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Top 10 BEST All You Can Eat Buffets in Singapore

Mar 29, 2024
A city known for its spectacular bustling streets and vibrant culture, Singapore is also home to a secret treasure of culinary delights, from hawker stalls offering local fairs to Michelin-starred restaurants serving world-class cuisine, but for someone like me that delights in the joy of variety. and endless options and I literally grew up in a buffet restaurant


hold a special place in my food loving heart and of course Singapore offers an impressive array of experiences ranging from the intimately local to the widely international and based on my food. In my opinion, the adventures here are the top 10 food experiences possible in Singapore.
top 10 best all you can eat buffets in singapore
Hi guys, I'm Mike Chan. One of the reasons why Singapore is one of the


gastronomic countries in the world is because it has everything if you want flavors. all over the world they have it if you want a fancy seafood buffet they have it and this might be one of the




I've ever been to so I'm here at a property here at the Hilton and they have a theme. Tonight's theme is lobster and crab, they have a ton of variations from what I read, it's basically lobster and crab cooked every way imaginable, let's start doing that, but I can see a bright future, yeah , and if we're both in this it's up to us to get it right this buffet is too much, there's too much stuff here I wish I had more hands, more mouths, more stomachs, oh this is going to be really useful, I just got some cold seafood dishes.
top 10 best all you can eat buffets in singapore

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top 10 best all you can eat buffets in singapore...

Enthusiastic Pronome Tuna Sashimi. salmon main lobster snow crab the fish is from Australia look at the size of this crayfish the way I learned to do it open the shell and suck on the head crack it a little more I don't think I've ever had a police fish that was the size from a miniature lobster The lobster journey just begins tonight, there are so many different ways they have cooked lobster and crab, and right now they are trying this in its original sweet form, so they got fresh mangrove juice apple juice pineapple juice I bought some mangrove juice soda water mango soda Mala Crab and then they had soft shell chili crab with chunin fried chungen.
top 10 best all you can eat buffets in singapore
I've never had mild CH chili crab before, oh that's so good with all the hard work of getting the meat out. from the shelves they say eat the peel Simple solution M is a fried CH it is good and chewy inside and outside it is well fried I think maybe if this just came out of the fryer it would be very crispy on the outside oh yeah this is the better part of the shit sauce than in some chili crab sauce is even better and there are many different types of crab here, a Mala crab, I think there is a basil crab, there is a small Mala crayfish and, of course, the chili crab itself, let's give a little touch to the outside.
top 10 best all you can eat buffets in singapore
I think this is a basil crab, mhm, sweet. Tasty, just a treat of delicious basil flavor. It definitely tastes like a style version of this crap. Very good, the black pepper crab. Sometimes I like this crab better than chili crab. Oh, I miss that flavor that I like. because it is very spicy, a couple of bites on the tip of my tongue already tingles and of course the chilli crab. I know I love salsa. I think they are using blue crab this time, a little harder to get to the meat, but the meat is much more tender.
I feel like it can soak up the sauce even better, so a little more work, but you'll be rewarded before it cools. I want to try this duck with truffle, so it sounds crazy. like something fried, the skin is the color of black truffle. I think this is a turnip of a palette cleanser. I think I need to get a new piece of this. It's definitely been there a little while. The flavor is incredible. There's a lot of chili in that duck, which gives it a fantastic flavor. This is a white crab noodle. I definitely let it sit too long M.
This is delicious. There is so much flavor we need for these thin noodles and it's not soggy, it's still chewy. Well textured crab is good, but together they are an amazing combination. I'll like to take some crab meat and just put it in the noodles to give it a nice mix. I love it, I was lucky when I got on the lobster. we were putting out fresh lobster thermador that toasted cheese yes, I know a lot of people might think it's sacrilege to do this to a lobster to grill it with cheese. I know my good friend Adam Richmond used to think the same way, but you have to try it so the sweetness of the lobster is incredible, especially when the cheese on top is toasted, which gives it a bit of a crust.
This is a soft shell crab burger, so some sauce, lettuce, soft shell crab inside. M oh, it's good. and crisp L SE, so this is a very popular citrus. Not many people have been having it, which I understand, it's a seafood buffet so it's not crunchy anymore, but my tongue is on fire. I wish I had that fresh from walking this is another one of their signature dishes this is the black tofu m this is a great chewy tofu skin so tender on the inside that goes with that super tender black bean fish and the passion fruit sweet and sour pork which is also very well these dishes have been suffering in the light of the death of the buffet, surely because everyone gravitates towards the lobster and crab as they should, but this dish is also a little dry, but that doesn't hide the fat of how good it tastes.
This stuff is fruity, it's juicy. and there's a good amount of fat in here that when you take a bite, all that sweet juicy flavor combines with that fatty, melty pork and look at this wagu beef kebab, oh this is amazing, it's so delicious, it's so greasy, soup time, lobster and crab cracker m w there's a lot of connie's miso here this is a lobster toggle homemade pasta with squid ink garlic slices tomatoes whole crayfish here m it's amazing pasta it's soft not too tiny not too sour slightly sweet really garlicky this is a flour soup with crab noodles that give Here you have a giant half of a flour crab and then noodle soup in the bottom, some bok choy chilis, oh what a good soup .
The taste of the soup is slightly moody. Basically, it tastes like the soup version of this crab. Slightly sweet, very smooth. Let's start with the cakes, this is a rose red velvet cake, oh this is so good. The red Velva cake on its own is delicious, but the top layer is a kind of rose cream with a bit of chocolate shell. M, this is a mixed berry cake, it was so pretty. two focus on a seafood and, oh, well, this is it, it's phenomenal, double-fermented chocolate cake, that's all velvety mango-infused jasmine cake, oh, that's nice, they're not desserts in jars, They just taste better, I think so, yes, a million times, yes.
