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Single Girl Accidentally Sends Brother A Bad Text... in Bitlife

Jun 02, 2021
what did I do. Your boyfriend Daniel is arguing with you because you cheated on him. What are you doing? I'm going to reply. I berated my boyfriend Daniel and Oh, Daniel really hates me. Can I?Call Mason or become weak to the silver tension order. What's up with Jerry? I'm going to catch up with him. Okay, I'll call Jane to see if we can rekindle our relationship. You asked him to get back together but he rejected you. Is it okay then? What's up with Jerry? Oh, come on, let's rekindle the relationship. He didn't answer the phone.
single girl accidentally sends brother a bad text in bitlife
Jerry Mason, come on. Remember when we were in high school and you were the coolest kid ever and we had a little date. I can't answer the phone. Cody, oh it's like starting to date him, but I don't really want to, but I have a boyfriend right now and I want to see how it works. He rejected me. I think I have a lot more options than I really do. sad I'm going to go to the library to read a little I have anxiety and I don't have any money in the bank oh no oh I went to jail so I lost my job oh yeah I curse the junior waiter come on let me in.
single girl accidentally sends brother a bad text in bitlife

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single girl accidentally sends brother a bad text in bitlife...

I'm vaccinating my children yes, okay, I have three big ones. I have to go on vacation to feel better about myself. I'm going to Zimbabwe in business class. Your boyfriend Daniel doesn't want to go with you. Not your son Manuel Samuel. I don't want to go either, okay I'm going alone, wait, do I even have 4 grand? No? Your boyfriend Tanya wants to break up with you. He admits that he's tired of you saying you're not hungry and then eating. off his plate, what will you do? I'm going to wish him the best because I want to see if he still likes me after that.
single girl accidentally sends brother a bad text in bitlife
I wished him the best. He hates me, absolutely hates me, but I have $8,000 in the bank. so it's time to go on vacation to feel better about myself. I'm trying to put my life back together so I can get the love I've always wanted. 8,000, so expensive, boom, my happiness is because of what I have been. promoted I'm not depressed anymore I'm not my chest anymore this everything is working perfectly for me let's go to the gym boom I think I'm going to go lift my butt Chuck Bell a man you met at the gym asked you: do you want to go on a date, okay, I mean, if we have to, now we have to get out of my life.
single girl accidentally sends brother a bad text in bitlife
Bye, look at all these exes and they all hate me. Chuck, listen. I think it's time for us to rekindle. One of them has to bite. He rejected me then, Daniel, we're rekindling our relationship, okay, so I guess my current strategy isn't working right now and I'm going to send you gifts. I'll send a vase with an old kiss to Chuck. Did you like him? No. Didn't you please remind me that I can't talk to Chuck unless he wants to go back to jail. A


