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Snoopy: The Musical (January 29, 1988, Original Broadcast with Commercials)

Apr 17, 2023
stars as ricky johnson's machine last year's supercross championship war fighting on one of the toughest motocross tracks ever built by men action like you've never seen before grand family entertainment tickets now with ticket masters bay company music buses sport fire discount tickets and super stores right there beauty and the beast won't be showing tonight, but will return next week at its regular time slot. this is a special night we can't waste it my mom look for me in your dogs who would it be it's good to know there are some things in life you can count on like that leaf over there on that tree i can go to sleep and i know that when i wake up that leaf will still be there the falling leaves make you sad absolutely not if they want to fall i say let them fall in fact falling leaves are a very good sign it's when you see them jumping into the trees that you're in trouble , this happens every year, this is known as one of the cycles of nature, there is a lesson to be learned. this you know what it is you can crack a stick with powdered sugar no way you can be very




sponsored by mcdonald's it's a great time for great taste of mcdonald's why would a person have a dog linus for security i guess ? for the security of knowing that there is at least one creature in the world that likes you and if that creature leaves you don't let it leave you charlie brown you tie it up or lock it in the garage just no i don't understand security charlie brown the same dog food i thought we were going to have grilled swordfish but i guess i don't love grilled swordfish you know how to grill a swordfish you asked a lot of hard questions wow look here a big yellow butterfly it's unusual to see one of those this time of year unless of course it flew in from brazil i bet that's what they do sometimes you know they fly in from brazil that's not a butterfly that's a potato chip so i'll be i wonder how a potato chip came here from brazil hey furry face sit down and i'll give you a reward that's the way here so it's the biggest reward for a dog a pat on the head from a human being yuck dog get up sit down lie down roll over play dead What I need is a change my life has become boring everything is the same day after day I need a change that does not seem right to me who wants to be told that his bark is worse than his bite who wants to eat dog food knows what it sounds like no to my charlie brown he is your dog right charlie brown sometimes i think he doesn't know his place if he was my dog ​​and he didn't do what i told him you know what i do charlie brown what would you do if i traded him for a couple of goldfish why don't you seriously think about doing exactly that right why don't you answer i'm thinking i wonder what would happen if i traded it for a cat yeah come on let's get out of here i love chasing rabbits i would love to eat veggie sticks gladly I'd lie down and play dead, who puts a roof over my head, who butters both sides of my Brain look here's Snoopy you called Woodstock he's a lousy flyer or his blood sugar is low I spend a lot of time only here in the doghouse.
snoopy the musical january 29 1988 original broadcast with commercials
That's because the round-headed boy and his friends spent much of their days at school. I often wonder what they do there all day. Do you think I should get my ears pierced? I have a better idea. Why don't you cover your mouth to show how today I have brought you an


document that was written by a real caveman and was recently discovered by a farmer in iowa. I came into your possession through the exchange of money and for sure this is valuable information. The program and the lie are my best subject. Good morning. you are allowed to use one of the ovens in the cafeteria to heat it up.
snoopy the musical january 29 1988 original broadcast with commercials

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snoopy the musical january 29 1988 original broadcast with commercials...

