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Minecraft but YouTubers are TNT

Nov 22, 2021
mine give me more items buddy i dont need any of this pick it all up pick it all up yeah this is crazy buddy that bow i want that bow give it to me i dont want the elytra yeah ok ok one last one and then we head to the dragon i want to see what this bribe does that does will make me sell and i have an elytra so i guess i can fly all the way now yeah yeah thank you mr beast i feel as rich as ever. across the table that was awesome ugh im even going in the right direction yeah forward and up ah-ha whoa never seen that happen before there are two ways to get to the nice portal lets do this yeah oh man uh no it i do i have normal blocks i have to use i have to use diamond blocks now i know what it feels like to be the beast lord the dragon of the algorithm not today my friend today you are not a fickle monster you are going down buddy i dont have fireworks it's time bribe the dragon come on mr beast do your thing dragon bribe i got a dragon bribe bar meter take it go go go yeah half way ok that wasn't too bad ok ok mr beast please help me. here my man let's go friend let's go blocks let's go yeah yeah almost done almost done one more bribe and then what's up 100 yeah come on come on nobody else come on we have this yes dragon bribery is giving up the fight the dragon just left it all i know it took was 400 000, well thank you mr beast now we will celebrate our achievement yes. hundred thousand oh oh god oh god oh god i made a mistake i made a mistake
minecraft but youtubers are tnt

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