This cake is soft and provides a delicious, decadent layer of chocolate on top of the softest, lightest mango mousse. I thought coming here tonight I was really going to focus on the lobster and crab and that's going to be the best thing about it. Buffet their desserts are like lobster and crab of desserts Exquisite so my favorite things definitely the red velvet rose cake was delicious the mango cream the hazelnut this is definitely on my list it is one of the best buffets I have ever been to been oh this is great, I think I'm going to like this place right now.
I'm in the tea house in the home block. This tea house looks a lot like a restaurant. All you can use environment. Tone down a bit of buffet for 15. I haven't even tried the food. I already love it. Well, I just placed my first order and it's coming. Look at this. It comes on a little train and what's supposed to happen is it'll show up and one of these buttons will light up and it'll tell you if the food is on the top track or the bottom track, you press the button again, you send the train back first. , the foods just arrived, um, honor, Cho, the hot oil wins, that's pretty good, Mala's flavor is intense with that, oh, I like it. a lot, this is a fried tofu skin roll, lightly fried tofu skin on the outside, stuffed inside, oh, this thing is amazing, light and crispy inside, the shrimp is sweet, it's a bouncy little spicy sauce to accompany this so far, so delicious with this place.
It's clams and some kind of chili sauce, wow, it tastes like the chili sauce they put on the chili crab, so the chili crab is clams and this thing I really wanted, it's spicy and delicious duck wings, mhm , I love these duck wings, they taste much greasier. that the chicken wings, they don't mix when you add the heat, here we go and I just got a special delivery of I think this is spinach dumplings and prom, oh this is really interesting, it's like a little ball of dough with mulch, it has shrimp and chives inside. chewy and sweet with a nice fragrance from the leak, got another order of Mala wons, next, salt and pepper shrimp, fried mushrooms and some fried sweet and sour fish, this looks amazing and this thing just gets your whole head in The mouth, the best part of the prom.
It's an amazing scallion with scallions. I love it, it's so tender and the flavor of heaven has been completely infused into the meat. Wow, this is a delicious dish. This is a sweet and sour fried fish. Small carrots and cucumbers on top. Oh, oh, oh, there are also two tracks, so sometimes. forget if the food ring is on the bottom or top I think the fish is okay maybe a little too soft the top is wild mushrooms and sweet corn m skin muli sweet corn earthy fungus okay this is called crown Daisy oh look at this so these two are vegetarians, some items are tenuous.
Corona days are amazing, halfway through, our food is ready to go again, better, although SAA comes with chili. Oh, I want to apologize for this dish here for some reason, I thought about it. It was fish because I ordered fish, it's not tof Fu, so it being very mild makes sense. I'm stupid, we're running out of time. one last order for dessert, puff pastry ice cream, jelly with longan and mumps soup, puff pastry ice cream, chocolate ice cream. puppy, this jelly is really good, the dessert, nothing fancy, it's perfect, since all this food has been the best comfort food, demm Su Buffet at an amazing price, this place is definitely one of my top recommendations here in Singapore, This is a place I will return to.
Again and again, good morning, I am here at the Mandrin Oriental Hotel at the Cherry Garden restaurant, where there is everything you can. The Dimson Buffet costs $88 Singapore dollars or about 62 US dollars and they give you a menu and you can order pretty much anything you want. It's not much to order whatever you want, it's definitely a very fancy steamed shrimp dumpling with black garlic, steamed pork Shai with baby abalone, all you can eat, soup dumplings that sound amazing. Glass meatballs with fresh mushrooms and black truffle, oh my goodness, that was a good decision, no. to eat yesterday there are about 50 items on this menu and I have to find a way to taste everything well, we water well, that's good, the plates are really very small, this is the chicken in wine um rast, it's like a bite, Oh that's good.
The dish is all about that nice wine flavor inside the tender chicken. The chicken is tender. Get that nice blast of wine. You can taste the fragrance of the roast permeating the literally bite-sized meats that have just started, which I love, no, I know we can. try every item on this menu in terms of how fast food comes out, the barbecue dishes obviously in the soup came out right away, the dim suum items, it's been about 20 minutes so if you come here I recommend you you feel like asking a lot. I like it and as soon as your food arrives, order the next set so you can try everything on the menu.
That's fine thanks. Okay, it's been about 25 minutes. We have our first dmum item, Chio's ball, that's it, what's about six dmum? the articles have one, there is only a 2 hour limit for this meal, so I have to play with some ketchup, the next water I make, it could be for the rest of the menia, let's start with this roast pork, a little of mustard chili sauce, this looks beautiful, it's so amazing, I mean, you heard that. okay roast duck whatever that sausage on the bottom that's amazing the skin melts as soon as it hits your tongue chosi might be my favorite it's so good this a good amount of char on the stinger it just caramelizes well that sugar great taste of Sesame is not too sweet it's very smoky so I got all the dim some items.
I ordered the soup dumplings, CH shell dumpling, steamed garlic shrimp dumplings and the abalone fish which I quickly plopped on the table. I'm going to eat it anyway, I mean, there's a lot of soup here you have to be a little careful not to break the skin this is very delicate this is like an Asian operation oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh that's the good thing right there all that grease yeah In fact, my parents bought me the game when I was a kid. This could have gone much better.
Wow, thesoup pour is amazing. I just like something you get at a real soup and dumpling place. BBQ pork loaf. It is sweet. It's sticky. This is the wild mushroom. truffle dumpling a very solid vegetarian option this one I think is the steamed pork dumpling it's definitely pork inside that porky greasy thing and that flavor will just linger on your tongue, let's try the tabletop Dimson, the ones that I literally dropped on the table, this is the Abalone show that tastes like pure luxury. Abalone is tender, which is not always the case, sometimes you get a hideous piece, it tastes like the rubber band is on your desk.
