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P1HARMONY Reveals Who's the Best Looking, the Best Dancer and More | Superlatives | Seventeen

Nov 21, 2021
(laughing) - They're going to fight about this. (laughing) (speaking Korean) (cute grunts) (everyone laughing) - Besides everything. Hello, we are P1Harmony. - Hello, my name is Keeho. - Hi, I'm Intak. - Hi, I'm Jiung. - Hi, I'm Jongseob. - Hello. I'm Teo - Hello, I'm Alma. (Keeho cheering) (everyone claps) (upbeat music) - We're here with Seventeen to play Superlatives. Let us begin. - Let's get it. (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Jiung. - Keeho. - Take. (laughing) (speaking in Korean) - Intak, yourself. - Yes. - Jongseob, yourself. - Yes. - Jiung, myself. - I love myself. (speaking Korean) - When we were trainees, we used to be on this project, this task where we had to take like five selfies every day. - And then we get better. - We did it.
p1harmony reveals who s the best looking the best dancer and more superlatives seventeen
There definitely is (speaking Korean). (Jiung speaking Korean) - Konglish, man. - Effect. - No, but Jiung is also good at taking selfies. But he has an ugly filter. (laughing) (Theo speaking in Korean)-Because he's good at it. - I'm good at it. I know my angles. - What is your (Korean speaking)? - Oh, I don't really like taking real selfies, but I like mirror selfies, and I like it when people take pictures of me. Just like mirror selfies, you have to keep it a bit far away, and you have to keep it like here. The phone has to be like a bit here.
p1harmony reveals who s the best looking the best dancer and more superlatives seventeen

More Interesting Facts About,

p1harmony reveals who s the best looking the best dancer and more superlatives seventeen...

It can't be like that. It can't be like below. It can't be up. It has to be like here. And then what I like to do... This is advice. Guys, it's a secret. You have to get a little closer. The mirrors, you have to zoom in a bit. It can't be full shot. Just zoom in, just a little bit, so it's like here. Yes, that's my advice. That is my advice for today. (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Soul. - I believe it is me. - Take and Soul. - Intak and Soul is the most attractive. - I think Soul is (speaking Korean) cute and sexy. - Cute hottie.
p1harmony reveals who s the best looking the best dancer and more superlatives seventeen
If you're right. She has both, but I feel like as the years go by, she will evolve like a Pokemon. - Pokemon. - Grow, and grow, and grow. (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Take. - Thank you all. - Intak is a super nice person. - Oooh. He's touching me (hitting the lap) - Is he touching you? - Thank you. - Did he touch your heart? - Yes, it touched my heart. -Whatever his condition is, I think he's always trying to, you know, be kind, be positive and just be happy. (speaking Korean) (clapping hands) - Thank you. -I like his attitude when we face a problem.
p1harmony reveals who s the best looking the best dancer and more superlatives seventeen
He always says, "Oh, you'll be fine." - It holds it together. - Thank you. Thanks. Some days, it's not easy. - Oh. - Yes. But I'm fighting. - Struggle! - Everything is fine, you too. (speaking Korean) - Thank you. (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Take. - Keeho. - Keeho and Intak. (speaking Korean) - There's a lot to learn, and it's always good to monitor and see, like when new music comes out. And I like to have an open mind and just see whatever is new. (speaking Korean) (upbeat music) (laughing) - They're going to be fighting over this one. - This is competition. (speaking Korean) - One, two, three. - Soul. (speaking Korean) - Oh, sorry.
I didn't want to choose because I don't want to start a fight. I am sorry. (laughing) Yes, Soul. I also. (Applause) - Best


