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Gringos In The Garbage | Nicaraguan Poverty Documentary

Jun 17, 2021
here I can open it and good luck because I'll do what they did ciphers I'm Warren I wonder why Warren Fitzgerald I'm a writer living here in this quiet suburban area of ​​north London here we are in England every day I don't think about turning on the computer pick up my phone mobile put ten pounds on the travel card so i can go on the train on the tube on the bus or whatever and yeah for the guys who live in Le Monde oh they would probably work holidays honestly to feel once i was there as a tourist and volunteer last year good friend of mine Jess I'm Jess rotheburger I live in Kamloops BC Canada and the father of a partner of two years first of all goodbye and the lie of my passions and the international moment in which the idea of ​​making a


arose I'm going to be an incredible opportunity to meet these people who live in a dump now that their reality is so far removed from everything we experience and where we live we think that it would be interesting to connect on a human level with these people that's what's really important based on how what we can learn what we can bring back and how that informs the way we live here how they do I have to collect for a living all we're getting wonderful chicken box to learn about the doors here for our crew chin and there you go that's exciting it's going to be hot it's not going to be the most comfortable run over hey it's an adventure alright alright so today we finally made it to chin and a Giga and it's now getting more real and surreal every minute I'm ready I'm ready to do this tomorrow is the day I mean I feel so much better than I did last night it's all getting a little too much I don't know what the only kind of all culture shock and that happens every time when it comes to these places and yeah it just fits in the heat.
gringos in the garbage nicaraguan poverty documentary
I feel the dirt and think: oh my gosh, and this is in a misplaced hotel. What is going to happen? What is going to happen? no but we're on our way to catch a trip to Le Monde now as we saw the firefighters wearing the uniforms donated to them by the Kamloops fire department my co-teacher boon where they ain't corporate oh now you want to go faster you've been to Oh neither and we're vaccinated against almost everything you know before we left me we had shots for everything but the only thing you can't get a shot at the moment sadly is HIV so yeah we didn't need to be careful and she he is just like anyone else.
gringos in the garbage nicaraguan poverty documentary

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gringos in the garbage nicaraguan poverty documentary...

I have spoken in the UK, she has the same opinions because she is just a common sensor. She's going to mess up. You have to go live there. i don't like my easy measure to go back home so i try to calculate how much we should have idea of ​​laundry oil things with what is interesting about this city it's just ice like any other city there are rich people those malls there are fo Its people probably the only difference is maybe the speeds there aren't people living where they dump the


all we're going to try to do is the way the people we stay with what we saw what's Susan busy I'm busy , don't forget WI in Yagami so I guess miss stop by maybe we're on Kentucky Avenue a couple times I eat her Veneto and Nicaragua soon ano came Camino Prosecco and no one near this is actually much more than I expected I think she just did this for us she says we have her thing in there she put it up for us Wow we were eager to get involved and start learning from people and Alejandro was the first person to share with us her story and her miscellaneous dreams Sue when you look at a romantic a Macumba burrata while semi-famous bleating kimonos are apparent Belarus in Quetta you are going through there is no introduction I think my way to work for the first day in the


the garbage dump for seeing if I'm nervous about something is about knowing these people and how they're going to react to us, yeah, well, you know.
gringos in the garbage nicaraguan poverty documentary
Garbage and stuff grosses me out very easily. just do it, you know, yeah, don't think about it, yeah, because I mean organically there's no reason besides doing something that would ever put me in a dumpster and start cheating like I never did it, so obviously there's a little out of my comfort zone so far we've been to mrs. Heads of household, you know hospitality is there and everyone welcomes Andrew, but we are in the cast of this nice little house now we are almost certain that Mirza can, can you please know for everyone? I just asked him what his reaction would be to us. she's like i guess we'll find out i feel good now it's taken us about half an hour we stand around for a bit chatting explaining what we're doing and then it's like we went in there and now they're cutting and the kids are asking me to finish already so it's good like it's going to take a day it's taking five minutes to change the next one is coming China sorry I was very excited about that Lauren you can find a light plastic bag and already obviously full of papers don't open it no because people don't mix bottles with that's a scary base this is the river these are the cliffs that tend to fall on people while working on this river this ground is on fire btw this he only said because oh yeah it's at least because you could see the w hole burning under a thing as soon as we talked about it and our fireman cameraman got out of the EST futurus seat or a stern form of angry Pelican on the other side well he keeps coming for hangover beautiful what a bunch of syringes it was almost a from a hospital and you know if the syringes still have medicine in them so you know clearly there is no separate system for medical waste yeah so i think in canada we are sinners only 20 tubes, IVs and needles, actually I'm completely grossed out right now, I'm good, I'm just doing it opening the bag.