I definitely want to try this one is the black one. garlic dumpling beautiful shrimp dumpling mous skin really nice bouncy shrimp inside and a giant touch of garlic and it's fried shrimp with wasabi so the green thing on the outside is fish eggs wasabi meil on top they look like seeds of chia, oh that was absolute perfection. the meal is balanced with this nice bite of Wasabi, you get the sweet crunch of the fish roll and the sweetness of the seeds. I love that the other suome dim items are coming, now we're talking about the pork ribs with black beans, one of my favorites dim some items and put them in hot oil, this is definitely fancier than the typical steamed black bean dish with ribs, the pork is much more tender and I think there is a lot more garlic here too, this is something I have been seeing. a lot in Singapore this plant bried eight with pork floss I really haven't seen this anywhere else in the world except here I mean, I love fresh fried eggplant salt crispy on the outside covered with delicious pork floss this is chicken spring roll covered in sesame this is so good it definitely needs a little spice this one can't be tasted very well the filling has a lot of casing and the sauce I think is too vinegary not very spicy this steamed custard BN with all kinds of nuts on top and there is a big piece of yam inside, this is a really good creamy custard, soft bun, pleasantly crunchy because of the nuts.
Goes really well with some tea, this last dish of dimsum, I actually have no idea what this is, oh it's basically a Mochi. dumpling with pork floss inside a little too sweet for me tastes like a tongue ball M this is the crab with chili this is a classic this is really good the sauce is rich and the tomato we have a little egg here nice flavor a sweet chili that I find outside of that classic dish. I really like this in the last round before dessert, five spice beef, green beans with dried shrimp on top, cod tofu and this dish is really interesting.
It looks like egg drop soup but it's spinach, egg whites, mushrooms and wagu beef inside spicy five spice beef wow wow I should have bought this in the first place. I would have kept asking for this. It's so incredibly cute. I mean, if you told me this is what I gave you, I would believe you green beans and try shrimp. It's also very good, I love it, come closer to me, wow the shrimp is very crispy on top, there are some larger pieces that are chewier. The green beans are chewy and there is also a lot of garlic here, the sauce is a little vinegary, might be the best. green bean dish I have ever had cod with mushrooms oh the sauce is amazing oh this is so good it looks good clove with garlic soaked in some kind of sauce this is Li clove so they kept you on your toes yeah , this is yes, this is fresh, Prim, sure, very sweet, try this bowl of wagu egg soup right here.
I'm usually a big fan of spinach soups, very light, very M, you can't really taste it, let me see, you can't really taste the meat. When you taste the meat individually, you'll notice that oh yeah, oh wow, I couldn't taste it when I was eating the soup with the spinach and the mushrooms and everything together, but if you just take a piece of that ground meat and start chewing. and you notice something is different and all that wagu goodness starts to explode. I almost feel like I want to take out the meat and eat it separately so I can better taste the flavor of the wagu.
This is good, I like it. Dessert is served first lii with osus gelatin this is one of my favorite things. I love it so much. This is black bean pudding and avocado sesame ice cream. Look at this little jelly. Bubbles here. This is the ice cream. Avocado ice cream. Feel like Tom. Brady wow, the avocado ice cream is really good. I've never had avocado ice cream before, so this is kind of a cherry ice cream, STW is great, this is also very refreshing, but I had to go back to that avocado ice cream. Best of all Hi guys, Mike Chan.
I'm here in the Singapore airport area, traveling to a restaurant that is not only open 24 hours a day, but also offers the cheapest all-you-can-eat buffet here in Singapore. Let's see everything you can. can i eat PIRA Buffet I love unique all you can eat experiences and this is definitely the P Buffet 16 different varieties $7.90 Singapore dollars so at the current price it is around $550 us 16 different varieties of pirda egg simple egg and onion cheese masala pepper onion Becon billis strawberry, chocolate, pineapple, mushrooms, banana, cheese and mushrooms, honey and sugar, they give you a small notebook to write which one you want, all the product is cooked fresh and I ordered Sugar King Chewy , they said large or medium, I said large this.
It's the big one so it should be labeled tub This is a tub of cane juice What I love about this country Pata Super Fresh sugar K Super Fresh thank you thank you you also ask me what Curry I want with my P I don't know if the curry comes with it or not, I'll let you know later, but look at these freshly made padas, deliciously beautiful, smelling and looking like I've eaten in Singapore, of course, each one normally costs around $3 if you go to just a regular P Place, Does this come with the buffet? Yes, yes, oh, very good, thank you, so there's your answer.
Comes with a variety of curries. I also bought chicken curry. You can also order lamb. There is fish. Is very pretty. In this prick it is wonderfully toasted on the outside. I can feel how soft it is and it's paper thin. Look at this one, this one above. I think it's the PIRA egg, let's see here, so hot. I think this is just butter. A fire said remarkably. fine, beautifully toasted on the outside and then dip it in the chicken curry oh this is so good I love this place what a value for what I'm putting in my mouth right now like I said the product is so fine it gets that slight toasty crunch. from the outside inside M this thing is very soft inside the PIRA is chewy it is buttery it is flaky it goes very well with this curry the curry is spicy it is rich it has a very different aroma coming from it also this is the Eon bis, it is the look of envy these little bits of crispy fish inside the PIRA, that's a beautifully chewy good product, the fish definitely brings out the beautiful flavor of the PIRA and the curry just adds a depth of lines to it.
