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Mar 11, 2022
Do you like TV shows? Have you seen any during the quarantine? Always. I watch TV


s since I can remember. Not many really. Let's remember that I don't have a PC or a TV. T.V.


s? Yeah... I'm not a crazy fan like most people, I mean that in a good way, but yes, as long as they're interesting. I watch TV series since before they existed. -Do you have Netflix or Amazon? -Netflix. -Only Netflix? -Netflix only. -All of them. -All of them? Netflix, Amazon and Disney+. I only pay for Netflix and Prime. Other than that, I use Torrent. pirate stuff Alright, today we're going to play a game called "What's this show?" Well.
qu serie es pilo
They can be from TV, Netflix, Amazon. -A bit of everything. -Okay, will it be new TV series or...? -A bit of everything. -It's okay. You have to tell me their names. -The name of the television series? -The TV series or the name of the program. -Ready? -I'm lovin 'it. Go. I'm ready but I won't do it right. If it had been movies, I would have totally won this game. Let's see. Friends! People say that I look like Phoebe. Friends, right? -Correct! Fine! -All right! This is on my top. I love friends. I still look at it.
qu serie es pilo

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qu serie es pilo...

How can Netflix get it out? Friends friends. Does any country call this program Amigos? Well, maybe in Spain this is Friendship or something like that. Spain changes a lot of titles, so it's likely. -Well. Friends friends. -Correct! -You saw it? -Yes, of course. I saw it on Sony Channel. I must have seen half there... I watched an episode. There are too many seasons! I'll go blind if I use my cell phone! -You saw it? -No, but they are Friends. You recognize the actors. what are you laughing It is called Buddies in Spain. friends? friends? This is "The Marginal".
qu serie es pilo
It's a prank. The Marginal 2. The Marginal! What an outstanding TV series. It's great. I'm lovin 'it. This is El Marginal 2. This is El Marginal. El Marginal 2. -Did you see it? -I made. Let's support Argentine cinema, guys. Is awesome. It makes Argentine cinema look good, man. All Latin America watches it. People from Mexico told me that they love it. If I liked. I watched half of the first season, but then I watched the second season and I love it. I didn't watch the third season, but... I like the fact that it's a prison in Argentina. -Is it new or old? -New.
qu serie es pilo
Oh! It's Nicole Kidman and that British boy, what's his name? -Hugh grant. -Hugh grant. I have no idea here. Do you want to guess or think of a new title? Yes, "Soul Twalin". There's no way I can tell, it's new. It can have many seasons and be about vampires. "Twilight Zone". Do you want to guess the title? No, because I seriously have no idea. Could this be The Undoing? Correct! I'm watching! Undoing. Fine! This TV series is very tense! I even had nightmares last night. It's called The Ruin. Oh, I had no idea. No. This one is amazing.
I didn't expect much from him. This Netflix documentary series is called... Break It All. It's great. I saw him recently. I still have to watch two episodes. I'm sure you'll like it, Zepet. It's breaking everything. It's about rock in Argentina... Break It All? Yes, break everything. I am also seeing it. Correct! Fine! Is this breaking everything? Correct! You saw it? No, but I know it's something Charly Garcia said. It is also the title of a new Netflix series. It's good, right? It's good to learn things. This one was really famous! What's your name? No way... No, no, no.
I can't remember. We need options in this game! Is it "The Middle Show"? It's something about a family... What was his fucking name? "The Six Stooges"? This one has a guy named Malcolm, right? Malcolm, but that's not the full title. No, I do not know. Try to guess. Take a risk. "The Incredible Malcolm". I only remember that the word "Medium" is there. This is Malcolm in the middle. Correct! Everyone tells me to watch it. I feel like I have to see it. -Is for you. -For me? I used to watch it on Fox. It was on TV when I was a kid.
Malcolm in the middle. I'm seeing it again on Amazon. He's amazing, man. It's very, very fun. Correct. I never looked at it. You get half a point! Wait! Oh yes... The Puccio family. His name was just... There's a movie about the Puccio clan, and this one was about them too. I can't remember the name. Can I say "Puccio"? It wasn't "The Puccio Family", was it? No. Is it The Clan? It was the Story of a Clan... The Clan! Which one of them? I'll say it's... The Clan. -Incorrect! -Not! This is The Clan. The Clan or "The Puccio Clan".
It's The Clan... Story of a Clan! Correct! That was close. -History of a Clan, yes. You almost said it wrong. Yes, because there is also a movie with Francella. Both in the same year. Come on man! It still counts! Well I was close. Could you give me half a point? History of a Clan. I'm an idiot. This was a great TV series, really. I lived in San Isidro, and this family revolutionized San Isidro. In fact, if you pass by that house, you feel strange vibrations. If you enjoy this video please subscribe, like, share and share me too.
I have no idea. I had never seen this photo. I seriously have no idea. Is it something about politics? Or that cannibal girl? I don't know, what was her name? "Holy Diet" or something... "Sant Clari". No, I don't know, man. No, I can't say anything. I have never seen this. It's an HBO series. Yes, I can say it. I thought it was an HBO series. For its colors, lights. His cinematography is quite particular. But honestly I don't know. Guys, I don't have HBO. I have no idea what this is. Oh this is amazing! I didn't recognize him at first.