I see, have you ever noticed how a certain type of question tends to annoy you? Question number one. it's definitely a pattern developing here oh this is really false right it's the rabbi geez through patty huh what's up? you were being a bit loud how embarrassing it's easy to get carried away with these true or false tests yes ma'am my report on going back to school after summer vacation no one can deny the joys of summer vacation with its warm days and freedom, it must be admitted, however, that the true joy lies in returning to our learning rooms.
snoopy the musical january 29 1988 original broadcast with commercials
Life itself is not a learning process. Do we not mature? according to our learning each one of us does not want our teachers to open our minds to a bigger world oh why thank you I'm glad you liked how the years go by your good if you subtract king louis xiv from king louis 16 you get the king louis ii no you don't forgive me you're what you're giving me a z a z it's not a grade a z it's sarcasm don't say a word columbus day by sally brown this is my toy i see columbus day he was a very brave man he wanted to sail around the world the queen said i can give you three boats mr day good luck thank you i'm up i'm up no no problem i'm just a little whiplash the day bertie the early bird learned to fly starring ronald mcdonald and friends gets little birds i'll go on a bright day and blue level oh ronald i'll never learn to fly we'll help you flap your wings as we toss you up and down so it flapped and they flung i'm still on the ground burger gave him a balloon but it popped boom then grimace i had a plan i'm gonna try one more time just for me and it bothers me im trying to you trying to miss you ok its a good time make sure your peanut butter is chipped being a dad myself i tried all the big brands and jiff has more fresh flavors of roasted peanuts oh and other good quakers don't be fooled into thinking a drink will make your problems go away hey it won't alcohol just add another problem be smart don't start it i know just know anytime i will call and ask me something i don't know anything you say please don't join at any time 1949 what yes ma'am the answer is 5 8 83 what would it be like if i wrote mississippi i too could have gone to school and educated i could have studied the odyssey and the lord's gymnasium and the bleak house but just because i'm a dog they say i can't go to their stupid school, on the other hand when they need a shortstop they don't seem to care that i'm a dog so fact being a dog can sometimes be a definite plus i like your new pants charlie brown thanks i was going down to the cafeteria and a note passes feels like someone put a note in my pocket i bet it was the little redheaded girl i was sitting next to her and i bet she slipped a note in my pocket i bet she knows how much i admire her and how much i've always wanted to meet her and i bet she wrote me a note telling me something i bet she's just thinking of a notice a real note ok it says this item has been inspected by operator number 23 hey girls want to play baseball i wish i had a secret admirer someone who would send me flowers and little notes and stuff and all of a sudden he would tell me who he was then you would need another secret admirer a penny for your thoughts lucille i was thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to have your whole life to live if you knew what now you know what i know now probably very little patricia which is not my case though for example thank you now i know that being born beautiful entails a great weight of responsibility, is no one curious to know what I know now?
snoopy the musical january 29 1988 original broadcast with commercials
I wouldn't say forced curious is more like that, go ahead, sally, what do you know? now i know you can't spend a cookie no matter how hard you try, you can try now i know your body ain't leaking when you cry, now i know we shouldn't try to sing like a belle, now i know you can't get up every day, but not too high knowing what i know now now i know you can't bring a blue bell i'm not strong or father i'll pray with you knowing what i know now i know you can't play oh knowing what i know i guess the boy they call linus he is best friends with the round head boy once a year this linus does something that seems a little strange to me this is what i think i think the big pumpkin comes out of the pumpkin patch on halloween night and flies through the air bringing toys for all the children in the world that's what i think Santa Claus has elves to help him.
What does the big pumpkin have oranges? I have a theory. Sally, speak your mind. I think you have very good eyes, Linus, but you're completely crazy. We'll get out of this pumpkin patch and fly through the air with our own eyes as a belief I'd place somewhere between the tooth fairy and the fat man with the flying reindeer. I'll give you seven minutes. It's 7:53 now. i'll give him up to 87 minutes sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting for the big pumpkin every halloween night the big pumpkin flies through the air with his bag of toys i just think if you and me sit here all night we can really see them i appreciate it that you sit here with me