I think it's the Masala pepper, oh yeah. About 5 seconds after it hatched, I felt a nice little peppery taste on the tip of my tongue, it was very subtle. This excites me very much. I think this is the egg. This will be hearty eggs and onions. I love it. egg padas, just increases the resistance of everything, then a little texture change from the crunchy onions oh this is interesting, this is the Masala pada inside some veggie potatoes and carrots, lots of different spices, it's my favorite by far , very good. I want to slap myself. I'm already being hit by all the Masala as it is wrapped inside this delicious little layer of dough.
I'm just trying to try them all before it gets cold. This is the chocolate one. M I think it's Nutella. product, this one is also very good, the only other new one you can try here is the PIRA mushroom cheese, this one definitely goes in with the chicken curry. I love that one, oh, it goes very well with the curry because the cheese provides a nice creaminess that is completely balanced. the Spicy Chicken Curry Masala, of course, I bought another Masala product. I have to hurry and eat before it gets cold, although I'll see you in bed a few moments later.
I probably had a few temp padas here, it was a very solid breakfast which it definitely is. A good place, especially for the value, today is going to be a really interesting buffet. Oh you can eat oysters so I'm at Kakura Theay and they just started doing this all you can eat buffet with giant oysters you can eat them fresh. with cheese, there are also plenty of mini donuts to choose from, so this place right now is around 50 Singapore dollars, about 30 US dollars, but they are increasing their prices in about a month to $69, sore wrist, so it costs around 48 dollars at the same time.
They are also adding new items to the menu like scallops with cheese and mtic Co. It smells so toasty and delicious like toasted cheese on top of fresh scallops. This is so crazy that it tastes good like high quality cheese, plus it's nice and stretchy. Great milk flavor, of course, delicious. Charcoal flavor from the flame. I think the only thing better than regular cheese is toasted cheese. Then this minimal CO toasted one on top, holy molybdenum, which may be one of the best scallops I've ever had. The scallop is buttery. I think there is a touch of citrus, the cold meni just highlights the deposits, it has that taste that is a combination of flavors made in the depths of the sea, something I am sure at I don't know Ariel or Pridon's birthday party, they are definitely there serving that. and their voyers are kodo, so I bought a plate of fresh oysters and a plate of oysters with cheese.
I swear, before your oysters reach your table, you can smell them well if you have the one with cheese, of course, but look how big they are. the oysters are these are some huge oversized oysters a little bit of scallops on top a little bit of green radish I'm really excited about the cheesy I have to start with the cheesy first look at this oyster super jumbled melted toasted cheese on top this is almost too much it's so beautiful the toasted cheese completely covering that succulent oyster, you smell the grilled oyster, you smell the cheese and see how big it is, oh that's so good, as soon as this appears in your mouth you taste that sweet, slightly salty plum. a very juicy giant oyster and of course the chewy toasted cheese and grilled oyster is one of my favorite things.
The oysters are so delicate with a slightly ground flavor and that flavor mixed with that Tor cheese to melt it makes it chewy. It becomes so delicate, beautiful. cheese flavor mixed with that subtle saltiness, it tastes like ocean flavored grilled cheese in the best possible way and the fresh oysters drizzled with lemon juice, oh my gosh look again at the size of this thing, this could be the Biggest oyster I've ever eaten in my hand. a lot of raw oysters in my time, but this is a delicious PL oyster again, subtle hints of the ocean that are not overpowering at all, the flavor profile is very delicate and smooth, the texture is sublime, juicy and tender like a seafood It bursts, and I like that.
They have different types of oysters here, so this way you get the best VOC world, you try a fresh oyster, you try it with cheese, it keeps your taste, Buzz gets involved and keeps you interested in each of the oysters, here there are at least 110 G, that is, almost A4 of a pound. They are honestly so easy to consume so make them if you love oysters this will definitely be your happy place and in addition to the oysters lots of different mini bowls. I have a paste from MTA Co. This thing serves a little bit of seaweed.
It seems like a little bit of theme is covered in cream sauce and mty Co and what you can do to give it more flavor, add a cheese cheese, which is a very good combination. Create and graze with some plump, juicy cheesy oyster. Next bowl is the wagu kobido, good sized chunks of meat on some salad and the rice had to get the spoon out for this one, put all this together and you get that nice refreshing crunch from the salad. There's also white garlic here to add even more flavor. This is a tender, tender cut of M beef that is super tender.
Just treat it as a meaty, garlicky H clean between your oyster bites, something else I have to praise because I don't really like fishy oysters, but these super clean ones taste like the best part of the ocean and if you want a spicy taste from the ocean, add a little. Spicy Tabasco ocean tastes good, two hot nuggets fresh off the grill, one of my favorite things to eat when I'm in New Orleans, fresh grilled oysters, which she's on top of and believe me, they're not cheap, yeah , they are as bad as I want them to be. pet cleanup time garlic fried rice with fish roll on top which is so delicious and garlicky also SOA yakis with sliced ​​pork belly on top SOA yakis with some shaved bonito flakes as well as SOA yakis and fried rice, couple, my guilty pleasures, this is really very good here this yaki SOA so buttery, the pork belly is fatty and melty and the bonito flakes add that extra Momi oomph.
This is actually very good, finally a plate of Yakiniku Yodo, the meat a little thinner, as tasty as I said, this is more or less oyster. everything thatyou can eat again it's not small, jumbo jumbo oysters, eat them with cheese, eat them fresh, eat them with some fried rice. The different rice dishes are also very good. I mean, they come from the US, where a dozen oysters because sometimes it costs you more than 30 dollars. this is a fantastic deal again, the freshest oysters, you can find absolute quality in a lot of delicious Risan noodle dishes, no wonder this place is always packed, so how it works is that there is a set menu, a element from 1 to n that each person receives. one portion and you can't order that again, but the dimsum dishes, which are not just dimsum, are a lot of things that you can order as much as you want.