gringos in the garbage nicaraguan poverty documentary
I'm going to need some advice. I'm sure he's on this. It is a good helper. I am sorry. I'm developing an eye for petunia pizza. any kind of bottle like beer bottles any plastic unless it's too much of a squashed button like none of the medical plastics and a certain kind of gray bottle they won't take so you noticed when we got here he was offering them things shiny and they're like no no w I won't use it if I'm like are you sure? and they are like this if the guy showed me the gloves someone gave him and they were like leather gloves, right?
He said they don't work so I eat really solemn on these I just tried them he said oh and then they all wanted them on there like it was sticky and they were tight so you can go in and seal what you're doing right they seem be happy that we here no offense i just filled a plastic bag five minutes and i felt like wow but like i won the lottery yeah yeah i can see yeah you can probably get motivated if you can win some money. I open the hospital bag full of bloody tubes, it's going to be easier because it's physical, it's all the same, but today there was definitely a psychological barrier that I had to go through, you know, Yanis, we can cope with the separation, hvar the house, okay, so there are no more trailers , so she said we can help bring stuff we had been working on with Ted ASA and his 13 year old daughter Velma most of the morning as we were talking after work they told us how worried she was about the news that the landfill was going to turn off the key where their polar boilers are from us you know they work we are all even 3 105 3 food is work when my name is Erica but my hope and Aoyama died Coeur de semana miss a way so disgusting Oh golly I see okay I think a koala soo dream for your family when are your locality what may seem elementary ok you're the guy you're fine let me see your own party at Bianca's here Give her all they want c Air cannon will be a table ok close your prayers ok for your my mana yes I know pasta go away ok Mary hey Anna made a mess to oh yes condo did you worry napo is a small pyramidal team with Santa City you go hello Olli is not flatter Browns is Madeira could Sears broke a state Ivana robotc was this team comes concern because I have kir running until the solid to Alajuela urease they are running why not car only CIA could say would konasana Beach kamo nada lion-o canosa's Nicaragua I don't know how not sargo I eat the same thing that I tell him leaving only me natete okay biood and hello media going a yeah yeah my you not new Casio Leblanc is fine you are applying gene and agar cinema just chillin Dara cinema the few years Venice CA Daniel apparently Jabra go three inside for that the sun moistens see one of my mom that is my thank you hello world I feel for them surely that lady has five children decent name of man five children alone in that little heat that it's falling apart made of materials she's rid herself of i think you have to admire that perseverance as part of the reason i feel such a thrill from our fingers because it's kind of a guilt for it that i throw away what we throw away and and and and that we don't have people like that when i throw away my stuff where i throw away my stuff for you to put it to good use and now i see these kids working on their butts outside in the mornings and then going to school in the afternoon that amazes me.
