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MASSIVE MACHETE QUESADILLAS & BEST Fried Tacos! Mexico City Street Food Tour

Feb 27, 2020
Hello, good morning, my chin here in Mexico City this morning I woke up absolutely hungry, so I wanted something that satisfied me, incredibly meaty, preferably cheesy and big, and the first place I go to, I think it meets all of those criteria, it's basically a giant


. yeah let me show you I'm so excited for this scenic cook on the grill listening to that sizzle smelling the amazing aroma by the way I have three this is the biggest quesadilla about two feet this looks like things Kate hits each other with this is the champion peppers onions meat cheese and bacon these are the combo that some of them prepared for me this one basically has all the ingredients inside jalapenos medium potatoes chicken basically all the ingredients are in this one so effectively in every fight you take you will have a different flavor and then another and this is my custom tree oh cheese meat and potatoes let's dig into the little champion sauce this is like a third of this right here.
massive machete quesadillas best fried tacos mexico city street food tour
I love this country shell and just a peak in the middles. We could never imagine I'm talking about this, this just makes me want to sing a Queen song, so cheesy, nice and crunchy from the outside layer with a subtle crunch from the peppers and of course like most Mexican dishes I've tried. on the strip it's spicy it's hot it's incredibly juicy to me that's a bite of Mexico right there I want to dig deeper into this small vegetables potatoes cheese meat meat meat meat meat potatoes enter mushrooms jalapeños this is heavy this reminds me of my first kiss I'm very excited and quite uncomfortable the first bite local vegetable napkin flowers here in Mexico is like a Morning Glory second bite we have reached a potato it has never been so creamy and delicious we are about to enter meat territory this is like a road trip to through many delicious lands, like I said, every bite, almost all of them are different, ladies and gentlemen, we have tried delicious meats, pulled pork and chorizo.
massive machete quesadillas best fried tacos mexico city street food tour

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massive machete quesadillas best fried tacos mexico city street food tour...

I highly recommend Therese on this again, it's all about cheese so you'll always get that great Milton with every single bite we're about to go in potato beef potatoes beef and cheese that's the


combination on the land stand yeah the road trip got a little weird when we got to Trap Town I never said this meal shouldn't have had turbulence when the fun comes to an end when we got to the mushrooms because you know you're fun guys we'll just have to bring him to Joe calories Harlan what really fits just to say that I was shot every bite was a new adventure in your mouth for me Perfect breakfast, economical, very filling and satisfying, okay, okay, a little more and if I would come, I just got make an offer I can't refuse.
massive machete quesadillas best fried tacos mexico city street food tour
I can cook one, so first step, yeah, take it to TIA. Look, how long does it last? It's longer than my arm actually I'm going to add my cheater cheese. No okay, so this is corn mushroom meat and potatoes, yeah, cheese, uh, oh, you fold it, I messed up that part, ah, okay, you have to put it vertically in the type of oil. It rises a little bit, the ingredients are falling out, so you have to tape the corners because the middle is going to cook differently, it won't cook evenly, and there you have it. Oh, thank you, thank you, that was so much fun.
massive machete quesadillas best fried tacos mexico city street food tour
Put them, sure, all right, on the next one. location Hi guys I only travel an hour and a half we are in a DeLuca


this place when it comes to


is where people go supposedly the


chorizo ​​in Mexico right here cam kita Anita left town with over 60 years in the business let's try it guys, we are here with Louise, third generation, yes, in this place, your grandmother started it, my grandmother started the business, she is from Spain, she went here to Mexico as a refugee from the war in Spain, yes, so he managed. to merge Mexican


with Spanish food and 75 have passed, so five years I was 15 years away, I spent more than 60 and the recipes, everything is from a long time ago, yes, everything is the same way, what are we doing? to try today?
I'm going to try the chorizo, these weigh over 200 kilograms, yes I'll try it, so today I'm like that, it's a lot of cheresa, it's mainly pork, yes, so we do it in different ways, although I ate a couple of those




. I'm starving right now, I just see this as the favorite here, so what do people usually buy here? This is the cake where they buy the sausage alone every day, so check out this date stop where a big piece of fresh cheese is wooded. Perfectly roasted vegetables, what do you think OMG? It's not what I expected not because you know what it is at least for me in the US but with whatever we eat sure it's oh it's like chewy yeah yeah it's harder like you can take it and it's sir - I don't know how to jump to the ground, right, this is a very tender leg that melts in the mouth, breaks on the tongue, it is perfect to accompany it with a little cream cheese because it calls for that melted texture of the Teresa.
It's like comfort food here and the bread is great, yeah, yeah, it's not like it's not like you know, a little toasty and hard, no, it's a very soft bread, yeah, so everything here is like, yeah You know, if they go to Mexico. a hug this is how this tastes here in Mexico hug after hug thank you this I'm so glad you like it and it's not just because I'm next to it it's cute it's actually good that it also has green chorizo ​​for the same reason delicate it melts in the mouth with that great Irby flavor, this one is much more fragrant because of the herbs, definitely try the cilantro.
I don't know what else is in here, there's the secret recipe, but this gives it an extra amazing unique fragrance in every bite you take. up the chorizo ​​also this is a green male oh my god this is amazing well don't they come here? This is pulled pork cooked in mullet and it's spicy and it's very, very, delicious. This is a green male, not you. I don't know that egg con mole could just be a paste of anything, it's just a bunch of great ingredients ground up in a sauce and this has over seven types of herbs and man, I mean, it has less herbs and spices than the recipe The Colonel's secret, but believe me, it tastes very good.
Better, I love chorizo, but this might be my favorite. Things exceed all my expectations. We love this place. You know, nanotechnology got off to a good start. I take it to the spirit. That's a lot of me. You will feel that I love you. Guys, I'm back in Mexico City and at this unassuming taqueria on the wall, this is not a very upscale neighborhood in Polanco, where there are a lot of diplomats, they look like Secret Service men and black looking guys walking around. I don't know what feels more comforting or a little underdressed, but these taco shops have been here for about 33 years, the owners are really awesome, a nice guy is called antorcha, taco tricks means dragonfly and maya, they are known for Tom's yoga food, which is the east. side of Mexico and specifically they are known for this simply delicious taco called panucho, which consists of tortillas stuck together with