The buffet costs 50 Singapore dollars, which is approximately 35 US dollars and an additional five Singapore dollars. dollars for tea service tea pretty good so this is it all the dishes we ordered everything is in Chinese so this is coming let's finish this and then order the D. The kones foods have arrived. I see some roast duck. I see fish skin chips, some jellyfish here with sesame carrots, roast pork, look how crispy that skin is, it looks amazing, the fish skin is crispy, the duck looks beautiful, the prawns in wine sauce and this It is usually a dish that is cooked with chicken, so this is the first time I am seeing it with PRS.
I left it here, you might like this, oh, thank you, thank you, what is this? Look, sea cucumber, ohh, mushroom and fish, M oh, the seafood soup looks smells amazing, white pepper, always add this to any type of herbal soup or Chinese soup, it's great, I think a little vinegar red makes it even better, very rich, very seafoody, I love the taste of fish mall, it's so nice and gelatinous that you can tell it's a soup that is definitely very good for you and it tastes good too. They said not to do it until we finished the meal, but all the plates seem very small.
I just put nine tenues and a little bit of water, let's eat, so there's really no cetron element in this dish, this is just Cano element, that fish is the best. Wow, so crispy, airy, garlicky and spicy, oh that's so good, so good, so good. I love the rast P here, especially the skin. This is one of the most airy roasted pork skins I have ever put in my mouth. The quality of the food is definitely very good here. Chon Chen Spicy Chicken, one of my all-time favorite dishes, is really good here. Oh, they made this extremely spicy, extremely delicious.
Wow, I have five pieces. I can't feel my tongue. I feel like I'm licking a stun gun. This is the caviar dumpling, it's got some hot oil for dipping and there's a giant Hefty Hefty shrimp in there. This is the Abalone Shai with small dried shrimp on top and also dig. I also learned from my first mistake. I really shouldn't have put it. the caviar in the hot oil was Ricky's mistake, he doesn't taste the caviar at all after that I think I like it better than the shrimp Point D the other dishes have started to arrive I think this is a fried tofu with a Sakura shrimp the shrimp is on top it's wrapped in cucumbers I think there's fish cake inside this is the shrimp with rice noodles yes this is a big plate this is a yes go home and start taking a nap so tons of rice noodles Here with egg it almost looks like an egg soup with rice noodles and prawns, I also have some green beans, sliced ​​beef, now everything is coming together.
The cofin is good, so this is the Sakura shrimp, tofu and fried tofu, a very beautiful dish that also has fermented beans. at the bottom M I love this, the tofu is delicious I think like I said there's a little bit of fish kicking in here the fermented beans add such a nice earthy flavor. The rest of the food has arrived M, let's try a lemon dish. I have never eaten this dish without rice before. it's legit this is a very authentic version of this dish delicious soak and tofu giant chives beautiful fermented taste it's spicy it's delicious there's minced meat here this is a very good version of this dish this is tofu skin with sakura shrimp inside yes yes a million times yes for this one oh, that's good, let's hope it tastes like air fried.
Can you air fry? If you could air fry, that's what it would taste like. I mean, you guys heard that crack, right? It was a loud crack. The inside of the shrimp is sweet, it's bouncy, one of my favorite dishes here, this is pig's trotters with quail eggs, so this is all welded in a sauce based on soy sauce, the bolt says the color changed completely like this, this is an egg, well that bite was not good, the lean meat I just took a bite that is really very dry a couple more things to try this is just a simple plate of sliced ​​meat oh no There is nothing simple about this, try rice wine and a perfect combination of meat and vegetables with a crunchy Sprouts because this meat is as tender as you are going to get.
OMG, one last thing you can try is their signature meat roll. It looks like beef instead of a steamed bun. Oh yeah, oh this is so good. Wow, this is a pork belly roll. and I don't know how they seal it, but they seal all the juice on each end and when you take a bite, all that juice explodes on your tongue, it all melts because there's pork here and then the bread is so soft and good, and It soaks up all that good juice from the pork, so about 30 something for all you can eat, very good quality food.
I think the price is pretty good, especially with the dimsums we have on the alak car menu, which are around S$10. dollars per basket the service is attentive the tea is good so if you are like me you love toned down but at the same time like every meal you want to eat something spicy and tasty and you love buffets this is a great place as well I heard about this place which had all you can eat, unlimited dumpling soup and it is also a POA hot buffet, so there are a lot of Yuki hop hop places here in Singapore, like in a previous video I showed like an entire street where almost all the restaurants are. at all you can eat a Chinese place but this one like I said unlimited D suit included and everything you just ordered on an app very greasy beef and there are many selections at this hops place I think over 50 items safely and on top. of soup dumplings there are also steamed dumplings, okay, I'm buying a lot of stuff, tons of different vegetables, there's sliced ​​pork, spam chicken, this is really interesting, so they bring you extra right away for you to put on one side of your table.
I immediately noticed this place, the staff is very very nice, extremely nice, there are tons of seafood like scallops and tons of muscle fish balls. There is definitely a wide variety of food to order at this place, so I got two different hop rolls, one is the Mala you have. to get Mala and the other one is their specialty here, which is millet. Seafood, it's a seafood Roo, but with millet, which is SMI, one of my favorite coni ingredients, oh that's so good. M, very sailor, a little Herby, look at some dates here too. I like it.
The Mala may have gone a little overboard with the Mala and with a small sip, do you have skin on my tongue? It's very spicy, a little bitter, start adding the ingredients, yes this is a really good place where you can tell if a piece of hot pop is going to be good or not first of course by the taste of the broth the sauce bar which here is not huge but it is complete and the fat SL thickness of the meat the fatty meat is usually the most important cut of meat in ha pie this one is thin, it has a really good amount of fat and this will cook in a few seconds, well , that's very, very nice, wow, oh, that spice definitely penetrated.