red rose, but here you go, darling. You miss me? I know.
He has a restraining order. Oh, listen, Cody Rose, why? Everybody hates me? I must have forgotten how crazy I was in the past, okay Mason, I'm sure you'll like a new iPhone. I'm like, I'm like scared, oh, the restraining orders, they come in here, they come here, they come here. It's coming, it didn't turn out well, go to the movies, see a comedy, I need to laugh, I need to laugh a lot, okay, Mason likes me, no, Mason, I know you like me now, so I think we're going to like it. I'm going to congratulate him, please, he replied.
I am a winner. My high school crush. He was the most popular boy in school. Now he likes me. This is like real life. Okay, we'll call him and rekindle our relationship. you asked him to get back together but he rejected me he reminded you that you still suck the resentment is real I thought he hates me now maybe if I can send more gifts to the one who likes me and he really likes that iPhone but like me instant marijuana completely unnoticed you like it okay another order of effort I need to find a new boyfriend because this just isn't working out for me at all Blake Suzuki while you're taking out the trash you run into a piece of trash named Blake Suzuki I'm asking you on a date he called me stupid he's okay, great, I have to go on another vacation, otherwise I'll die of sadness, so I'll go on a cruise because, super relaxed, I'll go to Bermuda that really doesn't.
I don't want to die so I'm going on a cruise in northern Europe with people from the ocean Manuel Samuel wants to go with you I'm free at home I know Samuel with me let's go you don't have enough money okay sorry Samuel can you You're not coming with me I can't afford it I want but I just can't I'm going alone Okay that helps a little That didn't help I'm going clubbing at Zenith someone on the dance floor started arguing with you because you bumped into her she has no idea what I've been through so I'm going to know what I'm going to do.
I didn't meet any guys while I was away. Now I always meet guys at the gym. so I'm going to try to get up Jen, come on, no one's going to bite, no one wants this anymore, okay, cruises like, don't do anything, so I'm going to do titty Heil like that's where you have to go with your sadness. I'm going alone. I can't afford to bring you Manuel Samuel okay that helps Manuel Samuel wants to know why we don't go on vacation more often that's so sad there's nothing I can do to get out of this sadness that I feel like I was trying to I uploaded my statistics, but while I was at the gym I met a guy named Buck Done.
I'm going to ask for my updates. Now I'm dating Buck Done and it helps my happiness a little bit, so Buck, do you want some money? I want a thousand dollars well, you like that you like that I wonder if my boyfriend will get jealous if I like it, you know, chat with my abs, he picks up the phone, it's just what we always wanted around here, all these men that I they hate guts very sad okay I'm not sad anymore but like my health is out of control I'm going to go see if there's anything I can do with a doctor I don't have any conditions I just have bad health okay duck He likes me, we're breaking up, boom, You called your ex-boyfriend Daniel, you're trying to argue who would win in a fight between Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, but he wasn't interested in the slightest and he still hates me.
What about Daniel Price? I'm going to call him to talk. Remember your ex-


friend from ten years ago. This is one of those situations where you get an ad on Facebook from someone you dated so long ago and they're still obsessed with you and you just don't want anything to do with them, this is that situation. Manuel Samuel wants to go with you. Okay, this time we will bring you Manuel 30,000 IV. Sir, it's okay. I'm not anxious anymore. Listen, buff, let's just talk. ok, can't pick up the phone, Jonny Littlewood sounds good to me, no stats whatsoever, let's ask him out.
Now I'm dating Johnny Littlewood and now we're leaving Johnny Little Wood, bye Johnny, your half


Jasper wants to confront you. a Pilates class. I'm depressed right now, so of course I'll do it. He's the guy who also saw me pole dancing, so it's good that you know our relationship still exists. My friends are eating snails. Will you join them? Yes, it will be delicious. I was promoted to senior waiter and I have psoriasis. Can I go to the doctor? Come on, psoriasis is a difficult thing to treat. I still have psoriasis. Well, you know what kind of things you can live with now?
Johnny Littlewood, I'm just calling you to talk. Okay, I'll give you a compliment. He didn't answer the phone. It's another way of saying he ignored my call and hates me. All my exes hate me without fail. ooh Fabian passed by, a man you met on a walk wants to go on a date, come on, I'll give him money for the walk and then I'll drop him off, bye, see you, oh, I can try to get that butt lift he wanted. I have so much money now, Dr. Terry's mom for 9 thousand dollars or this other guy, ok, I'll go to Terry's mom, she will know what works for me, ok, that worked a little.
Guess I'll get a light bulb from Terry's mom, oh. my appearance is one hundred percent now it's fine, now that my appearance is one hundred percent let's call and rekindle the relationship you didn't answer the phone my mother passed away my health is like it's getting a lot worse like psoriasis can It won't be so bad, although you are worried about your son Manuel Samuels' grades to enter university, what do you do? Oh, private university official, well, I'm doing everything that's horrible anyway, so it might as well be that a college football coach says he can insure.
Your son Manuel is accepted into a university and they trade him for 20. I mean, that's cheaper than what people did in real life. They're going to arrest me. I'm going to jail for this Johnny. Would you like me a little? Now I say I'm going to call him and chat with him. Damn, how can I communicate with these guys? The iPhone worked on you last time, Mason, how about a 50,000 piece puzzle? Oh, you think he hated it. You called your ex-boyfriend Fabián. You asked him. To get back with you, your ex-boyfriend Fabián said that he can't get back with you because he is married now, what do you do?
I'm going to ask him to come anyway he said he would be right about your ex -The boyfriend is coming, let's see what happens, we'll do it safely. I enjoyed it, but he wasn't really good, so Fabian left, but he likes me now, but you have a wife. Will he get in trouble if I do? send him a bad


