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Dad lies about pushing his son... | The Dostal Family | FULL EPISODE | Supernanny USA

Apr 12, 2024
Well, I'm here in Florida, let's take a look at the


I'm going to help. Hello, we are the Dasco


and we are from Wesley Chapel Florida. I'm Brenda and I'm Bill, we have two boys, Zachary, who is five and Aaron, who is three, okay, sweet little Chatterbox, but she's competing for attention because Zachary is in trouble a lot, he gets a lot of attention. I wish they all died, the main problem with Zach is his anger and aggression. Zachary attacks me and scratches me. he kicks me, hits me, no and with scars, quite severe scratches, now this child's behavior is ridiculous, no, and this question, I am sad, yes, but it makes me feel like a failure, since a mother would kill you, I think that's partly the case.
dad lies about pushing his son the dostal family full episode supernanny usa
Without knowing exactly what to do, you know we might disagree on exactly how to discipline him. I'm not chasing him. I just want you to block for a second. No, I'm not going to block. When he stopped running, we'll start the timeout, okay? Okay, get on the rug for five minutes, it's hard to be on the same page when neither of us have a page, you're just going to see him, suddenly it's my responsibility, get into bed, well, maybe we can communicate, the Patience is something Bill needs to work on. Admit it, I'm not the most patient guy, turn the wheel the right way, Zach, I don't need two people in this corner, I'll sit down when I'm ready, I need to be more consistent, I need to be more patient.
dad lies about pushing his son the dostal family full episode supernanny usa

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dad lies about pushing his son the dostal family full episode supernanny usa...

