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Pamela Reif reagiert auf ihre besten Beauty- und Fashion-Looks | Style-Tagebuch | GLAMOUR Germany

May 03, 2023
OMG this photo is so old! Wow! Hi, I'm Pamela Reif and welcome to the GLAMOR


journal. I've just been given these printouts of my past. I don't know what's in them, but I'm going to take a look with you. We'll see, what I was thinking


wise. I like that! This photo is from my prom. I wear a skin-tight gold dress. Which is a bit unusual for a prom, but I loved it, and still do today. I definitely stood out with that. Everyone else at the prom looked a bit more classic, in longer gowns that were less gold, less sparkly, and less form-fitting.
pamela reif reagiert auf ihre besten beauty  und fashion looks style tagebuch glamour germany
But I felt great in it, and I still love looking at those photos. The good thing about it is that I got a very good high school diploma and there I was with the other two straight-A students on stage. And all the parents of the other students, they were always prejudiced against me because I was always the blonde with the fancy pants. And of course they knew I was good at school, but I was very proud of my high school diploma, because I didn't expect to get the best possible grade. And then when I did, everyone was like, "Huh her?
pamela reif reagiert auf ihre besten beauty  und fashion looks style tagebuch glamour germany

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pamela reif reagiert auf ihre besten beauty und fashion looks style tagebuch glamour germany...

Sitting next to the other nerds on stage with the highest grade in that tight gold dress of hers?" I thought that was cool and it's a happy memory and I think it was absolutely justified, that this outfit was a little bit daring. Here we have a photo of me as a child. I know this photo from our laundry room, because that's where it hangs. I have no other memories with him. But what I'm also realizing is that I have pretty much the same hairstyle that I have now. I guess I already liked him back then. I wanted to cut my hair once, they were already long enough and my mother wouldn't let me.
pamela reif reagiert auf ihre besten beauty  und fashion looks style tagebuch glamour germany
And I'm still very grateful to him for that. In fact, I think I've always let them grow. So I never jumped back and forth between lengths, I just let them grow and then they were long and then they stayed long. And here you can also see my natural hair color, but it has gotten darker and darker over time. So, in the meantime, my hair would probably be more of a medium dark brown, but that's how I remember myself, because around the age of 15 I started dyeing my hair and since then I really don't know what's hiding underneath.
pamela reif reagiert auf ihre besten beauty  und fashion looks style tagebuch glamour germany
This photo was taken on my balcony, just before I was in Karlsruhe with my mother to have my picture taken. That was a real photo shoot. I even had extensions on this one. I never wear extensions, as you know, my hair is real, but for this fishtail braid we actually used extensions because, I don't know if you guys have ever had a fishtail braid, but because it's so intricately braided, all of suddenly all the hair is gone, because you always have to do one on the right, another on the left, and suddenly it's short. And I had a hairpiece at home, so we used it for the braid.
And I think that was the only time I used it and never again after that. And I've never had a fishtail braid like that ever again, but I think it always


great in photos and it's also a really good hairstyle if you have oily hair. Especially if you do a French braid, which is very close to the hairline, it is the best way to hide oily hair. I have done this from time to time for my workouts when my hair was very oily. And you couldn't see it because she had these boxer braids, these two French braids.
I really like that. This photo is obviously, everyone can see that, the photo, I posted it to celebrate two million followers. I am wearing a white flowery dress with flowery lace, I think it is lace flowers. And it has the typical shape for me. I love when the top of a dress is on the fitted side and then it has a little skirt that flares from the waist down. I think it flatters my figure and I think it also