i must admit though i've been wondering why you wear those dark glasses there are certain times when you'd rather not be recognized a half hour walk half an hour is fair but after that I'm leaving I need it no of course I realized that sometimes you must feel discouraged because more people believe in santa claus than in you but let's be real santa claus has more publicity it's practically 8 30.
I think I'll wait until 10. But at 10 o'clock he's not here by then. I'll give him he's just like everyone else or maybe he's in some kind of holding pattern for another 50 minutes while I'm still here. Can I ask you something? the big pumpkin ever appeared it's pumpkin i will never wait for it again until next year what a beautiful day this is woodstock yes the clouds are beautiful look at all those different shapes i have never seen the sky as blue as it is today oh i remember the 14th July 1980 the sky was very blue oh yeah that day it was much bluer and then I also remember that on September 2, 1981 this guy was a very deep blue and on June 1 of the following year the sky was not i cant stand it i just cant stand it its not the clouds beautiful they look like big cotton balls oh yeah i could stay here all day and watch them go by you know if you use your imagination you can see all kinds of things in the cloud you see charlie brown good blowing a big longhorn carrying an armored knife you see i see civil war i see you wonders of the two and the dodgers yankee game you see well what are you doing charlie brown i was going to say a duckling with horse hands but i changed my mind university from hamburgers with ronald mcdonald good morning class good morning today's topic the hamburger the hamburger is very smart and very cunning and he loves to eat mcdonald's hamburgers So what should you yell when you see him?
You have a lot to learn because it's bottle time, but for you it's Honey Nut Cheerios. Didn't you tell me it was time for golden honey and crunchy flavored nuts? it's a honey pecan oven it's honey pecans cheerios just served dinner and your child will stare at the plate and ask what's for dessert and you say jelly pudding and suddenly your child loves jelly pudding broccoli can't be a kid without If I were to describe the taste of Dutch Chocolate Mint, I'd say it's like mint chocolate chip ice cream that melts into a coffee. Dutch Chocolate Mint New from General Foods International Cafes It's like a candy cane dipped in woods Turn the band on monday cbs probably presents comedy with kaden alley at 8 7 central and mountain plus frank's place at 8 30 7 30 central and mountain so who wakes up is monday and laugh with us this is cbs you're looking for another delicious reason to hurry your nearest winchell's is back by popular demand it's the winchell's travel mug its snap-on lid holds your 16 ounces of specialty coffee blend Winchell's hot where it belongs in your mug, not your lap, so don't drip and drive drive to the nearest windshields and head out with the new Winchell's commuter mug filled with coffee only 99 cents while supplies last hand out all the super party of the super bowl we're going to san diego for all the action at 11. i sometimes we writers can take hours to find exactly the right word it is it was a dark and stormy night it was a dark and stormy night night night suddenly a shot was heard a shot was fired when suddenly a shot rang out inspired a door slammed the maidscreen creating suspense when suddenly a pirate ship appeared on the horizon appeared past tense while millions of people were starving t tell me let me guess it smells like money with a tip of honey yeah the smell of success smells good smells good baby your lawn goes through fame and fortune fortune and fame and now for the second part it was falling a light snow and the little girl no little no little no the girl in the tattered shawl hadn't sold a flower all day she should be selling matches noflowers a violet let's just say she hadn't sold a violet a young intern was making an important discovery the mysterious patient in room 23 had woken up suddenly she she moaned softly could it be she was the sister of the boy in kansas who loved the girl with the ragged show whowas to see how well it all fits together what about the king two men rolled on the ground struggling under the murderous hooves one left and one right one left and one left and one right isn't this exciting and an upper jaw blow? the fight was over sometimes when you're a great writer words come so fast you can barely get them on paper there's that wonderful smell called smell smells like money dipped in honey yes the smell of success takes a good whip takes a good sniff cleanse yourself with a beer fame and fortune fortune and fame and now to conclude the young intern sat alone in the corner of the cafeteria now singing the moral old friend who had learned about medicine but more importantly he had learned about life the dear collaborator, we give your stupid story back give up you're a terrible writer why bother us we wouldn't use one of your stories if you paid us to death never send us another story get lost.
