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Henry Segura Trial Prosecution Opening Statements

May 30, 2022
we find out of the computer records not necessarily at the scene, it changes the relevant aspect and as far as we pay attention, at that time they would say Statham, so he opposes mentioning the content. . director I would just point out that I don't know if it's relevant even though they're in a computer or print source in a paper format the penis I think it's not a question about the activity of highland women who are Frank Peters that issue is not in dispute, as I mentioned on board, they're fine, as port said on the first date - she was on her way to prove what she was really up to by presenting circumstantial evidence of what she bets on Malta and we're informed as Lully right - the state of Recent mood is normally not relevant because it is unrelated to the defendant's intent to kill her in this case, the defense is that she intentionally engaged in conduct and persons who posed a threat to her life at her choice. that's why it's relevant where it's not in a normal procedure plus would a specific inspector here saviors again what is observed in the female is that money is not worth the read catch you need to talk to Kayla when you find appreciate s talk Caleb not army prove if the money is worth it is not worth what she is claiming impede time through the crime wave she is involved in at certain times 11 through her recognition of danger we are trying to prove that she knows she is involved with dangerously different sir, but it is a very complicated case very complicated facts right now I will uphold the state's objection it is not a final decision I will make a more definite decision later but it seems to me that it goes to the mental state of the victim which it is not relevant, it's a preliminary decision and we're just not going to get into the substance of the emails.
henry segura trial prosecution opening statements
I agree with the defense that whether they are at home or on the computer is not necessarily significant. I said cop again if it meant the steak wasn't quibbling. I don't see where that changes my analysis, so let's not get into the background of the emails right now. I think they asked me to do a media consultation every morning. I'll try to remember to do it if I forget. tell me They will remind me. All right, let's have a jury. almost a purpose this morning, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to start by thanking you. I already know it.
henry segura trial prosecution opening statements

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henry segura trial prosecution opening statements...

Prince, the jury selection process on them in Tibetan, obviously we can't do this without you. I thank you now because they are no longer possible jurors. Prince miss securing your co-counsel because we felt you were the best you tried the case listen to us over time you promised your benefit before you so thank you very much for doing it in advance but I trust you they are not going to do that anymore that i didn't explain your honor people don't think i mean 20 acres and then they send everyone sorry not like oh trail interest ok sorry for that grant do it beforehand to make sure it works and computer of the course works for years, sometimes it has problems.
henry segura trial prosecution opening statements
Obviously, you're here today for theta and reversal as state lines. Henry Segura, what the objects explained to you at this point is what



are an opportunity for the The lawyers will tell you what I expect you to hear about the course of the


and, of course, what I am going to explain. charged the veril and this particular crime so let's talk about this we were here on nov 28 2010 law enforcement are all out kill battle three o'clock they were called it was welfare check my friend Mrs Peter Crane Peter doing here but this is located on the southeast side of El Happy because you paired around the lake here definitely Park apples a.m. this is trans another to the point is what i have to know the location of the room we are here this is enforced home of the brain computer his six year old twins come on - Peter and a three year old Devon pizza delivery girl another maybe you can hear law enforcement officers responding essene internment here is an officer joining to respond also officer child they initially approached the house they could see a lot on the outside this was consistent with a phone call to a police officer and we have also been here is that the CC tenants that ofrenda disappear had been talking to brandy the night before and since then they had never been able to get out of this is normal because they usually come and go talk regularly but for some reason on that particular morning Randy wasn't with Peters he wasn't answering they didn't hear miss the thing is really at work so she called her son our Crompto n he spent an hour and went through everything they would probably help Nicole obviously if someone else noticed the problem he bombs Marceline along with various offices and they and they go to the house and what you can hear try to get the door and the door close again but they also say that they both have the ability to clap the god of coal so at this point the little long and they break the window so they can increase the best writing of your rating and you will hear the officers approach and they open the floor and open the door and you will take care of my nephew, you will hear that they joined them officer whining officer alignment training experience exactly previous no this army educates with a point or B and at three it is embassy to about three or the house near of the houses situation they go through the house and make sure no one is there then maybe still alive at this point he's not alive so they weren't hitting the top above, but they want to go through and make sure there isn't someone else in there who might still be struggling to hold on to life or whatever, or maybe even possibly the person did this, so they're doing this here in the house and they go through because of the real fire they are going to make sure of that and they built a room by room mud a fine tonight for Maya and Devante ok all our models people write unwashed is what happened once we finished the clearinghouse they take out the house this is preserving the house the purpose with privacy they put that recording on saw before making sure no one can get in they contact the investigative division the investigator deals with people who are trained in the course of these homicide investigations in this particular case and they go in and start doing what they do where they go to listen to investigator Mark Lewis on the person medicine is finding or If the case and he became the investigator stigator and what the lead investigator means is he doesn't mess I mean he does everything on tape what he means is he's kind of a ringleader just like warning calls like the head coach of a football team Peter Ward innately and tell the other people that he will make the assistant coaches what to do how to do it come up with ideas and help put it all together and be sure to direct traffic if you want as far as how the paper shoes plus that they also call the Protestant language and this particular tape Amy Presley is a lead crime scene investigator there are a number of people actually responding besides her because of the seriousness of this particular case well you will also hear some of the faction of the force is that they essentially assign a mr.
henry segura trial prosecution opening statements
Pibb's son centrally another investigator April to follow Robin now could water is another crime on a crime scene detective she is an investigator not a crime scene investigator but she is a honey and they are important we will miss Pressy and others people who are involved in crime and can hear why that is the reason for my time because each and every day an investigator from Robin and Waffle Waller will tell you that part of the deal is that they proceed through this investigation every day they gather they investigate you you'll hear do this do that here throughout the different types of things that are going on so it's very important that someone is basically the liaison between the crime scene investigator and the rest of the crime scene team investigation so they can tell you what they've been getting at the crime scene and what came from the crime scene where a life belongs so they can find out what comes next.
