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IELTS Test Builder 2 Macmillan Test 02 Listening

Apr 02, 2022
section one you will hear a woman reserving a room for a party at a community center first you have some time to look at questions one to four you will see that there is an example that has been made for you this time only the conversation related to this will be touched first hello good morning my name is pete how can i help you hello my name is maria lincoln i understand you rent rooms in the community center as party venues the woman's name is maria so maria has been typed in the space now the


will start should answer the questions as you listen because you will not listen to the recording a second time listen carefully and answer questions one to four hello good morning my name is pete how can i help you hello my name maria lincoln i understand do you rent rooms in the community center as party venues.
ielts test builder 2 macmillan test 02 listening
If we do it. We vary the size of the accommodation. It depends on what you are looking for. We are really looking for a party, a children's birthday party and we need a room. m which will seat about 70 people with room for a small disco, games, dancing and food, well we have a big room and it would certainly fit at least 100 people comfortably, it gets used a lot for parties and the like that sounds like as if it could be suitable I have tried several places and they are full or not enough people can you tell me when you were thinking of having the party? 15 let's take a look hmm yeah you're lucky the mandela suite is free so i'll just write that m-a-n-d-e-l-a and the time you were planning to hold it in the afternoon from 3:30 p.m. m. to 9:00 p.m. m yes ok there is no smoking on the premises and we are licensed for soft drinks only oh ok I guess I'm happy to go on before I hear the rest of the conversation you have some time to look at questions five to ten now listen and answer questions five to ten can you give your zip code yes it is p to five seven g j ok and the flattened street number is 40th floor number and the street number is 35. ok that is 40th floor 35th street from the beaches yes, that's correct and a contact number my landline is 2 2 three two seven nine with the code, but I'll give you my mobile number, which is zero seven eight nine seven two nine three three eight one is two nine three three eight one um can you tell me how much it will cost?
ielts test builder 2 macmillan test 02 listening

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ielts test builder 2 macmillan test 02 listening...

