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Nov 22, 2021
Hi guys, how do you do? Welcome back to another sequence video. How are you doing? Welcome back to another. I hope you have a great day so far. It's going to take a little longer than I'd like so I thought why not stream it and hang out with you guys at the same time so that's what we're doing right now so let me move this and then we get this big mainstream. Backup can't even remember the last time we aired this, but it was a while ago. I was streaming on the best Minecraft series in the world.
our minecraft farm is big now 19
I have a lot of cool little peeps here, but the weirder ones of course, but the biggest thing we have to do today is I need to build a huge


. These are my two


s here, this one and this one, and I want to improve them. because they're not too good at the moment so the only option the ions i have are quite a bit to take here they are on two different levels let me go down and show you there are two completely different levels this is what makes it a bit awkward let me get in here there we go so as you can see this one here is much lower than that all of them are dead right now which is bad it's not good news at all and i think we should go ahead and do this together we have some oh yeah , we have some interesting things at the end, don't we?
our minecraft farm is big now 19

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our minecraft farm is big now 19...

I completely forgot. We went to the bottom. I completely forgot. I don't have a scythe. I need a scythe to get rid of these bushes. I think I don't think I can do it alone. i don't think i can no i definitely can't ok let's fix this let's go get our scythe i'm pretty sure we have one not one hundred percent sure but i'm pretty sure we need shovels we need picks we also need to put this back and we also have than to solve this new one two three how is it going to be enough i think that's enough oh yeah what about you absolute butter absolute punk right let's blast this this make a shovel and ax just because we're going to need enough to get us through everything there is there yeah we have a sickle it's very very fragile right now and you can't create one so I'm not quite sure where I'm going to get another one oh how am I going to do this sickle the cycle cycle I did not think about this, they came to copper.
our minecraft farm is big now 19
How do I retrieve a sickle? Someone knows? Oh gosh I didn't mean to do that ok let's see if I can do this I don't want this to break it will be very annoying if it breaks I'm pretty sure it is. I'm going to think, is there a way we can put this up? oh ok i have no idea what happened in there look how cool it is even though it has stuff dripping on it that's so weird but also cool at the same time. wait for that to happen oh you can't see my um you can't see my season right now it's ok it's summer one it's absolutely fine you need to see it j so far but i assume this will break any minute if it's not magic does it have a use ?
our minecraft farm is big now 19
It will always be fantastic. We couldn't have a multi-layered farm. Actually, that might be a good idea. I don't need a cobblestone generator. new season really new season that's what happens in the last video but we just have to get us enough money to rank up everything is all released everything is getting a bit out of our budget right now 10k per item i want to buy that armor cool that grandma has but other than that i won't be able to buy anything decent so the idea is to make a giant farm through here it will be awesome hopefully anyway yeah I think I'll do it on several levels, actually I think that I'll be much better.
I'm glad the sickle didn't die. I just need to plan how I'm going to do this and I'm glad it's summer because this isn't going to be too bad with mobs and stuff. do that alright so we have to make it so we have literally as much seed coverage as we can get so man we might as well make it come back I like how this looks now, let's take a quick look. Hi Charles, how's it going buddy? Yes, I like it right now. I'm not too sure I can do a multi-layered one. it's blurry yes i'll be partly blurry but it should be ok overall it should be ok ok let's get to work because i need to get this done as fast as possible.
I decided I'm going to flatten this so we're going to have to do it right now and then we can build that way to get a higher tea a tiered farm now the problem with flattening his is we're going to have to deal with all the monsters inside now that shouldn't be much of a problem because now we have better armor and stuff but im not sure i'll just have to get all of this out first i wish i had like i have a i have a diamond pickax like you have access to a but you know what come on to make a diamond pickaxe we have access to better pickaxes i totally forgot about it because you went to last time and farmed diamonds like crazy like absolute nuts but i'll make sure we get this done as quickly as possible because we don't want dom bees coming and stuff stuff, luckily someone has the longest daylight hours so that's not too bad oh that's what I'm talking about.
I need some sticks. diamond pick real quick just because we have the diamonds to do it right now we have so many things you gh let's get rid of some of these bushes that can get in here no cart we have too much ghost wood inverted branches berries blight oh my god , so many things, it will start to get dark, how crazy is that and I will catch up. super chats sometime also come galore and fast we also have no water everything is chaotic right now but i need to get rid of that oh there's a baby zombie there's a baby zombie under here that's going to be ours the biggest problem i think getting rid of everything underneath hey that's better that's at least a little better i could work all night but i need it why i don't need to take care of my crops anymore i definitely don't need to do that but this shouldn't take a long time to flatten it out.
