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Sugar Hill Steward Responds To John Fury Comments & Fury-Ruiz Reports

May 06, 2023
This is Anthony probation for boxing news I am joined by Sugar


Steward here in Birmingham


always a pleasure always good to see you how is life how are you life is delicious oh please don't pick up my accent. Enough of the abuse and I'm cool it's not your accent I don't know whose accent that was you um went a little sideways with that but yeah here we are Birmingham Ben Whitaker is back um spending a little more. time with you in Miami, however, you found that you were really trying to zone in on Ben as to what you want him to do when he backs up between the ropes and Saturday night you know what it's been, uh, it's been more or less the same as before it's just this time we have more of a team together so everyone is clicking and vibrating as a family and helping each other out so the things me and ben vibrated on before are just uh i want to say this a bit more because i can use ben to teach what you know to other wrestlers and i can use the other wrestlers to teach ben so it's like a classroom situation um bro Big brother, little brother, big sister, little sister, something like that, and they all work out really well together and I, it's fun, it's fun to see those guys and I know they all miss each other right now.
sugar hill steward responds to john fury comments fury ruiz reports
I know Ben wants to come here and fight, but I think the day he was leaving he missed him. and having to leave them, but they're rooting for him and hoping he has his fight on Saturday and makes a big splash because he's the first of all, they've all been in the gym, he's been training with those are the fighters that have fights and, uh , Ben sets the tone, he'll set the tone with a knockout, then come on, man, don't even test me with that one, you don't know nothing but knockouts, um before we come on Saturday.
sugar hill steward responds to john fury comments fury ruiz reports

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sugar hill steward responds to john fury comments fury ruiz reports...

I know he's obviously recovering from his shoulder surgeries, the first fight, the hours he watched you in camp for me, it's been great, he's been improving in his strength and his mobility and, you know, it's good to see, I'm seeing him throw some punches with such speed and tenacity. I was like, oh man, it gave me goosebumps the way he threw it and the way he kept his balance and, you know, the momentum he's putting into those shots now there's always been talk about Ben's potential which he obviously achieved . as much as the amateurs, he can talk the talk and see if he can walk like a pro, if he says he lives up to the hype he continues to achieve what he can, what a great career you have.
sugar hill steward responds to john fury comments fury ruiz reports
I feel like Ben Whitaker might have, uh I think being Whitaker is going to have a great career, I'm not saying if I know he was trying to clean it up and change it, but I'm just a very keen listener as sharp as dog ears and uh yeah, I just thought that, uh, you know he's got the stuff and the tools and, uh, the showmanship, he's got a lot going for him that, uh, makes him a superstar and, uh, you know I'm excited to see him now himself at this stage he had an injury, you know, and stuff like that, a nick, as we say here in england, and you know, sometimes these things happen for a reason, so there's nothing you can do but take the things that?
sugar hill steward responds to john fury comments fury ruiz reports
Do you know that he knocked you down to get back up and those are life lessons that help us become better people than we were before those incidents? even a different person just by the time you have to sit down and learn from the things you've done in the past to not do those things and there are different ways to do it and you're at that level now I'm sure because of your time away from a ring while he was recovering and training checking out miami are you as keen as anyone to see him really get back there and pick up some momentum do you see this as a second start in his pro career um never thought of it that way but since you said let's do that, let's, let's, let's do a second start or we just put it on pause for a second and, you know, hit the play button again so it's like I said it's just a thing that happens in life everybody we want to come in and move the way we want to move but there is a bigger plan for all of us and we just have to accept those plans and grow from there we saw Ben was not shy of a few words towards his opponent Jordan Grant yesterday Going into the fights now what do you expect to see other than the knockout?
Why do you expect Ben to show in the ring what you've been working on? i know what to be me and to be Army um i hope it doesn't show too much i hope it happens fast and we can get out of there and then the next fight would be an even bigger surprise to everyone watching obviously not a secret. his wish for you to know that he thinks he is comfortable enough to challenge the best in the UK currently with that in mind you know you look at the current total headlines Dan Aziz has a UK channel along with the European he went on to mention that name would you like because dana's esport was going to happen in the near future um i'm happy any fight like ben words yesterday uh uh you know it just takes time and the time will come how many times would you like to see it come out this anus? as much as possible you know I'm an old school guy but young but yeah if it was a fight every other week I'd be fine with me it's just old school keep busy stay on their toes and you know, keep going. to grow and learn things in life, uh, not just boxing because things in life, also those things are also taken into what you do in the ring and, uh, sometimes it's misunderstood, but let's say, for example, that someone is training the training of a fighter. for a fight and then all of a sudden he has a kid on the way or something is more important now so something outside of boxing really changed that fight to make him a better fighter at some point honey just a benoff wife you got to Lauren.
Coley, just away from Ben, led Lauren to Cody getting ready for the Chris Bill and Smith fight before moving on to it. Obviously we had the devastating news that David Law had suffered a stroke when he traveled back to New Zealand indisposed after the curly fight um so everyone says so Ben Shalom said he is expected to recover for complete underwent surgery expected to heal and be well again whether or not he returns to boxing Ringo not sure but i would doubt just his thoughts if any words i may have for david light uh just uh wishing all the best today with lights and uh and his situation and uh he is a strong man and waiting for his recovery uh and uh you know prayers for him and his family too huh all this information is new to me it seems like it is new to everyone as It's just not talked about so I didn't know it was coming from you you know it came after his fight look I think it only came out a couple of days ago and I talked to Ben about it yesterday so yeah it's all news new, but hey, just wish him the best and that's it, I hate when these things happen in boxing and It happens in any sport, eh, a lot, but, you know, in boxing it's a little frowned upon in certain places, Because you know about head shots, but in other sports, there are still those same problems with a head injury. brain damage and you know things that are causing damage to people's body, but you know you can get the same you can get just that damage you can get some similar damage or worse damage working in the office building and it's full of asbestos or something, it's just a word we live by and we have to keep trying to take care of ourselves and help other people take good care of themselves