. - In fact. In fact. I think he is the artist. -Yes.-He has his own color. -Yes.-He is very "my way". (speaking Korean) - Good question. (speaking Korean) (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Theo. - Wow. Thanks. - Because? (Theo speaking Korean) - Oh. - Thanks Mom. - Flex. - Greetings to mom. - Greetings to my mom. (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Theo. - Take. - Theo, theo. - Theo is a... - Aegyoist. - Aegyo man. -No, the thing is that the people who voted for Jongseob are very good at aegyo, but they don't like him.
So he doesn't count. Intak and Theo have different types of aegyo. Theo is like a very natural aegyo, like he doesn't try, but he's just cute. He always makes this sound. He goes (cute grunts). - Always do. (cute grunts) (speaking in Korean) - Like this. -No, but in the newspaper he will go (speaking Korean). He would be like (speaking Korean). He would be like that. But right now, we're on camera, he won't. (speaking Korean) (cute grunts) (laughing) (speaking Korean) - First. (speaking in Korean)-It's the first time he's done that in front of the camera. - Its the first time.
Oh my God. - It's


than this, though. My God, what is this? -E Intak, I think in the diary, he's not that cute, but he's good at acting cute. And he is very confident in it. He doesn't get shy. He's fine, aegyo. (speaking Korean) - Oh. - Not too much. He just winks. Thank you all. (air kisses) (laughing) - It's okay. (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Keeho. - Oh, Keeho. - It's okay. The thing is, he wanted to vote for me, but he didn't want to be like, "Oh, funny." - It is fun.
Oh my God. -Like every time he says something, we all laugh. - Every time. - Although it's like- - Why? - We do not know. we don't know - am I kidding you guys? - Just... you're funny. (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Keeho. - Take. -Intak (laughs). - It's okay, Keeho. - My God, really? Let's go. Guy. I think he is very happy. - Thanks guys. He keeps talking. Keep counting


. - It has a soul. - Who? - You have a soul. - Oh thanks. - You... yes. (laughing) - Thank you very much. (Intak speaking Korean) - Thank you. - (Jongseob speaking Korean) riff? (Keeho singing a riff) (laughing) - Sorry guys.
Oh, that's not how I really- - Show them. Show them. Show them. (laughing) - I'm sorry. (Keeho speaking Korean) (upbeat music) - Let me hear it. ♪ I just got here like, hey ♪ - Hey. ♪ I can't hear a thing you're saying ♪ ♪ Going my- ♪ Guys. - This is hard. - One two Three. - Soul. - Oh, Soul is the


rapper. - Soul. (speaking Korean) (speaking Korean like a robot) - The lyrics were (speaking Korean). (Jiung speaking Korean like a robot) I don't know. (everyone laughing) (speaking Korean) (Soul speaking Korean) Either one. (everyone laughs) (speaking in Korean) - Imagining, there's so much autotuning and robot noises, and it's just his voice doing, (speaking in Korean like a robot) and then in the back, he suddenly says: "O a!" (laughing) (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Theo. - Jiung. - Yes, Jiung and Theo.
Yeah, I cut my hair really... like, really short. You can see my (Jiung speaking Korean). -When we were trainees, he cut his hair this short before. They were about this length, but then, it was very strange. - Yes. I remember that. - Yeah. We said, "Why did you do that? Like you look so hip." But I don't know, maybe... I don't know. It looks good now. I don't know why it's different now, but (weakly speaking). A long time ago, oh, we're going to have to post those photos. (upbeat music) ♪ It's so easy ♪ - Get ready. ♪ I know, I know ♪ - It's okay. - One two Three. - Keeho. (Intak speaking Korean) (Jongseob speaking Korean) (Jiung speaking Korean) (Theo speaking Korean) (Jongseob speaking Korean) (upbeat music) - One, two, three. - Jongseob. - Soul. - The reason I chose Jongseob is because of food, you know.
When he orders some food, he always gets new things. (Jongseob speaking Korean) (Intak speaking Korean) (everyone gasping) (Intak speaking Korean) (speaking Korean) (screaming like on a roller coaster) - Let's go. - You know, P1Harmony is coming back soon, as you guys can tell by our hair colors, so be excited. And please wait a little longer for our comeback this coming time... Just around the corner. For more videos like this, please subscribe to Seventeen's YouTube channel. And this has been... - P1Harmony. Thanks. - Thank you all. - Bye.

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