I wish I had a better article to do it. Could do it. Oh, I can also make a diamond spade. I completely forgot. I'm dying. I don't even care. I don't care that they're better off dead because I don't want to face them like I really don't want to face them because if you remember we covered this whole place it's one big old thing like a dungeon and we covered it on purpose and now it's going to spawn all kinds of crazy things that go to be horrible we will have to clear today to make this farm and then we can progress so much that we can buy things there are some things in this modpack that I like a million gold there is no way we are going to barely touch 10,000 right now so we gotta be careful let me get rid of all this all this crap we left a big gap down here with all the diamonds we got we should be able to do some decent things to be able to get this done as fast as possible as fast as possible a process i just need get rid of all this and then we can start digging i'm going to have to like it's not like opening a can of worms it's going to be It'll be interesting to see what's up Garlic.
I think we should be fine for mobs at this point. Also, I'm probably going to say that and then a mob is going to jump me real hard, but it's going to be fine, so absolutely fine, we should just make sure this all works out, how are you guys doing, oh okay? okay don't panic get this out of the way there's going to be a lot of digging a lot of mine in a lot of pick, fist and shovel hits today so be ready for an epic result in the end we'll stick with it , since a creeper is literally a dog, I mean in real life come on, now this will be the longest part, I think this paddles me a lot better, a lot faster, yeah.
Saves me building stairs you can definitely use the stairs very silly though hey come on ok that's all done you pick up all this just pick up as many stairs as I can just because I'm going to use them at some point Oh Johan son ok sir I don't think so I'm doing it, okay, this human has been planted, what are we supposed to do? Oh, do with this, what are we going to do with you, friend? Oh my gosh I can't believe that's happening right now I planted a human I mean he planted himself so it's his own fault and he doesn't allow himself anything.
I'm gonna have to lock up this water og in a second so let me have some quick leave some free water he's a free water please please I need some let's have some she's gone gone, but that has been dying of thirst, come and get some water, please. They won't give me water, that's really very annoying. I'm going to have to drink this dirty now. Thanks because it's not open yet. I'll catch up on super chats in a sec. I know I have them all. I just need I need to eat this water This is going to be loud I'm sorry if it's going to be loud I know right now there's like a potted human a little weird Sneezes You look unbeatable in my health My health looks very low right now it's very hard to improve your health in this modpack like very very hard i also have some fairies i just want to save myself from falling to death because i dont think anything else is going to be too scary though there are cave spiders in there so it must be we must be very careful with that, right?
Let's go. open the top of this piece and see what's underneath hello oh hello that's a zombie chicken i didn't know you existed to be honest get out of here what can i get you? ah it sounded like a cow why did it sound like a cow why didn't it sound like a cow? I'm missing something. I am so confused. seeds here this is going to be great just put it there im going to get me a shovel of diamonds too why not oh oh i did the same thing i did the same thing you're doing you're not alone buddy it's a problem for all of us okay okay i'll leave you there or if you're the somme bees don't come otherwise he's going to be a big problem you should probably like it too this is a bit dark in here probably because of the vines i could fall asleep fast in case it's 4am so maybe it shouldn't be okay if i go up here for oh diamonds i want to add a scoop of diamonds we have so many it doesn't even matter that we're using these right now i have some water i can use too that's why you have this here let's dig kinda ok already looks so much better anything oh oh oh oh ok um wow that's so fast dude that's so fast you're kidding you absolutely can't get away from me right now look at this thing so zombie a mini zombie riding a chicken zombie no i just don't i just want to get this out of here this ain't absolutely this ain't the best thing i've ever done i'm glad i'm stuck on that rock oh now you're coming for me heart you're still stuck on that log me Don't believe it he it's also legendary, this could have been a big problem, come here, come on, get out of here. absolute mistake that was crazy, how are we going to do this?
We should do it one layer at a time. I guess we're trying to level it out so we can do a massive fire and the reason I want to do it now is because it's summer and that means we can have fresh crops ready to go. I start them all at the same time and we also have 10,000 in the bank so we can start really strong with this and it will make us a lot of money at the end of the day it will just make us a lot of money find money I mean gold scary Hopefully nothing is quite like climbing up and taking a look at this place. yo how many hours do i have thirteen who was that someone definitely shot something at me and my team from somewhere else oh you erm i fixed it punk i really wanted to see it how long would i stay down there?