I can see the hundred pesos, they may not even be a canteen. I wasn't sure going in, but you know. almost everyone works in the traditional garbage dump and then for the money they earn they buy food in the market, but you can see that there is a small economy here that revolves around the Dom, so the main economic base comes from the that is cleaned the Dom but you like the micro business that you see that Magdalena set up yesterday for a small store actually in the dump that sells like soft drinks and cold water and you know food for the workers yes I hope more people come to us and show up to start Get as good as funny what we need silly but I'll see him in Olympia so I was just asking what do you find here and she's like plastic bottles and glass and all that stuff metal food clothes toys all good I would not do it. it would just be easier for people to split up at the fountain but bottles aside she says they didn't say they did so they wouldn't end up here so the fact that they all just throw all the rubbish together you know that's probably yes , so it gives them a chance to at least get the bottle where is it organized enough up front like we do in Canada like recycling then they lose their job right now yesterday hey hey I was booing about there has to be a better way to do it right? interesting that if like the city government they got more organized with recycling programs the lost opportunities here stabbed by a worn out cow that would just be the ball susan can an old ticket our beer bottle looks like here think of meat inside you might want to wash that camera thank you i would like to make a public service announcement to all the tourists that come to nicaragua select


do not buy raptor juice this is not recyclable because thrown in the trash that is left there in a by doctor, there are only two more than us a pound 10 $ 4 so that's like 30 cents 35 40 cents you know I like this extremely practical a lot of hands do light work like Roxy please so late in the morning the time people hit mouths they are garbage like this and they have to take it home and some people were self employed so what they would normally do is hire some of the bike taxi drivers etas and tricycles to help carry the rubbish home, so yes, there is a lot of work. for the recyclers and the people we are going to help some of these guys carry things and then our morning ends for a Cayetana Cobra it is that we live in an economy you know you know less you are welcome here but so I will go back ciass dr.
Xavier 14 noise and no justice - okay let up in India to see the Maharani sake Canada eh our tortilla vendor that also makes me for any never say that for what is there for me I walk Karla bear having Amalia with people and what I don't I don't cosine and oh attraction of love Nava well this is horrible well our neighborhood where it's not bad there is no family yes as I asked the muses if it is disgusting for people and she says yes it is disgusting there is more dignity in recognizing how gross it is and i keep doing it than pretending it's not gross right?
We are going to visit the theory of the lady, who, as you will remember from our concert video, is the lovely woman who said that she would run around covering a burning ball of garbage. he told us today that he's been waiting for us don't say pasta comment kemo knows can you ever work on a liminal and but it's ticking in your pocket all of us to save data it's almost a spell i use you don't hit me and i don't feel like a little you are you know with receipt Hannah don't say yes to your opening you know we sell it more than a show ahead we really didn't do most people we didn't even dig into a superhero yeah lee data for the era was 44.0, but you also stay as a Mucha. people a delinquent nun this is TV Calgary Calatrava has liked the bar very nice like a Justice Alito Robo you see me messed up he has no time to know for example recently a lady say hello okay I see I see cool state has pass see that she is like I'm happy and I'm content and I have peace I don't havemoney so you bring groups here yeah so what do people say to you after coming here and experiencing this for the first time? what's really funny is we bring people here and not to benefit Nicaragua, we bring a benefit to North Americans because we're so jaded and don't understand what it is, we've been so blessed, so we bring them here because it completely changes their lives when they go. here and it is not a temporary change, it is permanent because you live here it must be the new seat to realize that they are very spiritual people, right? religion than almost anything there has ever been but we are more on the spiritual side of that understanding that these people think god is mad at them that he hates them and is punishing them we are a mess of church property where we teach god not neither do I love war nor am I religious and I have to admit I come across missionaries with a healthy level of cynicism wondering if their support necessarily comes with the spiritual string attached but with the new I found perspective and am more aligned with the Illumina people.
In fact, I was glad they were there. I appreciated your enthusiasm. The fact that they actually showed up and donated to the community. end of another exhausting but amazing day I think for me the most important or most incredible thing that happened today was a group of volunteers showing up to give out some food to the community just like Jess and I did a year ago, but what? What happened? The amazing thing about today was that we were now part of the community that came out to meet these volunteers and got their donations and when they left after an hour or so we stayed because when those volunteers said wow now what are you doing where are you staying I was so proud to point to Mrs. house and say that's where I stayed yesterday not a big deal but I fell in the middle of the dumpster so it's not just a cut but a cut maybe full of a lot of dirty stuff so a little bit of hydrogen peroxide should hurt it should clean it up im ready let's work just one afternoon yeah you can't be late for work here because if you're late you don't get paid well. up there on top of the truck with that tool it's heavy cause it's all mixed up with trees and stuff it's wet yeah just and the more you give it the more you get it right it's hard TPM sorry good my way from Villa Beauty needs to get the name of the case of life alright alright come on bishop you know she can easily the keeper well I touch a holy place alive Vicky come on puddin I think it's the one. because everything that starts a boost of islands beyond or views in a walk we can't the minute and you think you change put perfect when you got a time convexity predominate in the water really to you know Lea Xian from the government better where photos by et une only as you to know chriskiss on our legacy of grant Isis that nor take an opponent ambien it I will see Olomana when Amita is well super area better so that Kira knows here tuna solid re from global perfect I see something I see it is better when there is wind no wind today it's just the toxic smoke it just floats it's brutal it's a brutal work environment WorkSafe wouldn't approve how you managed today bro yeah I was getting too into that.