beans and pork fat and the guy who makes it I really feel like he has no feelings left in his hands, but come on.
Try this, meatus cochinita, which is stewed pork roasted over low heat. You have to look beyond how to put things together with your bare hands. The gentleman's heat tolerance is marvelous. Look at this man. Chia is soaked, juicy stewed pork with little bits of onion on top and we'll add a little sauce here, a little lemon juice too and we'll add a little salt because they often underseason it so you can salt it yourself. The owner warned me that it is very very spicy, oh wow I don't think I should add more lemon juice to this, I was already really surgeon.
Look, the onions are pickles already are really scorers, but that pork is almost delicious, Jacob Lee, oh, that sauce has a pipa, that's habaneros and a sauce, it's definitely chia, all that excellent juice. This whole thing is basically a clinic on how juicy


should be made. We are working on the list here on their menu. Next, let's take the tamales and I really haven't eaten a typical tamale at this chip. I had this sweet tamale and Marilia again shredded pork inside the tamale. The tamale is not like the typical ones I've had so far and she told me that the sauce is really unique. because it is made with sample tomatoes but it is very spicy here the corn is not as sweet as the other tamales I have tried the outside is ginger very tasty this thing is found I feel like among dozens some of them tamales I've eaten so far , the sauce soaks into the skin a little bit, so everyone says it's a little soggy, but that's where all the flavor of the sauce comes from and another thing about this dish is that tamales usually come wrapped in corn. shell, no, this is wrapped in a banana leaf so you can have that aromatic essence inside the tamale too, let's get to the main event of Panucci, oh, this is where you see frying in pork fat.
I mean, there's no denying how simple this is. It looks like TS chew, it's stuck with beans on top, it's suckling pig with its own special sauce mix that's soaked in there with pickled onions. I really don't think you mean a lot of lemon juice in this with the onions on top. It was so unique, it's delicious, the tea is wonderfully crisp and it's loaded with the stupid cork and look at this, this is the chili bike brick some people prefer a golf brick. I would choose a chili brick hmm, yes this thing is a yo katana specialty. it is a special blend of chili and spices that he used to cook the cochinita in the stewed pork and here they also add this in their own secret blend of spices to make their pork which is simply delicious ah thank you thank you I had to get one more for the way this It's one of the most unique twists Dad It's a creak that should be heard around the world I have to try I have to go City you're going to love this Good last place I'll be there today I've had a lot of food I'm still incredibly excited about what I have in front of me in this moment.
I bought their historic taco which I just have to get at this place because I guess it will be amazing. I've never seen anything like this before. This is called contra, which is a cheese chicharrón and inside you have meat and four cheeses and this thing is crunchy it smells so good I just want to break it oh it's like a cheese burrito where instead of a flour tortilla it's cheese and inside it's meat tambourine is cheese I basically comply with every exception and I just want to try a little bit of the cheese sheet.
They're all here if you don't like crunchy grilled cheese. I really don't think this friendship will work. There is absolutely nothing bad we can say about the toast. little cheese chunks of delicious beef inside, we have that nice melted leaf shoe with just a light bunch of grilled cheese on the outside pan the way you're supposed to eat it, to tone down the cheese if do you ever want to do it. put it in a taco lemon juice onion cilantro add a bunch of different sauces to balance out the flavor of the cheese a little bit, you put it in, you're kidding me with this, do it well, well, well, I think the cheese is not like to overwhelm me.
It's not too greasy, it all balances out all the cheese and just brings out that amazing burst of grilled cheese flavor that, of course, is a very common al pastor taco. Let Jeff be a classic, of course, and all the taquerias here in Mexico have a great smoky flavor. unique I still love the cheese plate maybe because I have cheese I don't know there is a connection here I don't know what it is I love how crunchy wrote the taste of the cheese but there is subtly sweet pork wonderful roasted flavors it has a great char to them , one of the best versions has pom here, get these two dishes, especially this one, the family said.
Oh all the places that were meaning to do it and Mexico so far haven't really had a bad meal so don't go to the gym, get something. rest and tomorrow I really want to meet with one of the most important gastronomic youtubers here in Mexico City, he will take me around, I can't wait until we go to have a traditional breakfast and I have a special love for breakfast. because they know that he is the first. I see every day, as always guys, all the places I went are listed below. Thank you all very much, stay tuned until we get back.

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