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Ron DeSantis SCREWS himself with FATAL mistake

Apr 15, 2023
uh from the uh from the treatment plant but it was all treated water there was never any discharge of untreated water into the waterfalls have you talked to governor DeSantis? Governor DeSantis has not called yet. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm sure you're very interested in what's going on here and we're happy to work with your office in the meantime the state agencies if we've been working with them the fish and wildlife office has been with us so we appreciate that I'm not sure the governor


used to be involved but state agencies have been very helpful in working with us to take on this challenge and you said there have been over 900 rescue calls so far, do you know what you have to say to people who are stuck at home so some background here Fort Lauderdale is currently under water after a huge rain and flooding this week causing even the city's international airport will close this is fort lauderdale mayor gene trintalis saying he hasn't even gotten a call from rhonda santis and quote i'm not sure what's going on it turns out ron


is in ohio right now campaigning for the press i mean , going on a tour for his book seems a little weird that the guy who bans books in his own state is going to fly to other states to promote a book, but I guess that's because he wrote that book and probably doesn't talk about people much gay or black or female or anyone else you want to censor for free speech or something.
ron desantis screws himself with fatal mistake
Here is a perfect division. screenshot video of ron


abject hypocrisy made by midas touch some republicans walk into office and basically act like potted plants they don't want to lead they care what the media is going to say about them they just hope they don't have to take decisions until they are forced to. I said that's not what we're doing in Florida. We're going on the offensive in the State of Florida. I'm going to get out in front of the problems. I'm going to lead on issues I don't care what the left says I don't care what the media says we're going to win big and I'll tell you when you're on offense it's hard for them to keep up with you because they don't they know what we're going to do next, in other words, DeSantis claims to be a big supporter of Florida while literally letting his own constituents fend for themselves while he campaigns for president in Ohio before it's even officially announced That he's running this is like claiming to be a champion of Florida while picking a fight with the largest employer in the state, Disney, all just to irritate the Maga crowd and try to get them to root for him instead of succeed because to him Floridians are just a springboard in his desperate effort to become president, and according to recent polls that don't seem to be going very well, they see the Republican party so morally bankrupt and dominated by Maggie's extremists that Trump's arrest, impeachment, and continuation. legal troubles actually help him among Republican primary voters, while the rest of America is horrified by Trump's criminal behavior.
ron desantis screws himself with fatal mistake

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ron desantis screws himself with fatal mistake...

Republicans doubled down on their support for him, and as a result, the deeper Trump's legal troubles, the deeper the problems. Being that someone like Ron DeSantis wins the Republican primary and just one more thing about the census neglecting his own constituents in the state he's supposed to rule under Florida law, it's literally illegal for him to run for president while you are a sitting Governor you have to resign if you want to run for another office obviously the idea behind this is that you should not split your time between running for president and running the state you are supposed to run but follow the law that republicans in florida are now working to repeal that law just in time for desantis' anticipated presidential announcement because, as always, the republican party is never interested in following the laws they set for others when it becomes inconvenient for them, they are happy to just change the rules or ignore them altogether and all of this is happening while Trump is only stepping up his attacks on DeSantis.
ron desantis screws himself with fatal mistake
This is what he had to say about him at a recent rally. Farmers love Trump. Farmers, I don't think so, according to the polls, you don't do well with anything, well, it's never good to try to destroy Social Security, raise the minimum age to a very high level, which was not good, and go against Medicare and try to remove it. these are some of the good facts it's also not good when you look statistically at how he did on greed nothing good he's in a very bad position or you look at how he does on crime it's not good it's not good we have great republican governors actually fared much better for who closed their states for a very short time, or in some cases not at all.
ron desantis screws himself with fatal mistake
I looked at South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee. I mean, we had some states that did a phenomenal job with no shutdowns. i know i gave you the right not to close no to all of you you didn't have to close but in the case of florida unfortunately they closed it they closed the beaches they closed everything so now people are finding out what happened they say man it's getting Falling like the Rock and I wonder why, but you know you never like it when someone comes around, see, I'm a loyalist, they say, sir, don't talk about it, sir, because people don't want to listen. that, but I do it because I am a loyal person.
These people here have been very loyal to me. They are angry? You are his lieutenant governors, Dan. Many of them. I'm sitting right here, Congressman, Congressman Wesley. and he's fighting someone who's 42 and has almost 30 million dollars in the bank he said almost nothing he's out of cash and i said i can't give you a backup there's no way you can win you're dead but he fought a little like 150 you certainly know Jim Jordan that I can tell you he sent a little just a little about impeachment hoax number one impeachment hooks number two meaning on television because I didn't know him very well but I saw him so he came and he really wanted I told him he can't win how can he win sir please sir I don't know him, so I don't feel guilty about it.
You know, if you don't know someone, I wish I did. In fact, you want to know the truth. I would not have done this. a chance me and ron backed him up and he became a rocket ship in a day the race was over he got the nomination ok i have to cut it because this rant goes on forever but the point is trump is clearly going to burn the earth down. on Ron DeSantis now of course it's all very hypocritical for example Trump claims Ron DeSantis is a record chasing Social Security and Medicare which is true but also Trump put out the budget every year as president he proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare all of which is to say this primary is going to get very messy very fast when asked about Trump's nicknames for him.
DeSantis was embarrassed by whatever it was. It is your favorite nickname that Trump has given you so far. Is Ron Ronda a prude or does he know more about rock? well I can't even say he messed up like a meatball. valve i mean so let's get on with it okay you know you can call me and you can call me whatever you want i mean as long as you know call me winner too yeah because nothing says winner like gleefully accepting the demeaning nicknames a psychopath and an accused criminal nail you down, Ron, so obviously there's no one to root for in this dispute, but it does serve to reveal just how far the Republican Party has gone.
Every Republican presidential candidate is in a race to be as extreme as possible. we have learned nothing from the last three election cycles in which Trump and the mega-candidates on the ballot have lost to their radical anti-democratic agendas, so our job is to continue to expose extremism and make sure their losses spread to four before they go quickly. Announcement I Started a Spanish YouTube Channel The Democrats desperately need to be able to appeal to Spanish speaking audiences so I'm the one doing my part to help get the channel up and running on the algorithm so we can finally start spreading our word progressive message and break the conservative Stranglehold in the Spanish-speaking media.
Subscribe and watch some videos. The link to that channel called Brian Teller Co in Spanish is right here on this screen and of course to see more of my English content make sure you subscribe to this channel. Also, the link is also here on the screen. Thanks so much for looking.

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