is certainly I echo your words I'm sure everyone within a pro-field boxing community echo those well wishes to David Light and obviously presenting our thoughts to his family friends and those close to him but just with that fight your first fight with Lawrence um a little time to reflect on some critics of Lawrence one thing people have asked is being busy stuck between styles, did you feel that was the case?
What did he do? What would you do with his performance? Now you can reflect. and training camp with him, how did you know those two guys? They boxed together and they squared off and they looked at each other, so, yeah, I'm hoping, you know, I'm hoping to see a more polished, uh, more professional self and the same for Lawrence, along with the rest of the team, he's been training and working together. So sometimes when you work alone it's different and when you work with friends or family it makes a big difference so I see we're at that point now. the thought of chris bidham smith is so intriguing i'm sure you've all been wondering lawrence and chris used to be campmates obviously Shane McGregor and Lawrence's former coach before teaming up with you but when you look at it and consider if anyone is going to know Lawrence's weak points, it will be a shame, what are your thoughts on what makes him better? um I would assume you know Lawrence's three points as if you were training another wrestler and I would assume I've paid enough attention to Noah's weak points and there are strong points at the same time so uh and I need to know how that person feels in certain situations so I think it will be an interesting fight uh uh an effort that Shane would make I got into the fight and Chris and Lawrence himself along with me is me you know helping Lauren so it's like it's against everyone , but that's fine with me, I like the challenge, I'm sure we're all in support. because we like that challenge and we all want to do the best we can at it Chris is not shy of getting involved having a bit of a war like he was he will certainly look to be aggressive with Lawrence um given how you're trying to be nice than what you're trying to implement rather in Lawrence's style, what do you expect from when their paths crossed in May?
I'm just hoping for a big head on collision both fighters want to prove you're the best fighter they've been training together they know each other and now they're on separate terms not under the same roof and you know there's going to be some heat and some some of some feelings are happening at night and, yeah, I think it's going to be a great fight. I have seen Chris fight before I fought him. He was in Bournemouth, uh, when Ben Whitaker made his pro debut and had a thrilling, electrifying fight. He's got wonderful fans, I mean the fans in Baltimore, you know, I felt a lot of electricity when I was there, you know, watching Chris fight and I know it's going to be even more because it's a bigger arena now a bigger venue and he's gained more fans, so it makes for a better fight.
I'm happy to go to his hometown and see people come to see him and support him and his quest to be a world champion away from Lawrence away from Chris Mr Tyson Fury sugar I don't know I'm waiting for you to tell me something because anything you tell me or any other reporter who asks me the questions that they ask me is fine, it is new news for me because I enjoy playing golf and training wrestlers. I watch boxing news too much unless someone tells me so let me know what's going on with Tyson. I spoke to him when I got here and he sent me a care package that I'll probably pick up at the hotel. lobby uh shortly before going to the entrance of Ben Whitaker or after and uh that's it we still talk like uh like brothers that was it we don't talk about business all the time uh just his welfare and his family and my family cares about him from each other and yeah that's where we are right now we plan to stay and go train him before we go back to the states well you know i'm going back home to finish training huh because Lawrence occoli is fighting like this that Lawrence occulty is not here at this particular time so we still have other fighters on the team that have fights coming up and yeah I have I'm still working out I'm always in the gym when are you really with me? they can catch me in the gym on a golf course because the golf course is the time to reflect and think about new ways to train these fighters when I get back to the gym that's how it balances out when they hope to come back working with Tyson obviously he's It's been a minute since you last had a full camp out with him, so when you were expecting that to happen, did you talk to him about you just coming here, got going with him, did he travel somewhere to meet you? him about something like that I talked to him yesterday about training together no nothing I just told him about the family that was that it's not there was nothing else to talk about surely you want to work together again soon listen if we can work together all the time all all together I'm happy with that but those things are not always possible and when those times come i am happy and appreciate them but i refer to myself as a distinguished older gentleman.
I know. this takes time and there is time and all things will happen when they are supposed to happen um just looking at the