It may have some oddities. my way is my mistake she's there just chilling ok that's the level we're going to have a lot of us there will be a lot of stairs which is really nice we can use the decor and stuff run over this like so cute i wish that you could see that now, but another camera in the other room it's so hot today, I'm melting, always. i think the streams are so hot lemme catch up super chat in a sec guys jim watch out dude i dont want to hit you in the face with a double that would be the worst of it can you imagine sinning against me? prison even though we don't have one that might make sense i wish i had a better ax for this there's one grandma has but i think it's 50k and we could buy all the armor and have ten cases in there and i don't want to waste so much money, what it does is a minor three by three which is nice to be fair but not something I want to spend on right now although we're actually making quick work of this a lot faster than I thought we would. we would so we also want to change all of this to dirt because otherwise we might still be done with this I don't really need to do it I don't need to take it on at all I just need to do all this dirt and then we'll have some kind of underground mystery down here is absolutely fine go there because i just don't want to die right now yeah let me quickly pause the game and let me go through some super chats real quick so we have so many and i don't know i don't know i want to miss any and we check them out real quick kurt cobain game line roblox anime anime lover jennifer i'm glad my videos can help youThanks mafia game kurt cobain andy chen cupcake angered the warrior nathaniel mr. belle creeper, of course, i just moved, wake up, sunny, mr. bolt peanut butter in a cup solo roblox noah game emerson leroy butters mitzi movie puppy lover alex rubs a lot nah ah dont get busted dude jalen the col cam make a new house i like my treehouse angel pro gamer jada mr . kitty cat Chrissy dragon


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We are what I just made. Seeing as it's going to be huge, it's already taking a fair amount of time, but I think we'll be able to do this too if you feel like being generous, please leave a like on the stream which hopefully will. watch a video later if things are going well and also please subscribe if you're new to


and literally every other game out there we play every day we're having so much fun now let's cover this it's actually not as much of a task as i thought it was going to be which is good we're going to get some decent cobblestone too it looks like nothing super nasty spawned here so that's good there we go these too we get rid of all this there's no other La way i can do this is faster.
I'll take care of that today. What are those stones? I need to go back to tools and stuff. It takes me so long to shred them and I don't really need them. them with the rest of this package. I guess I don't really need to do that, okay? We need to make all this floor dirty, whatever you want to call it too, you can't see the month or the days, okay, it's summer. It's not really relevant to this stream either, so don't worry, all you need to know is that we're up to something big. I'm gonna try to at least no that's not what I want it's just keep covering this up oh if I fall I'm dead I don't wanna die let's be super gap I'm just gonna duck cause I don't want to turn it off if i fell and died it would be so annoying i would sing that song all my stuff would come out i would lose my 26 levels it's actually pretty awesome i don't know if we need it for anything at this part but just in case we do i don't want to lose it right we have lots of awkward dirt here let's get rid of this and then we can work to get us to work on the next one I guess we have to go and see what day it is the seed shop is open quickly male only this will be the hardest part long but it won't take long don't worry i'm pretty sure i've covered all the holes too which is good ok this is not too strong i didn't check it either i didn't test them anything beforehand if this is dirt really loud or okay i dont want to be like i dont want to be like a dir t video whoa there we go dunzo look at all this this space summer room for activities im so ready for this this is way overdue want Let's go further back also I wonder how much money I wonder how many seeds ten thousand gold you Get us ok it looks like people are still coming in hey guys how are you doing?
This will be the longest part, but don't worry, it won't take over our lives. It may be final, but it will take like ten minutes. he'll finish and then we can focus on the bomb. I'm going to do something big and it's going to be amazing. I promise you this only takes about one day of in-game time. So far, even this has not led us. a fair amount of nitro life hours in the game that would be pretty crazy. I almost need to plan and do it in multiples of three because that's how you buy the seeds, you buy them in a square of 9, so you need to figure out what that's like. it's going to work too we now have a much better way up here because it used to be awkward am i running out of memory our hunger this is not good really not good i dont have any berries and stuff omg i hate that wizard take out all the parts of this package the most annoying part hunger system you can't eat the same foods over and over again you can't just cook like a pile of chicken, you have to be more creative with your food choices right?
How much of that is already done? Look at this, this many things. I'm going to have to. I did not do it. i know enough to make a chest to get this out just to put all this stuff in because it's slowing down my game there's so much stuff that's like in my game how crazy is this going up the frames just draw let's pick it all up just secure all this mess what is this so many things i can hear spiders it's still ok they don't bother us anymore it's ok that wasn't as much as i thought it's going to be ok now we have this now we have to do the second part where i want to go there i don't collapse like everything the thing I don't want to take the whole thing I just want to do or I'm going to do it clandestine I'm not really sure what you think I should do if I do it clandestine I don't know if it's necessary to see that I don't know if it needs light because if it doesn't , we can do it underground would be absolutely fine for this dhu sword Hill Farming Actually I don't know what that sound is ok ok ok perfect so for those of you who claim to do auto farming and e Those things, this is not the farming you know, this is a completely different type of farm. it's not a normal one, it's from the farm craft mod, i think i'm not too sure, let me catch up on these super chats, as many are coming today.
