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Doug plays today's Wordle 660 for 04/10/2023

Apr 10, 2023
Well everyone it's Monday April 10th


. I'm Doug it's time once again to play Wordle uh the DJ buttons say try the word frown ok let's hope frown doesn't us depress. a position so I would say it certainly didn't get us down at all um ok let's find another word of evaluation here uh well I guess we could do well um what would be some word ideas maybe Ranch would be a good one a rinse huh you know what Ranch gives me a C and an H so come on a lot of people in the comments have given me the business that I am huh I'm not going straight right off the bat and be competitive about it or competitive enough huh, but I think there is a middle ground here, is the Ranch okay, there isn't the Rancho?
doug plays today s wordle 660 for 04 10 2023
R and N are still in a position, you know? uh we'll try to be a little more efficient if we try to cross that line anyway uh R and n still in a position uh hmm ok so how about I was going to say born b-o-r-n-e but we tried the o so we don't know what that really does a lot for me uh uh maybe we could hmm uh uh well you know what i'm going to know what uh some people will be upset i'm going to do another fully powered five letter here i think that's actually for the best uh let's go with the word stump let's see if we can't turn something else on here and stump gives us a u so now we have rn and U out of position oh I wonder underneath oh that looks tempting the word submarine maybe. we'll get it pretty efficiently here huh, that's certainly a letter placement we haven't tested yet and of course who doesn't want to test and evaluate the D and E.
doug plays today s wordle 660 for 04 10 2023

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doug plays today s wordle 660 for 04 10 2023...

I actually feel pretty good about this if we're being honest . uh well let's find out ladies and gentlemen is the answer to


's riddle the word under the e yes ok ok dj buttons thanks for the frown certainly not uh it didn't make me frown we turned it upside down I don't know why I like that joke folks as always thank you so much for watching The Daily Wordle here in Doug Man land see you tomorrow for some more.
doug plays today s wordle 660 for 04 10 2023

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