It's going to be that your brother's investigation, as you mentioned, I remember from the


statement, this is not an hour-long episode of CSI, it's been a lengthy process, and in fact there are several multiple payments in constant motion. particular just one day so the next thing you know they're going to process something what does that mean process you mean yell man and it's a photograph the first thing they do even though they take a video and go through the camcorder and digital recording everything as it is as it they found now at this point the law enforcement officers who went in and cleared the scene but other than that everything else has been preserved because they would immediately rule once they cleared the scene they booked it and heard from their legal Komachi that i telling you that and they deserve it that way is how i originally could in this circumstance he made a video the next thing they know is they systematically go through the house and they started at the back of the house and c They kept their word to go back to the house, you hear there's a back board and initial hallway, then to the right is Brandy Peters' bedroom, there's an attached bathroom, there's also an optical depth of the room. that the girl shares and then there's another individual object people javontae chair Segura also on top of that there's cigars directly across the hall Galante how space if they step back then something pushes you out and now first you walk in the door there's the kitchen a the living rooms to the right of that and this book is an assault on the small entrance area.
Do they take pictures of the icing, and then add that they systematically check this house? that they found spent bullets in several places, both in Brandy Peters' bathroom and in a hallway directly across from him, father, there was a door right in front to keep you from being here that they found a phone that ripped out the wall and an earring that's like this in particular we're going to hear that throughout the exit public blood splatter look splatter is essentially alive from injury his projectile can be heard on the floor as he brings that building actually the hallway there's a bloodstain right there at the entrance so what you're going to hear is collect all of this they clean each and every hood and incorporate the process the bathroom where the tapes of all those who search for fingerprints to search flooded reformulate that they didn't work all the way to the blood of which we talk about the front door and it becomes careless that this is how they process the fee and of course ultimately they have to get the victims out.
Regan is taken to the coroner and process for an autopsy grandma starts asking questions they thought oh man who are you you know why it's important you can hear from investigator mark lewis has gone to multiple different homicides is it rules even investigator with a location of thought around Farrakhan and he's building a relationship there, you're going to hear that it's very important because when you have a situation or this moves out of an apartment and had a situation where they were victims of the night a significant right because Many times it's also important in this particular case remember that with ultra law for the house there is no sign of forced entry other than work for law enforcement officers ultimately due to entry.
So important whose it is that he knows it too. I helped create a profile of who is inside the brand to build that profile. I talked about you bringing Peter. This is important in many ways because we are trying to figure out the movements that occurred. We know that in his family we have to know when the homicide occurred. Think about the course that people can process that you need to find out where they were talking about murder in the middle one on one for the guys to establish a main cousin these are demanding minu proof when they could also fast and of course the general information and the habits again going to the sources what we talk about or why is that important who departed apprentices carlin family part of the neighbors see something hear anything may i know why it is important to once again republican conference someone you can give the law enforcement office did that thing they came out in the anderson neighborhood no one heard it shot restraint the court knows all you're going to hear is that the law enforcement officers, as I said, returned to the scene at multiple different times one of the times they returned to the scene and, of course, that question is one, you lie to yourself.
I'm sure why no one hears gunshots and it's one of the assumptions that several officers stand up so well we can hear it. news big football game going on there Apple says talk about Fox from this capital station but the band playing stuff from all those lines are standing over the poems and as they talk to witnesses and stuff like that they realize how loud they are not so strong the next thing they enter thebig house here I thought to themselves until McGuire, that's where we met, so after we did this, after we talked to everyone to figure it out so maybe Peters with a lonely guy in the back, we talked about it and, seriously, Brandi, People wonder if you had a cell phone with high performance lasting on November 19. which is today around five o'clock in the human she from her house had picked up the girls they are drawn Tim is going to tell you that he loved every hamburger game in that period and they came back to the house you know there were a lot of these different ones because our amount for the welfare check not at all we always realize that Jill Deppe is about me Inayat has her father's income with Anthony in Javonte here good luck one of the other things they didn't talk about this TT within their injuries collection if you also go back and we look at some and they start to think that in this particular case she has a sprint phone and they go and look at it if you find content in certain situations about water fungus and which of them, what message was sent about what we found out he had between six and eleven full sydney blue rain he was talking to his mom at 6:53 he gets a fit season 10 and he replies this is a lot or they call comm n active on the phone and we found out through phone records that there is a difference between active and passive active would be the person who is using the phone texting using and entering data that is actually manipulating the opponent doing something with the phone shows that some of that should, your holiness, all you're doing something with that, a pass, it would be an incoming call that went unanswered, an incoming text that went unanswered or whatever, so at 6: 53 latest communication triggers online discussions of her noticing SN thirteen where apple event she wasn't really using or whatever she didn't reply at 7:49 being another passenger and then a win of twenty one with the whole event and while listening to the investigation tor Chris Porter Chris Corbett is also a cell phone data analyzer and coach and will explain to you what are rally events what are past events how or read these particular logs that we're talking about and what should and it was a round event well you can say that that's an indication that the phone has gone dead and no longer communicates with any salary at all it doesn't work for the whatever, so at 8:21 you stop communicating at 6:53 component our banality more and when you take all of this together law enforcement officers begin to question whether or not this event happened, just in case it didn't they agree some lead on a criminal in the winter of 2010 so what they do is like I said they always come together and figure out where they are in relation to each aspect of the investigative question Chris Corbett is part of this what he's telling you the information about the cell phones of course, well you'll also hear there was a congressman who did the autopsy on the kid Randy and during the course of the autopsy he learned things that they also had an investigator there so what e one more time, could you go back emulator and listen to Dr.