I think it's actually a good amount for me and it still hurts in a good way, so I guess. That's a good Monte. Another tip on spicy pop is to go to the sauce bar, get scallions or cilantro or extra garlic or extra chiles if you want and add them to the broth, so I want the spicy side to have a little bit more garlic and more. chives and cilantro and I want the seafood side a little bit more spice and garlic thank you thank you very nice here. I have never experienced Hol as nice as this place.
I mean, I've been to Heidi Law, which is very nice according to Ser's custom. The service is very good, but this place is nicer. The soup dumpling has arrived at first sight. They look like amazing soup dumplings. It looks like a fairly thin skin with a lot of juice inside. They actually bring you vinegar with a little ginger inside. Look at those tons of soup inside good size stuffed on the outside super thin skin this is a soup loaded down oh oh that's good the soup is good and Porky drops a little vinegar inside for everything you can use leftover soup this It's very, very good I think this is better than some leftover soup places I've been It's definitely freshly made It's definitely juicy The sensation is tasty It's big The skin is thin Throw it in my hot sauce It's a really good soup.
I think it tastes even better than my dipping sauce, leave it here for By the way, suck up the soup a little. I think the broth is better after adding the garlic, cilantro, and scallion. Have some of the Mala soup. Pour it over the soup pourer. Add a little vinegar. Pory. Mala soup dumplings, that's really good. way to eat these soup dumplings. I love this SP. Yes, I'll dip it in the sea broth. Be careful, the sou is very hot, but yes, try to eat your soup. PL It sounds like this, it's like you're getting double soup, so suck. take out the soup, dip it in the broth, get more soup, it's like a double soup soup dumpling, that's why this Japanese buffet is called K wari it's an alak C, all you can, a Japanese buffet, so Everything is cooked fresh for you, so look at the menu online. write what number you want on a piece of paper there's so much I want so there's sushi there's sashimi there's tempora there's yakit Tori so each of these has a different section it's also aimono oh my gosh there's so much the first round is here I have some rolls of hand and some tempora everything looks good for the hand rolls, soft shell crab seared salmon also spicy tuna regular salmon and chopped tuna eimas there pumpkin okra CR I think pepper, these hand rolls are also a good size, homemade , tasty, soft shell rubbish, delicious sushi, crispy Nori rice, some maale fish egg mixed with that soft drink C, it's delicious, very crispy on the outside, but you can definitely taste that sweet and tender crab meat right in the middle, right where all the joints are.
I have a ton of crab meat. the seared salmon, okay, some of this a little dry should have stayed down, this should be good. Nagi Toro, lots of heat before the tender, tender tuna meat starts to dissolve in your tongs. Oh, this is very, very good, like melted fish ice cream. with Spicy Tuna, the fish is very tender and the spice comes from the added Chini, the tuna is clean, it just has that natural Umami running through the fish and there is a large piece inside the ham roll, the raw ones are fresh and tender, the cooked ones . they are nice and crispy i think they are great the only bad thing about hand rose is that it will fill you up that day freshly fried tempora m oh this is so light wow wow wow the outside is so light and crispy and delicious inside wonderfully tender and juicy.
I don't think I've ever had temporo peppers before, I definitely get the tempora here. The sashimi plate is here, I have octopus and tuna, they definitely give you a lot here. I'm trying to keep my pace because the second order just finished the third order. to go to the store, but you can actually get a shabo here. Hopefully eating handroll at first isn't going to cost me a shabo. Wow, this or push is Snappy is sweet, one of my favorite things here today, this place now has a door outside. people can't understand that they are turning people away right now you really need a reservation to come to this place.
The only bad thing about this place is that it is so busy that the food doesn't arrive very quickly, so one thing I learned if I am going to come back again. I would just pour out all my waters at first and let them in slowly. I've just been doing it in waves, no, no, I just give them a sheet with all your waters on there and then I'll start taking it out. Soft shell crab arrived. I love their soft crab. This one is obviously not going to be as crunchy as the temporary version, but if you want the crunchy part, chew on the legs, this is my favorite, the joints here.
I'm very hot, it's very soft and sweet, okay, my fish and katsu are here, so I bought salmon belly to sear and this is the KATU, okay. I think overall for this place I like a lot of the things I ate, the salmon is dry. this looks completely different salmon belly look at this beautifully seared a layer of fat on top and oh yeah this thing doesn't even know what the word dry means if you come here you order a lot of this this absolute perfection so greasy a little gelatinous you can taste aChar in every bite you take, it just sits on your tongue, the salmon belly starts to melt, you just want to close your eyes and savor that moment.
This is 100% the best I've tried here. A little Wasabi here to balance. that nice fatty taste of Catu with scrambled eggs and onion on top and it's delicious. I must say there is also a hot alak option here so if you don't want the buffet you want the alakar their dishes are excellent especially something like This is amazing we are in South East Asia you will see it a lot a fish head whole and here they have a whole head of seared salmon included in the buffet and this thing looks fierce, look at the teeth, just turn it over and you're done. having all that great meat and fat around the head area, that's some very tender meat on fish that people usually neglect, you shouldn't do it right here in the neck region, oh, the meat is gelatinous, SE, it's very tender and there is so much of this. on the salmon belly a couple of excellent dishes to get here my time is almost up like I said you have to order everything right away if you are here for the buffet this place gets busy come with as many people as you can so you can try. a lot of different things, there are definitely more things on the menu that I want to try, especially the store that I want to try, that there are more fish items, there are more sashimi items in the words of the great governor of California SL Terminator.
