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Grupo Frontera x Bad Bunny - un x100to (Video Oficial)

Apr 19, 2023
I have a percent left and I will use it just to tell you that I am very sorry that if you see me with another album it is only wasting time my life that I lie to you that they saw me happy is not true anymore nothing makes me laugh alone when I see the photos and


s I have of you I went out with someone else to forget you and have a perfume that you like I wear to go to sleep because I sleep better if I dream that you are here if you knew that I would write you a favor when he asks me for your drunken side watching your photos it hurts me to see that you are improved, you don't have gray days Your scars no longer hurt and I'm thinking like this to tell you that they remain because of the wind and I'll do them just to tell you how sorry I am that if you see me with another disco moon alone losing the time baby why I lie to you that they saw me happy No, it's not true a long time ago I didn't think of you drunk on your internet playing with you as if the day passes I feel that I am no longer in your heart now I am the girl so inviting me out I have a good time but I always end up missing to tell you a lot of heat I feel that if they see me with another in a fight time is true And that is the fronter group and the Bad Bunny dude
grupo frontera x bad bunny   un x100to video oficial

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