It was one that people quite instinctively work on in teams. Someone is in the truck and they are throwing it away. her teammate you there in the bag and what my young friend was doing to me and she was throwing bottles and I was trying to keep track of them and one ricocheted onto the next person next to me and instinctively I just conceded if like you his little girl next to me was probably four she thought it was her mom's and went to pick it up oh yeah that's mine but i was like yeah just feeling that nature of ownership but you're obligated to the person you're working with exactly yeah i didn't feel that he wasn't stealing from a four year old he was saving it for the 13 year old he was working it so today we're trying to be a little different than working at the dump we're working with Ally our lovely host and he doesn't work in the garbage, he works selling drinks and peanuts that he makes at home to drivers on the highway, so we're going to try to figure that out today. and see how we do it but I don't think we're going to get a lot of really confused weird looks from the people on the bus wondering what the tourists and stuff are doing in the water ok so we're at the water factory the room in this guy's house and it looks like he just filled a pot full of drinking water trouble from above is filtered to wrap PVC pipe in the bag and with this machine turned into these we buy a hundred of these for 34 more and sell every minute for the lips.
I secretly on the balconies. tv walk now and bike or push the bike now we have a flat tire but i thought ali has a pretty long day at work so it seems like most of it is a lot taking up and traveling back and forth and just like I was thinking about how hard it was how crazy it was. I realize that's what most people in London do every day, so most of their working day is about getting across London and back, so I thought we were just selling stuff on the side of the road. . per hook, you are actually putting the merchandise in the middle of the road.
Am I going to sell it from there? I'm not sure if I'm getting into the alleys or if I'm really helping. we're helping but he may have just been a bee n being polite well he's got it blocked because he's got like popping and water in one hand sailing like two sides yeah and it's all super fast paced and he signs it and there's a a certain way to deliver it and get the money at the same time gets confused yeah and then you're rummaging in your pocket getting the right change well it's like super fast pace how do I think it's one o'clock?
I thought it was only ten o'clock in the morning at another time. It's that it's good because I'm not what I increase the country of because there is no KSK traffic I whose time I meet with probably yellow mayor look simple come now mmm because some parameter to my children of us made us all me 100 soul yes Esther look I want a careless caretaker we can avoid long before this the compact is a that's just a real memory i have enough money to fix the prick tzipi more like really hot no you just glad we operate as a family because today wasn't my day dad he's going to feed us o Sometimes, like all these experiences, they're nice because there's a novelty to them, frankly, that's the life I lead in England.
I had to do this every day at 45am today with him on the river so we usually know depending on who you love. soy see no today we're not actually going to dig let's see you can see these damming the creek so we're going to make bags and basically create a diversion he says it's to filter the water and slow down you can see they've created a whole network of streams so I think that's what we're going to do so you can see here that it's all well carved because what they're doing is they're cutting up the chute and dumping it in the water and then they use the water to get rid of all the light stuff and it leaves all the valuable materials in the water, let's go under, are you really getting into the river, yeah, baby walking, how do i have to do it?