so obviously there is some talk about potential Andy Ruiz fighting for Tyson huh just your attack if that one came to fruition huh one Which I know you'd be happy with but just your thoughts on some River reads yeah I just think I see Fury knocking everyone out I take that. ask me about another fighter Tyson knocks him out Tyson knocks him out Tyson knocks him out Tyson knocks him out oh Tyson knocks him out who's talking stuff is testing the divisionheavyweight me Sugar Hill is talking things its proof in terms of active fighters Sugar Hill I am always ready to fight.
Were you disappointed in everything that you fell ill with a personal sugar in the liver? Disappointed, no, because I never thought too much about it. the fight and let's say the day before the fight the fights go something like this I'd be disappointed but he's not just talking about this this was possibly talking about me and you fighting we had conversations during an interview that we lasted and he never progressed honey, I heard you were running away so yeah but you were hot on me and fighting who else was I oh you really have to stand up for something that didn't really happen huh honey just going on some sort of rage theme using fight what i feel um talk about a potential saudi arabian bonanza uh


usick and joshua wilder on the same card towards the end of the year in december um i know you're going to imagine knowing the answer i won't tell you what i think you can seriously disabled that's right how are we going to do this listen any fight tyson has would be a great fight no matter who tyson is an entertainer he is coming to entertain the fans he is coming to entertain entertain his family uh entertain me uh any fight on the horizon he wants to do and everyone they're talking about some fights with uh, any of the top heavyweights or whatever, let it happen, let it happen, let it happen, look how I took the mic, I took the controller situation, somebody took the control. the situation and make this man Tyson Fury fight like he wants to fight it shouldn't be too hard just make it happen Bosh I can't believe you joined the bus stop just to get there from the USIC fight um, Anthony Joshua. there have been some critics of his scenes for Jermaine Franklin sugar some people suggesting that maybe he is too concerned or worried about getting hit now that you are a trainer who likes to encourage your fighters to seek The Knockout to be aggressive um how do you do? as a coach to instill that mindset when you look at Anthony Joshua and if that were the case, if he said he should be a little more concerned about what he gets back, how do you get by?
How did you get past that guy? mental block almost well I mean I can't reveal those secrets and then I might as well just hang my towel off my coach and uh yeah not do it anymore but um I don't think he was a uh I don't I don't think had a big problem taking a punch I mean he's a fighter you know he's there to take a punch but saying boxing is the whole science of hitting and not getting hit so I think everyone should worrying about getting hit or getting hit or not getting hit is part of it as part of the sport so it's how you do it and what you've learned and how you can do it some of us do it faster some of us do it slower but uh, I mean, I'm enjoying watching this last fight.
I thought he did it. I thought he had a good performance, not a great performance, but probably great because of what he learned and uh in the time he learned it and being with Derek James, so could he do it? better I think so but it just takes time you know even when Tyson fought Deontay Wilder that wasn't his best he's getting better the longer we work together so yeah just give them some time they all have Hurry, uh, to see something. spectacular when in life we ​​all know it takes time to grow from a baby to an adult there's a time for everything Listen people there's a time and a place for everything be patient patience is a virtue i know you've heard that before untill I'll get back to you to listen to me patience is a virtue when that time comes just be prepared always look for improvements no matter how big the improvements if it's a small improvement it's still an improvement keep going be more positive thanks um visit some talks like i mentioned about Saudi Arabia bonanza at the end of the year, what would you do with a Joshua Walder fight? do the fight i'm a fan do the fight i want to see those two fight if they're going to fight and make them fight i'm so happy to see him eating popcorn drinking lemonade mixed with beer maybe that's what it's called a summer chamois i have a chance to ask you on sugar that recently ended about a month ago John Fury wasn't necessarily happy with your


