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MEUTE - Live in Paris [Full Concert]

Aug 21, 2022
so so oh so so so so ah foreigner so huh foreigner so me so so so so so so so so so me up my tan oh um bye huh hello foreign foreign so um um so just a normal day the team came around i i had my feet on the ground just a normal day you came i had my life on the rebound and it's all because i pushed you away i heard you say what the hell are you saying oh yeah that's right you gotta keep your head active put your feet back on the ground move your head head to the sounds just a normal day just a normal day until you came and now my life is turned upside down i heard you say how to say wow da uh so um so hi hmm so ten man so um mi do it oh my so so my my um um so so so me uh wow so foreign so huh that's right huh this oh so so you so so so wow so so so so so so so so so so much you
meute   live in paris full concert

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