I'll come back, it's okay. I'll show you this buffet, this is really great, so in the middle there is seafood, muscles, clams, scallops, lobster, cola, cut salads, bread, this is the hot food section, there is crispy pork belly, filet Wagu beef, beef lasagna, there are a lot of truffle dishes, pasta here, there are more than 40 different ones. types of cheeses here, including dark chocolate and white chocolate or gonzola, which they say is their specialty. I can't wait to try this room. This isn't the biggest buffet I've ever been to, but it looks exquisite, which is why this place practically has a buffet.
Every Monday they have an all-you-can-eat wagu steak buffet, so if this tastes good definitely come back for it. This is a mix of cold ground melon tea with my cured meats, take my melon and wrap some petta around that. It's one of my favorite appetizers, check this out, the scallop is covered in herbs, how come it's so sweet? The herbs provide that extra fragrance that really brings out the sweetness of that scallop, oh so sweet, I definitely need a lot more of this scallop. Lobster, of course, this will always be good, okay, this sweet piece of lobster.
I think I'm going to add something salty. I kept a little piece of petta. Oh, that's so much better than dip and butter. Wow, I can't. I don't think I've ever tried to eat lobster like this before one part incredibly sweet the other part Smoked shave we have mommy hits at the end where it stays on your tongue. It's a great way to get a lobster in the second round and we're starting with a salad a salad here looks amazing they have someone at the salad bar preparing each salad for you and you I go through different dressings different sea salts I have lobster dressing truffle I have truffle sea salt also chili sea salt may be too salty I don't I don't know and also hot oil, one of the best tasting sauces I have ever put in my mouth.
Wow, that's so much better than I thought it would be now. It doesn't look impressive, but when that thing touches your tongue, it almost makes me want to be a vegetarianAlmost almost the second round is filled with some amazing things, but first of all, truffle and mushroom soup. M, this has almost too much flavor. I mean, too much, that gray truel fragrance and that incredible earth from all those mushrooms, which is delicious. This dish is crazy, so I got truffle. Pizza cured meat pizza steak blue cheese pasta truffle risoto and look at this pork belly that is very juicy and crispy at the same time some squid ink pasta Sea bass, let's start with this chewy pasta I think it could have been a little more dented such Once I got it after it had been resting for a bit, the flavor of the sauce is delicious, very rich, very deep, with a little acid, generally what I like to do when I buy a plate of food, I like to save it I think.
It's the best for last. I can't help it anymore. This pork belly looks incredibly amazing. Until now, all the foods were truffles, they were delicious, including the soup and risotto, but I really like this. I'm a big fan of blue. cheese and this is bolai pasta with blue cheese and macadamia nut. I mean, the taste is very shocking, what's the good kind of punch in the face? This is the highlight of the hot menu. I think wagu beef lasagna. Wow, I think The reason Garfield is still alive after 50 now is maybe because his lasagna loving soul is looking for this.
I'm a big fan of lasagna and this could be their king cheese toasted on top of piles of meat in one flavor, you know, but the meat is especially tender, deliciously rich and leaves that unmistakable movement on the tongue, it definitely goes for more than that, huh. I know this stick was also on a buffet for a while, but it is still very tender, this is the second Buffet I have made. I have been in my life that has a dedicated cheese room. Start with something for beginners. Karino bathed in Vera honey with truffle. I will try anything containing truffle in this place.
How light and creamy. Wow, really, very light and very milky, of course. that great earthy truffle flavor that stuff is almost like a yogurt the dark chocolate gorgonzola cheese wo oh I should have had it with a loaf of bread it's not weird it's very soft and salty it's definitely something I should have had with fruit nuts and bun rice which is good, although I was not expecting it, it has a lot of flavor and this is the white chocolate version of the Gorgonzola now that I am prepared, I take small bites and follow it with an incredible piece of walnut, so creamy with a little of sweetness from the outside of the chocolate shell the texture is probably what I like most about this cheese this is a really interesting cheese or winged chili or Albero chili sorry, it's a cow and sheep's milk cheese and it's covered in must from grape.
I like it a lot. the texture is something like parmesan it has a hint of fues my favorite cheese overall it's just a smoky GAA I love it I mean even the name sounds like it tastes good it's GAA it's okay I think I need more of that lasagna next time round some fresh steaks came off the grill and you didn't notice they had lemon and saffron sauce oh wow oh what a difference between that steak and the steak I had before oh difference between day and night this is a Steakhouse restaurant type of steak with quality I mean, think he just melted like Jack Frost in Singapore.
Make sure your steak is fresh off the grill when you come here. What a difference that makes. Also, they have seared FR gr that I'm going to put on my pizza. That's crazy. Go to dessert. time, that's part of a pie, just like savory items, it's not a huge dessert bar, but what's there is very good, especially this chocolate pie, chocolate mousse on top bottom, crumbly crust , butter bread pudding that is delicious. I think this is a cup of chocolate mousse. chocolate mousse mango mousse raspberry panata all of this is fine I finish with dessert but today I have to eat something else before I finish this meal yes, finishing this meal with the salad is a predictive sign of the trend of my diet I don't I know, I just know This is an incredibly delicious salad, so today at the most famous buffet in all of Singapore, the reservation for this place must be made at least a month in advance and I heard that the reservation for brunch is even more difficult to reach, so this place, of course, is like other buffets. dessert section salad section there is a plaza in the middle where they have fresh SE food like giant prawns, snow crab sushi.
The first sashimi dish has some salmon, some tuna, I think some mackerel, freshly cut octopus, a corn sushi and I think abalone or clam salad with seaweed. the seafood is so fresh. I never ate corn sushi. I spent a good part of my life living in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois. I ate a lot of things made with corn. I never ate a corn sister. I know it sounds ridiculous and I need to go try some corn. Sushi Wow, popping sweet juicy corn I wasn't expecting that over vinegar sushi rice that was delicious. Then I bought a Quay cake tea, it is a small cup of rice with shit meat and seasoned vegetables, besides, this looks like a bit of a cup.
