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Debes resolver estos 13 acertijos para escapar del laberinto

Feb 11, 2022
ok bad news they have kidnapped you too long to explain let's just get out of here then you find yourself in a dark cell with a dirt floor and a small window is at a height that is twice yours there is no food or water but if a shovel because they let her don't ask me i don't know but be glad you have her however she can't dig out because the walls look so deep underground so how can she get out well she can still dig and make a pile of dirt high and it will get you to the window and get out of there so that's just that and you find yourself in a dark corridor you have nothing to do but keep going hoping that sooner or later take into account it's the exit and you get out of this creepy place half an hour later you approach a door metal you have to enter the access code and here you have a clue 600 berlin paris 400 london 800 rome 200 toronto what is the password each consonant in the 200 point word while c each vowel takes no points in the word toronto there are four consonants that add up to 800 three vowels take 300 points so the access code is 500 the door clicks and you leave another obstacle behind you soon approach three doors behind the first there is a block iron with motion sensor although it will crush anyone who enters behind the second door there is an electric shock that never fails while from the third door there is broken glass all over the floor and the way you choose you choose the third door obviously wears shoes right so so much walking on the glass will definitely not be too much of a task you follow the tunnel until you reach the next room when you enter there a metal cage falls from the ceiling and traps you however there are three buttons in there the red button will open the cage but it will also open a door with a gambia lion the blue button will fill the cage with water for 10 minutes and only then will it open the door however please note that e people can only live 7 minutes without oxygen the green button set the room on fire but it will open the cage door in five minutes which one you choose you must choose the blue button the water will not be able to fill the cage because just splashing out you will just have to wait 10 minutes for the gate to open and you will be able to exit safely you turn right and immediately you are met by a huge guard your heart skips a beat and freezes with fear to your surprise the guard looks at you and asks you do you want to pass unable to talk only to you feel good you'll see no one here wants to play riddles with me if you solve it it's one of my riddles I'll let you go and I won't tell anyone I've seen you I try to feel again and here comes your riddle what is the invention that it allows you to see through the walls it's a window of course the guard smiles and says watch out for vampires then steps aside letting you go past that he was close and vampires that gives you escape lofríos but you have to keep going and exit and again another door that requires an access code you can decipher it there is a clue again you must continue the sequence of the ccss or nt each of these letters is the first letter of the numbers q for one of stopped they have for three then four or five and so on the last represents ten so the next four are or 13 11 12 13 and 14 yes correct the door opens with a click now move while in a huge and dark room all the light comes from the candles with which the room is filled the problem is that there are four paths and again you don't know which one to choose suddenly each of the doors opens and four people enter the room there are two men a woman and a man teenager they all say they are prisoners too and the other three are vampires who you trust you should trust the second man he is the only one who casts a shadow in the candlelight the other three don't because they must be vampires so you run towards the man and close the door behind you that may slow them down a bit but they are after you so you have to hurry as you run the man tells you he has been there for at least three days the next hurdle is something he could not solve only so he could not get out there is only one try and if you fail the exit they are locked for 24 hours finally you come across a door with a robot guarding it to let you go the robot needs you to say the password the tricky thing is that the password is different each time the man said while hiding in the vampire room pass twice the first time the robot said 14 and the vampire said 7 the other time the robot said 8 and the vampire said 4 when the man left he approached the robot last time he said 16 the man answered 9 but the robot wouldn't let him in the door got locked so it was not the correct answer to feel and you approach the robot he says 4 what is your answer to the answer is 6 the rule does not consist in dividing the number by 2 but in saying the number of letters of the word your answer is accepted the robot opens the door and leaves you there again in a dark room but when you enter 8 hungry dogs surround you In the middle there is a meat pie but the table is so high that the dogs cannot reach it in order to calm them down and become their friend before they make you their dinner you must give them the pie but here the problem is the knife is magical and can only do three cuts after three cuts it disappears your task is to divide the cake into eight equal parts with these three cuts how can you do it with one cut you cut the cake in half and you get two pieces then you make another perpendicular cut and you get four with your last move you must cut the cake down the middle horizontally dividing each of the four pieces in two at a time great job now give each of the dogs a piece of cake and get the hell out of there right away re towards the door and the saws behind you you are in a tunnel again and this time there is no light you move in complete darkness putting your hand on the wall to know where to go you walk like this for at least half an hour when you finally see something of light you run towards it and you find another huge door that requires an access code luckily there is a clue again but two questions will appear one by one to get the access code you must answer both and put the answers together ready how many months are 28 days all 12 obviously ok next one and here's a sequence of letters s m h d s what are the other two letters s stands for seconds m is for minutes h for hours d is days and that's weeks so the next letters are m for months and for years and the full password is 12 m to the door it clicks and you're outside finally there's real air and sun but before you start thinking about what happened and what to do next seven hundred a police officer c on it there are two women carrying paper bags on their heads excuse me are you mr jones asks the police officer answers yes however the police officer looks suspicious well we can't be sure you're not one of those criminals who they pretend to be someone else so we have to test you one of these ladies is your tiny girlfriend lis and now you finally remember what happened it was the morning of your wedding you were about to get married and then you found yourself in that dungeon well the problem is that you still haven't seen your bride-to-be today so you don't even know how she was dressed is there any other way to tell what she is think carefully with your face covered these girls are absolutely identical you don't need much time to notice that one of the girls she is wearing wearing a wedding ring but you and your girlfriend aren't married yet so she's not supposed to have one and the one who doesn't is your girlfriend congratulations the girl takes off the bag and you see it's really her the door opens right behind you and the vampires come out you're about to start screaming but they take off their wigs and they turn out to be your friends so it was all a joke well yes it was but don't be mad you had fun not good most of the time
debes resolver estos 13 acertijos para escapar del laberinto

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