From tomorrow we start with the trilogy. There are many things that the round-headed boy and his friends do that I don't quite understand. I've noticed lately that he and the one they call peppermint pie spend a lot of time sitting under that. tree over there I wonder what they talk about you know what I don't understand chuck I don't understand love who explains love to me chuck you can't explain love I could recommend a book or a painting or a song or a poem but I can't explain love we'll try chuck try to explain love well let's say i see this pretty girl walk by and why does she have to be pretty chuck can't someone fall in love with the girl who isn't pretty and has freckles and a big nose explain that chuck well maybe you're right let's say so that i saw this girl pass by who has a big nose and i didn't say big nose chuck not only you can't explain love you actually can't even talk about it well there's something else i'm curious do you think will you ever get married chuck oh i guess so y'all do well what kind of girl do you think you'll marry well I always hate talking about it because I'm afraid it sounds silly but I would like the kind of girl who would call me poor sweet baby poor sweet baby uh- uh, if I was feeling tired or down or something, she'd snuggle close to me, kiss me in the air and whisper poor sweet baby poor sweet baby poor poor sweet sweet baby show me where it hurts and I'll tell you how to make it good, poor thing, I'm very good at holding hands and I'm very good, don't despair whispering to me like that guy, just eat that patty, forget it, throw away, it will never happen. skins have baked potatoes with people were made with potatoes kebler goblins make potato skin fries with real potatoes and skins cheddar cheese bacon sour cream and scallions tasty baked potatoes and finally have bbq flavor too potato appeal baked things aren't always what they seem to be illusion maybe hyundai from korea chevy sprint from japan this one costs less better value maybe city mileage hyundai 28 mpg sprint metro 54 mpg sprint gets 26 more miles on every gallon there's a lot more here of what meets eye, so what do you think is the real value?
Chevy Sprint, make no mistake, let's eat fish this week. freezer to pan to plate i think they're getting tired vanity tops the freshest ideas in frozen fish now try our new microwave breaded fish fillets and fingers fine i'll be fine i'll be who else you know whose dog has just been promoted to head beagle head beagle that stupid dog can't be head beagle he will bring ruin to the country he will destroy us all he is an x ​​he is incompetent he is in yes you don't care head beagle would like to be left alone to prepare his acceptance speech i recognize that kick that it's the kick of someone who would like to be alone to prepare their acceptance speech i don't think it's an unreasonable request and i consider it a weird reasonable request i just think i had beagle i wish i knew where mom was.
Beautiful moments must be shared. ready for you you know im gonna be the big bow wow you gonna see them all the name of the cow towel on my door a rug on my floor and how not ya hey step aside showing my profile from the front now here we go guys one more time eat your heart fred is two three four five six seven eight twice as fancy yeah wow the biggest star measured so far has a diameter 2000 times as wide as the sun i wonder how they measured it with a string hi patty the stars are beautiful aren't they? uh-huh, I think there must be a little star out there that is my star and since I am alone here on earth among millions of people, that little star is alone among millions of stars. meaning patty do you think it means a sure thing it means you're laughing out loud chuck it must be nice to be believed in it isn't it would be wonderful if everyone believed in everyone starting with me if only one person believes deeply in you? enough and strong enough believe in you enough and enough before you knew it someone else would think if he can do it I can do it doing it too two people making him breathe why not let you can we campbell's vegetable soup so good and so high in vitamin a is more than half of your daily needs get ready for a toothpaste that tastes so good the kids will rush to brush new quests for kids with a flavor that is so different some kids call it very delicious and while enjoy the taste will also fight cavities I may be small but I'm stronger than half those guys especially Spider Krinsky he can't be bothered by anything I think trainer keeps me on the bench because I'm small that's me very angry. i explained to mom now she gives me an extra large breakfast so i can grow up well hash browns eggs it works i keep it i tell mom to write a hatchback so you'll be taller faster so she'll give me more dad says she's so smart to be an athlete break the band on monday cbs is proud to present comedy with a new heart on nine eight central and mountain and styling women on 9 30 8 30 central on mountain so play the band monday and laugh with us stay tuned for a special moving hallmark hall of fame presentation stones for ivara starring glenn close and keith carradine next hi im dick stockton tomorrow on cbs sports theres some great college basketball action as georgia tech takes on north carolina then its the premiere from the pga season on cbs with the phoenix open i'm dan enough i've been through a war and i don't want to see another one these were the words of a president who had served in the civil war and was

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