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MY NEW TEAM - Escape from Unturnov #3 (Unturned)

Jun 17, 2021
oh scary i got it good so hello everyone here and welcome back to another episode of


from on turn off so this is a free episode and why i need to do it right away is go to idea because i need to get more storage. but actually before we do that i need some food and also some water so let's refill quickly and then we can head out yeah there we go we need something better than naturally let's go get a grilled cheese sandwich . actually the grilled cheese sandwich i got for myself and also the bald coconut why not?
my new team   escape from unturnov 3 unturned
My plan for today is to finally complete the quest now that I've found out that you can actually buy the weapons in the shop, so that's what we want. we're going to do, but yeah, we pretty much pick up where we left off. I've moved my own story around so I have more space for the things I'm about to buy, but let's get to the IKEA knockoff idea. yeah right in the lobby bar idea and here we go hey budd and i'm back i need more stuff more supplies what do we need? Okay so a box of industrial pine I'll buy three of these what else will we buy?
my new team   escape from unturnov 3 unturned

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my new team escape from unturnov 3 unturned...

I don't know everything is very cheap as we have a lot of experience as you can see down here so we can buy a lot of these things let's buy a poor one too why not? and one more mail wardrobe. that's pretty good, although i need to move this so we can get a wardrobe. I didn't expect this series to continue as it is so I really appreciate all the support and I really want you guys to be involved so if you have any suggestions for this place please let me know in a comments section below or suggestions in general. for anything with this game i would love to hear what you have to say what you want me to do in this series and how we can make this place even better but yeah i definitely need to organize my stuff that sure is fine and the place, but yeah, honestly, I'm having a lot of fun with this. the series is so refreshing it's something new and it's really fun to play so yeah it's hard but we're getting there we're learning every episode I play this game let's put my wardrobe next to my other wardrobe like this that yes to be honest we have a little storage under and the place has a small space everything is ok actually its getting dark at the moment which means when we go out we will need night vision we have the civilian night vision but not the we have got military so I might as well quickly go buy some actually let's go right now and see if we can complete the quest because I want to buy the Remington we already have one so we just need one more and then we need the guns for free oh yeah , and don't forget that everything doesn't really spawn right away so yeah look look at this guy I took as having no arms and no legs ok so he needs to go to the arms dealer e this guy here now once he completes this quest he should be able to move on to the next location i think its ok anyway so buy is this what i do oh you know because this one i think its right i just bought remington and then we need get rid of these they are very cheap yes we did we have free yes oh though i forgot my remington after we got back right let's get this done quickly yes i will organize these things soon don't worry i know it's a mess right now yeah just let's put it on the floor here next to the armory and my other Remington yeah wait we got to do? we have to have 2000 experience.
my new team   escape from unturnov 3 unturned
Oh no, so wait, can't we complete a mission? Whoa, people leave a lot of ammunition here. You might as well pick them up. Hey buddy, I'm about to complete the quest. I need 2000 experience which I have 731. Is there an easy way to get XP on the server? Well I mean if you have guns and you get XP so oh yeah yeah yeah of course I only sell the guns. I'm an idiot. I need to remember that, okay, thanks for that ice. little laptop here we don't have power yet that's something i need to work on he needs to get a can of gas ok we have to but none of them are recharged so maybe we can recharge it when we're outside I'm not sure there's probably a gas tank somewhere and I also have this pallet.
my new team   escape from unturnov 3 unturned
Did you know? Let's put it on top of the pallet. All about the looks I guess and the place yeah it looks pretty good and now we have to get some guns to sell. It's going to be sad to see them go, but it has to be done. and we're going to sell the things we have ok I'm a little upset because we don't have the experience now we spend quite a lot On idea to be fair oh make no mistake I went back to my apartment. Don't forget there will be more episodes on the way soon so be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already.
If you subscribe like that, you should be. able to see all my latest rises ok so what do we have to sell let's see yeah we'll sell one of these rifles oh look at that well that got us up quite a bit see i realize there's just surf that you can sell, of course wait, don't we have this rifle somewhere? we could probably sell it back let's go and wait we're at 2000 now we are yes we did finally the quest is complete i think we're ready to go to the next raid area light i think i can play the quest i think we can go to the next place alright el place where you are fine I'm Mac but like yes I'll tell you what I'm going to my real apartment get ready quickly and we can go out well.
I need to give you a gift just before we start work. I realized that it is going to be really b. ad for you it's night vision again better night vision i could probably buy it myself but ok good mate thanks yeah i know civilians aren't very good i appreciate that man i'll be back soon ok we finally we will be moving to a new map practically a new era I am a bit worried about this because I just started to get familiar with where we used to go or where we are currently and now we are about to go to a new raid area so that this should be quite interesting.
