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DUNE: Die komplette Handlung zusammengefasst!

Nov 22, 2021
(Dynamic music) The story of "Dune" takes place in the distant future. In many tens of thousands of years in which the earth is nothing more than a memory. The war against artificial intelligence is already won. The new civilization, the new humanity, is high-tech, but it can do without computers. During this period, Leto heads the long-established house of his as duke, and that house is called "Atreides". House Atreides has ruled the planet Caladan for 20 generations. Thus this family has become one of the most respected families in the Empire. Also in the so-called Landsraad, this is an important institution, because all the houses of the empire belong to this institution.
dune die komplette handlung zusammengefasst
We can hardly wait. The new "Dune" will finally start in October. Not only the director, Denis Villeneuve, makes us optimistic, we have been waiting for this great film for years. It's time we sit down and bring you closer to the story of "Dune." So first of all, welcome to "Cinema Strikes Back". If you're really looking forward to "Dune" and don't want to know anything about it, watch the video later, because there are bound to be a spoiler or two. (Social Music) "Dune" is totally fascinating. This kingdom and empire is fascinating. The great ruler of all this is not Landsraad, but the Emperor, Paddischah Shaddam IV, who is concerned about the growing power of the Atreides.
dune die komplette handlung zusammengefasst

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dune die komplette handlung zusammengefasst...