I comment that perhaps the last one was the last one, there are so many. here jessie how you doing mason justin alien infection jeffy john i play hundreds of hours of games a day jurassic come on i just bought subnautica i would say watch my videos because i am such a newbie it will definitely help you. I live in the UK. Humphreys lives and is a lover of cats. I will be Noah, a cat on the Internet. Carl official for potatoes potatoes Anna Tyler springboard madness game royale wild squirrel Ric tan Joseph I should build walls but first I need to harvest all the pink stuff Shaun Cruikshank's Redskins Magna kid Mary - KD gamer Zion Scott oh I didn't know hoppers are a little easier though the god squid yes Yolo games ice purple Kyle minecart haunted Seb drones vlogs Stella Becca Catherine O'Shea a dyt a Brady Fox thrift more Justin Regan Zion magma child the father please wrinkled t-rex what name now half max future games on mac gaming blogs leeanne shepard kenneth garcia me i am sparkle for trying to do both at the same time now and i'm not sure this is going to work brandon master adi dmv vlogs gavin jackson say hi to your mom and dad from me part o hello to mom and dad i'm still watching g the girl matthew scottie random rainbow chilling out unicorn and future games how are you doing? thanks so much for the super chats guys how far can we go I think it will look good with a tunnel.
I need to decide how to pull we're in the tunnel I'm going to say four blocks just so that means it won't take me long to carve it out too we could start I need to go see when the store opens let me go and do that in a second so we'll have I have to sleep in a second just to get my hunger back, but you can't do an automatic farm with these new, guys, with these new crops and stuff you can. Don't make it automatic trust me if I could I would so we'll need it in steps of three so this will be a path this will be a path this will that will not be a path one two three that's going to be a part okay that's me five one two three this is going to be a road one two three this is going to be a road we go one two three again so this is going to be a road i think that we should go here that seems perfect to me we should be able to dig all this up it would be fine it should be fine Jackson how is it going Yong Chi Dan's hairline makes a small lava pit.
You can use the trash can. It is a good idea. I would, but I'll probably fall for it. kitty cat awesome jason loot master minecart enchanted willow mango fortnight newbie bridget williams yeah we can do it underground that makes sense crazy games mrs and bryce how are you doing? I think in a second I'm going to go ahead and grab some seeds so we're not wasting days do you need to take care of my animals too? I wish I hadn't looked at this this looks good so far it's actually a big chain actually this is where I'm going to go up I'm just going to put a little pillar in there just to remind myself that's what we're going to do I can go as far as i want so i wanted it to be huge like really huge but it's going to take years to fix it's a little glitch right now i guess there's so much i'm doing let's go down some torches and put one there one here what's that grandpa?
No, that's Thomas. Thomas is his name, right? I always forget his name. it's Thomas but he's just chilling doing his thing there we go right so we've done all this so we can go quite a bit back now we need a where's our hogan why don't we have oh you know let's do a diamond one for why aren't we going home anyway this store is open thursday and friday 9am to 7pm good to know i need to grab some of these too here we go oh these are growing poverty this is good because it gives us extra food that we can use come on go to sleep oh that looks so much better so much better check this out that looks great i also need to put pink in there because they kind of died for no reason. crazy maddie say hello to madeleine and melanie how are you doing kelly dow michael and dylan i think i said that but hello hello again how are you doing she chaka cassia cartoon fire diamond brice divine maddie emma games bridget williams what's up guys ok let's do a diamond hole too, do you want a diamo? and Tahoe that seems a bit like yes of course we do that's a very good verb we're going to farm a lot so I think it'll be fine.
I need to find some lava to make sure I can get something to spew. all my dirt and stuff, but i like to put it away anyway, just in case this is so good, okay, when i get there at 9 am. I didn't abandon you on purpose I promise you they're flying good this is being down here what are you doing down seriously you're doing this you're crazy man go away what are you doing down here this has to be my like a cobblestone farm this is grabbing cobblestones from here downstairs boys grab all you can there we go the berries like burst, right? did they win the roof?
I don't know where they have gone. year let's grab yeah we should probably feed these guys sorry if you're hungry I didn't mean that I didn't mean that I promise I mean we can n milk it but I can't even load X I've got so many things you'll need too a brush Olivia yeah this is so hungry it's unreal I don't know why I guess that would be a pretty hard job to do right and you're okay too I'll do that to you that's going to be noisy sorry pick up the milk yeah that's okay that's done oh chicken what about the chicken how are you? he has an egg for us there is enough feed for chickens he is all good we chose i don't think we picked the egg there it is so you can at least earn a little money as the littlest bam bam bam sweet ok let's move on we can go to the store now , Han, can't you get through this door, buddy?
Thanks I need to go see Julie Jenny I was even going to say Julie how are you doing so we have onion seeds tomato seeds corn seeds grass seeds wheat and industrial seeds well we are going to have the engineer's hammer which one needed it no it was the hammer it was the hammer i need the engineers something from your engine it's the cutters i don't remember i really don't remember i think the tomatoes might be the best let me do a harvest first of all i just want to see which ones give you the most so i need some let's grow let me and quickly go to my bookmarks.
I have a bunch of markers with this pack because honestly there's nothing on this pack so I feel like it's tomatoes. The tomatoes we grow every three days. a lot of these we can grab although we're going to grab tend to start with that gets us down to 8,000 that's actually not that bad it's not that bad at allokay that may have to do this so it's one and then we have to keep doing this yeah we're going to need a much more improved shower right? I know I messed up, because I already messed up. all the way to the back so wait I'm going to do that I just need to replace it with the first one I thought it was going to crash then guys there and there Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam tomatoes I can't Eva ya i messed up one i should probably water them as i go too.