he didn't necessarily stay involved and promoting what would have been if you were saying it you never saw it happen did you see John's


and if not what what do you think about John not being happy with you and advising the toys that maybe they will part with you?
I do not know anything about that. Have you talked to John? I'll talk to John when I see him, but yeah, I haven't talked to him. I haven't heard anything about that so far, so I guess I'll comment. I know because he was like, oh, how do you know, no. don't listen to everything that is written and said yes i think if it was a problem then he would talk to me because we have each other's phone number so um yeah i leave it at that i don't know what else to say because the more you start talking, more it's like back and forth, he said, she said, and I have his number and he has my number, so if something was going to be said to each other, then he and I know how to respond. the phone and talking to each other obviously a week or two ago now they are all fusing together in my mind we saw javonta davies stop ryan garcia what did you do with tank swing i thought that was a good win for tank it was a good win for boxing i thought that it was an entertaining fight until it was over what i wanted to see more of yeah but ryan garcia got caught with a good punch and that's the thrill of boxing i love too so it was the thrill and it was a knockout well yeah You can have someone who has criticized Ryan Garcia and hasn't gotten up on one knee before, uh, listen, I didn't get hit with that punch that nobody else in the world got hit with that punch, but he, so how did he he felt about it he's into it at 1.1 just ask his thoughts on hayley lomachenko on may 20 just get his analysis sugar what happens in that fight i just see a technical fight huh he's one of those that me I like look I like to see somebody get caught with a big punch but I think it's going to be a very technical fight a little back and forth I think I would almost give Devin Haney the advantage just because of his size and his reach and it's a very good fighter so uh lomachenko has been been asked he hasn't always been the biggest guy so he's used to that uh bigger men and longer Ranger men so just I see uh I see a back and forth battle uh or a very close fight.
I don't see it as just a one-sided fight because both fighters are at the top and are excellent fighters. I enjoy watching both of them and am just looking for a good, exciting fight with Devin. using his uh his size and his reach and his boxing skills and uh that's something lomochenko just has to get over and uh i think you'll see spurts from him because he's smart enough to pass um pass some of those tools from Annie and I find it helpful to make adjustments. I just sit back and forth and struggle. It may not be as clear to the public as back and forth, but I watch.
I'm looking for different things and, uh, I think it's going to be a back and forth uh battle uh you know with the two great fighters in the ring that night well darling we're going to have to finish this because he's 12 30 away and it starts one we have alright you don't go to the Wayne I have nothing to do man oh you I don't have to go filming far and I have to go film your man Ben Whitaker as soon as you have something to do I think I'll have something to do there listen, darling my pleasure as always im sure to see you through the rest of this week and your time here in Birmingham um thanks for talking to me are you coming over for a mixed girl?
Don't know. I'm doing whatever the team is doing. The team has been invited to a mixed grill. Okay, if the team goes to a mixed grill, I'll come over and supervise and watch and eat. Maybe I'll try a little sugar. It's always a pleasure to see you. here in birmingham thanks for talking to me and good luck saturday night ok thanks

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