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MIRACULOUS | 🐞 KAMPF DER KÖNIGINNEN - KOMPILATION 🐞 | Geschichten von Ladybug und Cat Noir

May 12, 2022
tiki I don't know I have the feeling that he is the ugliest dog in the world and Adriano take him to the catwalk he will never forgive me I have new talents and everyone will notice today you are a magical designer marie not great if your hat is very ugly why Gabriella Christ chose it for its fashion and that if people see that it is an artificial pigeon feather it will seem totally boring the ban that you changed it with her allergy says Adriano on the catwalk enjoy continuously you are right also I didn't have more time anyway to change the snitch fashion show wouldn't have me again the playful strategy is ready here comes the international queen of fashion the editor of the portrait style queen magazine bursch was antonia turn around be a sweetheart and fire the chauffeur i can't believe for gabriel to let his employees drive like that i don't want r natural or honey oh no, i'm probably the toughest fashion critic in the world.
miraculous kampf der k niginnen   kompilation geschichten von ladybug und cat noir
I didn't know she was from here too. What kind of rug is made of fabric? Why isn't the red carpet made of marble like I wanted you to? getting fired ridiculous that's ridiculous she made my high definitely happy i don't think maria is waiting for you dre the logan from her magazine is if anything is hot she's queen of style so what's hot this year judging by your outfit obviously you have no idea that she is sharing her information this year blitzer is in style as editor of style queen you are in new york a lot she had to be here with her family for a change she is a lot to me about rehearsals something more for you of course that's a present it has the wrapping paper it's ridiculous extremely ridiculous you're fired but darling please you can't take it and she's a daughter adrie l ange you definitely want to stay in paris as little as possible thank you very much the presence of andrej bush was suggesting that this show fashion is probably one of the most important in gabriel's career attacking the famous designer who never goes public appearance this time stay tuned to find out he heard it dreibus once adrián can't present this hat there's no glitter in it he steps on potential everyone is waiting for it but actually i can they are here because i'm fine what is this momo marinette pasching the loser and this hat he made because she thinks she's like a designer 17 she even signed that i don't want it that's a different marinette i just bring the courage marien in we have to carry on queen of style i'm you they were denied death who rightfully has the right as queen of fashion, now you can count on the fashion catastrophes that didn't show you the respect you deserved w earth meet your queen everything is fine a fashion show without the queen of taste shining unacceptable it has to be like this i've never been to a fashion show before where The ungrateful Gabriel is there I add I demand that you kneel before me my father is not good here yes fashion catastrophes daddy is not here I just have to be content with Mr.
miraculous kampf der k niginnen   kompilation geschichten von ladybug und cat noir

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miraculous kampf der k niginnen kompilation geschichten von ladybug und cat noir...

Christ Junior now Ra doesn't fit us right queen of style you have to defeat lady gaga as fast as necessary just know where is the cabinet that shows with this like never before you are in a bush because my dear bunny will also be fired with this madness simon kjaer diene kluy i'm not anymore i'm the queen of style i should fire you no no please not the queen of style but you also need this is the last one i actually shot this morning definitely useless extremely useless well i'll present you as proof how horrible it is the Beetle Lok suit, so out of the way that Jo-Jo, on the other hand. it's in style again you're a little small to beat me lady manuel is a queen you want to be there and i know damn well how you can get them later they'll take care of it anyway useless this idea really is it's not that bad louis wo is gabriella christ the house style queen he hides in a safe place lady macbeth extreme she can barely protect herself unfortunately you have to chain the growth for me which will bring me something if she can't save her son gabriella christ will appear don't worry you have to get a mobile phone from fashion jewelry don't stay still for two seconds feeling really good wearing adria grass was made by my bff marie who would you like to say something with you too i'm tired of what i can't but lady back blogger amazing news that's gabriela guest really not anymore number two sensation gabriella christ has just appeared in public and that means this will be in every photo and her way of expe rement it this was gabriela crass first public appearance since the disappearance of her wife this fashion week has surprises and shocking things in store my dear cars i have heard about the unforgivable things you have had to endure i am still in deep shock, i said goodbye to the people responsible for this misunderstanding only one row of seats here gives way to another bush and that's the first don't overdo it a bit Mr.
miraculous kampf der k niginnen   kompilation geschichten von ladybug und cat noir
Gabriel liked the show partly partly this hat is not a piece of gabriella christ you are the one in charge i designed the hat well marie net won a fashion design contest this is really the most unusual design i have ever seen here you are a visionary marinette the glitter appeared the feathers are the trend of tomorrow i have so much feeling i don't I have already felt that you are really very talented you want to be a fashion designer really yamada then come with me to new york i will make you a star and n fashion heaven you probably even know gabriel and i could model for you we'll have your back darling no matter what you decide my helicopter to the airport will take off tonight at 8 o'clock not great for the glory of the marin app that's ridiculous ever i have been in new york with her last man the nude project i invited her because she is extraordinary claudette louis i am also extraordinary the only extraordinary thing about you is my love is your mother i will show you how extraordinary i am new i can i am already my queen what is that glory what you do to poland i am taller and from now on if i am your new superhero queen bee soon we will see if you still have the gifts me exceptional oh what just happened to our beloved daughter she was hon always show off see you tonight marines what how they see us in the helicopter amazing paris has a new self-proclaimed superhero none other than chloe bush was the daughter of fashion queen andrej bush was c how could marin be anything more than this club chorin moz i am the lady of hogwarts back and i know i just don't want to be your friend so now you have no enemies no one has succeeded yet but you will defeat both because you can and you're really extraordinary in return, you had to bring your current you can with your left you on me i have to teach you to respect chloe queen bee apparently she's not busy what set up her bug bites? it's impossible she can only use her ability once since i have my lucky charm she must she has transformed again she has done it before with lady back and ethno i really don't care if you give me your majesty my vests are worn put them out of action for a bit and then i never take them easy good job you're really amazing i knew it i know why they must have been automated when they were green beavers i bet the accumulator is on their resolve but i'm less indestructible we need in any case , the cataclysm to unleash the battery always at your service with we just have to figure out how to get there without getting stung a bak lady doesn't stand a chance against a queen haha ​​and how come she or I are close to being victorious had to have her quadruple


