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Jedi Fallen Order but it's a love story

Jan 02, 2022
hello everyone welcome to the third installment of this series we get right into the action we stopped for nothing last time this guide you or me anywhere some of the best moments. easy to Telegraph at the beginning towards the middle of the fight when he starts to get lucky come here give me your face we've gotten to that point he's going to fly now i'm ready i've downloaded this obese bat does the sonic scream twice and crunch then drops this bad ass on the ground somehow creating a shock wave and i just watch c'mon do your thing man go ahead yeah if he jumps off the ground he doesn't create a shock wave which allows me to counter i know all your movement set you up might as well give up oh oh I didn't download that's a DLC oh I need to heal people none come here three saber combo look at him see he's stumped that's right run away run away little one yeah that's what's up that's what's up who's the lord of Dathomir look bb1 all the light touches is our kingdom you should never go there BB that's the Clank of the hood I guess you could say I'm a Jedi rock climbing that's yes I know it was bad I'm sorry why is he rock climbing with me you you have a wing s speed I am speed oh now you fly now he flies let me go I'm just as I imagined to look like the baddest cat in the sky no one attacks him so why would I look at them this is not so much a magic carpet ride as a crime scene waiting to happen.
jedi fallen order but it s a love story
The false King no longer exists, idiots. smart, that's why they are not called the brilliant brothers. Observe, let me grow in you. Now I will pair it. And for these last two I will honorably fight them on this site. Excuse me, excuse me, she is fighting like eight guys, they tell me, where is Darth Maul? I would very much like to speak with him. I'll ask someone else to do it. Roman kick. American death is ambushing me, do you know who I am? I'm your feudal lord, no yes yes, maybe they can't accept me as their lord because of my clothes.
jedi fallen order but it s a love story

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jedi fallen order but it s a love story...

I need something darker like this. the gothic section begins my descent to the dark side behold my malevolent clothing I am your Lord Lord of Doubt I have no more I just realized I don't have a checkpoint yet just the camera the camera can you? I hate this here I hate that man for what Am I fighting in a confined space? The camera, I swear the final boss will just be a force sensitive DSLR, huh, thanks to the creator, a shortcut. I'm almost done Daphna mirror and that's too obvious something's going to jump on me looks like I'm going the master flank yeah yeah okay yeah oh yeah the tacks are so quick and sudden. unblockable spam, yeah do it again, well that's a move by Chad.
jedi fallen order but it s a love story
I'm literally kicking his ass. So sorry. I am sorry. The final boss is actually just Fred the cameraman. Keep coming back until I kill him. I didn't want to, but you made me do it. Now I will start downloading your moves. That Telegraph parrot, oh, he goes for a very quick second attack after a parry. You are at 10% wock. wock zero zero zero damn ah oh yeah I think I'll be back Cal's got the legs of a greek god I swear you can take him down with a parry kick ok oh he's not unlockable after two pairs his attacks are insane he's just burning my five measly parry stimulants parry and woggle edge now come on yeah oh perry perry the platypus man this is so close this is too close beer and i'm coming i'm coming hey big guy the suns are getting real low this guy is mine now he's still less than half health i have four canisters left i got it yea now i will show you the three dot retarded flavor combo that only a master can pull off what to expect and three and how it took a while the lower depths of Dathomir are home to these local venomous spiders, his diet consists of fear and death behind me. the dangling testicles of Dathomir which provide excellent nutrition for the local wildlife oh they really are balls life just burst out of them that's a lot that's a lot holy jesus ok play nice well a Hidden chest more for me but this you and I'll be unstoppable drugs I guess straight up is the only way I'm going to be flanked by three 9x's ah thank god well that's happening oh that's a flashback again oh, great, the splash makes us clones in it, clones, hello battalion. it's these guys s this game gives us the perfect amount of clone wars stuff you don't know too much but enough listen


