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Jun 22, 2021
hey guys it's me foxy bun


hey hey guys it's me nikki welcome to challenge


s. We are back. the shadow right there and to blend it you want to keep the yellow here to make a nice transition between the skin tone. I thought it was such a unique and interesting way to follow a


tutorial because we usually have the luxury of seeing what's going on in front of us but we don't always listen today I'm going to follow someone's


tutorial but just the


like this i still don't know who it is i still don't know what video it is i don't know what look i'm doing today all i know is i better put this to work and listen.
i tried following only the voiceover of a makeup tutorial
I want to text her my password right now and ask her since she came up with this challenge, actually her roommate Katie came up with that. and i want to ask him which video i should keep listening to that sounds so weird after listening so im going to text him right now not knowing my key it will probably be something bloody or scary who said it scary key i will see which video he will choose for me and then we go to I'll follow them my key is about to send me the link so I'll pass my phone to Linda she's back it's Ernie again it's early again guess what we'll do after this other 24 video hours. i got my phone she's going to play the video oh i swear to god if it's a zombie Mikey if it's a zombie i'm not dressed to be a zombie today i'm watching it right now turn it on it's this guys and welcome back to my channel so that today I decided to decide where it exhales badly, so what are we doing?
i tried following only the voiceover of a makeup tutorial

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i tried following only the voiceover of a makeup tutorial...

Tell me and then all of a sudden, as if this green lining appeared out of nowhere. different and fun i'm just applying an off-white eyeshadow to my brother oh oh oh where did it get right into the eyes? Did you apply the primer to move on to the eyes? I'm just applying a bone colored shadow on my brow bone as my highlight and this is a max long type and I've already prepped my lids with soft ocher Mac oh okay okay thank god bless the lord can wait for her said blog guy i think i have that color oh my god its been years since i use mac perfect once i got it right prick ok then i dont have it i dont have soft ocher anymore.
i tried following only the voiceover of a makeup tutorial
I know it's shocking, so I'm going to put the fenty prime. I'm just going to do one eye so we can focus. Then she said highlight the brow bone so I'll hide in my clan bag this month and this. It's going to be the perfect transition sheet for our smoky eye because it's easy to build color on top of this and it's very well pigmented so I'm going to put it in my crease with a Mac two to four but what kind of color is it, he said she. transition color so i have choices between soft peach brown Coralie soft brown she said metallic smokey eyes and green r line so its probably like a soft brown.
i tried following only the voiceover of a makeup tutorial
She was also really scaring me because she hadn't even done my eyebrows yet. Right now we are making eyes and there is no navigation life. That's what worries me. I'm going to grab the new Deepa. Laura Lee Los Angeles 2d palette and I'm taking this color here. This is going to teach me a lot about how Pine makes my videos because now and I love it. I love these videos. they bring me so much like calm and peace but even now I'm like oh my gosh that's right we should say what kind of movement we're doing, what the color looks like, what the texture is like, how it works and I feel. like because we're so used to doing tutorials it's like it's normal for us and especially because I do the same thing I feel like we as makeup gurus forget that there are people out there who don't have a clue like what we're saying the Next video will be a tutorial on my channel and I'm going to be very descriptive I want a really dark base for this look so I'm using NYX gel liner and I'm going to apply it to my eyelid with a geek makeup dark gel liner like nyx foundation I don't have that but I have a dose of colors I have a black and I have a dark brown but I don't know coercion she said gel liner as a base so it's black and after I'm done I'll put on a black eye shadow this will turned off by urban decay and i'll pack it on the lid i see it was black grabbing a black shadow putting it on top of that base what's next desi now aiming at 2:17 i'm going to use the color Anasazi Sienna from Beverly Hills it's a ma Very warm rr and I'm going to pass it through the crease, okay I've got that color again somewhere, look I found it, he said, in the crease it's going to blur the lines between dark and transition, wow! and then I'm going to do a blend of two to four and blend those edges and continue with those steps until it's well blended out okay that's you I want to take a black eyeliner and I'm going to apply that to my waterline and it I have so now I'd have to reapply the black and fix everything and I'm going to apply that to my waterline and drag it down pretty low Oh I feel like it's safe to apply my concealer now as I've used all the shades of Black eyes mostly so I'm just going to apply my NARS creamy concealer on the color cream and after that I'm going to smudge that black liner when it comes to 1/2 Sienna and amarka to set lol Sienna.
I'm going to take this pigment from Mac. It's called old gold and I love it. It's like an old color. I'm going to apply it. my tear duct and since I have a black tear duct underneath it's going to make it stick out a lot more when she has a black inner tear duct two more blacks and the tear duct area. I struck old gold if you remember this Mac packaging this is packaging from years ago so I don't even want to know how long I've had this size before when I started doing makeup and I started, you know, doing research on brands.
I thought the mac pigments were so cool they were like pure magic to me. This is old gold and she said two-tiered tear duct. I was starting to like it now that I am shaping it with concealer. I'm like drama mama ok then I'll take Mac copper Sparkle and brush it on the sigma shader to the center of the lid and I want to focus most of the intensity in the center and then blend those outer edges so that Wyler point be as I said mainly in the center of your eyelid, let me find a coppery glow.
I am so surprised to have all this. products shot around here i've never dipped into this center lid hi to highlight the lower lash line i'm also going to apply the copper shimmer right in the center so this goes here just to make it all pop i'm going to apply a little bit more black eyeshadow on lower lash line and outer v of my blacker eyes I don't think there's room for more black See how black my eyeballs are right now? Yeah we're going to skip that stuff so you can definitely stop this look here and just apply lashes but I'm going to go with this Lime Crime liner in the color chartreuse it was seriously calling my name the liner is on and to finish off the eyes im applying my house of lashes in the iconic style and i am just going to add some mascara to them and the eyes are done oh my god desi made the house of lashes iconic moving on to the face.
I've already applied my foundation, it's Mac Studio Fix powder in NC 35 and I mixed in a bit of NC 45 as well or NW 45 as well. I do not think it has a powdery powder foundation. I found it desi ok so the other eye is done and i feel like very edgy alien powder foundation. What is happy? I didn't think I would. be possible, but i have a powder foundation, this is the same foundation that, um, he talked about, didn't he? I know this was a foundation for me, this was a setting powder that tells you more about my high coverage standards than anything else.
My gosh, I've never done just powders. I'm about to be so shocked, okay, I'm so excited about this video. What's next now? I'm going to put my concealer with banana powder under my eyes. I already went there. I know the banana powder on the other hand superflee hills is too dark for me, like too yellow. I do have another studio fix powder in white though because when you're a ghost what's pretty much the color you should be aiming for when you're on a highway so I'm going to mix this up with this car. I think she did this.
It practically highlights the bottom of the eye, it's so terrifying. Oh, to warm the skin. favorite I guess you would call it an ion shadow transit for her contour exactly Roger with the eye shadow wants to do that with the face so it doesn't just have a dark harsh line he wants it to fade gradually and then he can go with a darker contour shade and apply