Lisa planned the first meeting before the autopsy and what you're going to hear is that in the course of the autopsy what he found was that inside tamiya's stomach tonight was undigested food and then i'm digesting food is consistent happened in the past three hours so when you take that in touch with our quran prayer which is clinically obscene and eat Burger King o'clock sometime around four or five in point immediately plus in the scene he's in a Burger King seat or a bird in the fog around 4:30 in the afternoon now we had an undigested meal that would have built that to drive in the last three hours and any painting another look at home and you see here or some light in the process of eating something that you take all that in a common context and sit down and think about that is that the mole dinner and the finger between a small five six seven eight damn night and everything that adds to it and is consistent with the murders that occur is bad those hours that we talked about is a good deal one so now they have established when they think the murders occurred they have established communication of what the brain is doing they came out they have done this and they start looking for power we want to apply this and if that's what we talked about during jury selection reason who had a reason to do this here the researchers talk about training so anyway dedicated one thing that developed throughout coaching experience is that a lot of times these things come down to a couple of different situations emotional love relationship money somehow sugar for me connected with you so they start looking for what that reason would be well they're also going to look at me, that i have the ability to perform well, what do you think you're going to do? listen and dr.
Flanagan balloons in the forehead area or any theater let's use the punch so are the actions that bored him when you punched repeatedly but because that in your skull someone who knew this had to have a lot of strength and be really strong? let's hear from the ex police but jeff body jet bogeys now agent back then long time firearms analyst did you hear we actually recover shells which are the spent bullets from the scene only after they happen at the autopsy expensive from the jury of the holocaust another to collect or eliminate the action of the theater she was buying with the concert well even the idea that the gunshot wounds were not addressed in that color or were for that reason my what you can hear is that then they begin to search for these two and for the other thing they do is it would provide an opportunity to go to whoever had access to the house who is there remember there was no fourth entrance in this house so who would have been leaving? g someone you knew like i said you were going to hear from a volume researcher just argue that the gun that was used to project 32 turrets is now interesting about 30 calibers and it's two different types of bullets they can use please just round the gun , that's not a disaster and if you use the wrong one it doesn't actually work like it's supposed to what happened is then it gets planted a lot what essentially happens is the bullet doesn't hit. the speed and energy you normally think firearms can get to and as a result they don't have the power they're supposed to have and what you're going to hear is Brandis' injury actually being shot looming and it never showed up for stoke and like i said none of those gunshot injuries would be fatal because they didn't do enough damage you'll actually see pictures from the screen showing where a bullet basically ricocheted when those rai the ones in the booths shower made little dents in the floor, you can see another one where it hit a porcelain toilet bowl and bounced off the floor, so even though it was gunshots, they didn't have any power lines for whatever reason. they want to paint the law enforcement officer across the port that they've established that these are what they're telling them to do now to figure out where these investigations can go now what they're going to hear is that one of the first things they do is in they are actually notifying Henry's birth of debt they decide they know any Devante bets on his son Segura then they found out about him so the law enforcement officers have to notify someone tell them their son passed away and they are going to listen to Porsche its law enforcement officers when they do and it really applies no matter where the suspect person just a person who is a witness or what not and at that time mr.
Suder would have us think that English is for the purpose of letting an Olaf shower is for the purpose of going back and talking to known relatives or getting the information they need from Frank to find out who might have done it. these three believe brandy peter's voice was the purpose behind this so they ask you to push the court wall, break the corner, look for verbal and non-verbal cues, not just what they say but how they say it, the postures in that sense, could give an indication about what this person is truthful or not seen the real person has emotions or a lack of emotion when you tell them certain information it is seen of course that we will receive it and, ultimately instance, he applies his research tools the education that he receives his common sense and exclusively day after day you are an opportunity is a deterministic form of this interview and you are waiting to be a new land and the lack of emotions has told us and not mr.
Sure I was home on the 19th during the time period points to phone records to tell you mom here's a bomb coil in a creator says the next day he went down to Silas Cohen's house I was going to move in the Satyaki area and the next On the morning of the 20th, he talked about the all-important support the lawsuit offers on Talker Than One, so that's a phone number and this isn't actually in the interview. What happened here is that he misses Segura. comes through this is the worst part and at that point mrs. Segura says that the otter corn holds another eight 408 feet because it's nine, this is what everyone wanted to say that for that night at that height they give another member also to Lewis, the people with them, the theme world makes shout and talk style and Silas Thornton says yes I know your Europe I don't know quite beautiful that's how I thought the unit is the brainstorming and this meeting is quite important there along with the research team no one there is no other cell phone information and it says, well, number, there is redefinition, routing, owner of that correlate. with it's not that number when i contact brandy peters all day for sale outside several times offers an investigator lewis is recognized dissipates that's the one he wants southern california one again says no power sworn i'll work with them both are welders, so the orderly's number eight six six nine used to be his but he was with a girl who worked with them and he actually dropped it in some water, it suffered some water damage and d during that period of time mr.
Segura says the guy put some ice in his bag in the air and took the water out and maybe to work again that's what we did. I already left it in his truck. I have a new phone. Sure it's that phone at the time so now we have two phone numbers we know the importance of this one because it's really what Peter is talking about all day long and this is the one in Mississippi or a telescope so you're going to listen on this particular kind of i really don't know who owns this house mr. Zager said of silence tomorrow mr.
