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I Thought Luna Was A Genius For A Second...

Jun 15, 2021
We wake up early a bit excited for the day, we actually woke up an hour ago and you can't stop right? She keeps putting things in the bag and out of the bag and in the bag And then she goes back out of the bag, she just wishes it would be decided What's all the fuss? It's a rooster. My God, we kiss them so you can see them Follow me A giant snail Giant snails? What the hell dude I don't see anything. OMG That's huge That's as big as your head Moon Moon: Nail Yeah that's a snail She said They're so rude it's like 5:50 in the morning They're doing that at 2:30 in the morning Do you does it matter oh my gosh these snails are huge can you imagine oh my gosh I almost said can you imagine stepping on them?
i thought luna was a genius for a second
They're everywhere There's one right there There's like two right there Don't step on it, no Don't step on it Don't step on it, look at them Do you see them? How beautiful they are Uh So I think there's a giant spider here Oh my gosh look at the size of that spider Oh my gosh it's alright. There's a bug There's a bug on my screen, and I couldn't it was so big I couldn't even see the face you're ready for a fun filled day Luna You need a spoon for this this is the finger these things can do it for anything But I guess we'll just put this in my pocket nothing could go wrong look at this place dude this place is heaven on earth about to go witness Ariana doing some surf lessons what a difference i see in a place like this with the tropical climate and A place like Santa Clarita where we live, you can grow plants like the ones in Santa Clarita.
i thought luna was a genius for a second

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i thought luna was a genius for a second...

But they are not that robust, you walk up to these plants and then they are thick. It's lush cold That thing That's like a bruise Well see you later in this place This is heaven on earth Can you wait for me to say it before you jump? Are these all these chickens? What do you think of those roosters? Waking up, look under this tree. It's like blue sky Yeah that's so nice all the chickens waking me up I'm not a fan the roosters the chickens weren't waking up yet the roosters weren't even roosters and chickens now Joe There are men and roosters and chickens of both chickens Yeah you got me this amazing beach you don't care about the whiteness of my feet Don't worry at the end of the trip well actually maybe they won't tan It's so colorful it means you look good in this light bro this looks good on you bro.
i thought luna was a genius for a second
You want a profile picture, friend. I knew dating football. This dog first is your dog. Do you mind if I stay with him. Well, what should you do for a dating profile picture? I smile like you know it's not too cool. Why with the tilt of the head? What is the head tilt? I have the fake buffet clock. Well, okay, I didn't really take it as just for the blog, okay? You are going to take it. You're going to keep filming me. Yes, I'll take it. Hello girls. We're ready to see you sir. Look at this place.
i thought luna was a genius for a second
It's broke. No, it's okay, so Ariana is the first out. I'll see if I can see anything of her browsing. She already caught one shape which was pretty awesome but if you want to see Brian can upload it to her channel the crazy team link in the description below if I didn't. put that link there below scription. That's because we're currently in a fight OR I forgot one or the other here we go Ariana. You can do it watch her go She's ten times better than I could be out there Look Lucas my baby you just woke up from a nap you wake up from a nap you're gonna come over and say it's okay now She just slowed me down Oh they're not good ones.
How is your network? Oh, it's fine? See you later boy, hey Luna? Noona, you want some juice for breakfast. Yes, probably, they have done very well. Yeah, okay Luna, would you like some pancake? Yes, or do you want mom's vegetable omelet? That there is a pool all pools are warm yes the oceans are warm Moon Can you tell me about the cat you saw was cat day? Who is the cat? Cute, point to something on this pen that you want, I'll tell you what it is, point, point to the menu. You can't have that, you probably know the Hawaiian bird.
Mm. What do you want? Person no, I don't want to just eat pancakes. Why haven't you had protein in two days? No, I'm starving Luna, what's that? What is that over there another chicken on a table is that what is that? I'm glad we chose this seat Luna, who gave you a balloon? What does she say, say may the force be with you? Does it really say first order, watch out? There's some water out there boy. Yes, I think you can. I think so. What is this called a swing? I think she said that she's been an Anna Casey hello.
Right now we are going to Go. What about koi pond fishing that doesn't sound good? I don't think you fish for koi. Oh feed the fish and then go fishing but no koi. Yeah, so I hit you alone in the fish yard. There are big fish. I bet it could feed a big family, probably too expensive. Oh, you got up and kept walking. I'm proud of you girl. Everything's fine. We are here. This is the koi pond, but I don't see anyone else. I want to say that this complex is empty. It's like a ghost town.
There could be another koi pond. But they're fishing for bamboo there, so I think I'm in the right place. I was worried that she would execute him oh no no that's fine. You have to be watching at all times - don't you she's like what? It's always a game for her Six-year-old virgin or six-year-old girl version So, shall we go to the market to hydrate? That's not water and that's it. I said hydration because I wonder why we don't need hydration if you have a little more hydration on hand. Hello girls, can you jump? Yeah I messed up the wrong way, let me do it again.
Urgh, I was going to say now that I definitely look totally distracted. It's raining feel the water on this. It's not raining Pressure washer okay, this is my third outfit of the day because I sat in a puddle in the first one. It was a puddle. The


one, which really stung me last summer, wearing a bathing suit was like 2 years ago. And this is sweat because dad just wants to be comfortable. You're not my dad, Arianna. fish Wow give me a big smile for the camera, Ariana Gimme a big smile for the camera there you go your mom is going to love that picture like the little ones The surface there The big fish the Seat right there see I was trying to get it too big for him the bait.
You are putting There's too big, oh yeah, that's too big for the fish to not be able to get a door that big, huh? There are fast fish there, my goodness. That's a big fish, not next time, champ, hey Luna. Are you ready to save big? The big safe Yeah you're alright that's the end of the day Will you oh? I


she said one I was like Jeep but then she followed up with a bubble.

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