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Hello Counselor - Kim Junghwa, Lee Honggi, Choi Minhwan, Han Donggeun [ENG/THA/2017.06.19]

Apr 01, 2022
would you feel? / - How do you feel now? - Think about it now. / - Right. Imagine your family turning their back on you. That has never happened to me in my life. (OMG. It makes me mad.) So you won't stop drinking for your family? That's how it is. (His children from him are disappointed in him.) -He... What a relationship? Of course. I'm loyal. So you suddenly texted him the next day to break up? It's because my love for her has faded. - You had fun, bye now? / - Why... why did your love for her suddenly vanish? (Why did you suddenly change your mind?) She just fades away. (We can't understand each other or communicate with you.) Although now he has a girlfriend...-Does he have a girlfriend? / - Do you have one right now?
hello counselor   kim junghwa lee honggi choi minhwan han donggeun eng tha 2017 06 19
Yes, he's dating a girl, but he's still flirting with women. Does his girlfriend know about him? / - He makes a move? - What? /-Is he okay with that? - Y? /-He seduces women even when my wife is there. He disappeared after we ordered food at a restaurant. When I called him to find out where she was, he had already left with a girl nearby. -She left without saying a word? / - Yes that's how it is. Did she leave while you were waiting for the food? That's why my wife hates: me watching Inkyu. / - "Do not see it". "What's wrong with him?" - That's how it is. / - That is what happens. "You must have done the same as him." The worst thing is that he is affecting those around me.
hello counselor   kim junghwa lee honggi choi minhwan han donggeun eng tha 2017 06 19

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hello counselor kim junghwa lee honggi choi minhwan han donggeun eng tha 2017 06 19...