Storm said she enters the girl, so now we're going to go back to the phone record. This is where he researched himself to become a researcher. the afternoon and morning are November 19th the day the state search is underway there is a phone call between Brandi Petersen and that 408 eight-six acknowledges that Investigator Corbett will tell him that one of the things he would record will let him know is to get these energies to make that phone call, what is star 67 is a block, it doesn't tell you what its identification looks like, who that bone belongs to, so there is a phone call that is being sent from that number, well, it's blocked so it won't show up on this page though what you'll hear is that the phone call lasted 56 minutes on thursday the phone call minutes away probably so long that you know it was investigated for bombs and cell phones between 118 and 128 in a same day The r e is a series of all of which star 6070 you as once again at 2:30 p.m. there is another phone call for two minutes and 35 seconds at that angle again star 67 is news now at 219 p.m. it was Peters and technically the 405 is nine eight three four three eight year that's the one and the phone number that Henry Segura gave to multiples on deployment and a metric system that homie we learned tonight was saying who he was talking to if he's returning the text message to Henry Stuart and speaking ma'am again let's go here then the su-27 okay the four oh eight eight six six nine return a phone call on this beautiful again using the star citizen oh again this is the phone number and this is the very since established points never said long long cable models people eager to talk to calvin more won more says and yes i know yes the sequential number is all our wilcoxon so yes there we have or later so friend of mr. jury confirming that they have actually spoken to mr. suder mr. sugar in that correlation number so now i have confirmed that eight five zero four oh eight eight six six nine good testimony i even hear it through testimony that he was talking about album work and somebody offered me the tour about that Mr Shapiro Hilo so we cool again messier lewis using it one of the things is emotions a lot of emotion and the biggest or fourth session so now henri sure has become a suspect paper format . the question who does it let's go back and flywhat did you learn as a researcher investigating mark lewis go back and start directing maybe redirect him find out ok is there some reason again we go back to what reason is ok if i doubt through a log search and on wiggins curves for the eleven women's Department test site and you're going to hear from another of mr.
Wigand that the record that for the Department of Revenue showed that Henry Segura was ordered to pay child support to Javante Segura, he was actually behind in child support.every money bargain as we have already seen money mode any currency can motivate any murder that bubbles but those disel indian forces until it's gone a little thick the following if they asked me investigated Luis has the opportunity to observe the server that they have done the investigation that you are going to go with observations and course that you're going to see in and part of the interview where you could see in court it means strength Merlyn testimonials they're going to tell you about Silas boredom is another big strong guy you can see him so they had strength carry out and they talked about that injury and then they explained it without pointing in front of us about two good weapons that they are going to hear in Calvin more Calvin more in an old friend of mr. cigarette that Callum Moore has smoked in four years and years in active high school will get him out of the Cowboys and the army was, I mean, he has partners and he will tell you that I saw in your cigarette more than one .32 caliber pistol you're going to hear too in title or next title coq10 is a former girlfriend of mr.
Sure and what you're going to hear is that following me outside there was an anonymous tip made to the sovereign mainnet instead of that just before next to Ms. Seeger advil is an honest person I want to get over that major Gandhi offensive for a long time doing your research your background information now they are talking to people who can let speak to Mr. at that sequential number or those who work to be able over time to stop by Miss Wilcox's house and start asking her questions and she said you're here for the anonymous tip ball for Clough had no idea to make a phone call that's what this What Wilcoxon can tell you is that just before the homicide, Segura approached her master to come down as well and she will tell him that he had regular communication through them about that for a number, so now we have a consistent caution with the weapon, that's correct. that means the question is if he had the chance he was there he had access to galvis without access to the house the insurance pont actually broke up again here he was actually asking for a couple of days for the 17 kids it's so lousy there in hot come back and soak well and you will hear you should get a Corbett another comparison I'm going to go in and you can talk about this and you have to compare the data between Brandi Petersen and m R.
Sure for the correlation number when you didn't scold the work without any Mason comparison , then he finds that both phones are in activism 653 720 at that time we need all the inaccuracies and this here to the people all day the Senate can report 737 and then both poems are again enacted from 7% to 8.0 and we already talk about death from the power of francophones 8.1 also at 8:21 Mississippi stands with you saying Paul opens immediately at exactly the same time yes cell phone data is not always so They tell you what call to make, but the effort doesn't always tell you what the content was.
They also spoke to fill him in on the parking lot and the data he hears from Investigator Corbin. He can explain much better than I can, but what is essentially RTT. is each cell phone communications tower and each of those powers has three different sectors and each of those sectors covers about 30 representatives had what also happens for our phones to communicate investigate Corbet I can't tell you these phones send a signal welcome if they don't give it back and the cell phone companies make a calculation it's essentially a business calculation of time and it looks fast new things are happening their remote calculation essentially that phone would be from that cell tower they tell you which tower was communicating also from a sector of the tower at speed and one gets a quarter you can say he was able to get this data and essentially you get information about how far the cell phone was from the particular tower and he will plot they will figure out account of things and they will tell you what is the first thing you did that they and they looked at eighty-five here of bio and n ninety-four created this is the phone number that Henry the security gave to the law enforcement officer and here at the interview to visit my house this is the phone number that he said check the registry I love my house and I researched him by birth I will say then when we analyze the RTT data that phone number r exists that is consistent that that ship would be in mr.
Sugar's house exactly where I was going to physically tell you was also intact and active, I just wasn't getting anything sent from that book. We knew that the phone with that account or was always home, so no one was using that particular glitch, so now we. step back and look at her leg relate because nine up with only now there are no girls teresa and she knows it because she heard it from the point she passed mrs. cochran's you have had conversations with a mr mr. Moore, if you said you contradicted Euler Silas Borden, told you that this phone number as well as you, taking into account the context that investigator Corbett has already testified about and that they exchanged their phone calls and text messages that we already talked about upon arrival and when you draw that arc and that didn't separate, let's make it horrible, this is realized at eight, three, seven and this sector is where the telephone communicates with that sector, it really is a hard line, it's morbid, they can go a little either way, at a certain point in trying to move on or in the Randy Peter outfit, then when you do our math on where I was, I'm pretty close. law and they bought the phone the size of a phone foreman says that's the phone we're talking about that kind of task on the cell phone that also tells what kind of phone is being used so unless it's a corbett too use that to make sure we're doing the same color and they buy the moment they come in the same phones that made the same model if you dive into their own test they go out and make phone calls and then text when they know they're on foot. they go to different places they go to brandi's house peter they stand in our living room in our final house they get a bunch of different places from the guy on the antenna including mr.