to the outer parts of your cheekbones give sun on me looks like i had a lovely fight with the mud instead i'm just going to use my favorite bronzer right now you have one when you're doing brows brows good so now it's time to highlight and this is my first time using becca opal highlighter and as you can see i might just add too much highlighter to my face but it's ok to learn my lesson next time i'll go a little lighter on that highlighter never say you're too much highlighter don't put those nasty words in your mouth never too never oh i see them i knew i had it opal look this is opal opal a little stone a polka dot is here to do now moving on to blush i'm using the bomb blush and this is called Swiss s dot and this is very pigmented it's a very peachy coral shade peachy coral i'm doing all this and all i'm still wondering is when are we going to do the brows this look is finally coming we are going to finish the look with the lips i am going to line my lips with a lip liner from Make Up For Ever in the color 3c and then i am going to have lime crimes lipstick in the color Coquette that's such a beautiful peachy nude but you've looked a little too light for my skin tone in the busy mill she ain't gonna do brows this she knows what the sad part about this is if someone does this with my videos i don't do my eyebrows on camera that means if you follow mine exactly by voice that means you leave the house with no eyebrows - oh i better just make a quick little mention at the end and say "me like" and I filled myself the brows so she can really make my brows sound like a good outro so that's it for this makeup tutorial.
I hope you have enjoyed this video. Give him a thumb. If they did, I'll see them in my next tutorial. Lizzie stayed in the bloopers. She say you're looking for the bloopers. a is like couture that needs brows anyway so of course i was following a desi perkins makeup tutorial just listening to what she had to say but i haven't seen it yet i don't know if i'm even remotely close. I don't know if I have something different than Desi, so of course you already know that, but it's time for a personal revelation. I'll look good.
No, wait, that's so much nicer. Why do I always have to take it? on the dramatic side that's quite different desi did a daytime version and i did a very intense night version but let me know what you think let me know how you think i did it how i followed you at what point you were like oh oh we give up. in it let it go i want to thank you so much for looking thank you mikey for giving me this design Perkin's video. I really like this look. She looks nothing like Desi, but I really like her. channel I love you so much Thank you Linda no problem your assistant for today bye guys bye

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