I wouldn't feel man enough around you if I didn't If I have some mystery illness in six months I blame here ok as you could have said no and then I could have said just come over there mind you we did it because it was the first time Damian. at the rubbish dump a year ago that initial shock was bigger than what i was feeling today so having spent time here and used to the rubbish doing this i think it was a lot easier but sold tangibly gross the first time i did it. I kinda feel the side of my skin calling me a little because suddenly everything is wet flowing and as soon as I was waist deep and clearly able to go over live private private parts all the water all the moisture suddenly my imagination well first time since I've been here all the time we've lived here my mind sutton peace of mind for the holy spirit is really up when you've called elvis vowed to throw needles into my stomach i don't even want to know a lovely fire have really originally been these circular parts of a factory a rice factory of machines in a rice company in which the central part is aluminum and the outside is some sauces that do not need to burn it and then each aluminum circle we achieve meaning of value when we are worth a couple of dollars and I was pressured we got all that smoke as a result the world you should get in that north brother sorry america chickens that mean So our money goes into that satirical Granny our Susheela Phyllis a goes through the The garbage can comes out here, you can see that it's a blue-green odorous water and you can see about fifteen meters from where it comes out, he has a family here working on it, so it's not an exaggeration to say that they're literally working on sewage, so I was feeling grateful today because we were working probably about 50 meters upstream of the septic flow.
It's like the Grand Canyon. It's a birthday. There is a Nicaraguan tradition where you put things on his head. semen powder we are about to make an egg look at this today my dad what way to spend can i isolate Sammy Sammy osakan I love sauce Neos england who supports room for Mandark no saki business in the opinion of so trophy women hockey europa nostra very deeply car so he is very excited because during the little celebrations here on the yoga knees and he said the major would listen to this action for his own house that is being built on another lot nearby and he said Sunday if we can help you build this house I said of Of course, this is interesting.
We're in the middle of a party and all you know is the beer is flowing. It's all getting a bit. then cast but of course these things need to continue because tomorrow is the same day as every other day they need to run a business run a business keep the money coming in so if they can bother me I need to move on. th cleaning the maze bony squealing pigs em pumping screaming crying kids no dogs are sleeping well now because they've been barking and fighting all night the roosters are just part of the madness that is the old man our soundtrack the soundtrack of L woman have a bit of a raging hangover after last night's party celebrations, yes, to work in Moscow and this is partly experience. they mess up the next day's work and the family doesn't earn, yeah I have to follow what's going on here, they got it, by the way, I asked their raw sewage without dealing with that other methodical, not even the leaky snitch, well, let's move on. it's raw so he's doing it to keep the flow straight to the river Quentin oh my Gonzaga's quanto cannabis here per day condos eCos genius rat given a serious in nature eka no sorry how vain come here see had since when i yes p unished de this way Oh look at the pre million so far good bad time when I have concession improve an economy yo man you are good that my per diem is liquidated applause Antioch wants O'Meara barometer EC marijuana bike yo-yo ma Last Uriel poor day together do everlasting thank you bye h OU EST comme from where this thing s to congratulations Joy quanto business show up ya know see violence yeah ok man keep my friends yeah better think what the mean better sonic wink say anything i cant get it for me i guess roy everyone makes everyone Nielsen Karolina spoke at length about her experiences as women in the garage and reminds us of her religious convictions when months later s sent us this disturbing video through your endless mouth it comes from who just explained to us that he was making soup at home in his house so we're just trying to figure out where his house was and is it edible that's his house there himself, the tree, Fenimore, maca powder, cape, Arlo, okay so he has a hammock under the tree and that's where he's making soup is you oh you mean okay so you see they're in his area kitchen is it's chicken and boy you're not able to get on it for you from the garbage so they collected that from Judaica and they put it like cardboard here and there it says they're all extended family just build a little fire in there and they got your dumpsters council oh people feel more and more comfortable to tell me about their Hardships at all I feel so sorry for me because I'm kind of poor in an honest way I think we have a great obligation No no to this community .
How many times do people come up to me and say thank you, thank you very much for being here, I was like we were making one more movie mm-hmm, I've been giving you money, yeah, right? I mean, I've helped you out a bit with the crap, but there's that genuine, sincere sense of being. They are grateful for coming to visit us and I think they know that when we share their stories, hopefully it could translate into a little improvement in their lives. there is the annual miracle. there is an economic one eat our peas. ok I did not want mustard seed up Keke to the people who live the churecacommemorates erect elaqid OST pandemic endemic we don't have sellme alchemy chase an hour soon me caramel American movie V Tennessee who eats Ohio so more single abode keep Eliana senator Illinois an outcast Nicholas Lemann ringo-san can analyze the Thomson Neos center and a guardian of solutions of an experience today.