I don't have a watering can on me. right now, well just do all this because I keep messing it up, that sounded very satisfying. crazy like actually in the same so in that there there and then we need this candy we're going to need as many of these I'm gonna buy tomato seeds until I run out of money and then let's go all the way to a thousand because then I can fit in as we go mm just in case you're on 31 tomato seed kits that's crazy mate but see what i mean this is a different farming it's completely different there and we do this here just to use that weird one we had where it is my watering can looks like i've lost it it's going to be sweet however how the water again i just want to drink more and there it's ok ok ok ok i'll drink if you want.
I will drink. I don't want to die. I don't want to die. Just don't let me die. Come on, let's not die on the broadcast. That would be horrible. I think I died. in a creek once but this farm is going to be huge dude lots of tomatoes and they will last all summer which is great. water these bad boys first it'll be loud just so we can do that as much as we want ok where's my control? so good so good and they grow back every three days it's going to be crazy too guys how crazy farming can get yes i have a lot of money i only have at 2000 i just want to wait i would just wear blue all my money just in case it's ok let's put that in there , there we go we just wanna not lose any of these cause that means wasted money oh yeah this is great this is so great Hunger though hunger is going to wear me down let's go to the right see this will feed it real slow replace it with dirt, it won't lag a bit.
I don't know why I think it could be spawning stuff below us we may have to dive in and figure that out at some point which would be annoying when I should have fixed it's a cobblestone we're doing right so let's fix these there's a best way me I don't know if anyone knows anything about this mud line, but we need sprinklers because then it will automate watering our plants, which is amazing, exactly like when it rains. I need that. I think it would be amazing. this is going to wear me out so i'm going to try to eat man they're running out oh eating is so annoying look how big this farm is unreal though i don't know why this looks good although this is going to pay so much that it has been so worth it that we have more dirt w In fact, I need more dirt in a second.
This farm is huge, really huge. It's exactly what I wanted in three days. It gets to 3 days it's going to be perfect every three days for your table it's all these tomatoes it means we'll have to water them every day but I'm going to try to find a solution for that try to find my best solution for that and bam sweet right now we need to water these i dont want to jump on them just in case ah this is making me so happy right now we have so much ready to eat ready to go im going to sleep until i get my hunger back too because i need it and it definitely looks a lot neater than before a lot you're saying it's me running a really messy farm which to be fair is very very true but now you can't say that about me right now he looks pretty cool i should probably stop jumping on him or walking on him , come on, whatever else we can do we can still pick it up, we can still do some more, we're going to do some more, ah, that's it, actually, this is perfect, so we have to carry the hello Thomas, how you doing, friend? i don't feel too upset today she was there so we can hook up that middle bit oh and you oh okay yeah i didn't see it coming um the tree is done wow i didn't even realize how blind i am today i didn't even realize that the tree was done.
That is the tree we planted. It was the last video. I'm pretty sure it's the only part of the last video. I hope we get this. I just need to eat some, yes there are a lot of monsters below. Oh no, okay, that's really bad. look to fill these in poor cop oh boy what will poor copper do? let me look that up in a sec poor copper so you nuggets of copper to make copper ingots ok actually pretty good to know i should have mined that but you know we have better things to do right now I have some farming to do.
Will this use up all of our tomatoes? I don't think it won't fill up yet this is awesome let's just top this off with a cobblestone for now we only have one way around we don't need to go any further so I'm not going to make it go away. further afield now we have a decent little extra path into the shop too which is great this was meant to be oh no i didn't mean to do that thomas what do you think buddy thomas He's a weirdo, he's so weird, leave me quick. eat some things because it's getting dark, can you see on the minimap that all the red ones are all monsters below, which is horrible and is what makes my game a bit choppy? great fill in all the gaps we can do it quite a bit later i still have four tom ato seeds i can use but this looks great we need to protect it too.
I don't know what we can do fences with again, but I wish there was a way to do it without fences, just because it looks better. I'm not sure what would be the best decision, just part of this. I don't want to lose these fences right now, let's get them together anyway and then I'll go through some super chats I know we have. make money for the next ten days, but it will be worth it because this is going to be unreal, absolutely unreal. I promise you maybe we should spam torches all over the place to make sure things don't show up, maybe that's the best way to make it safe.