Gribbs home lunge bluffed play nearly a hundred of them to raise it up compare the data between your thumbs and get the cell phone data as to this new TPD it will be real to wonder if they will buy identical to the one you plugged in the 408 number and dial those brands that we put next to each other new but now what you're going to hear all this time this is not something that we talk about to advise others or not in fact it's almost a full year to get they are here at this point and the sugar is no longer a very severe pain arrested with acute and you are going to hear that here Segura was arrested in Minnesota you guys here they are here they were transported on harmonic waves they were actually transported by a different entity but it has been taken to Oklahoma and is there in Oklahoma, where he has a cellmate who is coming to this meeting after the rest were talking about 2011 and he may have an opportunity here to help financially but so what sir chronology is going to tell you that Henry Segura said that it is pop more information today again to talk about all the things that mr.
Severson could, in fact, there will be children now that we look at it not in again that blue skater logically what do you learn your plausible means the announcement of opportunity in the confession and that's why it remains intact you return to work restless and your little finger is fit to the 15 stick they look serious this is where they are why not take it the fact is i don't know if there is a nerd or any other cousin all the benefit we are looking for from the back station any sedan read about this book sir. Brent there are tasty ones that they can send you straight from a jury as well as testimonials that itches Mr. luck Olivia found his birth regarding crime scene photos and the video walkthrough that actually showed the children taking the photos of the crime scene are better photos that of course will not be relevant to each expression, some will be up to the images may be relevant to the reconstruction but showing comprehensive of children in that highly damaging each other copies a perfection before of us getting started highly efficient clearly motivated by nothing more than complaining jerry passion recognized they had a right in case they have no way to induce evidence is more damaging than probative in this picture so listen we are not a protocol that the first problem second problem regarding letting my houston become attentive medicated work I would like to report to avoid m problem edical regarding training his experience acting as F I admit we are summoning regarding he lacked emotion some promotion to identify himself by what he saw what he observed but care prompted that with a loser statement ent right and clearly Robert Burton that's essentially me human life is draining experience sir the europe will be evading or lying the appropriate is not welcome what exactly in terms of the wood what exactly did you ask me the rule you can't do i would ask you rule out not being allowed to make a conclusive statement without use a lot of emotion or emotional state identify it in february observers say emotional scope is missing most appropriate visionary emotion and the perspective i trained you has indicators of the section being misleading certainly didn't really talk about why mr severe cold and that he was not his own account of time and evidence of q uh, but it's our screening sections within the context of actual interviewee by agenda made disagreement with what you've said so I think these are things we have to deal with there forces test money I don't think they're so empirically detrimental that we can't do on a question-by-question basis.
Obviously, the state can't imply that they're investigators, a human lie detector. treat it the same way, when do you think you're going to get into the pictures? Actually there are two certain one there is a limited number of photos with the investigator came and was going to be Cardinals they are also came and went direct and monitor this line it is also relatively early there are a series of photos in the stations with the photo that was used in the PowerPoint presentation, an investigator probably followed it and that's the crime scene video that's not the one that Mr.
President furniture that's the company-e photo that our video that shows the initial one when he walked in in the house and if you need to blow it up and show court and give it that but on a walk around the house first of all started and not body disposal whatever happily to get to none of it before lunch whew keV mr. French you plan to give in to over lunch today, right? We can argue about the details of that knucklehead. The same center. One week late notice. We entered into his lunch protocol. honor in Puerto Rico that without that comment the power point burned for the correct approaches and we can motivate a gown so long that it was on the record practically any idiot we really care about everything noticeable red crimes are absolutely against horrible people I have seen some of the worst popular autopsy photos and crime scene photos you can imagine none of those hit your soul like the photos you'll see in this case like the testimony you'll hear in this case what i'm going to ask what you should do It's what it says we do in jury selection, which is respect the presumption of benefit and I don't mean just wait for the state's case to prove the case.
I'll do something to help, of course. Of course I will. I'll show you the DNA because I have DNA. I'll show you forensic evidence because we have forensic evidence. I'll show you step by step where mr. Segura was around all day and I won't ask you to draw any conclusions you are not fully supported by the evidence you hear this case is terribly tragic tragic but the tragedy has been compounded where more innocent people are suffering and therefore , to prevent that from happening. I only ask you from the beginning to remember your oath and remember the instructions regarding the presumption of innocence that the judge gave you I have a lot of evidence that I am going to present to you during the course of the


all the different times that I just mentioned some when i sat there last night wondering what part of the defenses in this case isn't the coroner it's not the dna it's the heart of the man sitting at the table with the defense my oath is that i won't ask you to run him over bodies outside the way to a not guilty verdict without showing evidence of awindow to that soul that is not fair to you i know burden of proof is your burden so unique and exclusively i know three dead babies i know that t oo, we are all people in this courtroom.
I know that too, so why lie for an instant after following the law? I'm not going to pin the blame on you and they went on a lot. Ignore the facts. they will know who he is as I know who he is at the end of this crime. I will, of course, put the forensic evidence into the DNA and all that kind of stuff is also important, so let me tell you the conclusions of both. The defense's DNA expert and the state's DNA expert relied on the review of the DNA evidence in this case. More than 200 DNA samples from around the murders in this case were collected from locations relevant to the investigation relevant to the murders.