I thought it was going to be crunchy, it's not, it's chewy, very puny, very sweet, leaves a nice coconut and nutty aftertaste in your mouth, so this place doesn't have a lot of seafood, so if you want your meal worth shame, you really need to tackle the snow crab, jumbo prawns, the Simi sushi section, honestly my saint doesn't need to dip anything so naturally sweet on its own, so this is the cooked food section, there's bread in the center, freshly cut roast beef on the side, pasta bar, steaks and Then this gentleman in the back runs the Indian food section.
He's making me a Fresh n right now. It's so good that I really like D fat. It's basically a Chinese barbecue stall there, so I bought some roast chicken, roast duck, and pink pork. This thing is basically 80% fat on the W edge, that one is really good, it's amazing, plus the rose, the pork, the soy sauce chicken, the chicken I think is a scallion, the white ginger chicken that It's very tender and the duck obviously won't be as good as say a Roast Paradise which I think has the best roast beef in Singapore before the buffet, not bad.
Oh I can't wait for this fresh na covered in garlic and herbs. I also have some butter chicken and some lamb. That's some delicious butter chicken. Oh, that steak is excellent. I'm very tender because the steak has been there for at least 30 minutes. I have to try that sautéed chicken fresh off the grill. Oh, I haven't had stir-fried skewers yet since I arrived in Singapore. This one with a super smoky flavor is making me very happy right now, so I made a mistake, I completely forgot, I ordered pasta, so I ordered miso, bacon, charcoal banera, yes, I completely forgot, it's going to be cold now, so I put a bunch of meat on top, including chili and shell crab. chicken with salted egg and I have more steak the steak is very good the pasta is really good even though it is not spicy anymore it is still an amazing pasta dish m M oh salty EG chicken wings is a muset here M sweet and salty rich and yolk I wish this skin would be a little crispier, it probably came from the fryer, but it's delicious.
I got serious salmon, look at that, well that thing is crispy on top and then some truffle roast chicken, pork troter mein pra and sea bass m m, that's one of the best things. I had all night, oh that salmon skin is so crispy, a little bit of bitterness from the Char and all that delicious fat right under the skin. If you bought this piece of fish at a fancy seafood restaurant, you wouldn't be disappointed. Pig's trotter noodles, a little sweet, oh my lips. and my tongue just got covered in that delicious latin texture and all that flavor soaked deep into the noodles and oh my god, squeeze the sea bass a little with your chopsticks and it just falls apart, they cook the fish very, very well here, very good.
Wow, that's about as touchy as they come. This thing tastes like a mother's laboratory at the noodle station. Two different noodles. One is Ja, young man, try, young man, the other is Locka. Check out this giant crom ball on theoa. Dried Quil Eggs for Fu. There is also a small rooster here. What am I doing? I lose the toothpick. Bring the spoon. This is so good. It tastes like a delicious Locka from a hawker stall. I have never seen this before at a buffet. Put it in small strands of tofu on top. cucumbers the sauce is a mixture of diced meat I think it's pork and thin noodles at the bottom just give it a nice little mix this is very good I mentioned this in one of my previous videos this is my comfort noodle dish here I am Eat this For as long as I can remember, every time my parents wanted to make me feel better as a kid, they would make me Jud, man.
I'll tell you what I never thought: I'd find a really good plate of this at a buffet. I mean, the noodles are incredibly chewy, the meat is flavorful, the sauce is rich, it's earthy, very good, good ball J Man, the desert here is amazing, there are many different items, I have a peanut roll, a lot of cakes, chocolate, there are cream puffs, there are tarts, this is a Law and the cheese varies I think this is so good and delicious with a little crunch on top and a moist cake below oh under that layer of cake there is also a layer of I think cheese mousse oh this is amazing, the only bad thing is my spoon too big I really don't fit in this cup, what a start to this dessert, this cake is the pundang Gula malaka aka possibly the best cake you can ever take away to the mouth, this is incredible, my God, I don't believe it. there is a most delicate cake on this island it is so soft amazing coconut and pondan flavor wow cakechocolate and passion fruit M this place could have the best dessert of any buffet in the world it may not have more but everything is quality inside I don't have it I think this is passion fruit, no, it's not passion fruit, I think it's matcha and there's an amazing chocolate cake with moncha, there's also a little bit of cherries here, so this is not just a simple mango pudding, this is mango pudding, hair, I think there's a bird's nest here.
Plus, and golden flakes on top, that's very, very good. It is usually bitter. You don't really feel any bitter taste. The pudding is deliciously velvety and it's not too sweet, it's not too creamy, it's not too much. There is such a balanced dessert with that huge mango. flavor next Ivory Raspberry Cake wow, it's a sweet little wafer at the bottom I'm not really into T flavored desserts, this is good, although of course I can't leave without some Quay, this is a Tred dessert must-have whenever you are Singapore rice cakes are usually multi-colored, coconut-flavored, soft, chewy, delicately spongy.
I love it so overall this buffet is 88 bucks for singles so about 60 around us for a buffet of this quality 100% worth it especially now. I think dinner buffets in Las Vegas are topping $100 before tax and tip, you will come to this beautiful hotel, every person here is incredibly warm, helpful, considerate, it's a great variety, it doesn't matter if you love seafood, the steaks, the local dishes, the desserts, especially the desserts, you will love them. Place this buffet place that I always go to when I'm in Singapore, one of the best, if not the best, in the country.
Definitely check it out. I'm going back to my dessert as always. Thank you all so much for watching. come on we'll eat again see you later

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