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Testing Viral TikTok Life Hacks!!!

Jun 17, 2021
so this is the aftermath oh we have to move it to this because well it was spilling and it kind of popped so today we're going to do the second part of some chocolate cake packages we love making these hats and so, do you love to see them? So why not make it for two? In fact, we have many more hats, but now some of them could even explode. It's like it's great. My job is to sew these hats. in real


so stay tuned and keep watching so for the first one this is actually kind of a survival hack so it's like starting a fire with just the dough on some tinfoil like so that basically just take a packet of gum that's the thing and i guess you can eat it but we won't at this point but then you want to cut it like really thin i guess and you owed me in a really weird shape so i guess you wont like this and then on the other side i like this hourglass too ok guys so this is the way you want so now but you put it like this and then you go like wallah i wonder if this is going to work oh my god oh it's working don't smoke now it's the way for it to catch fire wow that's really working it wasn't exactly right i don't really I know if it's a mouse Wow and I wonder if it's really going to catch fire or is it all it's going to do oh there's more it's so hot oh wow I don't even know okay this is a hit yeah yeah alright guys it's back in the desert and now we'll show you another way to start a fire without actually having a match or anything just certifiers so here we have this we may have to wait a bit for one more Sun loud but yeah we will I'll show you in just a second because there are clouds it's annoying yeah we'll be back in just a second that's ok guys The sun is out, so now is the time for this. smells like fire of course it's gonna be strong yeah but tada that's how you do it and d you can get like a piece of paper and stick it and i'll touch fire if i keep it like that you want to get a piece of paper Lea huh you know run fast burns the paper we are trying to get the paper to catch fire this is how you do it because actually working is burning with all those stocks guys Technology is your success definitely or could it be other tricks come on good guys so the first two tricks were a success now is the time for this good Shall I explain this to you?
testing viral tiktok life hacks
Oh sure so you get a handy little thing and then you dip it in water and then it's supposed to be super satisfying and then the water just skims and it just disappears so it's really cool and then it does like a flavored water so let's try it yeah i mean you can finally be alright i want to do blue because i feel like i'll be cool like water blue i'm going to do the chair ok get out of the foil and see you in a sec alright guys i'm so excited for this and you guys read aha I'm super three this can't even miss this piece let's do it this way that's what I'll do three two one oh my god oh my god wow it's like look this disappeared oh look at the pieces oh it's fun my full wine it's gone oh my looks so good it's really slimy just go smell it so good my name is like ok lastly i saved some purple ok we should try it you can drive yourself if it's good, i'll try it, D My gosh, another dime.
testing viral tiktok life hacks

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testing viral tiktok life hacks...

Are you trying this cotton boy? He is sitting in normal water? If there really isn't, there isn't. I think all the flavors in the water. so mine should probably become a very mobile science it should become completely blue stop three two one it's actually turning into a brain that's a look at mine it's like slimy no calm yes he wants it so much it's dissolving my hand your ring or something like that it'll be smug blue it's like nine months yeah it's like dark purple hmm like Jolly Rancher purple we gotta try it I'll do it right three yours is on top it ain't got hardly any rhythm yeah but you could feel it a bit, this was a hit because the taste was no and the color was yes. leggings ok it's a little watery something i saved so ok ok anyway guys this hat to satisfy was a hit but the aftertaste isn't really oh but yeah anyways let's move on the next, super excited for this witch. i'm going to pop a balloon using orange juice the juice from the orange or something doesn't work and i hope it doesn't work because i hate popping balloons OH i don't care but i just want to just hope this works its like they just rub it should be working huh? are you kidding why can't you stick the scissors right next to you and just stick maybe a little exciting stick in the orange and say look it's working this isn't working it's a bug but that's how you really make it appear now it's the It's time for your little Peck, what's your hat?
testing viral tiktok life hacks
So mine is a balloon filled with water. like a hashtag yeah ok guys a little hashtag is like and now what you're supposed to do is poke a little hole and it'll turn into a little faucet and it'll look like a frozen eye because you can't. even see it moving well i just hope it works is do you want to do the little dot like or not would you trust me more yeah ok let me try to catch the water oh we keep going and then we don't change but i think it was a success ok so the balloon hat was crazy but I think this one will be even crazier if it works so apparently this is a way to charge your phone.
testing viral tiktok life hacks
I do not know why. I don't know why it's like a little bit more efficient than throwing it into an outlet maybe but I can't find a charger or anything but but you put salt in the water and pettite you do that and then and then be careful then you put the charger in an apple and then you put the apple without putting your omg stir it up you know maybe you're sold yeah ok oh my god thank you sir take this and stick it right can you hold it so it doesn't fall? It's the plugin, ok, it shouldn't make the sound wait, see if it's cream, it's not working, it wasn't.
I was hoping this would work well it didn't work because it would be weird ok weird now sorry sorry it has apple stuff but one thing I saw is I think it's cool you don't actually need like an output it's okay and then you take it and it's not plugged in or anything leave this job it's not even plugged in we're not oh my gosh okay I said this worked and actually searched so it's really cool. I dare you to drink. I literally dare you to know the salt yeah or just stick your tongue in it a bit it's so salty today ok guys next I grew this land but this one doesn't fail this one is great this will be a couple of fries fresh and a great way to eat and there's no use hanging them so you take this part like this little cross apart and put them here and I cut the hole so I kept some so I'm going to meet Isis very careful a sticky so i peeled it off pretty slow ok guys so here we go so there's still some sticky so just go ahead and like there we go alright this is to do this is a hit looks great alright let's next good one alright guys so it's time for our last half this is how you would make cereal if you just ran out of some cereal holes so this is probably you can eat it with your whole family i guess you cut the top of the boxes and you just pour milk like that, it's b ok and i guess you have to wait like that yeah that's what i was about to say oh my gosh it's not that crazy so our box is cut now it's going to cut the bagging part just like that no go through the checkout what happens if not everything is covered with milk well it's not tray up or much because then if it leaks it's going to get dirty are you sure you're putting the coins there as you share a whole bowl of cereal ok i think that's good no it's never enough experience this excited but you gotta make a lot of people eat this ok let's enjoy it while we can learn on my spam dub. gosh that was a flop on this side oh it's all good well anyways guys that's basically it for today hope you guys enjoyed these fortune packs some of them work some of them don't but We're just eating, oh no.
I don't even know comment below which one is your favorite and what time you think was most useful to the haters guys let's stop it at part 3 because I totally will that's great and anyway no/go ahead just cut Rudy please guys. like comment share and please a big thumbs up if you liked it and thanks so much for watching bye

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