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Grupo Firme - Gracias (LetraLyrics)

Apr 29, 2023
they have not spoken ill of me thanks for those who ask about me that yes no it does not seem to me that when he called me home I am happy that if goodbye what does it matter to you that addressing me subtracts from the future of see for me why I make jokes life is short but if you think that by waiting to stop then they are all wrong for the family but more because of course by group the quartering you do not continue grabs you more than you I opened the door for them and they stayed to live your way costanzo poorer life is missing to describe to see if they pay for me I am ashamed when there were only several with time look no no no with people come from the pasta they criticize what is happy the one who can never stand me has gone thank you very much but it does exist
grupo firme   gracias letralyrics

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