i just wanted to have a little fun rock i have to talk before i prick my finger my friend lady bank is with me today to give me some advice i admire queen bee so much qu e showed me what makes a true superhero and always eliminates the mess that me and cat noah caused opc it's the same for me it would cost you see why you did that, you're glad that lady gaga but of course, why did you do your homework on yourself ?
miraculous kampf der k niginnen   kompilation geschichten von ladybug und cat noir
He would have meant about the queen bee. The task was to choose an important person in the history of France and I saved France who even has cheek says queen bee joins our team she is really depressed or in chloé that's pretty obvious you dressed up as a lady back you didn't even notice in the color of your skin she dyed her hair blonde to look like me this will be an absolute hoax mailing address none of you deserve to see the rest of my video you saw you got fired you just had to laugh sabrina the whole superhero thing you missed headshot you knocked out the platoon leader or you made this mess with your skills she wasn't some heroic banquet in the back who had superpowers for less than five minutes and is totally in control see loren ok we don't deserve to see a video but you don't deserve the superhero title that you will bitterly regret your slander go now calm down everyone that's ridiculous louis we still have class you all are extremely ridiculous be happy.
Honestly, she's never going to change with the power she's given me. I declare you husband and wife here and now and you are married. disappear. What happens now? My dear Zucker Schmid. Close your daughter's school and I love you. she feels hurt she turned the whole class against me everyone has to go but i can't do that i mean i could close the school for a few days max a week that's impossible i love you chloe but this time you ask too much me, I'm just the mayor, exactly what's the use of having this stupidity if you change your power, so ka First of all, that's ridiculous, you've always stood out among your classmates, change schools, change schools, forget it, we'll change Out of town, we're going to New York, but wait, forget that my guests don't like the Lakers. a i can't be mayor of paris when i live in new york which is so far how about something close could be it wouldn't make any difference at all since you have no power anyway you're not just incapable of solving the smallest of problems of our daughter right now, do you know how to move on?
Not in any way. that her father is you if not sometimes my boss himself how about not because you are horns your wife your daughter thinks you are weak and useless n and I will give you absolute power everything you order will happen with the one they give me now as dictator of men a little credit way to the right finally looks like yes july will be added in paris and heard there will be less negative for many commented leader hey whats going on whats being celebrated so wildly here chloe va grows yes only here he leaves here, no, I think it's terrible, how can you celebrate so exuberant but smart?
I was little and they didn't allow me to go out, which I'm my only friend, so fix her, she gets angry and sad too. I can't celebrate it. I mean, my daughter, you won't go, but stay here. You know that now I have the power to close the school and banish all the students who were so mean to you. Come with me, but this is far left, being automated like everyone else in Paris, it didn't make me a cool or hip dad. Royal power was vested in him. I declare that you are loyal to your family and governments.
Potash prices. staying here with you just when i thought everything was going to be alright how would i rather buy this ridiculous situation just go out love how come you're not coming so where did she go don't worry we will definitely find her hello dictator if you are your daughter i want to find you have to take care of paris first found at school then she will return whole and alone good idea now we will show the runny spoon what happens if he does not respect my daughter enough

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