i sent him a picture of my new hair removal i got it done and he sent me a close up of his mouth he has rubbish is this i know you want to be with me fabián i'm lonely he rejected me ok so he's rejecting me yeah I'm serious, but he's coming for a booty call.
That's how it is, he said he would come right away. I'm like this. I'm the


on the side who doesn't. I don't want to be the girl next door, it doesn't matter, go home, does he hate me now, does he hate me, does he despise me now? Okay, Fabian has a wife and he's


ing me. Your ex-boyfriend Fabian just sent you a close-up of his mouth again, disgusting. I know what I'm going to do. I'll forward it to my friends because that's what you got, Fabian, oh, he hates, he hates my insides and you know, just for old times' sake.
It's been a hot minute since I stopped Mason. He hacked into Mason's computer and changed all of his passwords. Perfect, he confronted me and called me a jealous little psychopath. This really isn't going well for me at all. Fabián listen, I know you want to. I'm going to congratulate him. He reacts. that he didn't answer, he will come if I call him for a booty call, but he won't come if I just say, hey, I really think you are an inspiring person to me and you make me better. He doesn't like that I have been diagnosed with migraines.
I have a urinary infection. Whats Next? What else went wrong with my Toyota? That's great. I already know my psoriasis. How can I treat these migraines? Oh, okay, it's been a while since I spoke. For any of my exes, Jerri Lamar seems to like me more, so I'm going to give her a little call to try to rekindle that relationship. Barsky didn't answer the phone. It's just me, being blocked and removed from everyone I know. I ever knew he would send her a dirty message and see what happens, warm him back up. Oh, I have Polk intestines!
What is that rickshaw? You always treat me well. I keep having these intestinal problems while you're at a hockey game. a gentleman named Lauren Zee. I'm going to ask him out on a date with someone now too Lauren. I'm inviting Fabian over, so you might want to take the night off. I asked Fabián to hurry up and come even though you have a boyfriend, your ex. -boyfriend, eat those guys, they always come. I swear, yes, I'm going to see what happens. My boyfriend didn't even do anything. Your boyfriend Lauren is asking you to take him to the theater.
Well, Lauren proposed, okay, I'll accept that proposal then. we're going to break up, okay, we're planning this wedding and it's going to be great, it's going to be an Avenger and it's going to be in Berlin, we're doing it, we're going to sign a prenup, uh-huh, one hundred percent and I'm going to keep my name because what we're going to do next is a divorce. My prenup works. We love that the supervisor of my cafe has taken a liking to you. Okay, let's do it. Everyone at work still refers to me as a boss. That's good.
They support me. My dreams now are for my boss to be there. No, I wish the people who kicked me out sometimes were on this list too. I'm going to see if Lauren wants to come back with me. He didn't answer the phone. Your ex. Her husband Lauren wants to get back with you. She says he can't go to the fish market without thinking about you. He's a little rude. Oh, we have a restraining order, so I can't follow you everywhere, honey, even though he's on the open market, you called your ex-boyfriend Fabian at work once a day for 25 days, but you haven't contacted him yet, maybe tomorrow your ex- My boyfriend Fabián confronted them with verbal attacks.
Oh! I have heart disease, that seems like the beginning of the end here, yes it is. This ex boyfriend update is actually really fun. I have a lot of fun playing. I hope you enjoy this video. If you ever want to see me again, make sure to hit the push notifications and I'll see you next time, bye.

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