It's quite reasonable, it's actually a hundred and fifteen pounds. for the top of the room with tables and chairs but if you want to hire disco equipment we have a basic system with speakers and other equipment for £25 but there is no technician if something goes wrong and of course it is optional. It would save us bringing some from home, but maybe we should bring a spare sound system in case we've never had any problems with the system, but you might not want to take any chances. someone bring something we have someone who can do the catering for nine pounds in advance including cake if required ok that's helpful but it's a lot as we're on quite a tight budget so want to get on with the reserve.
ielts test builder 2 macmillan test 02 listening
£30 deposit which is refundable the balance must be paid no later than two days before the event fine you can cancel up to two days before but after that you lose the deposit we don't intend to cancel but is there any insurance we can take out yes there is a form here somewhere how much is it uh oh lemme see it's only nine pounds for the 24 hour period and that covers you for cancellation damages and injuries well at least we better have a look at it how would you do? I would like to pay the deposit in cash I will just give you a receipt There you are 10 20 30. 30 pounds Maria Lincoln Thank you very much I am so glad we found a place.
ielts test builder 2 macmillan test 02 listening
We have been trying to reserve a spot for the past two weeks. so thanks again and bye for now that's the end of section one now you have half a minute to check your answers now move on to section two section two you will hear a talk on the radio about thatched roofs first you have some time to watch questions 11 to 13 now listen carefully and answer questions 11 to 13. and now it's straight to the green access point for today's show. In fact, we are going to see an intriguing trend in recent years in the world of green developments.
There has been a constant stream of new eco-friendly products. On the market for the environmentally conscious A new outlet that I think needs more attention is the growing interest in thatched roofs. Environmentalists sing the praises of thatched roofs as interest in sustainable green building has led to greening. of the roofs of residential and commercial buildings around the world and what is this type of roof instead of tiles that allow water to run off and create flash floods the roof has a waterproof rlay base that is placed on top of the roof deck , this waterproof layer is covered with layers of insulation and drainage, then on top of the layer of insulation and drainage, a final layer of soil or crushed stones is added for plants or grass to grow on the roof can be planted with flowers plants to add color and life to your rooftop before you listen to the rest of the talk you have some time to look at questions 14 to 20. now listen carefully mind and answer questions 14 to 20 regarding the benefits of grass roofs in spring and in summer they are very beautiful, since the flowers bloom;
Furthermore, in summer, grass roofs are especially beneficial in cities because they keep any building cool by reflecting the sun's rays; in winter, grass roofs insulate the building and help prevent heat loss. roofs are low maintenance and better than any other roofing material they encourage biodiversity by attracting bees and birds and absorb runoff water that helps prevent flash flooding en fa ct gravel layer retains 71 percent of rainwater it falls which helps prevent flash flooding in winter the brown soil is a bit more apparent which can look unappealing if the roofs are not taken care of carefully but that is a price well worth paying and it would To say that they are highly recommended by those who have them if you compare thatched roofs with tile ones, the latter certainly look very neat but at a price for the future of the planet, although the main drawbacks of tiles are water runoff and heat absorption. from the sun's rays in summer, so if we want to save the planet from an ecological point of view, roof tiles are not recommended.
The only roof I can think of that has similar green credentials to a thatched roof is a thatched roof. Thatched roofs are good. insulating and very attractive but very expensive and not ideal for cities how can we make our roofs greener this is how you can persuade people to install thatched roofs the world green roof conference in a ustralia was a very good i start at the grassroots level the best way to raise the profile of thatched roofs is to make them trendy by featuring them in fashion magazines so people start to feel like they can't do without them but the idea i like best is the week Competitors for the best designed turf roofs will be held next year.
The ecological hotspot will be seen. This is the end of section two. You now have half a minute to check your answers. Now move on to section three. Section 3. You will hear a student talking to her tutor. about a presentation first you have some time to look at questions 21-23 now listen carefully and answer questions 21-23 excuse me dr owen i oh hi karen do you have a moment yes clear how can i help you well i have been having difficulty finding data on the question original and was wondering if you could change my article to knowledge investment comparing some European countries to the US and then others around the world including the OECD average which I found d lots of data via graphs etc. where you got your data from various sources books and magazines how you are going to present the material i am going to use the electronic whiteboard as suggested and i will do a mix of graphics, images, text and podcasts to illustrate my presentation sounds very impressive yes let's hope get the whiteboard to work but i'm also going to have a powerpoint presentation for a backup just to cover myself a backup is a good idea but it's a lot of work to do everything twice it is. but at least I'll have experience with both before we talk about how to use the data I've selected.
Could you please give me the names of some websites that I should look for more specific reference material when writing something related to knowledge, there are millions of sites listed before I listen to the rest of the conversation, have some time to look at the questions 24 to 30. now listen carefully and answer questions 24 to 30. let's see oh i'll print it from this list there go to the platform do i really need to study all about these? No, I suggest that there are five or six that you can see. The one to check out is the IT department section of the university's website, which is
It has items for everyone. from us in the department and it has links to some useful information so i think it's essential to look at this ok i've been but i'll take this as a must read and there's a site hosted by pollock it's investment all you need to do is to browse the summaries of the articles on the site that will give you a general idea about the effects of investing in knowledge yes that sounds good, avoid having to read everything that goes on with this If I remember it is not that useful I'd say there's very little you need to read there, then there's, it has a lot of articles, but it's probably best to read the ones that have come out in the last quarter or so. you have to subscribe it's not free f from the university library and another free online magazine is
I wouldn't say it's essential to read, but it's beneficial and so I think it's worth checking out if you think it's useful. The links it offers are worth looking at and trying. if you have a lot of information at once people won't be able to follow it and they'll just turn off, it's worth remembering that I've been at conferences where there was too much detail on the screen and it was impossible to read quickly, but what about visuals do you think it's good to mix visuals and text visuals are very helpful but they need to be relevant or else people will get confused about what they mean and why they are there and not pay attention to what you are saying so be careful from what I can see you have the makings of a very good presentation thank you that is the end of section three now you have half a minute to check your answers now move on to section 4.
In section 4 you will listen to a talk about the work of a printing department in a university first you have some time to look at questions 31 to 40. now listen carefully and answer questions 31 to 40. i am here to give you a brief summary of the work of this new department the word print department has a very short history, having been created only 10 years ago. Some statistics to start with the first intake of undergraduate students consisted of 20 students increasing to 37 in the second year and now we have about 50 in the first year doing a wide range. of full-time and part-time courses we have a thriving research department with 17 students on the tort ma course and seven full-time research students in total we have nine full-time professors and 16 part-time professors working mainly but not exclusively in our evening department of the total student body, approximately 21 per cent come from outside the country, a number that has been steadily increasing in recent years, although foreign students must achieve a minimum level of proficiency in English before following a course in University. require catch-up help with their English and we can offer help through student support services as part of the general support provided to all students for home students both postgraduate and undergraduate there are scholarships to help with the travel and accommodation so i would advise you to reach out ms riley at the end of this session more and more we are forging external links with organizations in the publishing world and we have been very fortunate to have received money to sponsor not only various students within of the department but also to technicians and professors each year we carry out a series of conferences that are given by external speakers in the world of printing and the media the series of workshops that you see around you have been built thanks to a donation very generous that has allowed us to develop our book binding and restoration facilities, now the main work of he department relates to teaching the mechanism of the printing press and like most printing presses it is now so highly technological that all of our students must have computer literacy for those of you who are interested in taking a module in this department of another department and who feel they may not have the necessary computer skills, don't let technology trap themoff we have a number of specialist technicians who can support and deliver lock programs on the required computer technology as long as you can turn on the computer is halfway there we have what can only be called state of the art facilities especially for those wishing to enter the world editorial working not only as printers but also editing page layout and book binding with the extensive facilities we have. five for book restoration some of our alumni are now employed as expert book restorers and conservationists skills once nearly extinct at the exhibit you'll notice work samples on the book cover design and, as well as having all the necessary computer software To handle printing we have a few old printing presses, despite being very much a modern department we have a growing interest in research into the history of the printed word, ranging from early European times to Chinese and Japanese. printing techniques, in fact, we have some very well known experts in early printing in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, if this area appeals to you, you can talk to Dr.
Fred Clare after China, we are lucky to have as a teacher invited to Dr. you, who is an authority on early Chinese manuscripts and printing machines, if you are thinking of doing a module with us or interested in doing research after you have finished your first degree, the person with whom talking is professor clarkson who will be able to give you all the details for postgraduate research you really should be thinking of applying now although its only in december as the department now attracts a large number of people and always we have many applications for each research position that is the end of section four now you have half a minute to check your answers that is the end of the


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