66 dude just hit that phone behind you don't ask a thing oh for god's sake let's die and you're making me do it parkour i'm close i have to warn you our lives are on the line yeah that's good listen to me something terrible is good we could be good here this guy is a tough guy bones betray , that's what I've been saying or there are no answers to your questions no though ok I've seen the movies this is really cool I just wish it was set in the temple maybe we can see Anakin and the top five just roasting everyone or maybe it can become some kind of temple run type game or we're just running for dummy the reason place what's the password i forgot the password i made a fuzzy face this turned into another fucking se dream sequence what's wrong Cal wake up wake up Cal yeah wake up hey okay we're outta there Jesus what's up?
jedi fallen order but it s a love story
What did you just do? we destroyed our only weapon on dathomir we are helpless kris idiot come on we need to fix this this hermit again ok enough for this who are you really creepy old man what are you hungry about a warning evil Santa Claus you are the one the brothers of the night follow what you tell me the sinister figure they keep referring to is this guy and no Darth volumes there is no Darth Maul is what you are telling me my disappointment is immeasurable and my days ruined there's a whole soap opera right now what's the boss why fight i don't understand i don't even have a gun the Nightsisters of Dathomir don't turn on their you know sisters object yes their graves all you mean is the monastery of the testicles goes like a zero calorie idiot and you plan it this game keep going come on we have a lightsaber to fix what's going on up there every Jedi comes here as a child oh is this the place of that Clone Wars Episode where Yoda and the children went to look for kyber crystals.
I think it's a big disturbance in the force. As if in a puzzle section. It's a puzzle section. I have to use this crystal to melt the big ice door. i think this should do it and hit it probably the other side then let me ok this is it here we go mother shut up i dont need a guide im an intellectual puzzler i did i did you will never know how much footage i have to cut it like a secret i see i improve the ball will be my big swing right now yeah oh yeah i got it i got no oh all i had to do was flip it's so simple yeah oh yeah the boss fight against dumb mechanics yeah i'm here though the kyber crystal i got it yeah finally I'm a raw it's beautiful I wonder what happens if I squash it then breathe in the dust it's not a muscle there's the dark side oh okay what's with all the drama what's this move to change color yeah yeah yeah can i read it I can't decide that there are so many colors, right? just have it on the rainbow I've chosen awesome science oh it's just a special move I can't actually walk with it what's up?
I've undergone character development, you don't stand a chance, let's try this, this is the 20 point saber combo. Sir, I'm a badass, who's next to bring it? What what? You only come to me in pairs, so that makes it manageable. Hey yeah oh oh no he's a purge soldier he's a pervert even trying to do the riddle, just bang the door open, let me go, let me go, oh no harm to me, did you see it was all part of my plan too? 80's keys are no problem for me and are significantly less threatening. in this game of what they were in the last episode of the mandalorian keep shooting keep shooting see if i


this detail that pilot is coming come here jameson you slime who is the photographer taking the pictures of spiderman oh back to dathomir time to face my demons don't you understand teacher i had an emotional break scene i'm a stronger man now whoa where is she again go ahead im ready for a boss fight go ahead cal swing big boy punch maybe whoa oh hi so which school do you go i don't know how flirt I'll be watching it's kind of Irving's house come out come on let's go to the boss battle now Krista SHhhh hi not Darth Maul that's Amira sure cool you were just another fake king and I'm the Lord of this land. well usually when bosses rip you mean they have a very fast follow up attack against this guy big guy yeah I count three hits you're 50% unloaded married this guy is very laid back compared with every other boss fight I've done.
Garrett he Telegraph is his attack so much you're weak, your attacks should be bolder, that's not what I meant, Oh Terry do it again Terry. He saw me kick ass get up Cal you're embarrassing us whoa whoa his attacks I got into extreme The Nightsister Marin with the interference. I didn't realize it, but I don't have a slip from the health bowl. I thought I was having a good time. here here and yeah that was real smooth not like sister barrett don't look at this close your eyes i got you now mall meth addicted santa claus sleeping boy combo. taken a third of his health bar you've been downloaded peri-peri it's like those anti-piracy ads you wouldn't download a Jedi this guy needs to be more fierce and cold I have all your movement set to one hundred percent my mega mind has fiber optics it's that fast, okay so the download was a corrupt file.
I dodged hello pretty sister mo in three Borton flavor come four point zero five points never come six points a burqa Xia no Darth Maul you impose uh hello it's just the two of us now what do I do where is the checkers skill tree yes I like how does that sound like you? again, Kyle, given name. I have it. I have it. Emir has been conquered, pure fat, she is Marin, she is a witch, isn't she? Yes, I'm not calling her because your fear is unnecessary. she do uh what's your favorite color forget your son we're about to land oh sorry ok this is calling me i got it yeah thanks man i didn't know where i was going with that three fights no problem i've grown long on my travels finally the culmination of all those puzzles to another d sequence ream hey youngsters it's like a vision where i meet the force sensitive children in holocron


66 you pipsqueaks couldn't resist the dream sequence made me an Inquisitor I'm finally on my journey to become the first red-headed Centauri At last, his face is back like this.
I think this video is long enough. I'll continue with the rest in the next installment of this series, which will probably be the end. You may have to wait because I have to record some Halo Reach. MCC and for honor of course before I leave you here is today's featured sample and it means no more Anakin. I downloaded your moveset. It's like the video and I'll give you Mirren's phone number. Just kidding.

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