very feminine and playful. Oh look at that! This photo is with my brother Dennis in Japan in Tokyo.
There we were in a department store and we tried on some very extraordinary sunglasses. For example, these were hinged and decorated with pearls, definitely not an intentional purchase, just for fun. I'm wearing a sports bra, but it's very unusual, I think it passes for a top. What is Dennis wearing? I don't know, a black t-shirt as always, probably. That's all you can make out here. That was by the way my first trip that I showed on Instagram with my brother Dennis. Until then he had always been in the background or not seen at all. My family was quite shy on social media, but here they dared to be part of the image and have stayed that way ever since.
I think that was also the year that we launched our podcast. So we've opened up a lot about our personal world and he just whispered that he's the real reason I always wear black. Dennis, what percentage of your closet. It is black? 99 percent 99 percent yeah I know a white t-shirt I think you never wear that. Imagine if his wardrobe is 99 percent black and he has to wash that white T-shirt. When? With what? That should then be washed individually by flying in the washing machine. Yes, but that was a very nice trip and I don't think we've ever traveled together before, just the two of us?
I think that was the first time and since then we've been traveling a lot together and it's been great. We have always gotten along very well as brother and sister. We rarely, if ever, fight to this day. If there are differences, then we talk about them. And often we continue to have our own opinion, but we try not to lecture each other, but accept each other's opinion. So I really like my brother and I really like that we work together, travel together and spend so much time together. We have a big age difference, six years, and people sometimes think that he is younger.
I'll say it's because he looks so young and not because I look so old. This is one of my best known childhood photos. He's in our living room, I think, and my grandmother's living room, and I think I know him from somewhere else, too. It has definitely been printed several times. That I'm using? A white T-shirt, not much has changed. And here my hair was actually still short. It's the length of a bob, so for everyone wondering what I would look like with that hairstyle, this is the only picture you'll be able to see, otherwise I probably won't voluntarily cut my hair again.
And I have worn bangs for a long time in my life, even longer. In elementary school and I think even in high school I once had bangs. I really liked it, but it was an absolute nightmare growing up. So every transition, every transition duration was absolutely horrible, until it finally leveled out. That's why I wouldn't cut my bangs again, even if it looks nice, the transition is difficult. And as you can see, half goes back up like right now. A red line through my life. This photo is from the "Bambi Awards" in Baden-Baden, if I'm not mistaken.
That was the most beautiful dress I have ever worn here in my life. The designer's name is Georges Makaroun and the dress was just beautiful. It's a silver, floor-length dress with lots of gemstones and it was off the shoulder. This is how I imagine my wedding dress would be, only in white and maybe with a bigger skirt. But that was really a dream and I never felt so good in a dress. Can you use something like that twice? I hope so. This photo is in my house. This one is definitely older, because it has the teddy bear in the background, which my ex-boyfriend gave me.
That means it must have been about three or four years ago, if not four or five. But that's still my room, so I still live with my parents. Although in the meantime I am occupying more apartments in the building, for my film studio, etc. But I still sleep in this room and I love this room. This is pink and white princess heaven for me. Even if this teddy bear is gone, the rest is exactly the same. In this photo I am also wearing sportswear, which I love to wear. When I get home, I immediately change out of my street clothes, taking off my jeans, putting on a pair of sweatpants, soft socks, and then a T-shirt or sweater, depending on the season.
Here in a light pink, but otherwise I also like to use light gray and white. When it comes to sweatpants, these are my favorite colors. Oh yeah Coachella! I know at some point it got discredited and everyone was like, "It's not about the music anymore, it's about the style. And everyone goes there for their Instagram photos." But I think when I was there, yes, the music was secondary, but everything else still made you very happy, it was super nice. Here you have one of my most daring outfits. I'm wearing a white crop top there, which is as short as a bra.
I didn't wear anything underneath, otherwise I would have ruined the lace between my breasts. And I wore extremely short pants, which barely cover my buttocks. Also laced up on the side with plenty of skin visible. And I love those kinds of outfits and if there's a place to wear them, then it's there, because half the people are wearing even less than me in this photo. I still have both pieces in my closet, but could never wear them again with a clear conscience afterwards. But I thought the outfit was cool. OMG this photo is so old! In it I was 16?
Maybe? I was starting on Instagram, I was in Italy. With a dress, which is perhaps more of a top. It only covers the buttocks and I would say that today would be too short for me. Traveling means a lot to me, because I enjoy it a lot. But I also really enjoy being at home. In fact, everywhere I've been here, home is always the best by comparison and I'm happy to come home again and again and spend my time at home, because I can relax and unwind and I love my home. But traveling is wonderful, it teaches you a lot, you get to know other cultures, if you immerse yourself and don't visit the classic tourist spots.
Different food seems interesting to me, but my home cooking is my favorite. This was, I'll show you, my first time at Disneyland in Paris. The highlight of the day were those Mickey Mouse ears. And even though Disneyland was full of young children and lots of families etc, it was a lot of fun and it was a wonderful day. I've never been back to Disneyland since, but I really enjoyed it and I still have those ears at home. This is a very cute children's photo of me. This was my first vacation in the Maldives. I was one or two years old.
I already have half my hair, like today, on top of my head and I was obviously very happy. This swimsuit is of course more