I don't know we won't make a little bit of money actually that was a lie and the way we will make money is through eggs and milk which is not much. I just grab as many as I can. I'm going to blow up a few more little torches because look how much better it looks without fences, nothing like that. looks great cobblestone walls hey that's a good idea a lot of people asked me to do that ok let's do it because we have a lot of cobblestones yeah ok cobblestone since it's a good idea guys Thank you, thank you, let's go to sleep. we should make a little bit of money I'm not sure how much though in a second I'm going to go through these super chats because I haven't caught up with them in a while there are so many oh my gosh Stella player Sylvie amazing, i just lost them. all over again Fraser Rebecca the adventure team trampoline madness Isaac Dan the eyes a year that's crazy that's so crazy it's been a year already skylander lava fire diamond the party egan SMA Doritos squad Wolfie thanks for the tip mate I'll check it out before rap don't worry james hunter you can't you have to use a separate program because it's called stream tags it's free those two check it out. hi to you too i hope you are enjoying it - team four burnt banana say hello to your friend cooper bryce will o mango oh really oh really will o mango liam there we go we did it right cookie king michael v8 vids animal AB the Moloney jiff dog lover sam ross well that's awesome thanks mate becky ohm's law look at it in a jacuzzi that's pretty that's stella that's cool chip the ocelot cool pot ethan and brandon chill you for the super chats and Kibaki Ethan your friend a gay man who shot the game shake eyes Dan and the white apple guys thank you so much for the support this is crazy crazy so glad you many of you are watching right now, okay, now that we're at it.
I've caught up with those looks how much better that's so much better now we have to go to the water actually I mean it's nothing I was going to do so I got a miss but it's spring spring the harvest festival it's not you can. However, create it and you don't. don't say where you buy it from how do i get it i want it because otherwise i'm going to be using all my regular daily my daily hunger watering this stuff i can't have that and we still have tomato seeds go ahead ok too let's see how long it takes how long more this takes off ugh cause we can't do this by hand if it takes outliers it already took a lot this is mental really mental we need it another way to water the crops this just ain't going to work it's too much doing nothing else ok ok huh Does anyone know a better way to do this?
I have no idea. I need a better way to irrigate my crops. I no longer want to do it by hand. I've become a lazy farmer already did, okay, look at this, this is sweet, this is great, right? You suggested good. You would have to extend extend by one. I went with a couple here and then there. be too big of a problem just add it on the edge ok that's weird it seems to grow stuff see yeah ah there we go. I'm just putting this up so I can tear down the walls of Kaba. I mean, we even have to use for this guy.
Anyway, here we go. I don't know, I'll see you anyway, okay, what's next? Whats Next? Let's get rid of this because I already need this. Update the shower. Yeah, oh, the problem is with the shower. You have to find the next, so the next. it's silver copper but I don't have any money you can go to the mines that are up there you have to go down there and I haven't even had fun I've gone down like 60 levels and I still haven't found it, so it's going to be difficult to do it right how much cobble I have I have a lot but so many wolves 64 ago 60 ok that should be ok let's do this let's make the move down here here we go Jim just got home guys the pugs are so excited.
I can tell when gems like when someone walks through the door before I even see it. g because pugs just go crazy it's hilarious right I don't think we're going to extend the farm we're not going to extend it that way we're not going to say it this way so we can start putting the cobblestone down now I'm going to put it all the way down like this oh that's going to be annoying that looks horrible sorry but not sorry because otherwise my wall will look absolutely ridiculous. I just looked. I just locked myself in a van.
I'm fantastic, but your cobblestone wall idea actually looks great. I like it a lot. I'm going to have to have this floating though it looks terrible but hey it actually doesn't look that bad it could look worse there's a cobblestone wall for you it looks nice I'm just going to put that in there I'm going to put a couple of these i dont have any more jeez dammit we are i will have so many cobblestone walls to do this we can leave it open and then trust what should i do what should i do dude i have no idea i'm terrible at designing stuff i like time doing this off camera i think i'm doing trying to take down a cobblestone wall and we'll leave it at that for now and then we can figure it out later i need it protected though i'm pretty sure it's well protected already just because we just because we have all the torches out there shouldn't be too bad that's it so crazy oh look you know when i said i need a 4x4 he actually left and already made a 4x4 so if you don't know what this is this is the enchanted tree we bought thomas actually so you bought from thomas and it has grown like an unbelievable amount, that's the craziest thing, it was from a single sapling, not a single sapling.
I just want to figure out how to get a sprinkler or whatever to irrigate the crops. I need a hot watering alternative. I can see we need things that are from the Harvest Festival, otherwise you will wait oops! I didn't mean to do that. I didn't want to cook that bucket of water. It has to be from the Harvest Festival for it to work. we can have we have immersive engineering that comes with the waterwheel we've started to do but no I don't know okay what's the next plan we'll definitely keep this going for 10 days we 100% need a better way to do this I'm i'm going to see if i can quickly find the sprinkler online harvest festival where you get the sprinkler from though there is a video showing you with the sprinkler oh he shows this make it quick I'm watching this guy's video.
