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I Joined Team 10 So You Don't Have To

Feb 27, 2020
Your big selling points in your introductory video are, like, you can be a part of Team 1000, I'm very excited to announce Team 1000. You know Team 10. You can't be a part of that, you're no good. Enough, but maybe Team 1000. So give me $64, follow these steps, and then maybe you can join Team 1000. Here's the thing though. I still don't know what Team 1000 is. Am I on Team 1000 now? I just noticed there is a tab that says Team 1000 near the top. You click on Team 1000. Get this baby. Are you ready for this? Team 1000 coming soon. Stay tuned for Winky face updates.
i joined team 10 so you don t have to
So I spent $64 on a screen that says Team 1000 coming soon. I thought I was paying $57 to be a part of Team 1000, and yet it seems the only information I


on Team 1000 is that it doesn't exist yet. So what the hell, man? Now, according to the terms and conditions that I agreed to, and that everyone agrees to by joining this, I agree that at any time in the future they can charge me again. So, sure, Team 1000, it's coming soon, right? But who's to say that when I check out they don't automatically recharge my card? They


my credit card on file.
i joined team 10 so you don t have to

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i joined team 10 so you don t have to...

I got an immediate fraud alert, which, I don't know if that happens a lot to you guys. I have never in my life received a fraud alert for using a credit card on any website, and I have bought things on weird websites before. I have traveled without calling my credit card company. Like me, I'll be in Florida one day and then in New York the next day using my credit card, and I'll never get a phone call. That's so funny to me that this has clearly been problematic for people, and I guess for parents. I think in conclusion, Edfluence is just one more example that proves the point that I tried to make in my last video, which is that, Jake and Logan, their number one goals in life are to outdo each other in terms of getting people to to pay attention to them, and both of them, simultaneously, seemed to run out of ways to do so, and seemingly in unison, each of them respectively did the worst they were capable of.
i joined team 10 so you don t have to
Logan, the animator, wanted to, I quote, "show people something they've never seen before," "doing something that's never been done before," right, and then you have Jake on the other side, the business. person, he is literally worshiping people so that they give him money, so that they have a chance to live the life that he lives. In his video, he talks about how you need to: you used to be lucky, but now it's all about hard work and talent, and to a degree that's true, but there's still a lot of luck involved, and for him to say "You've got to do this if you want to." be successful like me", Well, there are plenty of people who are successful on YouTube who didn't pay you $64.
i joined team 10 so you don t have to
It's not even impressive manipulation, is it? These kids spend every day watching videos of him, dreaming of living the life he lives to the point where so many kids don't even have reasonable aspirations in school because they're like "oh, I'm just going to be a famous youtuber." like Jake Paul", "I want to be like Jake Paul when I grow up" When it's so fucking unreal to live that life and for him to take advantage of it and basically say "for a couple of bucks, I'll tell you how I do it!" " You can be a part of Team 1000, which doesn't exist." It's easy to do that shit.
In his introductory video, he just drives around showing off all the stuff he has. He's telling you all the money he makes. It's all so vague though, and he just promises you can do it too. That's not a hard thing to do. There's none of that, that's awesome to me. Actually. It's so simple I went ahead and did it too. Hey what's up Little Stinkers? My name is Drew Gooden, but you already knew that, huh, because I'm famous as fuck. Welcome to my house, I'm just taking Mr. Honda for a little spin, for a little ride.
You know, something I we do when you're famous like me. Welcome home. Let's take a look. Here's something you might not know about me. A Although I've only been famous on YouTube for a few months, I've already made exactly $1 million from my videos. You do not believe me? Yeah, do you think I could afford a place like this without having exactly $1 million in my bank account? No way. Let's take a look. Honey, this way. If you want to watch the rest of that video and see what the Little Stinker Club premium is all about, head over to or click the link in the description.
What took me over six months to learn on YouTube, I could learn in minutes for the low price of only $999. I just added this section to my existing website. It was very easy and that brings me to today's sponsor. Squarespace, this is my impression of you. Hello, Drew? All sponsored by Squarespace. I bet you don't even use Squarespace! Well you are wrong. Last month, I used Squarespace to make my beautiful merchandising website, and it was so easy to use that this month, when I had the idea to make a parody website, for Edfluence, I added a parody section on my website.
I didn't even hesitate because I knew it would be very easy and it was. What I've learned about having a website is that it's kind of an ongoing process, you don't just make it and then you launch it, and then you're done, there are things that you're going to want to add and customize, and especially if you're running an online store, because You need to monitor your inventory levels, your orders, your revenue, all of that, and Squarespace made it so easy. One thing I didn't even know when I first started using them is that they are integrated with ShipStation.
It automatically takes all the orders you have from your store, places them in ShipStation, generates shipping labels, and shows you how much everything will cost. so you can get the most efficient use of your money. And that was really important to me because I was -- I shipped everything myself, packed and shipped everything, so being able to compare all the costs and manage it all in one place was kind of super helpful. Now, maybe you are not looking to create an online store. You just need a good landing page for you or your business. Squarespace is perfect for that too.
They have hundreds of beautiful designer templates to choose from so you can achieve whatever look you can imagine in your head. It's also just as quick and easy to buy a domain if you already have a domain It's simple to transfer to Squarespace so you can manage your entire online presence all in one place, head over to Squarespace dot com for your free trial and when you're ready to To get started, go to Squarespace dot com and get 10% off your first purchase. Big thanks to Squarespace's response to today's video and helping out a brother during ad pocalypse.
That's all I have for you today. I talked a lot about all this. I could watch a few more videos to see if there are more hidden gems in there, but there's so much content to sift through that I couldn't get it all done. in this video if you're interested in that let me know I think maybe the best format would be some kind of live stream where I just walk by and interact with you guys so if you're interested in that please comment that you are. If you don't want to hear me talk about the Paul brothers again, I don't get it either.
Comment if that's what you think. Make sure you head over to a little club sinker dot com if you want to join the little club sinker premium. I'll tell you what it's about. Of course, there is a very small fee involved, but I'm not going to give away all my secrets for free, that would be stupid. I've been recording for three hours, so I have a lot of editing ahead of me. me But thank you guys so much for your support Make sure to subscribe if you're not already, make sure to unsubscribe if you hated this video And if you see me in real life, come and punch me in the face That's what I want and please do that, so take it easy guys, and I'll see you next week.

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