Henry Segura was not included as a contributor to a single piece of evidence, he was excluded, that is, eliminated as a possible contributor for most of them Jo Ellen Brown, the FDLE analyst who did the initial work on this case, did it blindly. no idea who the suspect was, what the state's


theory would be, exclude the suspects, i work for the investigative agency, those were their determinations the defense expert years later came to see the same electropherograms with their graphs that you will see during the course of the trial that are essential are essentially the printout on paper of what a DNA profile looks like she reviewed them a defense DNA expert reviewed them and they came to the same conclusions Henry Segura is not included in anything Henry Tudor is excluded from virtually all DNA samples collected, but that's not all.
Other people were found to have contributed DNA. the group of friends of the victims angel antonio avila quinone is the foam that was torn from the wall the triptan foam core had hit B and the egg was fo and in that telephone cable at the base of the telephone M, the DNA expert of the Defendant looked at the evidentiary sample, looked at the DNA graph, electropherogram of that thumb sample, compared it to Mr. Avila's DNA profile, was able to do what they call inclusion statistics. Reston says that he knows there is a 99.9 percent agreement that that was Yunus.
DNA experts say they do so in terms of inclusion rate or frequency of occurrence. What does the frequency of occurrence mean? to see this particular DNA profile it occurred so many times within a given population in this case the rate of occurrence a frequency of occurrence was 1 in 15,000 flatten sir reveal is targeted 1 occurs once in 15,000 left one person would be included which means he will tell you that the opposite 14,999 people out of 15,000 would be excluded as possible contributors and could not have contributed to that DNA because they don't have those DNA numbers in those DNA markers the math is simple 99.95 population the latin people on this planet they are eliminated from the pot for being a possible contributor to that DNA mixture, but Antonio ángel ángel Antonio Ávila's quinone A was included, he was not the only person they found related evidence with although it was obvious you will see photos from this it was obvious brandy Peter's father only for the lives of his children it is true it is true that she was beaten to death with multiple different objects and suffered injuries horrible but she Continued to fight until the life left her body her fingers are broken her acrylic nails ripped from her hand her knuckles are bruised and cut and swollen there was the end of her nails under Brandis's right forefinger nail Strange female DNA we say strange that means it's not her DNA she was fat not her daughters or anyone else in the house who she's friends with her family under right little finger now weird female DNA under left index finger now weird female DNA under middle finger nail left Strange female DNA there was also a shovel located right next to Brandy's body in the four years on the shovel Joanna Brown discovered strange male DNA Henry Segura is excluded as a possible contributor to t The strange male DNA on the shovel found right next to it from her body.
Crime scene forensics also definitively proves that multiple people were involved in the commission of the effect. There were four separate sets of prints in the blood. In this case, prints that didn't belong. to the victims and did not belong to law enforcement. Victim Peters sustained injuries from multiple different types of sharp and blunt objects at least two plus the weapon. Forensic evidence further proves that one of the victims, Tenaya, was held by one person and shot by another. the way we know it's that number one there is no saturation of his blood on the floor which means whatever he was shot his body never hit the ground second of all there is something called stippling on the back of her head what that means is the gun she fires has to be about three feet from her head at the time she fired which we don't see however it's so positive which means the gun has to be at least a foot away from her head, so if it was a person, you have to hold her like this with a gun back here and then pick her up after she fired.
As I mentioned before, foreign DNA in different places on different objects from different people is again consistent with the notion that multiple people were involved in the commission of the crime, so we have the kind of evidence we talked about in jury selection. jury circumstantial evidence one of the types of circumstantial evidence we ask to consider here is evidence related to the motive. There are a few things you need to know about why states state here that it's true, mr. Segura had a back child support order against him. He will be asked to pay seven hundred and something dollars a month.
It is also true that he was a bit behind at the time. He was a little short of money. You have been injured. and he couldn't work like he normally did, but it didn't take him that long to get back on his feet when he got arrested in Minnesota, he was at the job where he now makes ten thousand dollars a month. I'll tell you mr. Segura doesn't report all at once, sometimes he gets paid partially at the table, sometimes he gets fully paid at the table, but he wasn't short of cash under normal circumstances, his wife Malika, for now, his ex-wife malinka will tell you that Henry would. he routinely spends seven eight nine hundred thousand dollars a month fixing up the old cars he worked on and there is one other thing you will want to consider and hear evidence about your child support debt actually helping to facilitate institution of that child support debt was twice on two separate occasions because they want to pay one to the DFS North Monroe Street office and provide the documentation to help push that process forward so they don't have to continue to have the victim ask you for cash instead of paying through of the DFS.
Another thing that you will hear testimony about is that mr. Segura had been through the child support process before and knew exactly how to deal with it. One of his son's mothers and he has children out of wedlock to join us. Hawkins Clark deal. I guess she's not, she's married now. At trial she went further than victim Peters had ever gone with her child support dispute with the defendant she actually had him at one point several years ago many years ago now they put him in jail but he got out went to court got her child support order reduced because like in this case, Miss Hawkins waited until her son was a few years old to establish paternity and then when that happened, a big fact of the judgment of child support hit Mr.
Segura went to court, he explained to the judge that he had been buying cash items throughout the child's life at different intervals and the judge reduced the judgment and he was never jailed again after that, I knew how to do it, that's all I had to do. to do in this case and that's what he would have done in this case because he had been making cash payments at irregular intervals throughout javante's life he just didn't have time to do that before he was killed the other thing you will hear testimony about and BS to consider in the context of thinking about the motive that the state has put before you is that it was not just a mark, he was killed javante is mr.