Where did you get the sprinkler? show me sprinkler buddy show me i think he has already has it so he has all his animals separated which is a little crazy ok i'll look into that for next time what else can we do to make this look even better ? camera I don't want to do too much we need four more places to put seeds so let's do four more parts here and then we'll be out at three because that's what we wanted to do creating a huge farm and I'm going to make it even bigger mark my words it will be more big than this we just need to cut it all the way back come on keep going this will work perfectly it's only been four days in the game this is day fourin the game so we're we're on the right track it's absolutely fine it's four times three times even and then after I have all this we go to work we have to finish the house yeah yeah actually I will I'll do it so after this I just need to put in four more tomato seeds which I should have done at the same time so we'll be different now but okay okay okay I just hope now I'm going to grab some of this no I know I feel like I should finish it now I started it so let's finish this we just have to go back three more and we don't need to actually we just have to do it on a couple of these so it's not wasting too much time there we go too I'm going to be hungry for water these bad boys so that's a game of tomato seeds, right? there BAM there we go if I'm not careful it will teleport me back to my bed that's what one of you two does that's what happens when you're too tired it just sends you back to your bed which isn't good for you maybe sent to bed by minecraft right let's bust these turn to bed please let's make two more little ones oh i don't have much food left could i buy some i actually have the money for what other food i have literally nothing needs dirtier too , man, this is a big operation.
I never thought this would be this crazy but it makes the city look so much better so much better that should be enough to be way more than enough if it's not enough I'll be mad there's copper oil stuff too. I don't know how much of that we're going to need if it's from Railcraft, apparently we were just getting started. Railcraft at a point right I'm pretty sure ok partly it will be easy yeah here we go dammit fresh water just going ok this actually goes where you better than I thought would be the only problem , these tomatoes are now going to grow at a different time. but you know what that means we get more reliable a more reliable source of income or different days could be worse look at this we've ripped it apart this is crazy so we pretty much started with just those other two rows and apart from that, now I have three four more rows that are also longer this was our farm now is our farm that's what I'm talking about my goodness it's so good I like how it's open and flat too well let's see what we do the house now I'm going to put a bunch of blestone cob right away so we have it here let's put away the old oh freeze me don't freeze me all this as much as we can that's it and let's get rid of this we can sleep actually i need to do my chores they are real quick mozz we'll grab some berries and stuff alright let's do it quickly now we need more fodder you got sick so i don't know why you describe this at least you can make some kind of food and money well i need or remember to buy some fodder tomorrow otherwise my cows will starve which is horrible yes for the missing ones and then these hens got some egg candy. building that too man this is coming together it looks so much better open too.
I can't even explain to them how good it looks, they know they've seen it, so when we sleep our hunger will be restored, which is good. waste no more of this new food. I want to move these bushes. s which is a bit of a problem because they need time to grow but that will also solve the food problem so I need one I need a bush farm I definitely need a bush farm I also need a way to get down from here to the farms without having to jump blocks up and down all the time because frankly it's annoying very annoying OOP let me try to catch up with some of these once you get power you can make powered lanterns which prevent the mob from spawning, that's amazing to know, thank you. you are her we are pretty close we just need more money thats what we need money for as well as the exploding brick to eventually generate electricity thats what we need maybe you can catch up with some of these la chord games mango night.
Dan's eyes. the white apple ceramic burner Ethan Tildy well you hiccuped that scared you hopefully josie pye in the kitchen a shadow the cat hole girl B and your sister stella how you doing? um t Thanks again for that advice. I play with Grant. How's it going? Make a paranoid bluff that sounds crazy. I have to search in a second document. Peck link Cole what a smile look at that Angelman Syndrome wish your brother the best I'm sorry to hear that hide you both thanks for that suggestion little pogey Pippi Christopher Ethan he's good thank you Jane midnight wolf flame player Aidan Pippi galactic mist master player watch a shadow clan MLG Gibbs Redskins Molly the Jackie lone foxfish all things bread Geoffrey Martin hope your arm gets better soon Corey grace Phillips Ethan we have two dogs right now Redskins Certainly what do you think of extreme 25 games? thanks as much as well vines gamer miss amazing in evans world how are you all asking for youtube tips all they need to do is try that's all i did and there's not much they can do to try to get discovered youtube it's more just a bit of luck so as long as you make videos i know what comedy is but i just did this.
Wow, I got stuck there for the night. I don't want to do that exactly, yeah, just put on. yourself and that's the best way to get found on youtube is by making videos that can be found right before i forget me ok sundays you open on sunday. Oh no, oh no, they're going to die, but I can't even do it. I'm going to have to go a day without food. So sorry. I am sorry. So sorry. I go to the extras. Well, I have one left. Those are the only berries. I have the whole berry farm.
I definitely need one. one of those just for these situations but if we can grab a sprinkler at some point that would be literally the most amazing thing because then we even have to do something and because it's summer right now it's not going to rain but not as much as you would hope , harp fine, everything is fine, how much time do we have left? I need as many of these pink blades as I can, so let's grab a couple of axes and start chopping, we actually need Scissors doesn't mean I was only going once a day.
