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Jan 05, 2022
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our partner from taiwan and all our report it has changed welcome aboard our


our flagship flight to frankfurt my name is jürgen raps i am the captain of this flight stock here in the cockpit supported by captain robert willing and first officer harald ihr and the cabin crew are under the direction of hans -peter jakobus we still have a few minutes until the triberger starts on time here in san


the flight time is nine hours and 45 minutes relatively fast that means we will arrive in frankfurt tomorrow morning before the hour arrival date printed on the flight plan we are delighted that you are our guests today you are on the flight to germany you sit comfortably i enjoy the curse in our service munich a nice in d in the case of hamburg we have to follow the ramps after you and after the tower text and automatically in the text of the tower frequency we are not asked to choose the lot offered in front of the foot was an important word to make like cheese which feldafinger model is the same and starter breakage is also not a problem because we conservatively calculated it was dry wind from the front and if then brake it doesn't matter what's going on here this mountain has not been seen for a long time that the beta version even lasts a lifetime in the face of the complex issue of speech interpretation, that is, it has the lowest level.
pilotseye tv   lufthansa airbus a380   departure from san francisco english subtitles
Do you have cleaning agents? Do you have a jacko effect? It has gone up in terms of climate policy and it worked. Show your creed. servicerating buschbeck lg cell phones to control the cans is positive on capital imports is a small criticism fishermen demanded the card there is still a password people there dr 6 follow the speech dollar for the next computer he bern you get no title in 20 understand the text on the back at some point could have been a project manager about 2 at the exact point 61 years ago our flight school captain started his career from offshore time he was already a captain where he was for many years even though he trained as 4000 pilots unfortunately it was


flight school in phoenix really years german lufthansa lamps and last years division board member this takes a hundred checks farmers rotating only optimal 4 lawyers might frankfurt 10,000 blood 2 3 that was not from all the quick case do defend bush is the clubhouse on the right hand side waka waka for the mainz schneiders of r obert carter my boots had the guests for motorcycling the black pulled cattle and social until you love but when you think about it with the only someone who ever made sense and chips heard a word with a harley that crashed into the apron at an airport in i live in the middle of life where active air traffic takes place and the traffic is probably an exception all over the world that should remain an exception also not exactly small yes 1 with the way you are used to from german lufthansa , you are inclined to believe that I was in the plane it can have a maximum takeoff weight of 560 tons very, very slow it flies manually of course by hand with the stick but it is fantastic plus 380 is the fact that it is tremendously maneuverable and almost it is like an


330 or even a vienna


320 goes down naturally with the round Coordination together as we call it in technical jargon, with the so-called nord kinetics, come on c on the flight control and in the test plane you can even adjust this flight control oz during the flight and we were already there very shortly after the first flight of the machine fascinated by the maneuverability of the 83
pilotseye tv   lufthansa airbus a380   departure from san francisco english subtitles

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pilotseye tv lufthansa airbus a380 departure from san francisco english subtitles...

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