He himself is a war-torn master of intrigue. However, he sees the charismatic Leto as a real threat. The duke is getting more and more popular, he could be dangerous for me. Indeed, he could send his army of fanatics, the terrifying Sardaukar, to Leto, but the Emperor probably wouldn't survive this political scandal. Instead, a ruse comes to mind. He rewards House Atreides -apparently- and promises them dominance over the Empire's most important planet: Arrakis, better known as Dune. The special thing about Dune: Only here "Spice" grows, the so-called spice, also called "Melange", with special abilities. The most precious of all raw materials in the universe.
dune die komplette handlung zusammengefasst
All the power of the Empire begins and ends with this resource. But what can Spice do? (Woman:) The spice guarantees life. The spice expands consciousness. (Eerie music) Spice is vital for space travel. Physically modified by Spice over 4,000 years, the Spacemen Guild and their navigators use the orange gas Spice, which gives them the ability to warp space. That is, travel anywhere in the universe just by the power of thought. (Alper:) That makes Dune the most important planet in the entire universe. Bring me this fat flyer. The Baron Until then, Dune was ruled by the scheming Harkonnen family.
dune die komplette handlung zusammengefasst
More specifically, the cunning Baron Harkonnen. And the Emperor knew very well that the Baron Harkonnen was not going to leave his planet just like that. Together they hatch a plan to overthrow Leto Atreides. And for this, the Emperor even lends the Baron the Sardaukar, his strongest military troops. Leto Atreides was not an idiot, he knew exactly what he was in for. But he also knew that he couldn't refuse the offer, that would have left him a leper. He knew about the Harkonnens and that he was probably walking into a trap. However, what he hadn't counted on was the level of cunning.
Because he had had a personal physician for many years, Dr. Yueh and Baron Harkonnen had summarily kidnapped his wife and tricked Yueh into betraying House Atreides. I destroyed the supersonic modules of the new army. I bring ruin to House Atreides. Why? - I want to kill someone. Shortly after his arrival on the desert planet, Dr. Yueh Duke Leto. The combined forces of the Harkonnens and the Emperor take the Atreides farm. The Harkonnens then don't just murder Duke Leto... Leto... (soul music) Leto is dead No, he's dead! (Alper:) But also Dr. Yueh. He then he sees her. (Chasing the music) (Yueh groans.) (Yueh groans, Harkonnen sighs.) Duke Leto was not alone, however.
He not only had a son, but also a very special woman by his side: his beloved Lady Jessica. Lady Jessica has special abilities because she belongs to the mystical community of the Bene Gesserit. The Bene Gesserit are a brotherhood, a cult. They have a very special voice, because with this voice they can make people docile. (Throat:) Well, you (hesitating:) You. (Cap:) Come here. (hesitating:) Come here. - (Uses voice.) For millennia they have been preaching about a messiah who will bring balance to the universe. They call it "Kwisatz Haderach". (echoing:) One will come. With the voice of the outside world... bring on the Holy War. jihad He will order the universe and lead us out of the darkness.
For thousands of years they have had emissaries for each planet who spread rumors and legends so that they have a very special authority on each planet, these Bene Gesserits. And they just want to breed this messiah themselves with a special genetic breeding program. And this genetic experiment culminates in Lady Jessica. (Woman:) Jessica transmuted the poisonous waters of life. The tremendous power of the water of life caused the premature birth of Jessica's daughter, Alia. (Alper:) Because Lady Jessica should have a girl. A girl who would become the mother of the Kwisatz Haderach. The girl was to witness the Kwisatz Haderach with Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, the nephew of Baron Harkonnen.
However, contrary to his orders, Lady Jessica did not give birth to a girl, but a son, and she named him Paul. That was many years ago. By the time Duke Leto is assassinated, Paul will already be a young man. With the help of the generals and his household staff, Lady Jessica and Paul manage to escape into the desert. Planet Dune probably has the most inhospitable surface you can imagine. Sandstorms that reach speeds of 700 kilometers per hour are not even the greatest danger. The biggest problem is probably the lack of water. The cities are few because you always have to import water to the planet for a fortune. (Eerie music) The Harkonnens and the Emperor forgot an important factor on their list.
The natives of the planet, the so-called Fremen, who had adapted to life on the desert planet for generations. For them there is no greater sin than wasting water. Even crying is frowned upon, unless you are commemorating the dead, because that would give them water. The Fremen's long-term plan is to terraform Dune and turn the desert planet into an oasis. But Baron Harkonnen thinks they're a bunch of lunatics. But there is much, much more to the Fremen than the Empire knows. Fremen wear what are known as fixed suits, in which they lose almost no bodily fluids because it all seeps back into the drinking water.
One can survive for weeks with a Fremen hazmat suit in order. Even in... the deepest desert. Like their home planet, the Fremen may seem ruthless and hostile at first, but the waters still run deep. And even Duke Leto knew that an alliance with the Fremen could be the salvation of his house. The Fremen help Lady Jessica and Paul Atreides to survive. And the Bene Gesserit prophecy was the biggest reason for this. Because the prophecy said that a Bene Gesserit would give birth to the Kwisatz Haderach with her child. (Paul:) (My name is a deadly word.) (They are too ready to fight.) (To lead them, I still have to defeat the worm.) (The sandworm Shai-Hulud.) (Whispering) What the desert really is the most dangerous place in the universe are the sandworms, simply called Shai-Hulud by the Fremen.
The slightest vibration, the slightest sound is enough to attract sandworms. And they are so gigantic that they can swallow entire houses. The prized spice is actually just a byproduct of its strange life cycle. Is there a connection between the worms and Spice? Like I said, you're defending the Spice sands. But... what is his relationship with Spice... Who knows? But Baron Harkonnen isn't done yet, because the Fremen thwarted his plans. He wanted the death of all Atreides. Thus he calls his another nephew of his, Rabban Harkonnen, brother of Feyd-Rautha. Rabban had a ruthless and brutal reputation. The Baron assigns him the task of wiping out all Fremen and Fremin and finding Paul Atreides.
It is rumored that this is exactly where Denis Villeneuve's film could end. We can't give you an exact answer yet, because this time is special in Dune. Years go by and Rabban does not have the expected success. Over and over again one hears of remote villages pillaged by elite Fremen units, the so-called Fedaykin. Even the flow of Spice is slowing down and alarm bells are ringing across the Empire. Particularly chilling are the reports of a messianic leader named Muad'Dib leading these forces, reaping victory after victory. Who is this... Muad'Dib? The three important institutions of the empire meet for the crisis summit.
So the Emperor himself, the Landsraad, and the so-called Guild of Spacemen. Emperor Shaddam IV, you are being given your last chance to control the situation on Arrakis and restore order to the planet. This guild has a monopoly on interstellar travel and is particularly dependent on Spice. Together these three institutions decide to do everything they can to support Baron Harkonnen and eliminate the Fremen for obstructing the flow of Spice. I want 50 Sardaukar legions to cross over to Arrakis. 50 legions? That means our entire reserve. I need them for the planned systematic extermination of all life on Arrakis. As all these years pass, Paul trains with the Fremen.
He grows up next to him and becomes called Muad'Dib, that's his new title. He gets abilities, because with Spice's help he gets to see more and more into the future. And he sees in the future a great revolt, a civil war against the Harkonnens, the so-called jihad, which he will lead. (Paul:) Your time has come. A storm is coming. our storm. And when it is unleashed, it shakes the universe. Long live the fighters! (all :) Long live the fighters! Despite his newfound abilities, he and his Fremen appear useless on paper. The Harkonnens, the Emperor, the Spacemen Guild, and the Landsraad have significantly more units and resources.
The Muad'Dib still has the upper hand. Threatening to destroy all of Spice on the planet, he secretly turns the Spacemen Guild on his side. The Emperor and the Harkonnens rely on their units in the off-planet reserve. But the Guild of Spacemen refuses to bring these units to the planet. With that, the tenuous alliance between the Harkonnens and the Empire has weakened, and suddenly the Fremen have the upper hand again. Paul summons a gigantic sandstorm at the Imperial troops' camp. Quickly and silently, he places his troops behind the shield wall, which is supposed to protect opponents. As the storm hits the Wall, Paul uses a nuke to blast a hole in the Wall. (Paul:) Now! - Nuclear attack! (noise) The Fremen are attacking the camp, riding several sandworms.
You ride them. The fight is short and bloody, but Paul and his Fremen are victorious. Thus, he becomes the new duke of House Atreides, succeeding his father and ruler of Dune. Next to him is his new wife, Fremin Chani. That ends the first book. How excited are you for "Dune"? Tell us in the comments. Subscribe to Cinema Strikes Back, like it. If you can't get enough of the desert, check out our radio buddies from "You Never Do That", they had the challenge: "Cross the desert in 24 hours". super exciting I also link you to "The Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence" another video of ours, you should watch it both times.
Until next time with me, the Alper.

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