That is not right. - He did it to my co-worker. /-He breaks easily. Inkyu suddenly said that he was near my office. She didn't even know he was dating her. -He came only once. /-Yes. She even stopped working after breaking up with him. - She calls me. / - What did she say? "Why did you introduce him to me?" "And you give me so much trouble?" - I didn't even introduce it to him. / - That's how it is. She only had three employees, so after she quit, the job became more difficult. - It's like a bullfrog. / - Do you have someone? - Destroy the ecosystem. / - The ecosystem. (I know you're jealous.) - They blamed me. / - Your girlfriend can see this. - You'll be fine? / - It doesn't matter. - Why? /-My girlfriend-she will understand. / - So... - It's the same. /-So, your girlfriend can show off her charms and date others?
hello counselor   kim junghwa lee honggi choi minhwan han donggeun eng tha 2017 06 19
I won't allow it. That's so selfish. You can, why can't she? She must endure it to date a handsome boyfriend. (He's amazing.) I don't think my method of relationship is very bad. We are not judging you. I think all of you are doing this because you are jealous. -What I'm saying is... /-did she go out out of jealousy? -Yeah. He's jealous... /-Have you ever been hurt for dating a girl you like? I have done it before it was complete. - Before you were whole. / - "Complete". - I'm curious. / - When you were incomplete. You couldn't do it before.
hello counselor   kim junghwa lee honggi choi minhwan han donggeun eng tha 2017 06 19
He could follow her lifestyle alone, but he's forcing others to follow him too. - "You should live like me." / - Exactly. - Give me an example. / - That's exhausting. Force other employees to use your dating knowledge. - I can not believe it. / - He came here, too. -He is the employee. / - Did he really come? Let's meet the employee. Nice to meet you. Hello. Hello. You would empathize with him. I go through so much trouble because of him. - Give us an example. /-He's about to cry. - Tell us everything today. / - Exactly. (Say everything honestly!)-His voice is shaking. / - He might cry.
Roll up your sleeves. Well. He says, "You should become Little Bae Inkyu." He should work when I get to work in the morning, but he keeps making me work out. (Your main duty of him is to build muscles to look stylish.) He says that he will teach me his skills to be able to seduce all women, but I have a girlfriend. I tell him it wouldn't be necessary. Then he says, "Do you think you'll marry her?" - Why? / - Why? "You'll end up breaking up with her anyway." "Since you'll be parting anyway, build yourself up more." "You should meet a better woman." We will meet your girlfriend.
Hello. She is very beautiful. You would feel anxious and unpleasant because of him. She loves women too much. I had the feeling that she had taken him to places with women many times. I felt something was off, so I went to my boyfriend's house, but he wasn't there. I called him. He said he'd be home, but he wasn't there? /-I thought he was asleep. I kept calling, but he didn't answer. He finally answered my call after a long time. "I couldn't answer because he was sleeping." But I knew that he had gone out drinking with his boss. "I'm at your house.
What are you talking about?" "Where are you?" He later confessed that his boss took him to a nightclub. From then on, I continued to feel suspicious and my feelings towards his boss turned negative. I'm sure. He-He took him to the disco to train. / - Yes. Say a few words to him, then. He's your boyfriend. I really want him to come to his senses. (Please come to your senses!) -Is there a reason you're proud? / - The reason. I think I have it all since I was the main sales representative in Korea many times. I bought a car for my mother's birthday.
I gain weight easily, so I get up at 6 am. m. to stay in shape. I think I'm winning both work and love, so I don't think there's a problem with my life. We will also meet your friend. - Hello. / - Hello. (Let's find out with his friend!) Is it always like this or did it suddenly change? He lacked confidence before. - In fact? /-He was fat. (He was really fat!) He weighed more than 90 kg. He later broke up with his girlfriend after she cheated on him with another guy. - From then on... / - I see. - Something happened. / - The puzzle is put together.
He is taking revenge on him. He wants to be compensated by taking revenge. He looks a bit like an upstart. He suddenly made a lot of money and the world changed completely. Tell me. I took revenge in the past, but I don't now. Actually, everyone has a desire to look charming and be recognized by the opposite sex. / - That's how it is. (I'm just doing my duty as a handsome man!) What you're doing now is just like what your ex-girlfriend did to you. Don't you think you're becoming like her? (How are you different from your ex-girlfriend?) I never really thought of it that way.
However, since you ask so seriously... (What's wrong with him?) I say this because we are eager to attract the other gender when we are young by earning money and trying to obtain high social status. However, this not all. Will marriage be the end of the story because you no longer need to look charming? It is not like this. It's not just the other genre you should appeal to. Your same-sex friends and connections too. You want them to see you as nice and be helpful to them. The joy for the achievement there is great. My point is that you shouldn't just focus on that. (He is focusing his money, time and energy on women).
I fully understand how his wife and his girlfriend would feel. I would hate for my husband to have a friend like that. Say a few words to your friend. inkyu. I know you're a good guy. However, I am concerned that those around you will think poorly of you. / - What a nice guy. Please change, Inkyu. (Live life for yourself, not for the show.) We will start from Minhwan. Do you think it is a concern or not? I hope your life is successful, not just love. - That's why I think it's a concern. / - Honggi. I think it may change soon, so I don't think it's a serious concern.
Guys who sound honest, polite, and modest are more attractive. / - Of course. I'm sure most women think that way. That's why I pushed the button. I think it is a concern. - Donggeun. / - I also think it's a concern. I think she wants to show her attractive appearance. I do not have such self-esteem, so I envy him very much. However, I think it is a concern because I do not envy your love. (I don't envy your consumptive love.) God, it sounded like lyrics to a song. "I do not envy your love." If you empathize with their concern, hit the button. (What does the public think?) - In five, four, / - In five, four, - Three, two, one. / - three, two, one. - Stop. / - Time is over.
Show us how many votes his story got. (The result) I think it got more than 100 votes. - Many thought it was a concern. / - I guess so. - Did you get 132 votes? / - 4... - Got 112 votes. / - 112 votes. (His story of her got 112 votes.) "My Goodness" is the winner of the week. (“My Goodness” won by a landslide.) We'll give the winner a certificate. Congratulations. Until the day when we are all free from worries... Hello, the


will continue to advise you. - Thanks! / - Thanks! ("Happy" by WJSN)

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