able than ever with a floral pattern. I honestly think this one is really beautiful, if there was a bigger size I would buy it again. And I would say that a lot of my life is spent in sportswear. Sweatpants are very important, occasionally a pair of jeans, but also a lot in bikinis and bathing suits. Bikinis, swimsuits and I somehow have a very special connection that I can't explain. But I really like to wear it and I also have a lot at home.
I have huge bags full of bikinis at home and every vacation my mom asks me, "Do you really need to wear that many bikinis?" And then I'm like, "Yeah, if there's one thing I don't skimp on, it's bikinis. I might buy one less dress, but definitely not fewer bikinis. I need them all and I wear them all." And that's that. This shows me in a plank position three times. One last sports photo to finish off. The first, this was my first sports video, which I also posted on YouTube. But I no longer use it on work plans at home or have never used it there before, for one reason only, that my execution of this Elbow-Plank is not exemplary.
My butt was just too high. My lower back muscles, my abdominal muscles weren't strong enough to support that ideally. It's gotten better over time, but that's why it's not part of the plan anymore, because I just don't want to see it all the time, which wasn't quite right. I already thought about removing it, but some people wrote that they really like the training and that this bad table in a ten minute video is not a big deal. But I think there are definitely better videos of me that have been released in the years since. Sportswear is the most essential in my life, I spend a lot of time in sportswear and that means I always wear leggings and a sports bra.
It is usually tight to the body and always made with an active sports fabric. Color wise, I always go for black, gray, white, and sometimes pink. In these three photos you can also see very well that many things have changed in our home. The first image, my first sports video, was in Dennis's old bedroom, my new studio, which has now been converted into a dressing room. We shot this in the corner, we pushed the sofa to the side, we pushed the desk to the side and tried to make room, so that he could at least walk the length of the floor without seeing anything else.
Then we branched out a bit and asked my gym for permission to film there in the classroom. We did that there for years, really only one or two. And then, at the beginning of the Corona pandemic last year, the home studio itself was finished. That was really handy, because the gym closures had just started, so it was a seamless transition from that classroom to my own studio. Now many people always think that the wallpaper. back here is not wallpaper but continues onmiles to other spaces. But in fact, this is an optical illusion and it is just wallpaper, there is nothing behind it.
I think it's beautiful. My mom discovered this wallpaper in Paris and it was shipped to us from there. It had to be specially made, just for the length of the wall and because our house is very crooked. I think people were drunk, when they built it, because the roof goes up two inches on each side and that's why it was a little bit difficult. But I think our studio is beautiful and I like doing sports in it and I think you guys also enjoy the background when you exercise. I definitely think it's visually very pretty. It looks like a French palace in Karlsruhe.
Thank you very much for watching, I hope you enjoyed it. I am truly in awe, what the GLAMOR team has dug up, are photos so old I didn't even know I still have them on Instagram. Thank you very much for that. Those were good memories and I hope you have a great day. If you want to see more videos, you can click here around me and enjoy more exciting content. Bye bye!

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