daddy i shot him down i'm really worried about these holes in the floor he shot me in the head not me oh don't you think those two back down , let's take it back, I'm dying, someone got shot in the head and everything. it means to block my name is very bro you don't regenerate that sugar so how long have they taken to regenerate?
You got a regen, finally, all my stuff is full, they need to nerf the skeletons, those skeletons are weaves, did you see how much damage? she went through all of my arms all of this dude im going back to round two we come prepared thats why we got the other set of armor yeah i know i got shot in the head its so stupid cuz they point right at your head man I was like me you don't care dying how much is just that XP though the fact you can't headshot them where you come from well they got meat down there you can hear it they got meat what okay bro? around here that's why you don't explore dungeons in RL craft they're not safe yeah that's all on you couple of those zombies had too much house and we're out of here okay bro we got all our stuff back a little more we first die legitimately or not serious serious death and not k preparing to get a better spawn I think we achieved a lot how much is good so this sword does what five percent attack damage so it does five , five percent so it probably does like four points something how much helberg helper 901 does is like almost ten damage use the base camp shield and any of the broadswords the dungeon will be a lot easier let me see here , wait, we can't even do this, it doesn't matter, okay, they're not called broadswords and where they call it they're just called cool swords sword fold wait, I'm going to walk there with a big sword and be like an oh, the i heard talk down here there are longswords that are like a longsword like a rapier of a rapier whose 24% damage and durability of this weapon yeah they say you are really good at armored damage bonus oh they had no armor , everyone hi Did they see that?
That's really good what iron do we have I don't have mine I put it here well I swear we had a lot of taller oh we do it well we need another chest which is now you do it oh you need a handle oh stick ya I forgot you have than to make the handles explode. I can't even wear it overnight. What I still can't use. Well, you know it's night. Might as well take a few heads. I'm too scared to go out that night. that's still no feat with a greatsword i take full damage you don't get with breach don't tell me god there's an invisible vine bro invisible vines really hey what's up oh my god they're coming to heal you thank you so much i appreciate you're ok we have some levels so we can use the rapier this I think we kill like all animals there's my canteen don't tell me I left my canteen Oh up and all the things I could have left in my canteen really the big sword with a shield you can't use a two handed weapon with a you know with a shield i don't think it works in certain areas he places you can't break them it gives you like there's no wood for this i'll keep the arrows everything else and i care yeah wait i need that huh? do you want to use this rapier?
It's just not. level high enough, maybe I can level up right now, no, what was in those? You only hear noises in this mom, cocking is scary, you just need to kill some innocent animals just to get a little more XP here we go no Don't run no more animals, you guys barely give us XP I mean well I think we'll mess with a lot of weapons. I want to see a bunch of them in action because I bet they each definitely have their own little benefit. it can be good in your own situation, if there is too heavy a mod.
I don't give you any ideas, although I will add it in the next update. If you carry too many items, you walk slower. it's fun in games sometimes but when it gets too realistic that's when it's like It's about to be good and challenging to like a little too realistic a little too challenging for no reason she's being annoying if I kill these ages I bet anything you want try me a few more things to kill bro villagers dont drop xp or i would kill them we have no iron we can smell the pumpkin juice protect your hero pumpkin jesus i know getting the juices makes you taste makes your water saturation go up is like the last hand on this island we're on like a freaky island like Link's Awakening bro I'm scared of this rock because it looks like we're a mermaid spawn but there's no mermaids so let's go to this is the real ocean , this is where there are some scary spawns. here in this ocean thatit's a no-no a lot it's minecraft again a lot it costs like $30 what time is it where i live it's 8:45 p.m. i live in the pacific pacific timeline area what time my shrimant tomorrow we will see as i said i was thinking of streaming tonight your bar because cubeworld drops at midnight still not enough i have to kill one of these ages honestly bro there is I don't have enough enemies to kill like a fish 22 health where the others are too close because that one was a little further away I would she's a little too close right now I just want to get this last level I know what's in the stream for lots of xp i need come on scary sea creatures come find me this is as far as i go i can't see anything for a villager why would i kill a villager just for fun there are two like at that time they said there are like three in the center, that ain't happening maybe if it was just one not even bro one's hard enough for those guys defense too high you went to kill a mermaid you sound c As someone who has rectal cancer in the game Raiders 101 thanks for the twitch prime sub Josh yeah I really get that get in the pot I'm going to drop some XP drops are you going to leave it in the background though , come on I swam back ok we're good we have a drowning experience however in this we chill get more pumpkins you know if I want to make that pumpkin juice leak your duck when you go deep probably like select copy pastes you can do it whenever you want you can do whatever you want as long as you don't bother them with mods I don't care I probably shouldn't eat we found a cave though there is a normal cave I don't have my canteen anymore because someone he stole it from me when i died maybe one of those zombies picked it up and now he's drinking from it.
I don't want him to be contaminated. yes, yes, now we can use the rapier. We're going back to that Tower and we're going to show some rapier for some of those zombies and things that you get at first taste I feel like that thing dies in one hit I don't care how angry you are going to silence bro there you have to come back you're running you thought you thought you were good at it he thought it was good when he first hit you there's still some sheep here we need to like to raise these sheep that would be a smart thing i just want to put this into action i hope we don't die because ya I'm not trying to play I'm trying to catch a break hello I'm back here with a vengeance not really I drop some terribly useful stuff What am I in the background?
I'm on the bottom foot. I thought it was one of the ones that come down. I don't want to do this whole tower. I just wanted to kill like a zombie or two now. here we all go now this is enough for me i start here in zombies raining that's when you leave what it is i don't know what that was mother yeah oh yeah i can't run why could i kind of run is a bitch okay we made it , we got home peacefully like i said though we lost something we lost our cannon campaign unless i put it here i doubt it i have any letter to do another one that sucks yeah that will be all for now that will be all I will definitely post highlights on the channel ya know check out how it works and because i enjoyed this real RL craft its not that hard because i'm my god in minecraft as you can see i'll see you guys next time no problem your video tomorrow is very likely thanks thanks for watching bye .

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