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Apr 16, 2023
never mind six against third today in the Premier League and they are two teams that absolutely fly, we all know Newcastle have ridiculous financial backing and morally they are pretty awful but on the football side they have done outrageously well this season. honestly being third at this stage of the season without a great team and yes they have a lot of money but they haven't spent as much as they probably could all credits to them five wins in a row for Newcastle their base in The man from Brentford also crushed the West Ham in that race, but from the point of view of the


ge, do you fear anyone at the moment?
crazy villa park scenes as villa smash newcastle aston villa 3 0 newcastle united
No, we really are at home, we have won six of the last seven games. they are flying too but back at Newcastle they have conceded 21 goals this season and for context we have conceded 40 and league leaders Arsenal have conceded eight more than Newcastle themselves. Unbelievable, probably halved. 13 being seven footer to be honest but fair game to them but what a show this is anyway. I said six against the third Emery against how Aston Villa vs Newcastle we are going to get to Villa Park just before we get to Villa Park. channel me and so i went to bristol to go and bristol vs middlesbrough cameron arch aaron ramsey basically to go and see them although i should have gone last night vs norwich because that mind game is a very special guest peace on holy trinity podcast all time from canada mate whereabouts in canada vancouver south of vancouver so amazing a nine and a half hour flight im looking back wow its the first time in philadelphia we came to the forest game last week but the first time i broke down like this week yeah i wanna say i took a tour on friday yeah yeah honestly it gives you chills when you step on it.
crazy villa park scenes as villa smash newcastle aston villa 3 0 newcastle united

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crazy villa park scenes as villa smash newcastle aston villa 3 0 newcastle united...

I really appreciate building enough for someone who lives about a nine hour flight away. It must be amazing. Never take for granted the fact that you can come to this Palace, yes, every two weeks. great game to come mate great game the most amazing thing to me is that the last time these two teams played Danny ings it was scoring on a side volley off a long cash pitch from Matt Dean Smith in The Dugout look what he got It happened to both teams since then and that's down to ambition so it feels like this is a statement occasion yeah can they step up because both teams are struggling a bit you know there are some depth issues, so it'll come down to moments like it always gives us Score Prediction I'm going to put you in a bind Come on I think it could be a one to zero


ge Oh I was thinking the same thing yeah I don't think there's much to this huh? aren't there great minds who think alike anyway? go and subscribe to paste.
crazy villa park scenes as villa smash newcastle aston villa 3 0 newcastle united
I'll leave a link in the description. Holy Trinity podcast really very good. An honor to be on this podcast. today i love it anyway and i pour some stuff score predictions oh its not your breakfast kinda breakfast always picks up early and it will be so good some huge tough games i dont think we will win um really we are pretty skinny on the team yeah i will take one point, I'll take a guy, they're a good team, New Castle, they've had some really good football, I'll go to one, I'll go to Watkins to score and if we can continue. at brentford next week then the dream might live on abroad too its going to be so tight waiting for the big game its been a while since youve been there so i came with stevenage do you think the big


game , yes, probably the biggest? game in the season but I mean first in I know we have a couple guys yeah you just have to believe right now I mean if we win this the European bush is really on so I think I know he has two one I think they're really good, but I think we can do it.
crazy villa park scenes as villa smash newcastle aston villa 3 0 newcastle united
We can do this for driving at school. The predictions give us a large increase in the villa. max20 there go and treat yourself for school work college university whatever go and use that code max20 in luke treat yourself why not with fly treat yourself come on right now what gives us oh foreigner whats up guys come on jesus christ thank you Too bad Watkins, the amazing Jacob Ramsey, could have had a brace. It's the bar too. We had the potion. 30 seconds. Absolutely ridiculous. Newcastle, well, the best defense in the league where we are causing serious problems, especially within the first 15 minutes that we have solved. and right now it should be two three four he needs to get the next goal and get this over with Newcastle hasn't been that good what i expected from him let's build this game fill this game come on Angela hold on again oh good foreigner all foreigner hello material that man it's amazing foreigner wow foreigner I'm currently in St George's Park uh don't ask why good it's a wholesale thing with the lady you know how it is um but oh my god what was that today that was that was stupid like they were in third place in the league and we made them look stupid, we made them look absolutely rubbish, Villa, right, seven wins a night.
Watkins, what is that now? ridiculous i love life as a villafan and i'm sure you absolutely are too what a time to be alive 3-0


ing please leave a like on this video if you enjoyed it i'm sure you did unless you are a trip but hey what can you do amazing one of them dies in villa


one of my favorites go and see luke go and use that code max20 what a day enjoy enjoy your weekend abroad

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