Segura, his son, the two girls who were murdered lived with him, he is marked during a time when Lolita Segura and Henry Segura were going through a rough patch. The mark was one of mr. cigar girlfriend lived with her for a while those little girls called him daddy took him to school helped him go to the bathroom ask yourself in the context of considering motive as you listen to the evidence whether killing those three boys could have anything to do with the child support another important piece of circumstantial evidence relates to the time of the debt you've seen the cell phone data we don't dispute the cell phone debt Henry is at Brandis's house between five and shortly after that maybe around eight o'clock you lied about it I'll explain that at one point he was there at her house between five and eight, but she wasn't dead during that time and there's a lot of circumstantial evidence that can be brought forward to prove that number one there is a witness called our Keith Davis, who lives with one of the Woodwards, lived with one of the witnesses that the state has around 50 tenants marques Davis the day of the murder he saw the vehicle from someone else in Brandy's driveway at 20:30 Right after Henry left quickly, that's the reason Henry left because someone else was coming.
Marques Davis will tell you that he knows for sure what Henry's truck looks like. Henry has a very distinctive truck big fat rear tires bright green paint and has a spoiler on the back that truck in his driveway was not his truck another important piece of evidence he heard the state talk about digested food in the stomach of the victims Marques Davis said the victims had their last meal at 7 p.m. they don't know about the murder today because they never spoke to him the marchioness davis was making oxtail soup the day of the murder she had been cooking it for a few hours at 6:53 CC Timmons texted Brandi after he if she wanted some girls were playing at her house at the time it's easy and the marquise davis house brandi said she didn't want so she gave the girls some of the soup they ate and shortly after a house another piece of evidence that tends to indicate the murders occurred much later is the marked sister Monica Peters told police on the day the bodies were discovered at the scene that the last time she spoke to brandy was at 10 p.m.
¿Why is it so important? Because both parties agree that Henry Segura is home at 9:30 1:00 p.m. on the night of the murder and never leaves again it's her girlfriend's phone and her main phone our house and it's active for the rest of the night Monica Peters says she spoke to her at 10 p.m. another piece of circumstantial evidence is that someone overheard something who is not the sort of person who might have thought these houses are close together and the evidence will show that they are by no means silent nuisances, in fact if you stand in front of Randy Peters' house, you can hear the toilet flushing in any of your next-door neighbors' houses at 12:30 p.m. the dog in the white house next door the brandy peters started to go absolutely crazy absolutely crazy so the neighbors who were probably a hundred yards away called the police the police came out and made a report but the welfare of the drugs the neighborhood did not see anything that The fact is significant because you will hear forensic evidence showing that at some point during the altercation brandy Peters left the house there are blood transfer marks running from inside his house outside his house through the front door there is blood splattered in the duct by Deciding outside the house, which means it's out the door.
Someone hits her from behind. She made it to the grass. with the dog driving the ex-neighbors crazy they have to call the police another important circumstantial evidence has to do with the cleaning steam Jack McClane Park, at least one of the people involved in the commission of the crime probably cleaned up at Jack McClane Park . How do we know that within five days of the crime, law enforcement discovered the clothing that had been covered in blood? The blood of the assailants apparently them. they discovered a towel from the store they just discovered bleach they found a bunch of pairs of latex gloves they found drops of blood in the bathroom sink in the park there are a couple of interesting facts about the clothes they found there number one the shirt there is a dress shirt and t-shirt dress shirt has a puncture some puncture damage through one of the sleeves and from that puncture area the bullet covers the shirt that blood was tested excludes the victims Henry Segura is not offended has not been listed as a contributor In addition to that blood, new clothing labels were found in the pants label scene.shoe tag pant size was forty-four ways mr.
Sagar was 36 years old at the time, he will hear from his wife, he will see his father's pants that had been in his father's house since he was arrested. Serger is also a size 11, not a size 12, another thing you can glean from the evidence found in Jack's grievance park regarding the damage to the shirt and the blood on the shirt, especially when combined with the condition of the hands. from Brandis, say that person who was involved in the battle with Brandi would have been a disaster mr. Sagar is a light-skinned African-American man who tends to show a tendency to burrs.
Oh zero, he was photographed by PVD the day after the no-brand incident. He had a small scratch on his forehead that wasn't close to the point of injury. on the sleeve, a small scratch could not have produced blood that small scratch was from shooting bows and arrows and retrieving arrows from a rose bush earlier that day, nothing consistent with the type of injuries someone involved in this violent conflict would have have shown that a One of the other pieces of circumstantial evidence that we have to look at is the lack of evidence for the times that mr.
Secure in this sense, no DNA, no witnesses, time of crime, no physical evidence of any kind relating to the crime, you will hear from the primary reconstructionist crime scene medical examiner that there was blood spatter everywhere. parts the people who committed this crime would have been covered in the victims play none of those organs what is in his car of his truck none of the victims clothes were found in the clothes anywhere near him you will also hear that after Not only did the Tallahassee Police Department receive all of these communications from Bocas' girlfriend's phone and his regular cell phone, but they tapped or put listening devices in his truck and tracked him with GPS over the course of the month not one single communication with any co-conspirator no communication on any cell phone with any co-conspirator and then we have an effect on he I guess he missed the opportunity to get at least some of the assailants in HD video buying their cleaning clothes on the scene and Chef McClain Park is a UPC technician will hear that Law enforcement can routinely do so during an investigation if it is during the time period in which the store still has your video.
It was only five days. They can bring a UPC code to Walmart. The Walmart tab says Walmart on it. The UVC code is fully intact and get the video of the purchase where that item was purchased. They just packed it up. He took it. TBD never bothered to get the video. I have heard that during the course of the investigation credible evidence was discovered linking a particular person to the event, someone other than Mr. Detective from Segura, Boston, initially claimed that this was nothing. It turned out that it was done. They got the DNA. They spoke to his L for witnesses.
They got the cell phone. What really happened was that they got the DNA. They got his DNA. matched you to any of the evidence found in this case never went and interviewed any of your alibi witnesses never bothered to get your phone records they did get your associates' phone records and those phone records showed your associate in the area of Brandon Peter home overnight when asked why he didn't get that information on this particular suspect, Detective Basia said, well I just had a feeling the guy was telling the truth. just a glimpse is just a glimpse of how mr.