I'm also going to go ahead and reload my ammo my clips here we always bring about the same amount of stuff but yeah oh wait I just realized look what just showed up again I probably have to give it to the general, once we go to the new raid area, did you take it? Oh okay yeah I'm ready guys come on let's change point B point B okay I got it wait that's the change here we go point B that's right. dark wait let me make sure I'm whole right now too yeah I'm good you see I love having night vision. but the thing is that it really reveals your position, especially if yes, that's true, okay, what's the plan we need?
Oh we have to wait cause there's a lot of people around so listen to me yeah we had like Southwest I'm a little worried wait let me reload real quick make sure my mag is okay yeah we're good let's go when I played for the last time. I didn't actually die, so I was pretty proud of that. extraction point, by the way, here, well, don't stop, don't shoot from the south, yeah, yeah, where are you shooting? I don't think we're close enough, wait, are we all together right now? Stay low push up with us Alice we've lost you man you're still way behind.
I don't want you to shoot Warwick by mistake. Oh, I heard someone, wait here. North End Norbi hit a nice icy monster oh yeah I had a go there for a second yeah its paddling yeah its not a good sport. right now listen good luck you're alive you're alive you're good I don't have a good job oh good place this for golf you shot someone if you cover me I'm going to take this guy out I can see someone 215 oh man good job that's intense, guys yeah later hedge c'mon now c'mon now feed there may still be some loot in there but there's such a good mouth. they can't get it that way it's the S players i can only hear a lot of people walking right now under this chuck grenade real quick i got a flashbang right away i'll see you hangar wallet oh no i don't have a site yeah you read to a flashbang ok i mean i said i don't have a visual site not on your site i'll take you anyway thanks alright three two one get ready look away look the other way go go go go go i don't see him in the hundreds he's in that building that's fine good night again yes that might be a good idea good job your job look i saw it while looking at it i saw it easily in question there are so many people here yes i can hear you all talking ok this is clear this is clear guys i'm separated from you i'm on the other side i got you wherever you go i'm on the other side with the guy who was in that building and i feel like i I see I 100% think I know who you guys were now your piece dude good job everyone on this server this is crazy you know what it doesn't matter anymore it's just a full free kick so it doesn't matter you're far away are you g-man, okay?
I will live though I see how once I am dead. Scott William killed me. I don't have night vision. I can not see anything. I mean, this is my first time on this map. I can see no one again boy oh this is me walking into IKEA volunteer IKEA hunk I'm dead I'm going back to where I just died alright so trying to kill me this ain't good for anyone Not here in my cycle I'm going down guys this is a mess right now, we need to put all these things together to shoot the naked guy. i see something no night vision and no ammo apparently cool there we go sorry buddy yes military night vision thanks what we could do is instead what we could do we can try to pick up as much good as you can take the falsehood come on let's go that way, so let's get all this together so we can sell this stuff or the story.
It's so hectic that it's night, I know, and the lights go out. Although I am paying for it, I will. I'm running away, but you see this power that you get by buying that power. I'll cover you. Wait the tower. ok go now oh there are so many people here wait a second no yes follow me oh yes we did thank you get me out of this hell yeah and I actually got some decent stuff ok I'm gonna sell the Remington real quick that was complete chaos on Lisa's part actually man let's sell this stuff maybe I lost a shirt , but ten at a time that's not too bad look how many moves I make guys take a look at this nice always Mo's expensive wow I didn't know it was so expensive how many moves did please guys I have can I sell this?
This will be worth at least a thousand right yeah I'll buy that one can we get HP? There is an ATM for XP. I don't know this. How do I do it? This is incredible. I have learned many transactions. that's wicked my pocket always please thank you and there's your pizza enjoy that's awesome yeah level two here we go so i need whatever that gun is and for moses i ok i go to go back to my apartment, okay, that was a lot. of fun and i will do it again soon yeah i hope to get some bear stuff.
Guys, that was extremely chaotic. I'll have to be home now so I think the map swapping is great or that part of the map is really hectic swapping. That was much worse than the last place I went, but I think the next place is a colder forest. I think Ally said I hope it's not that chaotic, but yeah, at night it was crazy. We did pretty good to start with. I managed to get a lot of success markers. I saw a lot of blood. the enemies tomahawk stuff was doing really well Elias did pretty well too so Sherman really got a lot of kills but I'm really happy with what we did today. we sure will get there eventually.
I'm sure there will be a time when we'll be really good at this game and yes, I'll be setting these things up very soon. there we will definitely get there but on that note im going to end this right here so im back ally hope you guys enjoyed remember to comment like and subscribe and see you next time bye

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