It's great. It is a kind of British Black Mirror. It's amazing, I recommend it. I keep talking because I don't remember the name. His name is... I don't know. This one is really good, seriously. Either I like all the series or you choose the best ones. It's called... Years and Years. -Correct! Fine! -It's great. Years and years. Oh! I watched three episodes. But I didn't recognize that photo! I saw them and I thought it was very catastrophic. I said, "This is not good for me... I don't want to live in this reality." Incorrect! -It's called Years and Years. -Years and years!
No, I had no idea. Not at all. Very good... I learn something new every day. Hey, this is from Netflix! I don't know, but his clothes are quite peculiar. No, guys... -"Umbrella"? I dont know. -Wait... "Umbrella" and... Really? Oh Lord! But I don't know, I never saw her. You're close, come on! Say another word. "Umbrella... Black." The Umbrella Academy? Correct! I didn't look at it, but... there's an umbrella. So I guess it's The Umbrella Academy. I haven't seen it and to be honest I don't feel like seeing it. The Umbrella Academy. Oh! The Umbrella Academy? "Umbrella Academy"?
Oh God... Right! Fine! there I got confused. I also saw some episodes, but nothing else... It wasn't for me. I don't like this type of series. They are very supernatural. The Umbrella Academy. Right, I can see a guy in a suit there. -Half point? -You get half a point. Thanks, Pilo. -For trying. Thanks PIL. God! This is very difficult, man. Can we play with the movies? What's your name? It's from Amazon. It's very popular. No, Amazon... This is Prime Video. No, no, no, no... Wait! It is a superhero. I dont know. I'll just say "Superman." I know it's not "Superman". "The Bad Boys".
Incorrect! Boys. -Oh no! We give you half a point. I added another word! Boys? Correct! Yes! Fine! Yes! The... The boys. I watched it all but not the last episode. I should have seen him three months ago. Correct! It's fine. -Boys. -Correct! I was watching it... but I left it in the first season. Should I keep watching it? Really? I like your idea, but I didn't keep seeing it. I'm told it's good, but it's also about superheroes. I don't like them very much. But there is a new Spiderman movie with Leonardo Dicaprio! What? WE WILL VERIFY THIS INFORMATION LATER LEONARDO DI CAPRIO WILL NOT PLAY SPIDERMAN I don't feel good man.
I don't know, man. I have no idea. This also appears to be from HBO. It looks like a police series. Emergency Fantastic Four. I just want to say something. It's new? He is four, five years old. I have never seen it. I haven't seen it, but I saw the poster of him... and I thought, "Should I watch it?" Someone told me they were watching it, but they didn't tell me much. -Thousands of millions? -Correct! I think I can win this game. Thousands of millions! Correct! You saw it? No, but my family and my boyfriend are big fans.
So, I had to see it. This one is just great. This is something that everyone in Argentina wonders... Who killed María Marta García Belsunce? This is the case of María Marta Belsunce. Is awesome. She loved me. So what is her name? Cut your nonsense, man. I tell you that this is the case of María Marta... -That's her name, isn't it? -No. Belsunce? I remember it was a weird name, but I can't remember it. Is this the documentary about María Marta Belsunce? I don't know what this documentary is called. "The María Marta Belsunce show"?
This is the case of María Marta. I saw him in two days. Her name... what was her name? -Carmel! -Correct! Fine! His name is Carmelo. Correct! You are doing great! You stole half a point... Carmel? Why? It is the name of the gated community. Oh! I was only a child, but I remember. Carmel. I'm not doing very well today. I do not feel comfortable. No, I don't know this one either. I have no idea. That plane looks like a womb. "The Flying Womb". I want to see this one! -The Mandalorian. -Correct! Yes... The Mandalorian. Correct!
Fine! -The Mandalorian. -Correct! I haven't seen it. Someone told me it's great, I don't remember who. The Mandalorian, right? Correct! It's fine? I just watched Star Wars, the first six. Some didn't see Star Wars, but they loved this one. Like? I haven't seen any Star Wars movies. None of them. Never. I watched the first episode's not for me, man. Why did you see it? Because my whole family was like, "This is amazing! I love it!" "You don't need to watch Star Wars." But no... Science fiction is like... It's great. However, I just watched a few episodes.
This was... He has two words. I think this television series has a woman's name. Like, you see this picture on Netflix all the time. But I can't remember. "Santa Clarita". Incorrect! I won't say that again. -I can say it in Spanish? -Yes. Queen's Gambit. -Correct! -I haven't seen it. Queen's Gambit. Oh, Queen's Gambit. Do you know what my problem is with Queen's Gambit? I hate that everyone keeps talking about it all the time. I really hate that. Also, it's hard to avoid spoilers when so many people see it. I prefer to see it a few years later.
Everyone wants you to see it. Netflix always shows that woman. She's great. She's great and she kills it. She is amazing. I don't know, but she is handsome... No, I don't know. She has sort of like wings on the back of her, but painted with blood. She's like a fucking angel. -So, what is her name? -"Bloody Angel". Correct! Fine! No way... she was kidding! -Go! -Incorrect! Right handed! God, what a great series. -Right handed. -That was fast. I didn't see it, but it's iconic, right? It's Dexter... isn't it? That hitman. -Correct! I haven't seen it either.
People told me that she is great. -Right handed! -Correct! Or Dexter's Laboratory? You didn't do so well. You have to watch more TV. I need a television. Or maybe I'm better off without him. You did very well, I think you can win. Yes Yes Yes! Well, if he had guessed El Clan... I must watch more series. I don't like them very much. Well, we gave you ideas so you can start looking. If you liked this video please subscribe, hit the bell icon and watch all our videos. -Was over? -Yes, thanks. -Until next time. -You didn't put The Office!
How could you not put The Office?

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