This is simply not fair that these children were raised with such hostility. I would say our marriage could be in danger. I would definitely see that our marriage could use help. I think if we can get some help, but being better parents, I think we can work on our relationship at that time. You know, I don't want to go to the point of no return. Super Nanny. I feel like this is your last chance and I don't want to see this family divided. Please help us. She looks like a mom. and dad are at Dire Straits wait cause I'm on my way hello hello hello nice to meet you nice to meet you welcome come on Aaron we have a visitor Aaron how are you hello nice to meet you and Zachary come say hello to Miss Joe please nice to meet you, How is he doing, well and how old is he, five.
dad lies about pushing his son the dostal family full episode supernanny usa
Well, Bill's at work, that's right. Yes, I'll be back at five. I'll be back at five. Well, today I'm just going to hang around. I'm still pinching myself that Joe was here because we would need the help so much. He had only been in the house for a short time and Mom was having the kids make their beds and Zach was not happy with doing so, he started causing problems on the carpet. Do you want to lose all your blocks? Okay, that's what's going to happen. So all the blocks. Zach's favorite thing to do is scratch if I'm around or if I'm trying to lay. he just takes his clothes for the trip in time out no, no, Brenda doesn't know how to approach Zach's discipline, she's very afraid of how Zach will react on the mat, five minutes, this mat, come on, on the mat, five minutes.
dad lies about pushing his son the dostal family full episode supernanny usa
Setting the stopwatch, give the guy an inch and he's taken a mile because he's in control of everything, just stay on the mat please, okay, I'll start again, no, no, 15 seconds left. I could see that Brenda was trying to use my techniques, but she was not using them effectively, so it was not giving results, the results stayed for five minutes, come talk to me, okay, and a hug please Okay, after watching Zach I could see that all the tension in Mom and Dad's marriage was really having a big impact on his behavior and his younger sister, Aaron, is being forgotten and ignored because Zach needs all the attention. , so I needed to figure out after six years of marriage what's different now, what words you would use to describe your relationship right now, apart.
Going through the motions at this point, our communication is so bad that we don't really even bother to talk about anything really meaningful. It seems like most of the biggest topics we try to talk about end up in an argument. I told him I feel like I want a divorce. I've definitely held on to this marriage for the kids because at the same time I sometimes wonder if I'm doing them any favors. You know, Bill is an angry person. A small thing can Don't go down the road of him and take care of the children. He has patients for five minutes when he walks in the door and after that five minute period he's done.
Do you love Bill? I love him. I care what happens to him. Are you in love with him? no, I'm just a little bit partially numb right now. I'm just going through the motions and just trying to be here for the kids and trying to hold on until I win until she's in school. Mom is caught between a rock and a hard place. Right now, with her own husband, they have been having a lot of friction between the two of them for many months and the children are growing up in that environment and I think she feels guilty.
I am in her marriage. Some of her friends said that her children were there for a play date. but I could see that she was really worried that Zach would start acting out. The good choice is that he is like he was stumped in William's hand and mom saw it and put him directly into timeout, which made him very angry, no. A good choice, not a good choice. My friend Gina had a conversation with her son William and he started blurting out that Zach had been scratching him. If Zach's behavior doesn't improve, it could damage our friendship.
You're so stupid. I do not do it. I don't love you anymore, she doesn't deserve it, no, no parent deserves it, no, you know, it's hard to see her going through such a hard time for him to be at his worst in front of all these other kids and their parents, my friends. . Like a complete failure as a mother. I tried so hard to be the best mom I can move. It's embarrassing that he's even acting like this to begin with. It's embarrassing that I can't do anything about it to change it. I just don't do it.
I know how to keep him under control Do you think he can help us Do I think I can help you? I know I can help you. I just realized that I was standing next to this woman who was completely vulnerable, she was desperate and exhausted and had nowhere to turn. I hugged her and my eyes just started watering later in the night, dad came home from work, how are you? No thanks even though I knew she was going to be there to see her at our house face to face. something like that, I know, something shocking so this is good.
Do you normally do this or do you sit down and eat together as a family? um no, we don't normally occasionally we usually don't. It was obvious that these two were tense and strained. It was really heavy, so it's dinner time, it's usually the time you two talk about each other's day, so no, Jack, you'll go with these kids they know when their parents aren't happy they know when their mom is sad they know when your dad is angry I mean, even things that aren't said say a lot. I had already spoken to mom. Well, there are two sides to any relationship, so I thought it would be fair if I talked to Dad after dinner.
Where are you personally at in your relationship? Right now with Brenda I just don't know if we agree on the way we're doing some things, yeah, and then I get a little resentful in my tone of voice and then she hears that and then she's like, stop yelling now, brother. I am raising my voice she considers yelling to be good and once she says I am yelling then I am angry because she said I am yelling how patient are you oh she laughed okay say no more yes no I definitely have more patience. certainly, yes, would you say your relationship is in a good place right now?
No, we need help. Surely, she could take the children to live home with her parents. I don't know Zippos, yeah, how did you change that? I don't know, I mean, we can't go on like this. Someone is going to give in. Both of them are not happy in their marriage. There is a breakdown in communication between them. They both mentioned divorce and they both need to make some decisions. where are you going together tomorrow I would like to sit down with you two so that one way or another we can get to the bottom of these serious issues that need to be addressed, there is a lot to talk about, a lot to talk about, okay mom. and parents feel that their children are a big problem and are contributing to the breakdown of their marriage, but in reality they are themselves.
I need to put a lot of pressure on these two adults before I can help them with their children. I'm a little nervous, nervous to hear what Joe Joe says at the family reunion but good or bad I want to know what she thinks we should start working on right away your kids are being dragged through instability every day you two just co-exist. with each other unhappy and as adults you make those choices, but your children do not have that choice, you are behaving on the part of your two children, it is behavior caused by the confusion that is happening between the two of you, what needs to be said in this table, well, I want to connect again. you were before now suddenly all this has happened you've said things like that before and I don't know if you mean it or if you're ready to say that I don't feel like you're the same person as me' I'm married, you're not exactly the same person with me either. the one I married.
I mean, things change. Are you not happy with me somehow? I am and you need to tell me these things when I ask you if you are not happy. I don't know either of them. they are talking I have stopped trying to talk about the things that matter most because it always ends up in an argument what more do you want printer if you don't know what you want in your own marriage how could you know otherwise? I have written it to you before, I have spoken to you before, what do you want, so tell me at this table, someone who is open and can communicate with me without getting into arguments, someone who is affectionate, who can look me directly in the eyes when we have a conversation with insults in front of our children. sometimes you don't treat people like that if you love them I'm just surviving I just love you right now I really don't feel that way most of the time to say yes or no I'm sorry you feel that way because I do there's only two places to go this ahead.
They are both in or have given up and either way I will be able to help them whatever their choice, there is a lot of work. We have to finish with the kids, but first of all I need to know if mom and dad are going to separate or if they are going to stay together, so I let them talk all night either way, I knew it when I came back. to that house I was going to do everything I could to help this foreign family about this family, I mean, after talking all night, I don't know if they will stay together or separate, so I was eager to see what they would say.
Friend to know where everything is right now I didn't know if you guys had talked make some decisions yeah yeah we're moving forward as a whole family so whatever I have I'll throw it away. there at that table, I hope she does the same and we can make this work. We have a lot of work to do and a lot to overcome. I was relieved, to say the least, that mom and dad decided to stay together, but because of all the excitement. agitation I don't know if mom and dad are going to stay committed to seeing things through to the end.
I dropped off an ex in the dining area and that's where they put the kids if they misbehave because they were both very familiar with moving. those rugs like Aladdin's magic carpet game, if they choose not to listen to you and continue, they want you to take the child to this x mark the spot here and when the child is seated, explain why you placed them there. They set the alarm for a minute because of their age and they don't communicate the good thing about the will work it's a good job I prepared the naughty Grab his hands and put him in that place again, you're going to take them out, come on, no, I warned you, if you sit down again, he'll do what he tells you and tell him why I warned you once, how dare he do that to you.
Do you dare to do that to me? I'm your mother, the big end of his arms, the back of his arms and you know he's drawn blood, it's just unacceptable and he hasn't tried it with me yet. Anything she can do, I won't do it. Let it, you will stay here for five minutes because of your attitude, hey, go away, it showed that you are not happy with it, while that was sitting, the former naughty mom actually confided in me why she does most of the discipline and I found out which is because dad is too aggressive, his thing is to push very hard.
I've seen him do it, yeah, force him to take him down when Bill puts Zach in that timeout, which is rough handling, yeah, yeah, and I can tell from Zach's crying that it's more. I just want to say, he tells me that he is suffering a lot. I'm afraid to hand over discipline to Bill too when I can't be there to witness it because she's squeezing Zach's arm and muscled it and I don't know what it is. does when I'm not there, even if that conversation were to fail, because as long as you feel like that's happening, you'll always protect him because you're going to cover for Zach even when you know he's wrong, but because I'll be worried about Bill disciplining him.these small steps, you do it one day at a time and by doing it you don't.
Seeing a huge mountain in front of you, you can have more fun on the way, turn, turn, it's nice, oh, I thought it was like that. I think we're a stronger family, starting with Brandon, boy, that's good if Brennan and I can show the love. happiness and how to act towards each other and they do the same thanks for the dinner Joe is giving us the tools to work on our marriage we have those tools now we can only use them to the


est very grateful for this process Joe has changed my family mentally and I love her for doing that for us, thank you.

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