It sounds like they're being pretty productive right now, which I'm not complaining about. It's perfect, but I'm grabbing some scissors. Let's share those trees. that's what we have to do I'm very excited to see how much money we make on our first crop because that will happen every three days every three days what screen recorder do I use I see a lot of people asking I use I choose xsplit a lot but um another big one that I'm using right now for streaming is OBS so definitely check it out ok I have two sets of scissors I don't really need the axes I actually just go and grab some it's going to catch a little pinkeye it looks excuse me what are you doing hey excuse me he's not listening to me an absolute fool he thinks he can just chill on my new farm was going to say i needed that's why i need fencing but enderman can do whatever he wants i'm liking it out like crazy he took all my scissors that has to be a lot ah I didn't mean to d or that didn't mean to do that I already have a stack that's great how much more do we have there are definitely more rounds here all these loads this is enough this is enough for now i just want to make sure i have it all so don't waste it they are precious things looks like i might die soon even without any mob activity.
I'm going to die. Oh, what are those flashlights you're talking about? must be correct what was my next job oh it's to go up to the house right? I need to make each one bigger. Actually, I don't need much in my house, so I don't need to make it too big. I was worried. how to expand it I don't need to worry about it anymore. I am also here. I had them before, but no. I don't know why they died. They should be fine. What is the name of this modpack? Called Harvest Valley, it's cool. I suggest you check it out.
I think I'll keep it the size it is to be perfect. I don't think I need it to be bigger so let's just map it like it doesn't need to get messed up so if I do all the walls like this then we can lock this thing down like this which should work. right hmm i hate to think about this actually let's put the outside here yeah that's better there we go sweet so it will be the walls no i'm dying of thirst again every time hey not now it's so awkward to go there Ellie Ellie is below me she's so cute ok let's drink all this so you don't get thirsty. kinda look so much better without a sore eye there it looks so good it's so much better we still need a few more leaves see how many leaves it takes this is crazy so this is going to come up around here too and then this will become a tree bush , whatever you want to leave, Leafs, that almost cut there t here goes that being locked in there because we need it to be that's going to annoy me because it's not even Wow so that has to come out like that yeah that still It's not better, that's even sweet, okay, this isn't an even building to be fair, so it doesn't matter here we go.
I'm just worried about it getting a little dark. You should probably plan for some windows. I have these decent windows. I feel like I want to make them bigger. I want it oh no that was all the way down pick it up for me Jade trade pick it up it's not going listen to me it's the goldfish well i forgot there are so many things i forgot i was about to make a comment was i'm about to i think i'm going to do this off camera because I know there's an enderman on the farm so upset he's not there anymore even though it's twigs down there but what was I going to say?
What was I going to say? He says oh yeah I need to do this I need to do this off camera think this is going to get super boring for you guys I also need to plan the windows which means I need sand and glass so I need to make sure I do it. I think I'm going to put a window around this so there are only leaves. up i think that would be great do you think i should do that so this will all be a window up to here and i think that's all we need we don't need much more space if we need more space we can go up and not out so i'll decide I'm going to decide that this is going to be the final shape is going to be the final shape the final size of it and I think it will still look great from below.
In fact, let's see how cool it looks from below, just before it was in some emergency location, except oh, this looks so good. I still need those stairs that makes it even easier yeah that still looks good from here that's important too because the farmhouse looks pretty fancy it's a little risqué on that side but hey you know what I think looks good looks kinda cool i like skull with long nose and neck the big tree is here too this place is really progressing now actually looks fantastic so im going to finish the house off camera i think guys , I'm literally melting in my seat, so I got everything I wanted to finish it today, which was pretty much eliminating all of this.
I need to investigate the sprinklers, which I'll do next time as well, and then I'll finish this, which I'll do next time as well. a lot to see I'm going to catch up on Super chats while he wouldn't say why are you staring at his face but you can't let me see where they were. scorching black Miss OH friend blacksmith wait a second this could be a game changer this could be a game changer too before you guys go if you guys decide to go right now please know it's going to be open slam he's floating what are you doing well? nice to know though but before you go please subscribe it would be much appreciated for more daily videos we have so much fun on this channel like i said before let me go over the rest thanks for that tip. though who was scorching thank you very much the game pikachu echo tildy well a perfect heal maybe just cornell molly ghoul friends katie cat pippi girl savage jamie redskins obs is free dude i just google it completely free trolls games canada games games and more Sakura ok perfect that's us my axin get in the way chip thank you dude watch me maybe I'll do it too soon and I'm not sure about the misadventures I'm still planning it it's going to be amazing I promise tea rose garden cupcake cat Nicholas Lakshmi Lele B Curtis virus Leona and Robert guys thanks so much for joining me on the stream it was a lot of fun I hope you are too and stay tuned for the next episode because it's going to be a lot of fun we can get the sprinkler out we're going to do a lot of cool stuff so guys thanks so much for looking.
I'm awesome subscribe if you're new too and I'll see you next time bye see you later guys have a nice day

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