Segura was feeling and dealing with the will of this witness after the death on the dashboard of his truck who constantly kept the obituary of the days of Javon Macbeth has been consistent with the theory of the state, so why are we here? looks bad at first lets start with why he lied about being there



is one of the most unfaithful people you will ever hear about he always had men he has children out of wedlock he cheated on his wife basically their entire relationship had a child he went from trip about a year and a half before this incident due to natural causes has worn itself off prematurely at that time he made a promise to his wife it was already over that she would not cheat on him he broke that promise repeatedly he lied about one thing over and over again in his multiple police interviews, none of those lies were specific to Brandy Peters, the Acton, you're cheating on your wife, our son died, you're cheating on Natasha Ha. wthorne absolutely we're not just friends she was this person she's that person's boss no no you won't see his texts he is texting random women sex question mark is having a conversation with Natasha Hawthorne constantly about connecting what happened with the brandy peters is that kind of chance meeting that led them to reconnect because it had been quite some time since mr.
Segura and brandy Peters had been together but that was the sequence Tuesday brandy Peters was mad at Henry texted him basically saying I'm going to put you in jail for not paying child support Wednesday Henry goes to his home and sort of soften the look I got injured I hadn't been able to work you know I make money catch up we'll take care of everything everything was fine after that how do we know it was fine after that because Thursday brandy Peters texted her He texted Henry and he said man you looked good yesterday if you weren't my baby daddy I would have connected with you Henry.
On Friday they are planning their connections to call it 215 or so. Brandy basically tells them that we are going to pick up the girls from school. We will be back soon. However, she took a little longer than they had planned. doing it because Brandis' mom was w With them, Grandia two ended up going to get a snack at Burger King, she brought it back, finally, Brandi's mom left around 5:00 am. he was there while she was talking on the phone with her mom he was there when she was cooking some food tv he was talking to javante she spent some time with him and they left and they left and we know someone else was there i know when you listen that the information about the star named 67 sounds ominous, there was nothing ominous in that, what you will hear is that the only reason he started defending Brandi is because she calls psycho and he doesn't want her to call him when he is with he. he went to the other girlfriends that's why he uses that star 67 to prevent her from getting caught by him from getting her to get his girlfriend's phone number if she's going to call him he wants her to be in his feature film we've got those texts to show you you'll see the communications that were taking place between Brandi and Henry.
She knew that this was her phone number. The other part is that he doesn't think anyone is going to find his girlfriend's son. That is what he is trying to hide. He has no reason to. block the phone number from being in the phone records, it shows up in the phone records anyway, just because you are a star shark 67, doesn't mean the number won't show up in the phone records, that's not what you were trying to do. he was trying to stop her from calling him happy the other reason we're here is because of tiger wilcoxon tiger wilkinson says that


came to her the week of the murder she was at that he wanted an otama gun could the evidence be going to be tera Wilcoxon and Henry had a messy breakup he left her on the side of the road in Savannah Georgia after a fight she called his wife Malika and told her that she was on the road with Henry and they had an affair and she saw an opportunity to make money t Here was a $25,000 Crimestoppers bounty.
This guy is her ex-boyfriend, so she goes into a health DVD. He came to my house asking for a gun. claims and then you have the healthy Kennard last but not least his testimony is not consistent with the other evidence is not consistent with the facts and is not consistent with logic and the judge will instruct him to have a lot be careful when evaluating the testimony of the snitch witnesses there is a reason we are here there is a reason we are here there was some evidence that made it appear that initially Henry Suger was involved in or committed this murder but that is not the best evidence, the best evidence will be presented by the defense.
I'll show you who it is before this trial is over. Thanks, it's a little early, but I think we need to take a lunch break at this point. I need to have it illegally. I need to resolve with the attorney that we don't need him sitting in the jury room while we do that so let's go ahead and take our lunch break right now come back at 12:30 to give him one hour ten minutes we should be able to resolve our legal problem enough time for a little lunch explain where you want them to meet on this leave your notes where you are have a nice life but if you see Mr Timmons he's going to be attached to Hagen probably a clue whats that pretty good point ok what what other problem it's going to be a little hard empirical again so one go ahead take a lunch break hi we wanted to be her if you wanted.
You know, work out what pictures are we talking about, I don't know how good the pictures of the victims look to you, Randy's burgers, why shouldn't they look better on the walls? the purpose of the militiamen to interview your project back is not that the purpose to involve those photos with the respective problems with the children until you have to leave those pages are not welcome inside that topic all nothing participants reconstruction definitely touch I'm kidding about let me see what promises we are talking about, write in mark or they did not party for privacy because I think they think it is better to weave to the two initial witnesses what I expected you to get na download the images that are actually objected to those that some Once they saw that there only the only thing to verify each situation would accept the objection again is Composite States six L&M visit the image to go out to I also don't know anything he did it under the presidency because if it comes to some charges, hit him with law enforcement officers entered the house, that's what law enforcement found, there's going to be testimony from Longworth and Officer Wyman Elleni first He left the house that he could only see there.
There were two children in the bathtub that a witness actually told you and there was supposed to be a third outside, please go back and see the children, your honor, because time of death is an issue, the ultimate issue is involved. on how the children found Alton. Jerome as part of the kids found them understand how a crime scene photo would try to minimize it as much as possible but how the kids are in tobacco the way they are how it's not feeling so I try to minimize it as best possible, but I can't change how the kids were found and how the law or officer amplifies this impression just in case their management issue needs to be addressed than we more appropriately address two dozen rule inefficiency hollow the cook more problems that need a result where we entered into the Will in his honor than another year than in questions in french generating I know he didn't start it they took our basically show the same yeah he let me give you the business so you can get anything else until recess until 12:30.

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