I think when we first got here, some of the people we met were putting on a bit of a brave face, but we're up for it. to become a little more vulnerable today and burst into tears. I think I'm really starting to understand how hard it is for the people I desperately know that it was easier for me to idealize those happy, well-adjusted situations. they may be in spite of their situation and in general I think most of the people we care about happy or find happiness fight fight very hard they turn off in the vehicle and feel a little rough around 4am today.
I needed to go to the toilet it looked like I was going to have diarrhea and then I threw up I don't know what it was it could be just drinking something from my wallet or something I ate or it could be the type of when this fire started burning again this morning that sent me over the edge I think about this it's constantly taeseop but metal plastic that gets really hot in about 10 years man Oh it stinks oh did you have diarrhea this morning or well no it wasn't that bad? It was around 5:00 on the Bristol storm scale.
Somebody mom, we could be a mom. The murderous sister Sunday the day of rest they call it here but everywhere these sounds of industry pounding tears playing cook pasta pounding nails to make houses everyone has worked so hard all the time sweeping the streets today and the women and I feel very lazy but there's the music that seems to keep everyone going it's like they'd be too relaxed without it. Oh, you're an Ewing. Oh, it's so nice to feel good. I just ate my first meal in 24 hours. very weak still but I guess that would be par for the course here anyway because our lungs have taken a bit of a beating from the constant smoke and stuff so I feel like I've lost some of my ability to work as hard as I do.
I wish we could go into the cliffs today to see if we can buy some metal that's good and nice and expensive and valuable and hope the walls don't cave in while we do it so here's what's up if you go until it comes loose and then they shovel this into the river the water washes away all the dirt and the big bits of metal that are visible they just put them away right away and then the rest they're going to sweep up so we're just taking the compacted rubbish off the wall into the river so one of these guys is the ripped skinny who so day by day count on metal to make a living to feed their families the universe ain't easy oh you're charity to you or oh moans i found a ring one is a cade na, the plate, the earrings, the teeth, the phone, the auto-scroll teeth, so they use this magnet, it's quite a lot. smart so you just go overboard and pick up all the little pieces and then i'm told we're supposed to remove it by hand without dropping it like i'm doing now give it a quick wash and throw it in the bag what a job so satisfying washes and dunks and a little tip yes Sonia Singh all the best so whatever that chemical is when mixed with gold it doesn't do anything it's not something that's gold if it foams like that. it's bronze they work themselves and take more pride in what they do because they are not working for a man who has taken advantage of them and treats them badly which is what could happen if they wanted to work on a plantation yes yes so they are entrepreneurial and are re source innovative yes there are some really great ideas that lack any other opportunity i was struggling with for Hakeem and was wondering to what extent do people live off the landfill based on choice or necessity mm-hmm and it's not a black and- white answer I think it's a bit of both I think it's obviously pico out of necessity one has to work in the garbage dump or work in a banana pot or work in a banana plantation or do some other miserable job because they don't have those options, but given those limited options, they made the decision to stay in the limo, not on their own terms, to work out of the dump to be close to their families, so i guess in a long way to answer my question is that they are both a functional necessity and a choice i think i'm ready to go because it's hard and it will be very very sad to say goodbye to a lot of these people we should get going guys , it's 9:00, okay, I'm torn. i am ready my lungs are killing me i need to be healthy natomy and i miss my family yes it will be bittersweet today will be bittersweet to have a home just what i am going to tell people it is time for us to go they need to know how grateful we are for that they have received us so well, they are much more welcoming than I expected and we did not know if we would find chaos, well, an extremely hard-working community, not the proneural community, created values ​​by being here, a community that depends on the dump that is I go to shut down such a vulnerable community a community that defines itself as poor I think it's a community that is probably a little afraid of the future but like everywhere else is proud of what people who love have been able to build to their families people who work hard every day to make ends meet people who make the decision every day to move on yes they are just like us rea lly they accept their situations along with the period Heart of what hani ah for videos to be made Romin to s dying no one else' meant no harm was said no harm oh no have morals if you find if he follows you if he breaks it then you fix it with your smile speeches wrap your baby on your hip if he cries try to invade you here you would die oh talk talk talk you

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